Today’s Rental is a 1 bed/1 bath for $1500 in Ivy City

1863 Corcoran Street Northeast

This rental is located at 1863 Corcoran Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“Enjoy the best comfort & location of this new(1Yr) 1BR Ivy City/Trinidad Condo ~for lease!! Top-line construction, rebuilt from floorboards out. Hi ceilings, spac. design, tons natural light, w/all the modern style & convenience you expect & deserve. Charming outdoor areas, curb appeal & big private side deck Just off NYAve @ Gallaudet U & New Hecht Co. Dev. Mom’s Organics, Nike, Planet Fitness!”


You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,500/Mo.

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  • This is actually a very nice place, but $1500 to live in Ivy City?! That’s crazy. I mean I know the area is starting to develop, but I still would not feel very safe there, not to mention it’s not a very convenient location.

    • My thoughts exactly. It’s next to a vacant lot and a half block from warehouses which no doubt house rodents and God knows what else. I’ll check back after the price has been cut in half.

  • justinbc

    Oh I sure hope they get it because I have 4 identical units right around the corner that I list at $1000-1100 and wouldn’t mind a hike in the area rental rate.

    • For one bedrooms? And they say there is no affordable housing in dc.

    • I’ve got a block of 4 up in Petworth. Far from Ivy City. But if Ivy City is going for $1500 these days, I’ve gotta make some rent adjustments.

  • The place is gorgeous, but this is pretty isolated for the price.

  • Nice to see the iron door outside the back door. I can’t tell you how many places I didn’t rent because landlords don’t install basic needed safety features. Wonder how sturdy the front door is (and yes, this is not a comment on the neighborhood – I worry about this stuff everywhere.) And what’s with those exterior mailboxes? Do they even lock? Are they legal? They look like the openable kind on sf houses. I thought multifamily housing providers had to provide locked mailboxes – at least they did when I looked up the federal postal rules decades ago when my landlord hadn’t yet provided me with a mailbox.

  • $1500/mo? Lol. Please tell me that includes a personal chef.

  • I appreciate the effort the landlord put into renovating these. It’s a handsome building with nice landscaping, a cute balcony in the back, and professional work on the interior.
    However, this is DEEP ‘hood. There’s so many issues in this area. And at $1500 you’re paying for the most expensive apartment in the neighborhood, bar none. This place is going to be a magnet for break-in’s.
    Verdict: you still got a long way to go, Ivy City.

    • Right. I heard nothing but crickets this calendar year when fishing for $1300 for a Petworth 1br with PARKING.

    • Exactly. I am usual one to go along with these higher rents but this is a huge stretch. No way in FUN I would pay $1500 to live in this place. Good location to buy, bad location to rent (at this price).

  • A very nice looking unit! Tastefully done. Love the deck.

    But oh my goodness, Ivy City. I work in this area, and Ivy City is terrifying even during the daytime. Those streets (Fenwick, in particular) are LITERALLY skid row. Perhaps that will change with the Hechts warehouse redevelopment.

    I don’t worry about my physical safety much, but Ivy City side streets give me the creeps even during daylight hours. As a property owner, I would like to see this go for asking price. But, wow. $1500 with parking might be a deal.

  • Nope. nope. nope. nope. nope. nope.

    Open prostitution, drug deals right outside your door, lots of loitering — maybe if that’s what you’re into this would be a very convenient location — close to everything you need.

    • You have to keep in mind that there are a lot of families living here in Ivy City. You may see “loitering” in our neighborhood streets, but in NW they call that a neighborhood. The neighbors new and old, know each other for the most part and hang out together in their neighborhood.
      As for others commenting on the appearance of Ivy City, keep in mind that DC houses Trash trucks, street sweepers, salt trucks and lows in Ivy City. All Directly across the from the Hecht warehouse. Its tough to keep our streets clean when we are surrounded by so many businesses, and get transient foot traffic because of it. Come check out some of our new Neighbors including 1/8 distinling, louis restaurant, and Crummel School. Say hello to some of the residents in Ivy city when you come. This is a beautiful neighborhood and is definitely growing and changing for the better.

      • I live a few blocks away — the difference between my block and that block in Ivy City is night and day. Are there good people who live in Ivy City? Of course. Is this apartment worth $1500 considering the real issues that exist in that area? Nope.

        • And by loitering I specifically mean the house on the corner of Mt. Olivet and W. Virginia Ave and the little shopping area catty corner to it. I really don’t think you could describe those two areas as neighbors just hanging out with each other.

          • Just completely outside of the neighborhood and across busy West Va Ave. You’re rights, those guys aren’t neighbors of Ivy City. They are patrons of the liquor store that they hang out in front of.

  • I agree that the neighborhood is on its way up but it is still pretty intimidating, so that is one demerit. I get the feeling that this place is $1500 partly because of the lovely sunny, side windows. However, it only has a 3′ side yard and that property next to it is ripe for development. This is purely and entirely speculative, but I give that lot 2 more years, tops, of being a vacant lot before the owners break ground on a brand new 4 story tall apartment building that has a zero lot line. At that point the unit will be next to a year and a half worth of a construction noise. After that, those previously sunny windows will have an awesome view onto a cinder block wall. Get someone to sign that lease for $1500 before they start digging. No one will want to pay that to live next to a construction site in a sketchy neighborhood

    • Also, though, I was walking through this street on a snow day this winter and saw the cutest kid, probably 10-11 shoveling the entire sidewalk for most of the length of the block while hamming it up for the camera while his mother took video. (I live in the neighborhood and one eight was having a snow day deal if you walked to the store) I don’t want to paint the neighborhood as terrifying, because I am sure that there are all sorts of awesome people on the street, but the sidewalks are narrow, the light poles hit in the middle of the narrow sidewalks, and there are no street trees. That makes the street feel really uncomfortable and inhospitable irrespective of the people that live there. That is not something that you can easily gentrify away.

    • Great point about the neighboring lot/future construction blocking the windows.

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