Shooting in the 200 block of 15th St, SE at 10:15pm Last Night

From @DCPoliceDept:

“Shooting – 2214 hours – 200 Block of 15th Street, SE. Lookout is for a short black male wearing a striped shirt.”

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  • Not to nitpick, but the pin is wrong here. I live on 16th and C and the shooting was on 15th in between C st and Mass ave.

    • Yup, it happened about 100′ north of C st. I saw them take the boy who was shot into the ambulance. Looked like he was hit in the leg.

  • This question relates to the shooting that happened this past Sunday at Flats 130: anyone know anymore information on that shooting? Last I heard a building tenant was entering his unit when two burglars were inside and shot him. Was this a case of burglary gone really bad, or did they all know each other?

      • I’m guessing you accidentally made a typo that makes it sound like the tenant shot the burglars, but actually it was the burglars who shot at the tenant. To answer INDC, I haven’t seen any updates on if these people all knew each other. It strikes me as very odd that someone would (a) break into a building with this many layers of security- three key fobs required to get there, and (b) actually shoot at the supposed victim when all they had to do is run. Why escalate? Most burglars don’t do stuff like that. All around, curious and bizarre they are not releasing more details- unless, of course, there’s more to this story and the police are working it.

        • Completely agree with the oddity of this incident. My guess is the victim and the burglars somehow knew one another.

      • What are you talking about? The story you link says the intruders shot the resident.
        It also says some are claiming the intruders were guests of another resident. This is the predictable result of mixed income housing in the district. Horribly mismanagement means that, rather than improving the lives of those in poverty it lowers the quality of life of everyone else.

        • Actually, I believe the article says the police and Bozzuto initially said the victim was a party attender, who was a guest. The victim, however, said he lives at the complex. I don’t think I’ve seen anything about the intruders being called guests- though I guess that wouldn’t surprise me. How else did they get past the key fob things? Also, I’ve read this place is expensive, but where does it say it’s mixed income? Haven’t seen that anywhere either…

  • Not surprising. This block is one of the seediest left in the area and attracts the wrong types.

    • SusanRH

      Curbside Cupcake attracts the wrong types??? Hill Now is saying this was a robbery of a juvenile

      • I was more referring to the liquor store/take out restaurant situation at the confluence of 15th/Indep./Mass. It sounded like this was near there, but now seems like it was closer to Curbside. And yes cupcake eating people are definitely dangerous:) The fact that it was a random robbery is very scary. I walk my dog around here all the time. I tend to think that only a true idiot would bother someone walking a 110 lb dog, but then I also remember that only a true idiot would rob/shoot a stranger. I am so disturbed by the uptick in crime in our neighborhood.

        • The folks that run that liquor store are super nice and have some pretty good craft beer and good scotch there.

      • Dude. Things get REAL at Curbside cupcake. You should see the local housewives Curbside runs out of organic, sugar free fruit juice for their kids.

  • This whole area has seen a big spike in violent crime over the last few months. Not quite sure what’s going on–neither is Commander Brown who met with the neighbors several weeks ago to address this problem. MPD increased police presence in the neighborhood after the community complained, but we don’t see them around as much anymore now that we all stopped squawking as much.

    • “Not quite sure what’s going on–neither is Commander Brown who met with the neighbors several weeks ago to address this problem.”

      There are too many guns in DC!

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