Stabbing at Giant Liquors on Georgia Ave Sunday Afternoon


Never has a photo better captured the contradictions on Georgia Ave today.

A reader reports around 5:30 Sunday afternoon:

“someone just got stabbed or something in Giant Liquors. I also just heard it may have been the manager. I’m thinking attempted (or successful) robbery?”

Ed. Note: I saw MPD confirmed the stabbing but I have not yet seen any other details regarding the circumstances.

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  • Walking by there last night around 7PM, there were some neighborhood guys out front discussing the legal ramifications of “murder in commission of a felony,” so an attempted robbery makes sense.

  • Oh great, that’s my studio 😐

  • The owner’s name is Sonny. He was the one stabbed. He just had surgery. From what I was told he is doing well. It’s a shame because when Giant Liquor was my account it was one of my favorite accounts. Sonny is a great guy and family man. I hope they got the guy who did this and I hope he gets locked up for a very long time.

  • Maybe they should clean up that bus stop near the liquor store! I’ve been verbally assaulted getting gas at Park and Georgia by drug users that hang out there. So tired of this crap.

  • Not surprised one bit. I was attacked by a literal crackhead while purchasing beer inside this store a year ago. The police were called and he was dragged away.

  • That’s good to hear. The owner and employees have always been very friendly at this store so was sad to hear this news.

  • This is why i walk the extra block to Lyons

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