Shaw’s Tavern Moving Forward with Expansion into 2nd Floor

520 Florida Ave, NW

Back in April we learned about the new ownership at Shaw’s Tavern. Now they’re moving forward with their expansion plans:

“Requesting an expansion of existing licensed premises to include 38 seats (Total Occupancy
Load of 43) on the 2nd floor. Current Approved Occupancy Load is 105 on the first floor.”

So have folks noticed a difference since the ownership change?

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  • The food has gone from bad to inedible since the change, and they kept the same crappy beer list in place.

    • The food’s kinda meh but the hushpuppies are the best and the people watching is hard to beat. They really could use some assistance in creating a beer list, though. How can you have this many options yet still have nothing to drink?

  • I’m surprised they have enough business to justify/support the expansion. It never seems terribly full as it is.

  • place is cramped and overpriced. maybe they’ll put in a cornice, though?

  • I am always surprised to see just how full the place gets (especially the patio), given the relatively low quality of the food.

    PS- has anyone else noticed the decaying brick structure above the front door at the top of the building. I am waiting for a St Ex style collapse if they don’t fix that soon!

    • +1 re: your surprise. Excels at mediocrity, but always manages to be packed….perplexing!

      • Agreed! It throws me off every time because the patio always looks so inviting and it’s full of people but the food always suxx and it ends up costing so much. I always regret not going to Boundary Stone!

      • The Front Page folks have bro’s alanf basics all figured out. Bro’s/basics don’t have a particularly high bar for food and beer.

  • Please put in that missing cornice – makes the building look like a dump without it. I promise to come back once you do!

  • Inedible? Dump? I’ll have a large plate of hyperbole with a side of snark please…

  • So this pretty much confirms that whenever the previous ownership used the upstairs for overflow seating, they were doing so illegally, without the proper occupancy permit for the space.

  • Maybe now they can hang that flag correctly.

  • I’m so happy they kept monday night trivia and Wed night Piano Bar – this place is the best place in Shaw and the food is always good and consistent. Still hard to get a table on Sundays for brunch tho.

  • Shaw’s Tavern is wonderful and I especially love their Wednesday night piano bar! I especially like their jumbalaya risotto. I’m excited that they have added an additional Friday night piano bar once a month!

  • +1 million to everyone else startled by the disconnect btw this place’s popularity and the el yucko food. I wish the vastly more deserving Meats and Foods got more of this place’s overflow.

  • Shaw’s has never pretended to be a 5 star restaurant. It’s a great neighborhood bar. I’ve enjoyed a delicious brunch there and dinner is fine. And thank god it’s not some stupid small plates/fusion restaurant. If you don’t like the food go to Capitol Grille or Charlie Palmer’s or or Le Diplomat or trek out to the Inn at Little Washington. My only complaint is they switched out Coke products for Pepsi. Grrrrrrr. Who drinks Pepsi!?!?

  • Good food, albeit pretty expensive for what it is. Trivia night and piano bar night are great. Staff is friendly, and it’s thankfully not another Tapas place. Could use a bigger draft list but it always has the staple beers.

    Don’t understand the vehement hate coming down. It’s a neighborhood bar/tavern in DC, of course it’s going to be expensive for what it is. Welcome to DC.

  • I honestly don’t know what all the haters are on about. I’ve never had anything I didn’t like from Shaw’s and the staff has always been great. Wednesday nights are awesome and I’m glad they might be extending their music stuff. It’s a fun place to hang out with friends.

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