Stabbing at the Raymond Rec Center Last Night


From a local ANC Commissioner:

“I am sad to report that one juvenile allegedly stabbed another juvenile outside of the Raymond Recreation Center yesterday evening.”

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  • This is just really sad. What the hell is wrong with kids when stabbing is the answer to a “playground” problem!!! This park is walking distance from my home and I USED to go there frequently with my 3 yr old.. I must admit that I have seen teens/pre-teens act out in ways that I thought not exactly appropriate for their age. NO supervision of any kind leaves kids to mimic bad behavior on stupid TV shows or sadly real life. I won’t be using this playground area any time soon..

  • This is the second incident of violence at a playground this summer in the area. A 17-year-old was shot to death at/near Emery Recreation Center (also in the evening) in May.

  • “All is well, good citizens, all is well. Don’t worry, we have a plan”
    Brandon Todd, Ward 4

  • I think the news this AM was reporting it to be an 11yo that did the stabbing.

  • So a shooting in CoHi at a playground last week. A stabbing at Raymond Rec this week. What is it with crime in Wards 1 and 4?

    • 2 incidents in the last 2 weeks do not a pattern make. blanket generalizations aren’t helpful for anyone.

  • I used to live in Parkplace and our balcony overlooked this area. There are always shady activities going on in the playground/parking lot late at night. 9th Street between Rock Creek and Quincy is also a hot bed of what we suspected to be drug transactions. We used to sit outside and watch people walk into the alley and exchange money and “items”. One of the reasons I moved… no matter how many times we called/text the cops it never got any better.

    • Tangential, but I thought I should mention that MPD now wants their text number (50411) to be solely for people to give tips on crimes that have already occurred, rather to have that number serve as a text equivalent for 911 (i.e., a place to notify them of crimes that are in progress).
      IMO, they haven’t done a very good job of clarifying this. And they really ought to have a text equivalent for 911, for cases where someone is close by and can’t make a phone call without the risk of being overheard.

      • Huh….I heard different information from two MPD officers 2 weeks ago. They said that people should use the 50411 text to report current activity (as well as tips on previously reported crimes). They came to our work place and told us to use that text number if we saw stuff going down and didn’t feel safe calling 911.

        • That’s what Fourth District Commander Wil Manlapaz said at a community meeting I went to earlier this year.
          What level were the MPD officers who told you otherwise?

    • It sucks this happened. Really hope the kid is going to be OK. There are frequently cops sitting in the squad car in the evenings/nights in the parking lot of this Rec Center. Guess not this time.

      • I will say – this is the first time that anything bad has happened in/near the rec center since it was renovated. I remember the situation a few years ago – was calling cops constantly for dealing. We worked hard to make sure the problems didn’t recur when the new rec center opened – and we’ve been really successful. On the 4th, a few kids hopped the fence to shoot off fireworks on the turf after dark – one call to the cops and they were hustled out in MINUTES. Don’t let one bad incident between two kids make you think differently about your neighborhood center.

        • Thank you Quincy dude. You are absolutely correct. We’re doing great things here at Raymond Recreation Center. This community has embraced us and we can only hope that, together, we can continue to make this the best center, and the best example of a community rallying around to make positive change in Washington, DC.

          Ms. C

  • I go by the school all of the time and didn’t even know there was a Rec Center there. I thought the construction was an extension of the school.

    Growing up next to Kalorama Park – I always assumed all parks were not safe at night.

  • I used to go there more with my toddler but this summer there are a lot more tween/teens hanging out and the rowdiness and language from them is epic and inappropriate. I wish the rec center staff would enforce an age limit, like no kid over age 10 on a playground in DC.

    • I’ve definitely experienced a few incidents this year where I had to leave with my 3 and 2 year olds because the behavior of some of the other kids was so over the top. I try to use it as a learning experience for them as an example of inappropriate behavior, but they can only get that lesson so many times before we find another place to play.

      It’s too hot with no shade to go out there regularly anyways though. We’ll try again in the fall when it cools down some.

  • Hello All,

    My name is Cecily Mendie, and I am the Site Manager of Raymond Recreation Center. I believe that those of you who know me can attest to the fact that safety is at the very top of my priority for the center. The new Raymond Recreation Center does not have a reputation of violence and negative behaviors as it once did- and it’s because of the hard work that we (the Recreation Center staff) have put into ensuring that this center remains a safe space for all. We have done EVERYTHING in our power to keep the center safe – even if it meant having to deal with constituents who do not agree with our locked door policy (ring the bell, and you will be let in). I personally walk the grounds and make it a point of my day to get to know the neighbors.

    Like many of you, I wish we could keep teens/tweens off of the playground – as it just was not created for this age group. We have tons of programs inside the building. When summer camp is over, we open up the building for open gym play during the summer. Unfortuantely, many of our youth choose to stay outdoors. During the summer, there is a rise of young people who may be unfamiliar to us because they may be visiting family, working in the area, or just have more time to be idle. Even still, we try to get to know these young people and welcome them into our building because we are absolutely invested in ensuring that we are part of the solution for a safe summer.

    That this happened on our playground is absolutely disheartening to me. But, unfortunately, we cannot always prevent things from happening. I can only ask that, as a community, we continue to keep the lines of communication open. Very often, we read blogs and listservs with opinions and speculation. We don’t take the time out to find out what really is fact.

    If you have never been inside of the Raymond Recreation Center, I invite you to come in and see what we have to offer. We are proud to serve this wonderful community – and we have tons of programs for anyone ranging from toddlers to seniors. I’d be more than happy to post our schedule in this forum for you to view. However, I would personally love to invite each and every one of you to take a moment out to come to the center and meet me. My office is door is always (LITERALLY) open. If you have any concerns that are specific to Raymond Recreation Center, please feel free to call the center at 202-671-2181 or email me directly at [email protected].

    I look forward to hearing from you all.


    Cecily Mendie (Ms. C)

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