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  • Ugh..i just don’t know about this city. Just so much crime all the time. I get there are deep sociological factors at play. But i don’t know how we really change it. This isn’t sweden and won’t become sweden anytime soon. Sometimes I feel like the only way to avoid this crap is to either move to the suburbs or to a deeply gentrified city like Manhattan, Boston, Seattle, heck even living on the Northside of Chicago is safer than a lot of central DC, etc. Of course, bad crap happens there too, but nowhere near on the per capita frequency of DC (Chicago excluded).

    • New York and Chicago have seen “upticks” in gun crime, too. Yes, ideally, we would become like a nordic country and would have less social exclusion and inequality. But, you’re right that won’t happen anytime soon, so the best we can do is take more guns out of the hands of criminals by tightening access to guns. I would also add that in this area you have incredible wealth and privilege — i.e. Avalon 1st and M — just a block away from incredible deprivation. If I lived in extreme poverty a block away from 22-year old law students living like kings and queens, I wold probably not care that much about what I did in the neighborhood either. So, yes, social inclusion does matter.

      • What does a 22 year law student living like a king or queen have to do with gun violence? Should that 22 year old feel bad for coming from means or being able to afford living a nice apartment building? Why are we making excuses for these barbaric actions?

        • My friend, I’m not making excuses for violence. I hate violence. I hate guns. I am saying, though, that DC feels — to me — more like high-violence Guatemala City or Rio de Janeiro — with pockets of luxury and pockets of squalor — than it does Berlin or Copenhagen, which have very little random violence. Of course, America has a gun problem, but it also has an inequality problem — and DC is the most unequal city in the nation.

          In this case, it looks like the shooting happened inside of Flats 130, so this was probably not random violence.

          • Completely agree – especially regarding the huge inequality gap in DC.

          • What makes you think DC is the most unequal city in the nation? Recent Brookings report put Atlanta, SF, Boston, and Miami ahead of us in terms of income inequality.

          • DC’s random violence is nothing like Rio de Janeiro. Bad analogy.

          • we’re the “most unequal” among states, which is a nonsensical comparison. rural areas always have less inequality — there are many fewer ways to be rich in the countryside — and all 50 states (but not DC) have substantial rural populations.

            among cities, the District’s among the top few, but among metro areas, the region ranks surprisingly low. comparisons of just the District to international cities are usually suspect, since most other countries realize it’s silly to have a “city” that governs only 10% of a metro area’s population.

          • Except, of course, as DC has gentrified and become even richer in recent decades the murder and overall crime rate has gone down. This idea that inequality explains crime is bogus.

      • 1000 +++++++
        Absolutely spot on ..I am a conservative in most things but you all must understand but the juxtaposition of North capital and ny ave public housing with .Insane rent of the new noma flats plus a Hyatt on NY…this is not done in any other city….North Capital and New York ave at TICK TOCK liquors had 5 homicides near around that corner in 1993 …

        • ever walk between the Upper East Side and Spanish Harlem? between the Gold Coast and Cabrini-Green? Grosse Pointe Park and Jefferson-Chalmers? those boundaries between wealth and poverty have been stable for many decades.

        • That would be Big Ben Liquors…..Tick Tock is in Hyattsville. That being said, I remember reading years ago that Big Ben had been robbed far more times than any other establishment in the city.

    • I’m sorry, but you’re being a bit dramatic.

      There’s varying factors to crime and we have no idea what happened.

      This shooting took place in an apartment building that has studios starting in the $1900s.

      Rich people commit crimes and hang out with sketchy people too.

      • +1 and they did indeed say it was a guest, I’m sure they would have been eager to state that it was a trespasser had that been the case.

      • Actually, it was a “trespasser,” or in this case, two “trespassers”–a.k.a. armed burglars–who broke into a resident’s apartment, then shot him twice with a semi-automatic handgun when he walked in on them. Sounds pretty random to me.

        • Apparently what the victim told police was not entirely accurate. Bozzuto (the company that manages Flats 130) has since said that the victim was a guest at a party thrown by someone who lived in the building, not a resident himself. Casts the other facts as he related them into doubt.

    • If we are comparing DC to Sweden, NoMA is much nicer than RosengĂ„rd

      • Yeah, I mean, it looks newer. But those Swedes have social protection that Noma residents — without good jobs — could never dream of having. Also, I’ve spent time in First & M Avalon and that building is built to a standard lower than most social/public housing. It’s cheap and pretty.

        • Yeah that social protection seems to be working out great for Sweden. With most of its crimes committed by the people they welcomed with open arms.

  • I’m a resident in the Flats 130 Apartment building. We received an email from our general manager saying that the shooting occurred inside of the apartment community.

    “You may have noticed the presence of emergency personnel in our community this morning. We were notified of a reported altercation that resulted in one male guest being shot at the property…”

  • The shooting happened in the Flats 140 apartment building at 130am. I haven’t heard much about it, though apparently the victim didn’t live in the building and apparently survived the shooting.

  • Hard to address given the deep rooted seat in gang culture. Listen to that young boy in Chicago recently on TV. Come on y’all. Put down the guns. Put them down!

  • I agree the US has more poverty than other countries. But, to say DC is more like Rio than Berlin or Amsterdam is hyperbole in the extreme. While it is true DC has more measured inequality than a European city it is generally about the 1% having a lot more income/wealth in the US than their European peers. But, life at the bottom in the US isn’t much/if any worse from a material perspective than it is in Europe. Much of the population in Berlin/Paris/etc lives in non-frills post-war apartment complexes that don’t look much worse than US public housing (although they have a lot less violence).

    Sure they have tighter gun control laws, paid maternity leave, and universal health care systems in Europe and we should too (and are slowly moving in that direction). But, life at the bottom in the US is far closer to Berlin than it is Rio or Guatemala City where people live in actual shanty towns.

    Google map DC’s high poverty low income neighborhoods, you will see modern homes/new cars, etc. Then google map low income neighborhoods in Paris and Johannesburg.

  • Just saw a NBC 4 reporter in front of the building. They should have a story at 11.

  • Helicopter with spotlight flying over K street NE between 3rd and 4th. Just got alert for shooting.

  • washington20009

    According to a Post report this morning, the victim lived in the building. He came home and found two burglars in his apartment. One of the burglars had a pistol and shot the victim in the stomach and the buttocks.

  • How did these guys get into the building, then into this guy’s apartment so he could catch them rummaging through his stuff when he got home?

    • I had the same question. You have to fob three times to get to a specific floor. Also, for the record, the Post says he came home to his door unlocked. Doors in Flats 130/140 do not unlock. You either have to break the door or be let in.

      • As a flats130 resident, the doors often dont shut all the way when you let them close. This has happened to us a couple of times and we’ve had to get in the habit of making sure we’ve pulled them closed.

        Also, Flats 130 hasn’t said anything yet about this being a robbery. The only information they sent out referred to the victim as a guest.

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