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  • Excited beyond words for this to be a new neighborhood anchor! Any update as to when this is happening and when we can see a menu?

    As an aside, I can’t help but be struck at the sheer scale of this place. Ok maybe not Lauriol Plaza huge, but it definitely ranks up there…

  • jim_ed

    I’ll believe it when I see it, because I can guarantee some of the local neighbors are going to be apoplectic at first sight of that much outdoor seating. But best of luck to the restaurant, that space is perfect for a ton of outdoor seating that could go a long way in helping revitalize the retail on the block.

    • The usual way to do this is to mock it up with as much seating as is allowed by law, and to scale back to fit the reality from there. Having umbrellas will reduce the number of seats. Or a service station. Or any variation in the size of tables.
      That way, when the NIMBYs flip out, the owners can say “Sure, neighbors! Because we love you, we’ll do 20% fewer seats than planned.” When they had never planned to do the full number allowed in the first place.

      • justinbc

        I use that same strategy when shopping! Ask to get the crazy out of budget thing, then negotiate down to something still way more than she wants to spend but way less than the original item.

    • I really doubt it in this case. Too difficult not to see the potential in that corner for too long. Those huge sidewalks have been calling out for this very thing.

      • If you have been following the small yet vocal opposition to the farmers market, you wouldn’t be the least bit surprised about opposition from the neighbors. I personally think this is going to be a fantastic addition to the neighborhood, but there are almost definitely going to be a few neighbors that will protest, mostly just because they can.

  • YEAY, YEAY, YEAY! This, along with the Farmers Market, is the BEST THING that has happened for the community since I moved in last year. Swampoodle, my family cannot wait for you to open!

  • Really looking forward to this!

  • Between Swampoodle, the farmer’s market, and the new store in the Madison Terrace, the neighborhood is really on the up and up.

  • justinbc

    I can just see everyone calling it “The Swamp”, which to an FSU fan is worse than the actual ridiculous name Swampoodle.

  • Why not call it Brightwood, since that’s where it is.

  • I’m sure there will be naysayers, but this place was the talk of the Farmer’s Market community meeting last week and everyone was thrilled. The general consensus is that half the hood plans to brunch here and buy veggies at the farmer’s market. If the corner store rounds that out with a good beer selection, I may be able to avoid Safeway for weeks at a time.

    • Were there a lot of farmers’ market naysayers? Because I can’t believe that people are down on additional amenities that block half a block on part of a Saturday.

      • I was at the meeting. Attendees were overwhelmingly in favor of the market. There were a few long time residents near the market who had concerns about noise in the morning as the vendors set up and about the small number of parking spots that are lost during the market. Some people were also concerned about not being contacted for input prior to the market opening. I think the market organizers did a very good job of addressing all these concerns. The meeting was very amicable and seemed productive.

  • So, so, so excited for this place to open!

  • Hooray – I cannot wait for this to open. It’s exactly the type of place missing from the neighborhood. As long as they serve half-decent beer and burgers, it’ll be swamped.


  • maxwell smart

    Now if only they would put a bike lane on Military Road connecting to 14th Street from Forest Hills…

    • Please lord, make this happen. There is substantial need for another east-west bike route. Piney Branch to Porter or Tilden is terrible (and occasionally terrifying) for all sorts of reasons. It’s certainly another thread, but would love thoughts on alternatives/options for biking across and the park.

      And, excited for the Marshy Poodle, too.

      • maxwell smart

        Agreed about Porter and Tilden. Military Road is significantly less steep and would help connect NW DC. There’s not even a sidewalk on Military.

        • +1. Why is there no sidewalk coming out of parts of Ft Totten metro station. Makes no sense. The little sidewalk there is in areas can’t be ADA compliant.

        • There is actually a paved trail parallel to Military between Beach Dr. and St. Johns. On the north. It’s really steep and not very fun, but it’s there in a pinch.

  • I’m a neighbor and look everyday at the progress. It’s very exciting. I do worry the plans are a little grandiose. I just hope the restaurant is a success and that the owner can recovery from many months of being held up by the DCRA. It’s unacceptable the delay they caused and would be an outrage if the place is not a success in part because of the extra months spent on rent before the opening. But, I, and other neighbors will be there on day one and thereafter to support the Poodle.

    • DC1

      Usually those kind of delays are negotiated on the lease agreement… most likely the owners are not paying rent for at least the first year.

      • They weren’t paying rent through sometime last year, but they’ve been paying rent this year. Everything has taken longer than expected.

  • I’m VERY excited and optimistic but also a little concerned given the lack of patrons at Simple Bar & Grill just over on Georgia Ave. Everyone was excited about that place before it opened too and its always empty. I’m surprised they’re still open at this point.

    • I’m a big fan of Simple as well and want them to do well. I suspect its geography is a bit of a challenge. There’s no crosswalk across Georgia which can make it a pain for people to cross from the east. The city needs to install a push-button crosswalk there. And there’s a huge park and Walmart directly across Georgia rather than homes and apartments.

    • Big fan of Simple as well. We try to stop in at least once a week and give them some support.

    • I love Simple as well and try to go there once a week or so. We should organize a neighborhood shindig there to give them some love. I really want them to stick around.

    • We love Simple! Yes, geography is a challenge, but it is also pretty much the only place (aside from Wapa) within reasonable/drunken walking distance of my house. Any clue as to when Oohs and Aahs is going to happen?

    • I think Simple might suffer from it’s location a bit. That intersection of Georgia and Mil/Missouri is so unpleasant.

  • I’m so excited for this to finally open! Neighbors have been hearing rumors of a restaurant opening here for about five years now. A few other restaurant plans fell through during that time. I am thrilled that it looks like this will finally actually happen!

  • Can’t wait to SWAMP the POODLE!

  • They’re reporting 8-10 more weeks waiting on a water hookup. 🙁

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