Slash Run opening slightly delayed in Petworth but they Got Chief Ike’s old Mural of Marion Barry Riding a Tiger!!!

201 Upshur St, NW

Slash Run was hoping to open today in the former El Limeno space, sadly:

“Hey folks, we’re not going to make Monday’s planned opening date, sorry! Final inspections taking a bit longer due to the holiday weekend. Stand by, we’ll announce soon!”

But this is pretty cool:

“installed Chief Ike’s (RIP) famed mural in our entrance hallway. Marion Barry riding a tiger


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  • Did anyone else read the Slash Run preview in the post on Saturday? I am still excited for it to open but a lot less excited after reading that it will have a “Hair Metal” theme.

  • That tiger looks a lot like a lion.

  • I’m excited for the new burger cottage, but not sure if “hair metal” theme is really aiming for the right audience in the neighborhood. It is the neighborhood regulars who will ultimately keep them in business.
    When are they going to take down the old vinyl LaJoya sign that is still hanging off the front?!

    Looking forward to trying those fries!

  • Excited about this place, but disappointed in the food menu. I get it’s a burger place, but please god serve at least one decent vegetarian option. It’s not that hard. Nobody wants an 11$ mushroom.

    • I think I’m gonna go to a vegetarian place and request a burger. Do you see how ridiculous that sounds?

      • Don’t be an asshat. It’s a neighborhood bar/restaurant that servers burgers because they are easy and cheap to make. This is not some sort of temple of meat. There are tons of similar places that serve decent vegetarian options (thanks Meridian Pint!). It’s completely reasonable to expect something other than floppy fungus.

        • Don’t call me asshat, asshat. If you require a “decent vegetarian option” don’t go there. It’s a simple bar serving cheap simple food.

          • My friends and I have been in the neighborhood for about three years now and I can tell you that this will now be our top place to go eat. Petworth is missing places like this. We need more. Slim’s Diner and Timber Pizza will also be great. NAlso, can’t wait for Jackie’s Italian concept!

          • Meat eaters who deride vegetarians are so lame. Your comment isn’t cute or useful. Making a black bean or veggie burger isn’t overly expensive or complex.

          • Demanding vegetarians are waaaaaay more lame. I wasn’t trying to be “cute”. It’s ridiculous to say that hamburger joint better have good vegetarian food! I’m not deriding anyone just saying why should you expect to be catered to? Do meat eaters ever say “i really hope this vegan place has a good meat option” NO. We don’t do that.

          • Meat eaters are already catered to in practically every restaurant in this city! Having meat as an option is the default. My boyfriend eats meat and there have been many times where we’ve been unable to go to a restaurant that he’d like to try because they have (at most) one paltry and unappetizing veggie option. Vegetarians are honestly not trying to be selfish. I’m not opposed to joining others when they go to a burger joint, but don’t want to have to eat fries every time! Surely you can sympathize with that.

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