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  • That’s why we need bike patrols and police walking the beat, not putting ads on the internet and waiting in hotel rooms to arrest them for solicitation. It’s the same problem as all the smash and grab from cars and the graffiti.

    • because all police are either walking a beat or putting ads on the internet. They never divide up and do different tasks at the same time. I believe today is MPD’s jaywalking crackdown. Every police officer in the department is only enforcing jaywalking today, so beware mid-block street crossers.

    • TBH, given resource constraints I’d rather have police patrolling dicier areas – CoHi, Petworth, parts of Shaw – in order to solidify the gains we’ve made there. 14th Street isn’t exactly a hot bed of crime and the cops can’t be everywhere at all times.

  • Maybe someone is trying to make it feel more like Detroit?

    • HAHA… love this.

    • Too bad no one in Detroit can afford the Shinola shlock.

      • you sir, have no idea what you are talking about.

        • No, you sir, haven’t been to Detroit lately if you think that’s untrue. Maybe .001% of the people buying $3,000 bicycles from Shinola live in Detroit proper. And just about everyone else who says they’re “from Detroit” spent their entire lives in some ritzy suburb, going into the city a few times a year for a hockey or baseball game.

          • besides the fact that I go there 4-5 times year and my wife grew up in the city, i was referring to the term “shlock”. Shinola is doing a service to the city by bringing in much needed American jobs and it is the reason their watches cost what they do. Paying a reasonable wage sometimes means charging an above average cost. and I’ll say, their leather goods are very well made.

          • I thought Shinola was mostly rebranding Chinese-made goods, slapping on their own logos in some Detroit-based warehouse, and proudly exclaiming “Detroit-made!”

          • palisades

            You should probably do a quick google of Shinola then, Neighbor, because you are very wrong.

      • Tsar of Truxton

        I bet Eminem and Kid Rock can! I don’t know about the downtown area, but the Detroit suburbs are actually quite wealthy. Those auto industry jobs pay some big money for a lot of people.

        • Yeah, this is the story you don’t hear as often about Detroit. The county just north of the infamous 8 mile has long been one of the wealthiest in the country, and that doesn’t even include all the Grosse Pointes east of Detroit. It has elite boarding and other private schools, one of the wealthiest malls in the country, quaint upscale downtowns…

          Plus, when has workers being able to afford their product been fundamental? It’s not like autoworkers were buying Cadillac even in the heyday.

  • Maybe somebody was just angry at how long the development of this building has taken. I have seen buildings built from the ground up done faster than this construction.

    • ledroittiger

      Maybe it was a homeless person formerly housed at the Mission who was pissed off that this, and luxury apartments, is what replaced it.

      • Possibly. Although the few guys that I use to talk to who stayed here were some of the nicest people you could ever meet. I know that this development makes my property value go up but I wish they could have kept them there or at least found a way to integrate an information office for the homeless.

        • Aglets

          you sir, or madam, are a good, logical person

        • The executive director of the Central Union Mission seemed to think their move at least wasn’t a terrible idea (or he was just putting on a positive face). He told the Post, “Our new facility is located just a few blocks from Union Station and the bus station. This location will also allow us to reach poor and needy people who have been pushed out of the [Northwest] corridor, but still have great need for the services offered by Central Union Mission.” The information office would have been a great idea though.

        • ledroittiger

          Agreed. I can’t believe they had the audacity to name the building “The Mission.” Forget doing anything to actually help the people who were thrown out of this establishment – simply choosing a different name would have at least made the developers come off as something less than boorish asshats.

          • +1. And I wish they’d removed the “Come Unto Me” — a nice message when it was the shelter, but the lettering is in an unattractive typeface and it looks tacky.

          • Definitely a terrible name. It’s ironic to see DC developers and restauranteurs trying to appropriate the “authenticity” of the previous tenants that they push out; there’s numerous exampled throughout the city.
            But how else do you sell these sterile, bland apartments to professional paper pushers?

          • Isn’t paying millions and millions of dollars to a charity for the homeless “doing anything”? It’s not like they stole the building. They paid big and the homeless charity is using the money to do exactly what you are suggesting, help the homeless.

          • ledroittiger

            All in the name of moving the blight on society elsewhere so that K Streeters and attorneys can drink their lemontinis without having to throw up in their mouths when they look out on 14th St. from inside their trendy new small-plate establishments.

          • The Central Union Mission was not “kicked out” nor were the residents. They did not move the residents until the new (beautiful) building was complete. The old Mission was rat-infested and run down. The owner sold a few years ago and put the money into a much better new facility. I don’t get the faux outrage over the Mission relocating. They still serve the homeless population and in a much safer, better facility. As a long time resident and homeowner on the same block, I think it was a smart move by the owner. And I thought they were great neighbors.

          • Oops — I didn’t take note of the inaccurate description “thrown out” in ledroittiger’s original posting. Good point, KPinDC.
            I know the Central Union Mission got a good deal on the building, but I still think it’s tacky for the developer 1) to have named the building “The Mission” and 2) not to have removed the “Come Unto Me” signage.

  • Rocks were thrown through the front window of Ted’s the same night.

  • nightborn

    I live nearby and have definitely noticed an increase in the car break ins (by the amount of car window glass on the ground) – in fact I called and reported a car with a smashed window last night on R street. Between that and the recent series of shootings, we could benefit from a slight increase in police presence after the craziness in the last few weeks…

    • frankly, I feel like crime is up all over NW – whether reporting has improved or their are actually more crimes occurring, there definitely seems to be an uptick.

    • Those are just DC Diamonds!!!!

    • I see broken car windows a lot in CH, and this never occurred to me (I’m kind of slow on the uptake). Should I be calling them into the local police station?

      • nightborn

        I call it in because someone broke into my husband’s when he first moved in with me, and he had no idea for a couple of days because he was working from home that week. Of course it rained hard the entire time and the interior was soaked. We would have been pretty grateful if someone notified him.

    • Crime typically rises in the summer – lots of data on this.

  • I’ll give them Shinola, but what’s wrong with Ted’s? I think one of the mediocre Sandoval joints are far more deserving.

    • Totally. Ted’s is nothing if not reliable.

    • It is random, probably. Maybe drunk people from a bar. Probably not related in the least to the targets, other than that’s where the rocks were thrown. Glass gets shattered at banks, building entrances, clothing stores, etc. near my office downtown. Always on the weekend and presumably by people exiting the basement clubs in the area.

  • We need tougher policing and more undercovers. The new CID unit is a step in the right direction. However saying that the last few weeks is the most unsafe I have felt walking around the Chinatown area in years. The park at Mass and 6th is a travesty and a microcosm of the failures of the city to truly be world class

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