The Heurich House Museum Taking over the Sonny Bono Pocket Park – Check out the Plans and a Rendering

1330 New Hampshire Ave, NW

In response to a Dupont listerv question:

“The Heurich House Museum has just adopted the park and will be taking over care and maintenance of the Sonny Bono Park.

In a somewhat mixed blessing, at the beginning of the season, someone (not us) cleared out the old plantings, added a bunch of topsoil, and added new grass and plants. While it was helpful to have the old plantings and bushes removed, the soil and plant addition were not done properly, which is why they look the way they do today.

We have a wonderful garden planned for the space, and will be started to clear the property soon to make way for the new work.”

From an email:

“If people want to donate, they can send us checks (1307 New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20036) or donate on our website ( and add a note that they are directing the donation to Sonny Bono Park. We will also be creating a Kickstarter-type website for donations that should launch within the next 2 weeks.”

Check out the plans:

Sonny Bono Pocket Park Plans (PDF)

Future Sonny Bono Park rendering:


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  • Nearly a year ago on PoPville, Heurich House said it had adopted the park, Why are they saying now they’ve just done that?

    • Yes, you’re right – the Heurich House Museum adopted the park at the end of last summer. We are very grateful to Bill McLeod and his team at Dupont Circle Main Streets for keeping the park clean and painting the fence while we have developed our next steps. Over the last months, we have worked with neighboring businesses and residences to create a coalition of supporters, and our gardener has developed the garden plan you see above.

      Our overall goal is not just to fix up the park, but to do it in a way that is sustainable. As you may know, Sonny Bono Park has had some pretty bad stretches since it was created, and we are trying to build support and raise money so that it will be cared for in perpetuity.

      We hope you will join us in our efforts, whether through a monetary donation or the donation of your time to volunteer at the garden. Please feel free to contact us to help or for more information ([email protected]).


  • Please tell me that you are keeping the chairs (so that I don’t have to retire my “chers” joke)

  • Does his wife, former congresswoman mary bono, toss some money at it? She’s got the $$$.

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