Today’s Rental is a 1 bed/1 bath for $1350 in Bloomingdale/LeDroit

154 W Street Northwest

This rental is located at 154 W Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED! Beautiful furnished jr. one bedroom unit in row home in historic LeDroit Park. Full Washer & Dryer, Dishwasher, Patio in rear. Tiled floors throughout. Blocks from Howard Med School. Close proximity to the great restaurants and amenities the city has to offer!”


You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,350/Mo.

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  • ledroittiger

    Not to be a stickler, but doesn’t Ledroit Park end at 2nd NW?

    • This is right on the edge hence mentioning both neighborhoods. It’s technically Bloomingdale, but some might associate that area with Ledroit Park.

      • Bloomingdale is only two blocks wide. By this logic everything in Bloomingdale is “on the border” with some other neighborhood. If this was on 2nd street then maybe, but this is Bloomingdale not LeDroit.

        • Bloomingdale and Ledroit overlap, as do Bloomingdale and Eckington. The northern part of Bloomingdale, that is north of Rhode Island Avenue is also in Ledroit Park. This isn’t a matter of opinion, but it’s what the tax records say (they don’t even mention Bloomingdale).

          Ditto, the southern part of Bloomingdale is also in Eckington. I live in the southern part. The deed to my house says Bloomingdale. The city categorizes my address for tax purposes as Eckington, even though most people consider Eckington to be in NE only. It’s not, the southern sliver of Bloomingdale is also Eckington.

  • Be careful of basements in Blloomingdale. They seem like a great deal until you get repeated floods….

      • W St is in north Bloomingdale and thus doesn’t usually experience flooding because its uphill. The bigger issues are in south Bloomingdale and around Rhode Island Ave.

        • While it’s certainly true that there is flooding around Rhode Island, it’s not at all true that the flooding is in the southern part of Bloomingdale. Everyone I know who experienced severe flooding in the past few years has been north of Rhode Island, or on Rhode Island.

    • And the rats are out of control during the sewer pipe project. Every basement tenant I know is helplessly battling them.

      • I have a basement tenant in Bloomingdale. We haven’t had a single rat problem. In fact I’ve only ever seen one (on the street many blocks from this unit) in the entire time the construction has been going on. It likely depends a lot on your proximity to the tunnel project.

      • I live in a basement unit less than half a block from one of the staging areas. No rat problems at all.

      • WHo’d you hear this from? Because as a basement resident in bloomingdale, I’d say its inaccurate and probably represents 1 person you know who lives in a basement in the neighborhood. Probably more of a problem with their specific house than the actual neighborhood.

    • Yeah, and tiles are a decent indication…

    • the flooding was a problem at the bottom of the hill (at RI Ave and 1st Street) several years ago. It was never a problem up the hill (this house is WAY up the hill), and the problems at the base of the hill were resolved long ago. Non-issue.

      Tiled floors are smart in basements because they can get humid which causes problems with wood, not necessarily because of actual flooding.

    • I’ve lived in a bloomingdale basement for over a year and never had a flood. I love it, and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Its a great location and I’ve got a great deal. So I guess thank you for your fear of bloomingdale floods.

  • I’ve lived in a basement apt in Bloomingdale for 5 years. Never had issues with rats.

  • super outdated and I hate that bedroom tile (which would at least be more durable in case of flooding) but not a bad deal at all. flooding in bdale depends on where you are. you might be ok on W, most of my friends who have dealt with basement flooding are south of RI. I’m up RI several blocks and have never had any flooding problems, but I’m up the hill.

    • I’m south of Rhode Island, and not a single one of my neighbors have had flooding problems. The people I know who have had flooding issues have lived on 1st (north of RI), Flagler, W and V st. Strange that it’s now being cast as a problem for southern Bloomingdale. It’s simply not.

  • Not a bad deal if you happen to be a vampire who can live without a single window (that I can see).

  • randomduck

    Also: looks like really low headroom. That’s great for those, say, 5’8″ and shorter, but for stilt-walkers like me, it’s a non-starter, even if the price is great.

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