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  • Maybe the one intersection (that I’m aware of, at least) where this MIGHT be considered a reasonable measure. It’s often next to impossible for an auto to ever make it through that intersection on a left turn.

    • Or even a right turn. I’m a pedestrian, and folks who obstruct traffic when they jaywalk gives a bad name to all of us!

  • It’d be great if the police explain explain the crosswalk law here.. just because you’re in the lines doesn’t make it ok.

    • Explain the crosswalk law? If the “don’t walk” sign is showing, wait on the sidewalk; if the “walk” sign is showing, cross the street in the marked crosswalk. Do people actually not know how this works?

      • cuts both ways though. i’ve had a woman nearly hit me and shout at me because i was in the crosswalk when the red hand was flashing. i mean, she had maryland plates so I guess the laws may be different there and all, but not an excuse

  • They need to go to the intersection of Eye and 14th, too. No one seems to understand what an orange hand means. Also, are they ticketing bikers, too? I hope so.

    • YES! And 14th & K Street too. Actually, probably the entire run of 14th Street between The Mall and Park Road. People see the hand, much like drivers who see a yellow, and they think it means hurry up and get into the crosswalk before the light turns.

    • I saw them ticket a biker yesterday, so yes.

  • Good to see that MPD has its priorities straight.

  • justinbc

    I just walked through here and didn’t see anyone giving out tickets, so maybe it was an isolated incident?

  • What’s silly is that the ticket is $5 if you are nice to the cop. Argue with them and they increase it to $20-30.

    I would still rather see foot patrols in Shaw than Jaywalking enforcement in Farragut.

  • Enforcing Jaywalking is so much more important in Farragut West than enforcing it in Shaw where a group of teen aged girls will scream at you for honking at them when they cross mid-cycle. Good policing imho.

    • These are two different police districts, the 1st and the 3rd. Police work within their district so suggesting somehow having officers work in the 1st takes away from work in the 3rd is not accurate.

    • They go where people have the means to pay the ticket. #revenue101

  • jburka

    It’s not tricky…when you’re mid-block without a crosswalk or you’re at an intersection where you don’t have the light and you’re looking in both directions for oncoming traffic, you also look for cops. See either? Don’t cross.

    Or, you can just wait 30 seconds! I know, I know, that’s crazytalk.

    (is my lack of sympathy for people receiving jaywalking tickets showing?)

  • Just out of curiosity, what’s to keep you from giving the police an incorrect name other than morals?
    I just moved to the District, so is it a requirement that I have legal identification on me at all times? What’s to keep me from saying my name is John Smith, I live at 123 North Street NW when they ask for my name? Same questions regarding bike tickets.

    • You’re not required to carry ID. And if you give a false name, probably nothing will happen. They will run your name and DOB for warrants. If you give a clearly false name, like the one you gave in the example, you can be arrested for false personation.

      • If you are interested in more ways of gaining between 5 and 30 dollars through criminal misdemeanor, stealing from tip jars might be less risky.

    • I don’t doubt that you won’t be arrested, However, if you refuse to identify yourself after committing a pedestrian violation, you have committed a separate arrestable offense. Totally ridiculous and unlikely? Sure. Can an officer do it if you piss him/her off? Yep, absolutely.

      The offense is “Fail to Identify Self – Pedestrian,” 50 DC 2303.07, and under MPD operating procedures (and 23 DC 581) you can be arrested for it.


      Now, it’s true that you don’t have to carry ID, and if you jaywalk and give your real name you can’t be arrested for it. If you don’t identify yourself, though, you can be. (Obviously, the officer is a lot more likely to figure that out if you say “I won’t tell you” or “Donald Duck.”)

      • also, i’ve read somewhere (never verified it though) that w/o ID, MPD can detain you in order to verify the identity you give?

    • Giving false information to police is usually a felony.

  • DC has way too much violent crime for us to use our police resources for ticketing jaywalkers. Chief Lanier’s time is up. #firelanier

    • This is how Bowser interprets Vision Zero: blame pedestrians and don’t piss off motorists. I def wouldn’t put this on Lanier, personally.

      • Of course not! Blame Bowser who’s been on the job for 7 months as opposed to Lanier, who’s been on the job for 8 YEARS and has continuously prioritized use of police officers for traffic enforcement as opposed to for reducing crime, which is up since she took office. Racial bias IMO.

    • YES. DC = laughing stock.

  • DC doesn’t give pedestrians long enough to cross these intersections. If I got one of these tickets, I would challenge it arguing that the timing of the lights on K Street violates the city’s own regulations regarding how much time pedestrians should have to cross the street.

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