Readers Report Alleged Drunk Driver Crashes into Dumpster on Holmead and Oak NW


Readers report:

“Car-dumpster collision on Holmead and Oak NW, drunk driver is fine and passenger ran from the scene.”


“alleged drunk driver car crash into 2 ton dumpster on Holmead. No police in 30 mins. EMTs here.”

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  • i bet that dumpster had md tags.

  • What’s the answer to the question everyone wants to know?

  • brookland_rez

    Moron. Glad it was a dumpster and not someone else’s car or a person. The only damage appears to be to his own car. Good.

  • Emmaleigh504

    does no one get a semi-sober driver anymore??

  • Partied a bit too hard at brunch?

  • What time did this happen, anyone know?

  • Hey, original poster here–

    Happened at 7:20pm right where my neighbors routinely play with their children and we hang out with our dogs. I honestly don’t remember what plates they were, but others did snap shots of them.

    He was going at least 40, though I thought faster, and the force pushed that full dumpster 12 feet from it’s original position. The passenger got out and ran off, after we witnessed him pour out his drink and grab stuff from the driver and roll it up into his pocket– definitely wasn’t just pot.

    EMTs showed in 20, but it took over an hour for police to show. I know it was a busy time and they’re short-staffed, but that’s absurd.

  • This happened literally outside my house. Glad sweet justice was served – even drunk how do you miss a huge neon orange dumpster?

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