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  • And dudes already sleeping on the benches, as of Saturday morning at 9:30 am….

    It looks great. But I am not hopeful that NPS has a real plan in place to keep it watered, weeded, and litter free. I guess we’ll see.

    • Looks like this park is a DC Parks & Rec, not NPS.

    • Because now they’re taking sleeping space away from you? What’s your comment supposed to accomplish other than show you’re easily annoyed by other people’s misfortunes?

  • Yep, beautiful new park, but I too have seen people sleeping and others drinking there already. Maybe install a security camera with police access?

  • Punctuation in the truth/gold quote seems off. Is that quote correct? They had to redo a lapidary quote on MMK’s monument.

  • Along with the homeless already hanging out there is part of the park that seems to hold water after rainstorms becoming what looks like an epic mosquito breeding ground

    • If you have time and motivation, add bleach to the pooled water. Bleach zaps skeeters and is otherwise harmless.

    • You realize that is on purpose right? Its a stormwater retention site to ease some of the flooding in the area. Given all the rain we’ve had lately I think its a great addition.

  • I walked by there on Sunday morning. Looks great! Saw a man sitting on a bench reading a book.

  • I walked by this when the chain-link fence was still up. It’s sooo nice, much better than that old asphalt and trash filled lot before.

    Great job DC Parks!

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