The Awesome Manhattan Building to become WeWork Shared Office Space

1328 Florida Ave, NW

Back in 2011 we wondered what should become of The Manhattan. Now we now – WeWork. From the Washington Business Journal:

“WeWork has signed a lease for about 51,000 square feet at Manhattan Laundry, a combination of three adjacent properties into roughly 81,000-square feet of office space at 1336 Florida Ave. NW.”

Anyone use WeWork?

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  • My company has been in the Shaw space since last summer. We’re big fans of the space, and the WeWork community. It’ll be very interesting to see how the new Columbia Heights space looks when it’s open.

    • I think most of the people living in this neighborhood consider it U Street, seeing as how it is 3 blocks from the U Street metro and at least 10 blocks plus a massive hill to Columbia Heights.

  • I hope they clean up the facade. It was (apparently) poorly restored about ten years ago.

  • I work for a small software startup, and we previous worked at one of this city’s co-working spaces before moving into a private office. I’m all for A. supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses, and B. businesses moving into/rehabbing historical buildings, but does DC really have enough startups to support FOUR WeWorks plus a handful of other co-working spots? These places have a huge churn problem since their tenants are high risk startups, often with little to no revenue. And the companies that do scale quickly grow out of the space in no time. But hey, just my $.02…

    • I think the non-traditional office is a growing trend. Lots more freelance, contract, and remote type people will need/want a place to go.

  • Aglets

    i have a soft spot in my heart for that building because of the first artomatic

  • Yes, the Manhattan Laundry! also famous as the place where Chief Ramsay confiscated the pot of chili (as “bomb-making equipment”) from World Bank protestors.

  • My company works out of the Chinatown WeWork, and I love it! Great that they’re expanding!

  • A bit of scuttlebutt: the part of the building on the other side of the alley with the brick facade is going to house a few new restaurants. One is a German style pub that is being opened by Richard Sandoval Restaurants (El Centro, Masa 14). Another is a pizzeria and a third is a cafe (most likely Philz Coffee of San Francisco).

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