Slash Run is Phenomenal – Opens Today at 5pm – Have A Look Inside

201 Upshur Street, NW

Slash Run kinda reminds me of the Red Derby when they first opened. Meaning – it is freaking awesome. Unpretentious. Trying but not trying too hard. Good people. Delicious burgers. Great beer list. A freaking huge score for this end of Petworth. I was able to attend an early preview tasting last night and even though I had sky high expectations from the folks that brought us Bar Charley, El Chucho etc. – they exceeded my expectations by far. And my wife says the portabello burger was delicious too. Also they have a kids menu. And the inside – is just right for a casual burger spot:



Lots more photos including a peek at some beer and burgers after the jump.









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  • brookland_rez

    Burgers and beer. Sounds good to me. Nice beer list. I will look forward to trying this place out.

  • oh my they have correctly spelled Jucy Lucys on the menu BE STILL MY HEART

  • really though, would a $5 draft beer option kill them? Otherwise it seems amazing, but the whole menu just seems a hair too pricey for a “casual burger spot.” If Lyman’s can do a $5 District Common on 14th St, how is it that slash run can’t, especially tucked away like this?

    • brookland_rez

      How about a $4 Yeungling option?

    • Just want to add we have eight $5 beers on the bottle list plus natty bo tallboys for $4, high life and bud longnecks for $3.5. Our draft list is going to change frequently and will normally contain pretty special stuff–at least that’s our aim. But we all want a cheap beer sometimes too!

      • THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THAT!! Sometimes I just want a cheap beer that won’t fill me up instantly. Having a few cheap beers even if only in a bottle is a good idea. My wife will be happy that you have a heffewiezen on tap too!! Hope to head there tonight.

        • brookland_rez

          You know, I rediscovered my appreciation for lighter beers and the whole not filling you up thing last night. I was working with a buddy of mine on my motorcycles. I had a lot of work to get done and it took about 4 hours. We picked up a 24 pack of bud light, and it gave the perfect buzz without getting me too messed up or full. In the end, we had a productive night, got all the work done, and finished the case.

      • Thanks for clarifying! $4 tallboys are the difference between a bar i’d go to once a month and a bar i’d go to once a week.

      • Thank you, Jackie! So so so glad you’re in the neighborhood. Our kids’ school (Creative Minds) is moving across the street to the Soldiers’ Home and we expect to stop by a lot after school. Any plans for a happy hour? Is your full menu posted anywhere yet?

        • Great! and thanks. We’re still tweaking the menu slightly so we’ll have it posted soon. And yes, to HH, $1 off rail liquor and draft beer from 5-7, plus all night HH Mondays and Whiskey Wednesday 20$ off all whiskey (and it’s a big list!). See you soon. PS to all the vegetarians, our veggie burger patties will be on tomorrow–can be subbed for any burger.

    • I was wondering how far I would have to read before getting to the first complaint about pricing. As usual, not that far.

      • Well, no surprise, given that burgers run at around $13 apiece. That IS pricey — not everyone in DC can afford that, and even then, how on earth is a burger priced that high?!

        I was enjoying everything I saw until I came to the prices on the menu. For me, that’s just a “no.” Owners, I hope you consider dropping prices to non-Logan / 14th St levels. Those may have become a norm of sorts in DC, but by no means are they cheap or affordable.

        • I hear you on burgers prices. Please realize these are big ol burgers (almost half pound) and come with a stack of waffle fries. We use a really good beef blend and kinda expensive buns (because they were the best ones). Our basic with fries is 9.95 plus two others are about that price. The ones that are at the higher end have something extra and special (like a side of buffalo wings or a hot dog on top). Hopefully you’ll check them out and feel like they’re a good deal–we tried to make them so!

          • My friend and I shared a burger, a house salad and had 3 beers a piece for about $25 each total. Plenty of food for two females and right amount of beer for a Thursday night. Best burger I’ve had in ages (seriously quality beef you can taste) and I don’t typically order burgers based on that risk. Welcome to the neighborhood!

    • Glad you’ll be kept away

  • Looks great! I hope to try it out with the fam this weekend.

  • Would probably go just for that Peach Sour.

  • Wonder if this is going to put pressure on theHitching Post? Although the Hitching Post seems to be going along OK now–regular crowd, decent food despite though limited beer options–I’d heard that the former Fusion owners (who bought the place from the Carters) were disenchanted with the neighborhood. Apparently Hitching Post has been burglarized quite a few times since the takeover.

    Anyway…looking forward to trying out Slash Run. (It’s so close, I could crawl home.)

    • I had never heard anything about Hitching Post being burglarized. Barry’s first place, Fusion, was burglarized several times and that’s why he made the move. He’s done a great job of holding on to the previous customers from Hitching Post and welcoming new ones. He’s also lives in the area. We’ve seen him in the neighborhood while out walking and he always stops to say hello.

      This stretch of Petworth is under served by places to eat. I’m sure there is room on the block for two nice restaurants. Besides, I think Slash Run is going for a different customer base than Hitching Post.

      • “This stretch of Petworth is under served by places to eat…” Can’t argue with that. I was hoping that Qualia might consider opening an outpost on the east end of Upshur. The Gordy’s space would have been great after the felafel joint closed. Not that I don’t appreciate and good felafel…and their’s was *good*, but all things being equal, a coffee house 3 blocks from home would have been awesome.

  • Do they have any cheap cans of beer? Honestly that’s what draws me to the Red Derby.

  • 1. No doubt, Rock N Roll got Mos Def’s album in the jukebox.

    2. $9 for Sculpin is actually a pretty damned good deal. Sign me up.

    • I think $9 for a 16oz draft Sculpin is the normal price I see anytime its on tap. I wouldn’t say its a “pretty damned good deal”. Its a good deal compared to most places selling 12oz bottles for $7-$8, but when other bars have it on draft its usually 9

  • Cautiously optimistic! The burger menu makes up for the street appearance 🙂

  • Reminds me of Jack Rabbit Slims from Pulp Fiction. I like it.

  • I still miss El Limeño, but looking forward to trying out this place.

    • When it first opened it was really good. There was a guy who I thought was one of the owners who was always around in the early days. Once he stopped showing up, the place went down hill and got into trouble real quick.

  • i hope they add some more non-traditional burger base options: turkey, chicken, veggie, black bean, lamb, tofu, etc.

  • Is finding a good burger for under $9 to much to ask for in Petworth?

    • brookland_rez

      There is the Wendy’s on GA Ave.

    • Really??? The first burger on the menu is $9.95 which is more than fair for a sit down restaurant.

    • D.C. is one of the most expensive cities in the world. The question really is… why do so many people here seem to think that they should be able to get a sit-down meal here for less than the hourly minimum wage?

      • because in other cities, including some of “the most expensive in the world” you can. You can get a $2 high life at 1st and 1st in manhattan. A lot of it is tied to the real estate market, and the fact that if you are buying now and opening a restaurant, you HAVE to charge higher premiums to be able to stay afloat. It’s a sad fact, but you don’t have to like it.

        • And there are still bars in D.C. that have $2 beers for all of you cheapskates. What’s the problem?

          • wow. cool attitude. you asked a question and I answered it. let’s not resort to name calling.

          • Nonsense. As a cheapskate myself, if that word is wrong I don’t want to be right. What really demonstrates a poor attitude is slamming a local business for living within its means and charging prices that are more than reasonable for a neighborhood bar in a changing neighborhood like Petworth. If you want $2 beers, go to one of the (usually long-established, often owner-occupied) places offering those.

      • Because most people know nothing operating a restaurant or bar – or any business for that matter. They approach this from the perspective of a consumer who, not surprisingly, wants to pay as little as possible for as much as possible.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more!!! When did $12-13 become a norm for as uncomplicated a food as a …. burger!
      Sometimes it seems that those who comment on PoP all earn stupidly high salaries – not everyone has that much disposable income; doesn’t mean we don’t want to eat out.

  • I like the place, but am disappointed in the menu options. Do they really expect vegetarians to pay $1 more than a burger option for a mushroom on bread? Nobody wants that. Why not make a decent veggie burger and offer everything with that option like Meridian Pint does?

    • I was at the preview last night and I agree the veggie options are a bit limited. But I got the house salad, which was very decent at a reasonable price, and along with the fried poblano chilies–which were great–and the shared hummus plate, I did ok. There were a couple other veggie appetizers as well, which I’d like to check out next time. My partner got the portabello mushroom burger, and he liked it, but fried mushrooms on white bread aren’t my thing.

    • would def like to see more veggie options.

    • Maybe it’s a tax as a punishment for not realizing you are at the top of the food chain? 😉

  • Yes, the Red Derby in it’s infancy was a site to behold. Now however..

  • This place is going to absolutely kill it with the Petworth family set.

    • Probably not what the owners wanted to hear.

      • Oh, please–one of the owners is a card-carrying member of the Petworth Family Set, and as a fellow member, I can tell you we pretty much clear out by 7:00. Plenty of places (see 11th St.) are happy to take our money, and we’re happy to get a bite and a beer before heading home for bedtime.

  • I don’t know, I wish they wouldn’t batter their mushroom burgers- vegetarians have limited choices as it is. I’m not sold.

  • I play golf at the Soldiers Home and would love to stop by after for a drink and snack — if I can find a parking place.

  • Amazing burger. Had the Le Petit Mort, one of the best burgers in DC.

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