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  • Formerly AND Future-ly the Third Church of Christ! Their new facade is going to be awesome!

  • brookland_rez

    Much better!

  • thank god, I hate churches.

  • As in the case of the almost-gone Hine School building, I can actually see a little bit of architectural merit to the old building, maybe even a whiff of charm that the new buildings won’t have in the same way, though they (the new buildings) will be much better for their neighborhoods in almost every other way.

  • Another K Street office building. Good. We were running out of those.

  • It will look a little better when the new church facade is in place. But yes, I agree, overall the architecture is very ordinary, but then again when you live in a city that requires “a number of approvals from the Historic Preservation Review Board, and over 20 City agencies” (from the architect’s website) then you can’t be that surprised.

  • 3rd Church of Christ, SCIENTIST. There’s a huge difference.

  • This construction site one of the worst in the city. Everyday I ride the S bus downtown for work and these jerks have encroached on the road so much that a bus can hardly crawl through. Now they hare started parking their construction vehicles on 16th north of K interfering with the K street stop and traffic flow that is turning right on K from 16th street. What a menace and the city seems to grant the permissions and not govern at all.

    • I used to work at the building next door, and let me tell you, it was awful. When they were doing the demo and the pilings, the whole building would shake and we were sent home on several occasions because we just couldn’t work in that environment.

  • Yay! it’s a ….er…..brutalist office building!

  • Hey, at least it is restoring a uniform roofline in this row of buildings.

  • Wow. I mean- snore. Worse for being less interesting. Nobody will be talking about this ice cube- at all.

  • Accountering

    Huge improvement! Love seeing an ugly building get knocked down, and the land returned to productive use and the tax rolls. Big win for the city!

    • There’s more to life than a tax roll. But I guess I shouldn’t have high hope from a bean counter…

      • Accountering

        Agreed – your unnecessary personal dig aside, of course there is. With that said, exchanging one ugly building for another is just fine with me though – I don’t consider my life to be in any way affected by the look of the building they put here. What it will do though is hopefully create more office jobs in the city – and hopefully my next job can be in the city as opposed to the soul sucking commute I currently have to Bethesda. Also, more restaurants, more people in the city, more people taking metro instead of having to drive, and yes, more tax base. All good things.

  • I loathe brutalist architecture, but I have to say, I almost miss the church.

    I will not, however, ever say that when they finally raze the FBI Building. That building is a monstrosity.

  • justinbc

    I actually liked the old building, it was pretty unique. This is entirely forgettable.

    • Totally agree. People may not have loved the design of the former church, but it was unique and architecturally very interesting. You stopped and looked at it, even if your first thought was “that’s ugly.” At the very least, it demanded your attention and your thought. The new building will inspire no thought at all.

  • Ah…a squat, colorless, steel box with narrow glass windows. What a unique and interesting addition to the DC architectural landscape. Thank God we got rid of that thing that had a shred of personality.

  • Glad we got rid of that ugly building that did not fit in with anything else around it. Now plug back into the matrix everyone – nothing to see here anymore.

  • The Christian Scientists fought for years with historic organizations for the right to remodel the church. They repeatedly pointed out that the Brutalist building was cold, drafty, and dark inside, and we know what happens when Christian Scientists get sick. I look forward to seeing the results of this.

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