The Stop & Go Market (which has an awesome beer selection, by the way) at Sherman Ave and Columbia Rd in Park View/Columbia Heights has been going through some colorful renovations lately”

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Thanks to a reader for sending:

“The Stop & Go Market (which has an awesome beer selection, by the way) at Sherman Ave and Columbia Rd in Park View/Columbia Heights has been going through some colorful renovations lately. It appears that it is now a UPS Access Point where you can “conveniently pick up and drop of packages.” I’m not sure if they charge a fee, but this might be a good alternative to having packages delivered to, and then stolen from, your front door.”


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  • Egad

    Are there a lot of corner stores that are UPS Access Points? Has anyone used one?

    • I think we used one for FedEx (some store over on Lamont on the East side of Georgia), and while the store wasn’t particularly nice, it worked out just fine. Lots of people picking up actually. Beats having to go to FedEx down in Eckington to get the package.

    • I used this store as a UPS Access Point given that I live close by and would certainly use the store again. Very easy, just bring your door tag (or other UPS info with the tracking #) and it takes them about a minute to find your package. Also, doesn’t hurt that the gentleman working the counter was very friendly (and very proud of his beer selection).

  • I definitely like how the renovation is going!

    Awesome beer selection if you are into that kind of thing.

    • Egad

      The owner was originally planning to encase the entire building in vinyl siding. I’m glad that he went with a quirky, funky color scheme instead.

  • Has anyone brought up recently the two blocks on Sherman that have 5 building renos in (seemingly stopped) progress for the past year? The one that was knocked down to the foundation, the pop up, the orange one on the corner, etc.? Not sure the cross streets, just notice them on my bus ride every day.

    • Egad

      There is an apartment building by the Pepco power transfer station at Harvard that was being renovated. Pepco bought it from the developers so that they can tear it down and use that spot for a temporary power station while they fix up the old one.

    • I noticed this too. A lot of stalled out projects on Sherman that I would really like to see moving. It’s a little bit of a disaster area there right not.

    • The orange one was going to be developed by the folks from Greek Spot, but then one of the owners ran into health problems and the project stalled.

  • The owner is really nice and takes suggestions on things he should stock (hence the great beer and wine selection). I believe he is adding a prepared food/deli portion. They are also a participant in the Healthy Corners initiative, and stock some basic produce. There has been a store on that corner for at least about 100 years and he is really proud of serving the community.

  • Re: UPS Access Points

    It’s a new initiative from UPS to avoid having to return city deliveries after 3 weekday attempts. Instead, they’ll deliver your package after 3 attempts to the nearest access point and you can take the claim slip to pick it up after hours. Most of the time it is pretty seamless if the store has been doing it awhile. My nearest store (Best World in Mt. P) was a bit rocky to start, but is getting better. best of all, it’s free! And if you know you won’t be home during the initial delivery window, you can re-route to the access point and they’ll never even try your house!

  • Love this store and its owners. So friendly and I’m looking forward to seeing how the rest of the interior renovation comes out. Also, the stalled renos on the street are frustrating. 0 progress is being made on so many buildings!

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