Shelter in Place Advised by MPD in Navy Yard – Possible Active Shooter – UPDATE: All Clear Given



“A call was placed from a building inside of the Washington Navy yard for possible sounds of gun shots around 0729 AM – a subsequent request was made to partner law enforcement agencies for assistance. At this time we have completed our search of the building and have found no evidence of a shooting or injured personnel.

The scene has been turned back over to Vice Admiral Hilarides of the NavSea Command.”

UPDATE from AlertDC:

MPD reports that the police activity is clear and all associated streets have reopened.”

From @DCPoliceDept:

“Traffic Advisory/Street Closures/M St SE from S. Capitol to 11th St SE/11th St from M St to Virginia/ Street Closures//South Capitol St from M to I St SE. Please avoid the area.”

From AlertDC:

“MPD reports police activity in the area of the Navy Yard. Please avoid the area. Go indoors and shelter in place.”

Updates when more is known. Thanks to all who’ve emailed and tweeted. In Sept. 2013 there was a shooting in the Navy Yard facilities.

Update from WMATA:

“MTPD K9 and EOD units have completed multiple precautionary sweeps of Navy Yard. Navy Yard station is open w/no impact to service. #wmata”

Update from Council Member Charles Allen [email protected]

“All #NavyYard staff accounted for according to authorities. Interviews taking place. Response & lock-down still being maintained for now.”

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  • Welp, at least I hadn’t left for work yet this time. Stay safe, y’all.

  • mericans and their guns

      • Accountering

        Some yahoo called into DC101 today and before anyone even knew what was happening was saying things like “These things happen in America, lets not politicize it etc”
        These things happen because we as a country have decided that we need more than one gun for every man, woman, and child in the country.

        • It doesn’t appear to be the number of guns involved. Doesn’t Sweden and Canada have more guns (percentage wise) than the US? We are just a nation of know-it-all idiots with no interest in self control or basic standards of decency.

          • I seriously doubt it is Sweden. You’re probably thinking of Switzerland.

          • I just looked it up. No, the USA is #1 per capita. Switzerland is #3, Canada is #13, and Sweden is #10. And just in case you’re wondering what #2 is, it’s Yemen.

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