Today’s Rental is a 2 bed/2.5 bath for $2700 near Nats Park


This rental is located at 27 O Street, Southwest. The listing says:

“Beautiful 2 bedroom and 2 and1/2 bathrooms townhome is conveniently located in SW Waterfront neighborhood a block away from the Nationals baseball Stadium. Earliest move in date 8/17/15”


You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2.5 bath is going for $2,700/Mo.

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  • How incredibly overpriced. That part of the neighborhood is god awful. I can’t decide which is more disturbing: that someone wants basically $1350 per bedroom at South Capitol and O SW or that the neighborhood is so hot that a 2BR/2BA in a rough part of the ‘hood can command $2700 per month.

    House looks nice from the inside, though.

  • OK – who would want to live THAT close to a baseball stadium?

    • A baseball player?

    • Why wouldn’t you. Unless you are worried about parking. They don’t play early in the morning or very late at night.

      • Parking came to mind. Trying to get in or out of the neighborhood during an event. And what about concerts held there?

        • Having lived int he neighborhood, there are very few concerts (maybe 6 a year). And moving down there, you accept that you just schedule some things around the baseball schedule. Like, don’t think you’ll be able to park a moving van out front on a Sunday afternoon when the Nats are home. I did my best a avoid having to drive during the pre-baseball rush–traffic gets nightmarish. But, otherwise, no big deal. For baseball lovers, being so close is great. I miss being able to drink my own beer in my backyard and then knowing it’s time to head over when I hear the fireworks for the anthem. Also way easier to just be like “hey, let’s go to the game today!”

          That said, no way I would pay that price to live on O Street. No. Way.

          • I guess that’s the difference. I don’t like baseball, and so I would see having to plan around the stadium schedule a detriment with no corresponding benefit. For baseball fans, the benefits may outweigh the hassle.

          • I lived on Half SW between and M and N for a year in 2008-09 when I first moved to DC. I too loved being next door to the stadium. I could buy a $5 ticket, come home, chill and go back to the stadium. I was also paying an affordable rent for the room. Parking, while challenging on game days, really isn’t a problem because the city is pretty good about ticketing and towing immediately around the stadium. And it’s not hard to get out of the hood when events are taking place anyway.

            Now, years have passed and that part of SW is more expensive, but a lot of the same negatives remain or have become worse: Crime in James Creek and the local housing projects are astronomical and murders happen regularly there. Shootings are very regular. M St is still a traffic sewer that the city shows no signs of abating. The intersection at S Cap and M is still one of the least friendly for pedestrians in the city.

            Bottom line is it was great living near the stadium for the rent I was paying, I would not way to pay $2700/month for 2 BR on O SW, the epicenter of crime and violence in the neighborhood.

    • I have season tickets and I’d love to live this close to Nats Park. Metro is useless these days, and the cost of parking is killing me.

  • Very overpriced for the location.

  • That picture makes the street look nice but that isn’t the only street in that neighborhood. Overpriced.

  • Yuck. Overpriced by 700 bucks at least. We need a “today’s rental revisited” on some of these.

  • I would not there. At all. Nope. Not happening. Especially at that price….is the landlord on scooby snack?

  • Actually, there’s more and more happening at Navy Yard w/all the restaurants coming into the area (haven’t you seen how packed it is for the free live music on Fri evenings). You’re so close to Eastern Market and for someone working for the govt. easy, peas-y walk to work. We live in SW–now you guys would hate that we truly have ‘nothing’ happening in our neck of the wood….Cantina Marina is often too packed and the waterfront’s a mess of development. But just you wait, in 2017 we’ll show you w/our new waterfront and DC united stadium : )

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