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Photo taken in Adams Morgan by PoPville reader Heidi Walters

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Looking at nose rings online makes me want to get more piercings so I can wear pretty shiny jewelry.
    Rant: I can’t imagine a public elementary school would dig the human pin-cushion look
    ?: Found out that in my old classroom, I’ll be replaced by a rotation of 3 different teachers. Thankful I won’t be around to see that mess.
    Rave: Receiving book donations from the Tenleytown listserv
    Rave: Not working/babysitting today – I can get shit done!
    Rave: Little Red Fox for breakfast. Pricey, but so damn good. I wish more places sold savory scones without bacon/ham.

    • I loveeee Little Red Fox!

      • maxwell smart

        I can’t express how happy I am to have Little Red Fox in my neighborhood. It’s such a welcome addition to that block! Upper NW always gets the shit on for dining options, so it’s amazing to have such a great coffee shop with really good food that I can walk to. It’s always busy, which only goes to show that if you have a quality product, people will come.

        • Yessss. I live in Woodley Park, but I babysit uptown pretty frequently. It’s so nice to get a good breakfast/cup of coffee that isn’t Starbucks. The parking lot is a huge bonus too!

    • GiantSquid

      Souk on 8th St SE has some delicious savory scones, meat free.
      I told Mr. Squid that depending on my next job, the nose stud might be coming back. He’s not a fan.

      • Do ittttttt! I made it through all last year with a stud in my nose. When I subbed I had a ring, but switched to a stud for my permanent job. I’ll be in a new school next year and I have a fucking hoop in that I can’t take out by myself. I hope they’re cool with it? Also, I love the way the hoop looks; just that I can’t take it out on my own.

        Are you going to have to get your nose repierced?

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: The bruise on my face has turned a sickly shade of green.
    Rant: Work is going to be nuts for the next few weeks. We have a ton to do, and several people are out on vacation (plus one is retiring).
    Rave: Eye exams for the kids: done! Littlest Zelda picked out a very nice pair of new glasses.
    Rant: Eldest Zelda looked at every pair of frames at least 3 times and rejected them all. These are just backup glasses for when she’s not wearing her contacts, so she’ll barely even wear them. I’m hoping that in a day or two she’ll be more open to picking a pair that is acceptable, even if not perfect.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Friday
    Rant: Despite the noticable uptick in violence, as opposed to convening a “strike-force” (whatever that means) against violence… Muriel has convened a strike-force to “save” 8,000 units that will transition from affordable to market rate over the next several years. This pandering is so apparent, and makes me sick. It’s quite clear she knows who voted for her.
    Starting to understand being a democrat in the south or a republican in Vermont. This lady does not represent my views! I am certainly a democrat, but this is getting ridiculous. Murder rate is up 20% and we are convening “strike-forces” to save affordable housing. Would be funny if it wasn’t so tone deaf and frankly sad.

    • Accountering

      Also, seriously… a “Strike-Force?” Could she be any more useless? Lets study the issue and bring the stakeholders to the table!

    • For many people the lack of affordable housing in DC is a much more realer problem than crime. Housing costs are out of control. There is nothing tone deaf about dealing with a problem people have been complaining about for years. Rental units available at under $800/month went from 65,200 in 2005 to 35,000 in 2012 and we can all assume it has only gotten worse in the last 3 years. This is a real crisis that has gone unaddressed for far too long.

      • I think a bigger problem is that people who have no skills (as in absolutely no skills and little to no literacy) are having a hard time adapting to an economy that basically requires a college degree at the minimum (unless you’re working service industry-type jobs). Besides lacking literacy and any skills at all, there is the inability to just show up on time every day. I believe it was Woody Allen who said 80 percent of success is just showing up. Forget affordable housing- we shouldn’t be subsidizing people to live on expensive real estate where their skills don’t match the economy in which they find themselves. I don’t have an answer for improving the skills and mindset, because we already dump tons of money into DC public education, rec centers, and other social programs. Sorry to say, I’ve given up! I got nothing’.

        • Perhaps, but even with a skilled job (ex: I’m a public school teacher with 2 Masters), it’s hard to find housing that’s affordable to me. This is how I’m 30 and still living in a 5br group house and taking over sub-landlord duties to get a break in the rent.

        • Minimum wage in DC still gets you less than $20,000 working full time. You don’t think service industry people should have the opportunity to live in the city in which they work? Should all of our baristas, bus boys, sales clerks, etc. be making 2 hour commutes each way from the cheaper suburbs to wait on your every need?

          • Ryan, the gov’t and its coffers can only support so much. Why do a select few get subsidized or free housing, while equally disadvantaged people have to do what the rest of us do- move to where we can afford? Who makes the choice that Bob the Barista gets a subsidized apartment, while Annie the Sales Clerk didn’t make the list and has to move to Vienna, VA? Just last year, DC admitted that its public housing list was 28 years long- as in, you have to wait 28 years to get a unit. The ironic thing, though, is I thought the narrative of “affordable” housing for teachers and cops was disproved. When Bowser talks “affordable,” I almost always assume she is talking about the permanent, largely non-working populace, which cobbles together payments from disability payments and other vouchers they already receive. If there’s cheaper real estate to house these people, we should opt for that.
            On a side note, I am sympathetic to teachers like Liindsay and service people who are making long commutes into the city. I am very grateful for what I have right now. That said, economics and limited public resources always mean that reality is going to invade our dreams at some point.

          • @anonymous: If you want to fix affordable housing by requiring employers to pay a living wage I’ll support that, but something has to be done.

          • Well, yeah, much better wages for minimum wage workers and teachers and the like would really helpful. Unfortunately, there’s a whole political movement that doesn’t support workers making a living wage.

            The other problem – those without the skills to get work – is an entirely different problem. But it may be related. If a child lives in a home where working parent or parents can earn a living wage, they have a much better chance of staying in school and getting the education, literacy and skills, and likelihood of college education, I would think. But that takes a few decades to manifest itself. And the parents need the skills to earn the good wages to begin with, a bit of a catch-22 for some.

      • Accountering

        Well, I am not one of those people TBH, and crime IS an issue for me, hence my rant. It is tone deaf in the face of an uptick in crime to be focusing on housing.
        I think there are plenty of people who would argue our crime situation is a much larger crisis, and warehousing poverty in increasing numbers is exacerbating that problem. That is the crisis IMO. I am all for increasing spending on schools, libraries, workforce development, post-prison rehabilitation, transit (make it free!) and any number of other programs to give people a leg up. Warehousing poor people in large buildings for their entire lives who are never going to be able to make it in the DC economy is not one of the things I am in favor of though.

        • here are plenty of hard working people, including basically anyone in the service industry, who struggle to find a place to live within the city in which they work. Just because their struggle doesn’t apply to you doesn’t mean addressing their needs is pandering or tone deaf to the issues facing DC.
          Also, affordable housing doesn’t have to mean, and shouldn’t mean, projects. We need to mix the cheaper housing in to wealthier communities, spread the impoverished out, and provide them with access to the same community resources those in wealthier neighborhoods have.

          • Accountering

            Yes, it is pandering. In the midst of a crime wave, we are focusing on warehousing more poverty in DC. This is a regional problem that DC cannot and should not solve on its own.

          • @Accountering: If affordable housing is pandering than refusal to adequately address the needs of the poor is pandering to the concerns of the wealthy.

          • Accountering

            That is a twisted interpretation there, to put it mildly.

      • For *everybody* the lack of affordable housing is a problem in DC, which is why I’m so disgusted by our mayor’s special interest crap on this issue. My household income is well over the median for this region and frankly my housing choices are between crap and shit. For the money my household pays for a 2BR in DC, I could live in a mansion almost anywhere else in the country. From my perspective, at least, the problem with the mayor’s “affordable housing” canard is that it means anybody not getting a subsidy is going to be paying more than they would otherwise. Whether it’s because of higher taxes to directly pay the subsidies, because developers build that much less “market rate” housing and limited supply drives up prices, or because developers get to charge even more than “market rate” would support to offset losses for “affordable” housing, there is no free lunch in this game. I hate sounding like some grouchy conservative a-hole, but people should live where they can afford, not where some busybody city bureaucrats think they “deserve” to.

    • Agree that this is push for more “affordable” housing (read: heavily subsidized/taxpayer-provided) represents a particularly tone deaf approach to governing. But then again, am I surprised? DC would be very much like (and probably worse than) Baltimore, Detroit, and New Orleans if it wasn’t the seat of the Federal government, a status which protects the city from itself. While the dysfunction in both the local governing and the governed is high here, it could be a lot worse. I’m looking on the bright side.
      On another note, if the Post and others are to be believed, gentrification is slowing in the District. If that is true, I wonder if there is any hope for the rational among us to ever have a true voice in city politics? If we’re already at the top of our game and this stuff is going on, is there reason to hope???

      • Really” “I wonder if there is any hope for the rational among us to have a true voice in city politics?” How’s this for an answer — “not as long as as ‘the rational among us’ act like a bunch of pompous twats.”
        But who knows. Keep praying for more rich, wise, white people to move in and eventually we’ll be able to show those poor people who’s boss!

        • Accountering

          I guess if wanting crime to continue dropping makes me a pompous twat, then I am a pompous twat. I will wear that badge with honor.

          • No, saying things like “I wonder if there is any hope for the rational among us to have a true voice in city politics?” (which you didn’t) would make you a pompous twat.

        • I appreciate your ad hominem attack, but unfortunately, it does nothing to advance this discussion. What cannot be denied or defended is a long record of malfeasance/incompetence in DC dysfunction. What cannot be denied or swept under the rug is the fact that the growing influx of gentrifiers has indeed resulted in a better quality of life here, as well as a lot more options for those of us who were without them just ten years ago. Also, Irving Street, your comment about “rich … white” people is kind of ironic, no? I mean, there are a lot of guys who talk a good game about living “among the people,” but they’ll be damned before they actually, really live among the people (i.e., I say I support public schools, but watch what I do with my actual kids here).

          • In my experience, people who claim all wisdom and “rationality” for themselves and their own socioeconomic faction or political splinter, and dismiss those who disagree with them as stupid, ignorant and/or “irrational” don’t add much to the discussion, either. There’s a problem when people confuse their own self-interest with the common good — it makes them unpleasant to work with and it leads to bad solutions. Throw in the not-subtle “please let the white people save us from these Negros” undercurrent it makes me a little pissy. Yes, gentrifyers have improved the quality of life. This does not mean that everything that benefits you and me, benefits everybody in the District, and it does not mean that concerns of the poor that you and I don’t share are not legitimate.
            To the larger point, it’s not as though “we” don’t have a solid presence on the city council, the Greater Washington Board of Trade, and the monied interests that wield a great deal of power in this town. and, if you want more, they way to get is is not by by being an arrogant jerk. You might take Adrian Fenty as a case in point. Decent mayor, but an arrogant jerk with roughly the same appreciation for the poorer wards of the city and the concerns of the people who live there. And he got his ass handed to him by a corrupt political hack.
            You want “rational” people in charge of the city? Learn to listen to and respect people outside your demographic group. Maybe even compromise. Their ideas are “rational,” too.

          • Blithe

            Irving Streete — I don’t have the stomach to jump into the fray today, but I do want to applaud your eloquence as you fight the good fight! I’ve always appreciated and learned from your perspectives — when I agree with you, and possibly even more when I don’t!

    • How amazing that a politician looks after the needs of her supporters. How awful that the poor and working class are a priority for an urban government.
      How ridiculous is it to assume that because the Mayor is looking at one issue that she cannot and will not focus on another?

      • Accountering

        Its not ridiculous in the least to assume with THIS mayor that she is incapable of doing even one thing well, let alone multiple. What exactly has she done to engender your trust that she is capable of tackling both issues simultaneously?

        • Six months into it, what has she screwed up? I mean, she hasn’t impressed me but she hasn’t appalled me, either.
          What annoyed me though, (and you know I love you) was your dismissal of her attention to affordable housing and to a significant number of real DC resident with real concerns with the phrase “it’s quite clear she knows who voted for her,” as though that’s a bad thing and they are contemptible people. If you want to beat up on the task force, I’m with you. If you want to say “my priorities would be different,” that’s a valid point. If you want to attack her for having the gall to look after a group of her constituents who have far fewer choices in life than you and I, I find that unfortunate.

          • Accountering

            Six months in, what has she accomplished? I would argue very little… She hasn’t been as bad as I expected, I will admit that, but we are currently in the midst of a crime wave, and she is putting together strike forces for affordable housing.
            I agree, I have not been appalled. I think they took an easy one off her plate by not picking us for the olympics. If only she can avoid getting in bed with Dan Snyder, than overall she isn’t going to be a horrible mayor.

          • Well stated. Muriel Bowser ran on a campaign platform focusing on affordable housing amongst other issues and at the very least I give her credit for following through. Even if you look purely at the numbers, even with a 20% spike in the crime rate, that amounted to 82 homicides so far for the year. Compare that with preserving 8,000 affordable housing units and I think it’s clear which is the larger issue that impacts the greater number of people in the city. This is not to say that the increase in crime is excusable or unimportant, but the crime and random violence that occurs often gets far more sensational press leading us to give it disproportionate weight in our minds, while many more hardworking individuals and families quietly get pushed out of their city each day. I think it’s much too simplistic to equate preserving affordable housing with “warehousing poverty”

      • I think there are two issues getting tangled together here.

        1. How do we maintain decent affordable housing for people who work at income levels that allow them to pay $800.00 or less a month in rent?
        2. What do we do with people who have lived their entire lives on public assistance, do not work and never will work and who have children attending poor schools that will probably not equip them to ever work?

    • How ridiculous for a mayor to focus on a small blip in crime during one of the longest and most dire affordable housing crises in DC history!

      Or you know, we could all recognize that for each of us, different public policy discusses impact us differently and we can advocate for our own issues without completely dismissing other’s concerns. I’m sure the 600 homeless kids in the city don’t find the strike force funny either.

  • Rant: Trying the online dating thing again, and hating it. I don’t have strong feelings for anyone I’ve met, or about dating in general, but somehow I think I’m trying to fill this social expectation that it’s not normal to be alone for so long. Plus people keep telling me it will help me get over my ex. Well, it’s not working.

    Rave: Beautiful weather this morning. So tired of the swampiness lately.

    Rave: The weekend. Hopefully some things to keep me distracted.

    • Accountering

      There has been loads written here recently about this, and I feel your pain. With that said, dating sometimes sucks, until it doesn’t. You will get there, and the only way to get there is to keep meeting people. Kudos to you for trying!

      • Thanks! TBH, I think in the back of my mind, I still feel like I am supposed to be with my ex and really that is what is impeding me here. I think until I get past that, it’s going to be difficult but I’m not quite sure how let that go. Hence, why I think meeting people would help then I feel like I can’t form connections because of the former issue. It’s like a catch 22. LOL. blah!

        • If online dating isn’t working for you, either now for specific reasons, or in general (I’m not into it myself, really ever), then you don’t have to do it. Especially since it isn’t working for you, and perhaps makes you feel worse. Find some other ways to spend your time with people where you aren’t focused dating – sports teams (if that’s your thing), volunteering for some organization, meetups that do other things you might be interested in, take a fun class, join professional organizations if you fit into the group for some. I find it much better to meet people when the focus isn’t on one-to-one dating, are you the right person for for me, all that pressure.

        • Accountering

          So I don’t know you or your ex, but am going to go out on a limb and say based on your collective statuses as ex’s, that you are not meant to be together 🙂
          Break-ups happen for reasons IMO.

    • I read this and thought–did I write this and forgot about it? I can totally relate. I would guess that getting over your ex is going to involve another meeting someone else and online dating is part of doing that. I call it the volume approach…

      That being said, healing from a breakup is an imprecise process. Go at your own pace. Don’t beat yourself up. But, remember to flirt–even if you have to fake it.

  • Rave: The Newseum event last night was fun. Free alcohol is always a plus.
    Rant: Landlord’s dog chewed up my shoes and proceeded to pee on my grill when I let him outside.

  • Rant: My dog threw up on me and some of the pillows/bedding at 2am. Gross. Late night laundry. So sleepy. She seems fine now, though.
    Rave: Did an Insanity workout at home yesterday. Collapsed into a pile of giggles at the end. That ish is hard! Or we’re out of shape. Probably both.

    • Accountering

      Excited to see you all tonight! Leave your insanity DVDs at home! 🙂

    • My dog threw up in bed a little before I had to get up. Haven’t done the laundry yet because I had to get to work and only have common laundry.

      • There seem to be a lot of dog rants today. I hope you don’t have too much cleaning to do when you get home!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: I’m the last fish left in the fish bowl. However, today is my last day on exhibit and starting Monday I’ve been voluntold that I’m a teleworker…whoops as HR says I’m a “Mobile Worker”. I feel like such a Millennial!

    Rave: Loving this weather this morning!

    Rant: An 8:30 am meeting this morning to meet some executives’ schedules and none of them showed up. Rude! I’m starving again and have already had two breakfasts.
    Rant: Senior Citizen dogs! Twice last night Lucy went into a corner of the room and then couldn’t figure how to get out!

    • My former dog would also get stuck in corners, or walk under the table and not be able to get out. He started to pace incessently, would go to the wrong side of doors he’d been in and out of for over ten years (waiting at hinge side for the door to open), forgot his housetraining.
      Canine cognitive dysfunction (doggie dementia) said my vet. There is a med that may ease some symptoms and dietary supplements that may help.

    • Emmaleigh504

      elevenses can be your friend 😀

    • I Dont Get It

      To add insult to injury, “Government Agency” is having a luncheon on the other side of the fish bowl. They may as well put their entitled noses to the glass and say “Will you hurry up and leave so we can move in?”

    • I’ve felt especially hungry this week! Awkward when my coworker mentioned how much I could eat, what do you say to that? thanks?

  • Rave: I skipped the gym and slept in this morning and feel less zombie-like. Apparently, nine hours of sleep are essential to prevent me from feeling like this little parasite is sucking out my life force.
    Rave: Ginger ale. I should just buy stock in a company that makes it.
    Rave: The weekend is so close! I’m looking forward to sleeping in and spending time with friends.

  • Bear

    Rave: I think my interview went well. Maybe? I can never tell.
    Rant: Already thinking through the logistics of leaving my current job – I need to slow down and wait to see if I get an offer.
    Rave: If it’s a good offer I’m totally taking it. I’ll hate leaving my one big project, but going through this process has really confirmed what I think I’ve known for a long time – I need to move on, regardless of the timing.

    • Sending you all the luck!

    • Yeah. Even when you know an interview has gone well, you don’t necessarily get the job – lots of people’s interviews may have gone well, or perhaps someone has who has an ‘in’ gets hired, even if their interview didn’t go so well, because someone owes someone else a favor. Then there’s the ones where you interview doesn’t go so well, usually because your interviewers are bad interviewers, and you end up getting the job anyway, because you are qualified. So, don’t sweat how interviews go, I say – write your email thank-yous and move on to the next applications. If you get a call later, that’s great.

      • Bear

        You are totally right. I do have a little bit on an in, but I’m not sure it’s a big enough one to get my foot in the door. So we’ll see. I’ve also been told that there are other positions opening up there, as well as at another firm I’ve had my eye on, so if this one doesn’t work out I hope it won’t be too difficult to find something else.

    • It’s great to finally have that realization!! Good luck, fingers crossed.

    • Fabulous to feel that you’re ready to move on. It’s tough to leave a big project that (if I remember correctly) you were essential on the win, execution, and success! But moving on to better things, while tough, seems like the right next step. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. As for time off for your wedding, be up front about it if it gets to an offer phase and hopefully they are good enough people to respect your time and personal life!

      • Yeah. I’ve always been amazed at new jobs when, as few weeks after starting, around a holiday or not, a new employee gets to just go off on a two week vacation. (While I, as a new employee, am stuck working for a year before I get to take any time off.) When their time obviously hasn’t been earned yet. Management always says – they had it planned, tickets and such, already. I’ve decided it is a ploy – a smart one at that – and that I should plan a vacation while getting to an offer stage next time, and get some extra time off, that I haven’t earned, in my next job. But I haven’t the guts to pull that off. So, yeah, but up front that you will be out for your wedding when you accept the offer, and you should be golden.

        • Accountering

          This is standard, if you have a vacation planned, and you accept a new offer, are you just supposed to cancel all your plans? Make them known up front (they are likely taking the time unpaid as no PTO accrued yet) but you will be able to take the time as well.

        • To be fair, in most of these situations, the new employee isn’t getting “extra time off.” With my employer, I had a two week international trip scheduled that I told them about before I took the offer. I hadn’t accrued the leave yet, but it was advanced to me, which meant that for the next year, I had zero vacation days. In most instances, that new employee may be taking leave earlier that she earned it, but it isn’t like she is getting more vacation days than other employees are.

    • Good luck on the potential job. Waiting in an answer is always hard for me–my mind always gets ahead of me. At the risk if sounding incredibly creepy, I think I may know which firm you work for (in same industry). So I’d just suggest being a bit careful with what you’e putting out there.

  • Rant: I have a de-facto extra roommate. Argh.

    • Are they at least de facto paying their share of rent?

      • I wish.

      • Then I hope you’ve addressed your real roommate to remedy this situation, but I strongly suggest you don’t just accept it. I’m not above calling the cops to get them removed and letting the landlord know if needed. Harsh I know, but I don’t suffer freeloaders.

        • GiantSquid

          Reference the lease. Having just signed one, it stated very clearly who could occupy the property. If this de-facto roommate isn’t on there, bring up your concerns that they aren’t on it and therefore not liable as you and your actual roommate are. You can pull the landlord in if you need to. Don’t make it personal, keep it as businesslike as possible.

    • I’d be unhappy if I’d chosen to live with a roommate and signed a lease to share space along with him or her but then a third roommate (not necessarily of your choosing) was added. This can have a big effect on how you enjoy, or don’t enjoy, your living situation.
      Is this something you discussed prior to moving in together?

  • Rant/question: my hair. I have the most frizzy but not curly hair and cannot figure out what to do with it. It’s thick and wavy and with different textured hairs and past my shoulders, and always looks like a big mess even in a bun. I’ve tried so many products, including oils which barely help. It’s worse in summer but bad all year. I need someone (who knows what they’re talking about) to tell me what to do with it but only if it won’t cost thousands of dollars a year. Any suggestions for who to consult or what to do with my hair?

    • I don’t have any advice but wanted to say I’m right there with you and will be following this thread in hopes that someone has some good pointers!

      • Emmaleigh504

        You have lovely hair, what are you talking about?

        • ^this is what my boyfriend says when I complain about my hair. I only get compliments on my hair when I get it done professionally or flat iron it, which is futile in this weather if I have to go outside. I think I need a new flat iron with adjustable temp so it doesn’t fry my hair (I’ve been using a Chi) but flat ironing isn’t something I’m going to do all the time.

          • Emmaleigh504

            IMO you should stop flat ironing (not in style anymore anyway) and learn to love your hair texture. It took me some years, but I learned to love my hair and how to work with it. It makes getting ready for work, the grocery store, or the fancy party so much easier! Love your textures!

          • Emmaleigh504

            Also, I suck at upkeep, so no fancy keritin stuff for me, no matter how pretty the results. Just learn to love what you have. And try out Pantene’s new repair conditioner! It makes my hair super duper soft! Not as soft as beer, but I never have beer at home anymore…

          • I only flat iron a few times a year. It’s the only hair style I can guarantee will look decent.

    • emvee

      Hello Hair Twin! Nice to meet you! This is a lifelong struggle of mine and I’ve tried everything. My solution over the past year has been to cut it progressively shorter. A year ago, it was boob-length, and as of the other day I am officially at Emma Stone bob-length. I wash it less and use DIY dry shampoo (cornstarch + cocoa powder) on non-wash days. The reasons for the short hair were that A) more hair = more frizz and usually split ends, and also B) styling only takes about 5 minutes because there’s so much less to deal with. Thanks to the “messy wave” being in style right now, a couple of curls placed haphazardly makes for a pretty decent wavy bob that works with your frizzy but not curly, thick and wavy but with different textured hair. Voila!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I can confirm that emvee has lovely hair.

      • Nice to meet you too. I can’t wait to see your hair!

      • emvee

        Now I’m worried I’ve talked it up too much. It’s more that this has just been my way of coping with the frizzy/wavy hair situation that’s worked best for me. *results may very. Ask your hairdresser if shorter bobs are for you

        • Don’t worry. My good hair standards are not very high. I just want to look like less of a mess.

    • GiantSquid

      You have hair with mixed texture. I do, too. My hair is super thick and when longer, wavy. When I chopped it off, only then did I learn I actually have curly hair because the weight of my longer hair was pulling out the curls and leaving me with frizz. Also the front of my head is curlier than the back. The back’s just kinda wavy. So maybe consider going a little shorter to see what your hair does when there isn’t as much of it. We gotta find you a hair stylist that knows their stuff.

      • I’ve tried almost every length though obviously the cut is very important. If my hair is too short it just poofs out, but not like a cute fro (which my dad used to rock, or rather a jewfro). I’m hesitant to cut it short enough that I can’t pull it back if (when) it frizzes into a big mess.

        • GiantSquid

          I hear you. This is the time of year I have to keep it shorter or else I’d have it pulled back all the time despite the headaches it gives me.

          I would highly suggest seeing Veronica at Parlour. She did a great job of working with my hair to give it the shape I wanted and was attentive when I asked for non-super scented products and how I prefer minimal prep/low fussiness.

    • This may be more than you want to spend but I am a HUGE fan of the Brazilian Blowout/keratin treatments. They can be pricy but I’ve had good luck finding Groupon deals for them which brings the cost down to usually under $200. Everyones hair reacts differently but mine becomes smooth, shiny, easy to manage, and I can blow dry it in 5-10 minutes instead of 25-30. I do it 3-4 times a year and the cost does add up but it is worth it to me to avoid dealing with my hair, especially in the humid DC summer.

      • I got the Aveda keratin treatment using a groupon but it didn’t really do much. Can you always find a groupon for it? My step mom does the Japanese straightening treatment which I think is about $500 each time and I think her hair looks too straight and not very healthy.

        • I did the Global Keratin once and it did almost nothing to my hair but the Brazilian Blowout really changes the texture and smoothness. My stylist told me that everyones hair reacts differently to each treatment but I’ve had the best luck with the BB. I’ve been doing it for almost 4 years and have used a Groupon every time, you just have to do some research and make sure the salon is reputable and the stylists have been certified/trained. A lot of places offer Groupons several times a year which is nice if you find a place you like (also some will offer you the groupon/sale price directly after one visit to keep you coming back!). I don’t like the Japanese straightening treatment because it is permanent and I agree, makes the hair way too straight and unhealthy. The BB slowly fades out and you can still texture, style, curl, etc. Also, is it better for your hair than the Japanese version and I get compliments all the time about how healthy and shiny mine looks even though I blow dry it almost every day.

    • I’ve got similar hair. Unless you go really short, you risk ending up with Triangle Hair. Which is bad. Find a stylist who really understands curly hair.

      I’ve had good results with Carol’s Daughter products, and that Orlando Pita shampoo and conditioner that Costco sells. Redken sells a spray lotion called Frizz Dismiss, which I LOVE.

      • I also get Triangle Hair, which is why my hair is now long. I’ve gotten good luck with the It’s a 10 Spray in the summer. It’s not perfect but it makes it straighter and less poofy.

    • Your hair sounds a lot like mine. I found that using Deva Curl products (No Poo once a week, conditioner and gel everytime I wash my hair) brought out the curl I never really thought was there. There are still some parts that just don’t curl, but they overall look good in the context of my whole head of hair. I’ve always hated my hair, and now I actually like it. Below is some information I wrote for a friend with a similar issue. Good luck – there really is hope. Also, it may help to go at least once to a salon that specializes in curly cuts – they can also help with taming frizzy hair. if you tell them when you make the appointment what you’re looking for.. I like Kendall at Parlour, but he isn’t cheap.

      A really good resource for curly/wavy hair is http://www.naturallycurly.com. One thing that will help you figure out how to style your hair is figuring out her hair/curl type (info here: http://www.naturallycurly.com/hair-types ). You can click on the hair type you think you have and it’ll have tips for how to style it and the types of products to use.

      This video is kind of awful, but it does show how to use the products with various types of hair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0c1xgGivHI . After a while using the DevaCurl products, I was able to taper to using the shampoo only about once a week, and just using the conditioner every day. I also put a tiny bit of the conditioner on after I’ve rinsed my hair (before I put the gel in) as a leave-in conditioner and so that I can finger brush my hair more easily. After I put in the gel, I tie my hair up in a microfiber towel and finish my shower(something like this http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/turbie-twist-hair-towel-set-of-2/1012201079?skuId=12201079&mcid=PS_googlepla_nonbrand__&adpos=1o1&creative=43742659909&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&gclid=CNy416aojcYCFU0YHwodE28AVg). I’ve never successfully been able to use a diffuser without getting a lot of frizz, so I usually don’t dry my hair (I cheat and turn the blower on the A/C in my car really high to get a little more air on my hair on the way in). I finish with a bit of the DevaCurl Set It Free spray.

      • Thank you! I’ve tried deva curl and didn’t like it but definitely will try these tips.

        • GiantSquid

          So one of the interesting things I learned from a stylist was that when DevaCurl was bought up by Wella a year or two ago, some of the products changed and not for the better. So while I swear by their foaming mousse for my hair, I use organic, non-sulfate shampoo and conditioner, and in a pinch, a water-based gel. Thirsty hair needs moisture.

    • curly hair dont care! I have very thick cruly/wavy hair and I find keeping it short is the best way to manage frizz. if you dont want to spend significant amounts on product, garnier has a decent line of leave in conditioner and cream gel for curly/frizzy hair that controls without making it stiff. also, don’t use shampoo more than twice/three times a week- use conditioner the rest of the time, working it in on your scalp like you would with shampoo. and if youre looking for curly hair professionals for a good cut, try fiddleheads.

      • Emmaleigh504

        very thin, vaguely curly hair right here, love it! Hate Garnier b/c the smell makes me want to vomit. Sometimes I like to shampoo, habits are hard to break, so I just get out the cooking oil first. Olive (or whatever you have) oil up my hair real good, then I can use shampoo without destroying my hair.

        • Wait…this helps with dry frizz prone hair? I’ve never put oil on my hair.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Yep. Beer will make it soft, oil will help with driness. Not sure what helps with frzz b/c I don’t bother to care. Really the best with dry hair is to only use conditioner, but some people don’t like that (me), so a prewash oil treatment is almost as good as no shampoo.
            I have a diff olive oil bottle for my hair b/c hair on the cooking oil bottle is gross. but when desperate I have pulled out the crisco cooking oil.

          • Emmaleigh504

            don’t try the mayo thing, by the time your hair quits smelling like mayo, all the good moisture is gone from your hair.

    • Blithe

      Have you tried the Moroccan Oil products? Or Ojon? Or Jane Carter? Or Mixed Chicks? Or Kerastase? Or Bumble and Bumble? Or Frizz Ease? Or Ouidad? I’ve learned that my hair does well when I use a combination of 3 styling products: a type of styling cream, a styling liquid, and something with an oil base, maybe with silicons — like the Ojon styling oil. So for me, it’s been a journey to first find the right products, then to find the right combination of products.

      I wish you luck with your search for a stylist who can make recommendations for your hair type. I’ve been happy with the Aveda Salon. Maybe Ouidad would be good for a consult?

      • Pablo Raw

        When I had long hair, I tried everything. The only thing that worked was cutting it short! 🙁

        • I love your hair, Pablo! it looks so dapper! I feel like you might look like a pirate if it was longer. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

          • Pablo Raw

            Thank you! I let it grow long for a couple of years and summers were a bit painful. I guess it would be a good thing (looking like a pirate), if such pirate you have in mind is Johnny Depp LOL.

      • Thank you for the suggestions. I’ve tried some but not all. Looks like I’m going to be spending some money on products and treatment.

    • I have use bumble bumble’s straight for blow dry or for air dry hair for many years.
      it keeps my hair from looking like a large birds nest in summer & winter..
      don’t trust hair oils.

  • Rant: Cough and cold – won’t be able to visit a good friend since I don’t want to expose her to my germs while she’s going through chemo.
    Rave: Up to NYC for good friend’s birthday. Excited to see her!
    Rant: Our other close childhood friend is still doing terribly out on the west coast due to major anxiety. Cannot figure out a way to help her.
    Rave: Have the day free to think and write after weeks of work planning tasks.

    • Can you schedule a FaceTime date with your friend since you’re too sick to visit? Wine and popcorn on the couch while watching bad tv together?

      • Oh! That’s a nice idea!

      • That’s an awesome idea! We’re both a bit technologically impaired (as in I have to remember her apple id for her and my phone can barely run google maps) but we’ll try and figure something out.

  • Rave: gorgeous Friday morning!
    Rant: Guy on the metro train this am smoking a dipper IN THE CAR. Asshole. Could you at least wait to get off the train to get high?
    Rave: Sephora shopping party on Sunday, then maybe I’ll take myself to brunch.
    Rant: Stupid cat won’t stop eating her stupid fur. I would take her to get shaved, but I sure she’d find some horribly creative way to get revenge.
    Rave: Weekend is just hours away!

    • Emmaleigh504

      how do you know it was a dipper? do they have a smell? I really couldn’t recognize anything but pot and it took me weeks to realize what that smell was in my apartment hallway b/c apparently I’m dumb and thought it was the trash.

      • I Dont Get It

        PCP has a very strong smell.

        • Emmaleigh504

          next question: how do these “open air drug markets” work? does stupid white me* just show up and ask for whatever and the price, then they get the runner to get it? All my knowledge is from TV/movies and it seems the customers already know the merchandise and cost, so how do new customers do it?
          * don’t what to actually go there, just super curious

      • Lol. My boyfriend and I were trying to figure out last night whether it smelled like garbage or marijuana in my building’s hallway.

        • Proving that pot smells disgusting! They don’t call it skunk for nothing 🙂 I’m not 100% sure that it was PCP, but I know for absolute certain that it wasn’t pot and it wasn’t a regular cigarette – it smelled sort of….metallic? luckily I only had to smell it for a minute before I got off the train at my stop, but it sure didn’t smell good. And the smoke itself was different, more concentrated clouds like pipe tobacco smoke, but without the lovely smell (my grandpa used to smoke a pipe and I still love that smell!)

          • Emmaleigh504

            I made the dumb remark OUT LOUD as I passed their apt why did it smell like skunks in on our floor?
            They got at least 1 stern talking to by our manager with tips on not stinking up the place. Now they are gone. Sweet smelling hallways again 🙂

          • Quotia Zelda

            Oh, pipe smoke! I love that smell.

            I have a clear childhood memory that my grandpa smoked a pipe which is, apparently, 100% false. The brain is a strange thing.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I think you are confusing Grandpa with the grandfather on The Parent Trap. I loved when men would smoke their pipes in the grocery stores waiting for their wives to finish shopping. smelled so good.

          • pcp dipped cigs smell like urine

          • Aha! Then yes, I’m about 99.95% sure it was PCP. Smelled like metallic piss. Extra annoyed. I don’t wanna be around that crap, thank you very much. If that’s what it takes to make your day good, then so be it, but don’t subject other people to that grossness in an enclosed space! What a jerk.

          • Emmaleigh504

            “metallic piss” omg vom

          • A plain cigarette in an enclosed space is gross enough. YUCK!

        • Walking through Petworth one night with my youngest son, he says “mommy, what’s that smell?” Knowing exactly what it is but not really wanting to have that conversation with a 4year old, I say skunk. He watched a wild life show that taught him skunks live in the country and is now very confused about the high population of skunks in Brightwood.

          • I once explained to my 4 year old niece that a used condom on the sidewalk was someone’s discarded “snack baggie.”

          • Emmaleigh504

            And as I recall, Victoria, people ripped you to shreds for that explanation. I thought it was a perfectly good explanation. Your niece probably doesn’t even remember that little “snack baggie.” It was just a thing that caught her eye. Just like a bad smell is a thing kids notice, tell them it’s the garbage in the alley or a skunk (city skunks happen!). It sucks it’s there, but no need to be have hard talks over random questions 4 year olds have.

          • People ripped her to shreds for that?! I think it’s pretty creative. I’ve always gone, um, uh, just trash and moved things along lol. You have to tell a lot of fibs as a parent. There are some things that just aren’t necessary to discuss at certain stages!!

    • Pablo Raw

      I usually bike to work; my bike ride is through a residential neighborhood, and still I get a little bit high since apparently there is a lot of people in the neighborhood that have their medical dose of pot for breakfast.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I think Donna peed on everything last night. I know she yowled at everything (3rd floor baby, no boy kitties outside for you). How long do cats stay in heat? She’s making me insane.
    Rave: Teasing Middle Zelda about diamonds yesterday.

  • Rave: Beautiful morning on the water, watching a parchment moon set over National’s Stadium, turning the boat, and seeing the sun rise through the superstructure of USS Barry. Last day of hard training for the summer, we’re rowing well and we’re all in amazing condition. On to the Nationals!
    Rave: The first astounding nectarine this summer for breakfast. And the second. Almost better than sex. Actually, better than some sex.
    Rant: Daughter is rusted, lonely and homesick after six weeks in the UK, but determined to push on to Spain, Turkey and beyond because she’s “not a quitter.” Need to teach her that there is strength in knowing when to pull the plug. Also, need to but a few bucks in her bank account and make her spend it on tapas and sherry when she gets to Barcelona tonight. Also trying to get her cats to pose in a “hi mommy” picture.
    Rant: Trying to get cats to pose.

    • I’m jealous of your nectarine.

      • I think I have one left. Drop by if you’re in the ‘hood!Or, if you go to the Dupont Market, the white nectarines at Toigo Orchards (next to the soap people) are the ones.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’ve really got to get some nectarines to make jam!

    • emvee

      Your daughter will really appreciate the cat “hi Mommy” picture! That’s incredibly thoughtful.

    • I read somewhere from a pet photographer that she used to tape a live gecko to her forehead to get pictures of kitties. If all else fails you can procure a gecko!

  • skj84

    Rave: good things on the job hunt. Don’t want to confirm anything. But it looks good.

    Rant: My brother and sister in law have to modify thier trip this weekend. Sis in Law has too much work to catch up on, and is staying home, and Bro has to go back early for training on Sunday. Bummed.

    Question: Bro wants to do a locals tour of DC tomorrow. Where would you guys recommend I take him? I’m thinking the SW Fish Market, but want a few other hidden gems.

    • Fingers crossed for you!

    • I’m always a fan of the columns at the National Arboretum and the bonsai garden.

    • Hope your job hunt continues to move in positive direction!

    • Picnic at Meridian Hill park, Rappahanock oysters at Union Market, Kogod courtyard at the Portrait Gallery, Maketto, and I think there are a couple of events going on for In It Together Fest this weekend if he’d be interested in that. There’s also Second City at Woolly Mammoth going on which I haven’t seen yet but heard was good. Just a few of my faves right now, but let us know what he likes and we can maybe tailor the suggestions some more. OH! And start with croissants from Bluebird Bakery Saturday morning. They are the best and any day that starts with a bellyful of croissants is a good day

  • Rave: Friday
    Rave: Fun plans for the weekend, but nothing too crazy…it should allow for some down time!
    Rave: Bike ride to work this morning was lovely
    Rant: Dog ripped off a toenail or somehow hurt her foot. She got blood all over the place, and I just imagine how dirty that wound is going to be. Unfortunately I dubbed the dog iodine that I’d had under the sink for two or more years as unnecessary in the move and tossed it. I guess I’ll just keep monitoring the wound and rinse it a few times a day for now. She seemed much better this morning than when it happened last night.
    Rave: FRIDAYYYY:)

  • Rave: Shoes purchased! (Also replaced my falling-apart wristlet with another cute one.)

    Rave: I joined OKCupid and Hinge. The amount of nonsense I’ve gotten from OKCupid people is not astonishing as I had thought, but it’s still early. No one has contacted me on Hinge yet. I hesitate making the first move.

    Rave: Friday, Happy Hour tonight, hanging out with more good friends tomorrow, these are all excellent distractions.

    Rant: Still am sad that The Boy was stringing me along for such a long time. I hate that I was duped. I have to make peace with that, somehow. I do not know how, right now.

    Rave: Other friends want to come to the PoP HH too, so I will have a very tiny group with me. We are all lovely people.

    Rave: Despite the expense, I’m really looking forward to going to NYC in a few weeks.

    • Read your other thread. I had a girl string me along early last year and it was tough to move on. Found a great person a few months later and have been happy ever since. Treat it as a lesson learned – you know what to look out for and know to not tolerate it again!

      • You are very, very right. That’s why the relationship isn’t all bad – I learned very (hard) good lessons about what to tolerate and not tolerate. Plus, as my Mom continually pointed out while visiting me “You’re not getting any younger, you know…” (thanks, Mom!) Trying to move on. Dudes on OKC immediately asking for my number and becoming offended when I explain I never give my number out to strangers over the internet that I have never spoken to before.

        • The most important rule of online dating, IMO: you are under no obligation to respond to anyone. Ever.

        • Good luck! I had some crazies and some not-so-serious guys write me on OKC, but learned–like jeslett said–that I’m under no obligation to respond. My personal policy was that I wouldn’t write back unless it was clear they had read my profile by referencing something in it. Hang in there, because there are quality ones that will show up.

  • Rant: Went to the Columbia Heights metro to head to the airport with a large bag. Both east side escalators were out of service. Went over to the elevator. A WMATA worker told me the elvator was out of service and pointed to the west side escalators. Walked over there. All of the west side escalators were also out of service. WTF, seriously? I even checked the website before I left.

    Rave: Getting out of town for a week. I’m not going anywhere glamorous, but I get to go see people who have known me forever and still love me a lot. I need that right now.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Nice time last night at photo event, good to see friends
    Rave: Dinner with friend tonight
    Rave: Brunch with friend tomorrow
    Rave: Old photo project coming back to life after I was recommended to work with an organization.

  • Rave: Last day of work at a place I’ve felt stuck for a few years!
    Rave: My new job is exactly where I want to be and the salary bump made up for all my “No budget for raises this year” responses
    Rave: My old job wants me to work part time for a few hours a week remotely. Hello unexpected side income!
    Rant: Helped a good friend move yesterday and a guy was shot dead on her block. WTF?

    • Accountering

      Just an FYI, consulting standard rate in this situation is your old hourly salary x 2. So if you were making $40k (40,000/2,000 hours= $20 an hour) you should be charging old company $40/hour for your consulting work. Another quick way to calculate is just to drop the ,000 and thats your consulting rate. That’s awesome news though!

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: lease is signed. Money is about to exchange hands. Next up is scheduling movers.
    Rant: Online job services being way off with job matches. A registered nurse?
    Revel?: Mr. Squid has been interviewing with a certain west coast fruit company. I’m super happy for him and proud that he took a risk. Not worrying about what it means if he’s actually hired there. Nope, not thinking at all about that…
    Revel: West coast brother is on the east coast for job training and taking the train down tomorrow for a family get-together. After 18+ years of them annoying the crap out of me, I miss my brothers.

    • GiantSquid

      Rant: one too many margaritas last night. Oof.

    • On your last revel: haha! I know what you mean! I have 4 “little” brothers and now I actually really enjoy their company, when we’re finally able to get together 🙂

  • Rant: Looks like today will be an all day in bed day. That will be 3 this week.
    Rave: Trying new drugs to see what works.

    • Sorry to hear this. If you can bear it, get out and take a walk outside. Getting out of the house will be the hardest part, but hopefully it will bring a little light to your day. I hope you have some luck with the new drugs!

    • Emmaleigh504

      If getting out of bed is too hard, try opening the curtains and looking outside. As I learned from Bring It On 2, “the sun is nature’s prozac.” Sometimes just remebering that line from that really awful gets me out and about. Good luck!!

  • That One Guy

    How does go about obtaining airline seats?

    This brings back memories of when my dad has full access at the airport [in some foreign country]. I remember bringing an air plane life preserver to the neighborhood pool and using that one summer in NJ.

  • Rant: So thirsty. I don’t think I’ve ever consumed so much water in my life.
    Rave: First OB appointment has been made. It’s really starting to sink in that we’re having a kid.
    Rave: Meeting up with my bestie this weekend. Sometimes you just need so chill out time with your buds.

  • Blithe

    Note: Accountering — I believe it was you that asked yesterday about getting books. The Strand, in NYC, sells books by the foot, or books by the yard. You can specify topics, or indicate the kind of “look” you’re going for, and, if it matters, the types of topics that you’re interested in. I once worked for a bookstore that would create libraries of books for cruise ships — so I guess they’d do that as well.

    • I think you can do this type of thing on Etsy, too.

    • Accountering

      Thanks for thinking of me. We will get this knocked out shortly. Andie thought my post was “adorable” but as it turns out, it was quite productive! 🙂

  • Rant: no internet at work these days. At all. So I miss you all!!!

  • Rant: Roomie or one of her guests used my expensive hair goop.
    Rave: Rather than having a pissed off confrontation, I just put it in my room.
    Rant?: I think I smelled weed in the apt. Once confirmed we need to have a talk.
    Rave: Lots of weekend fun planned.
    Rant: Former co-worker is very close to losing her home because her kids (they’re older) are lazy and terrible. I wish I could help.

  • Rant: Sick of being broke
    Rant: Not so sick/desperate that I’ll slash my babysitting rates by 40% which is what I’m seeing on care.com

    • What is causing your brokenness? Too many expenses, low income, etc? Although it’s late in the summer, have you considered a more permanent 2nd job? Plenty of ppl do restaurant work only in the summer or scale back during the rest of the year, and I imagine it’s on par or better than babysitting.

      • Mostly student loan debt – I made poor decisions and got a BA/MS from a private university, couldn’t find a job in the field, so then got a second masters (from UDC) to make myself more employable. Despite being on an income-based plan, I still pay more in student loans than I do for rent. This is part of why I want to teach for another 10 years, so I can at least have the federal loans forgiven.

        • Unless you have a lot more debt then me (unlikely as I went to Georgetown law) or you make significantly more money than I did at my last recert, that doesn’t make sense. At 48k my payment is 317/month. Might be worth a call to see if it can be lowered.

          • I’m about to put all my business out here, but I have over $100K mostly from AU and a little from UDC. This is split between 3 different lenders – Great Lakes, Navient, and then I defaulted on a private loan (yeah, terrible decision and a long story I’d rather not get into) and I’m paying around $800/mo between the three. This is at around 53k

          • Did you do dept of ed consolidation? If not maybe that’s why my payment is half as much with double the debt. I used to be great lakes & sallie Mae before dept of ed took them over. Check that out or refinancing.

          • have you tried consolidating? i had numerous individual payments each month that were killing me, but was able to get it under control (at least to some extent) by consolidating them and locking in my monthly payment.

          • You may want to check out the company mentioned in this article: http://www.mrmoneymustache.com/2015/05/06/sofi-review/

          • I thought sometime when I was in college I consolidated. But maybe I actually didn’t and that’s why my payments are so freaking high? I’m going to try again.

          • I didn’t think you could consolidate if it wasn’t in repayment yet which it wouldn’t be while you were in college. Even if you did, I doubt that’s a bare to doing it again. Check out dept of ed consolidation. I truly believe you can pay less than me by a lot. Good luck!

          • I just submitted the application, so now I get to sit and wait! It looks like I may be able to start out paying $90/mo from the federal loans (still doesn’t help my $375/mo private loan repayment, but still a huge difference)

          • If I recall correctly, it was about a month maybe less.

        • Yeah I’m sure you can get your payment lowered at least on your federal loans, if you get on income based repayment (which you should be anyway if you are planning on getting loan forgiveness through the public service loan forgiveness program). My debt load is about double yours, but I was only paying $750/month or so when I was making $77,000/year.

          • I did get my payments lowered on IBR…the federal loans are about 100K and I’m paying just under $500 on them. But it would be nice to get them even lower with consolidation.

  • Blithe

    Rave: I finished reading “The Beautiful Struggle”, and plan to start “Between the World and Me” this weekend.
    Rant: Insularity. I know that books don’t and can’t conquer all — but there are many people that I’d like to lock in a library stocked with books like “A Country of Strangers”. Intellectualization might not lead to empathy — but it’s a start.
    Rave/Rant: I’m craving a vine ring, or two, from Mignon Faget. Thanks Enabler504! 🙂
    Rave: Last weekend I composed an eating plan for the whole week — and I’ve been sticking to it. I’ve also enjoyed my trips to the gym — even the one with no music ’cause my ipod wasn’t charged. I feel good — and I feel good about my accomplishments, which have been steps in good directions. Yay!
    Related Rave: My cold is pretty much gone. I can’t wait to get back to swimming.
    Rave: My eggplant colored lace dress is amazing. And should look even more amazing with my new MF redbean and rice necklace. Wheee!

    • Emmaleigh504

      my sis and I both have the vine ring (or maybe the twig). She got a lovely gold one for her anniversary 1 year and I liked it so much I got it in silver. check ebay! Sometimes you can get good deals on Mignon Faget on Ebay! I keep looking for the tiny bow ring in my size, no luck yet.
      Mignon Faget is the the oysters earrings 😀

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: No one I’ve asked seems to know (or care enough!) if Princess Sofia got a crown when she married Prince Carl. I’m going to have to call the Treasury to find out, aren’t I. I’m going to be that person. At least the people at the palace will have something fun to talk about for a while: crazy American obsessed with crowns.
    But really, why does no one know????

    • Emmaleigh504

      Thank God. Someone in Sweden is looking into it for me, so I don’t have to call the palace. yet. He doesn’t think she got a crown even though she became Princess (Mr Christopher O’Neill declined princehood when he married Princess Madeleine and did not get a crown, or that fancy man necklace thingy).
      I bet they are saving the rest of the crowns (there’s only 2 left till some people start cashing in their chips or retiring or something) for any future kids that may be born. Prince Daniel got one but he married the heir, so it’s a special sitch.

  • Rave – Going to a good friend’s wedding in Philly this weekend! There will be a bunch of old friends from high school there and I’m excited to see everyone and see my wonderful friend get married to her wonderful dude.
    Rant – My skin is breaking out like crazy, just like it did in high school 🙁
    Rave – The moon was super bright last night.
    Rant – I kept forgetting about the peaches I bought at the farmers market and now they are really mushy. Is it too late to cut them up and freeze them?

    • Don’t know what your skin type is, but I have combination skin, oily with dry patches, and I found putting raw organic honey on my face and leaving it on for a couple minutes while brushing my teeth, and 20 minutes a couple times a week, really really helped. Clears your pores without drying out your face.

      • Raw honey really works? I also have crazy comb skin so I”m intrigued. Do you get raw honey at Whole Foods? Farmers markets?

    • Do your peaches still taste ok?

      • They are super Sweet and juicy, and very mushy, like they are going to go bad really soon. Hopefully I can freeze them this evening when I’m home.

    • Probably too late to freeze them. But if you cut them up and they aren’t all mushy, you can cut the mushy parts out and eat them. I just did that with one – cut thin slices, put in small bowl, drizzle a little honey on top.

    • my favorite thing to do with mushy (but not bad) fruit is to blend them up into smoothies

    • Emmaleigh504

      bring me your over ripe fruit and I will make delicious fruit butters! Or get recipes at the blog food in jars! It’s super easy and fun if you like cooking!

    • Rant on skin! Mine too! It’s never been this bad. Also probably adjusting to new BC. I have oily skin, and I usually just spot treat but breaking out in more places makes that difficult. I use a benzoyl peroxide mask/cleanser from neutrogena a few times a week and it helps.

  • Rant/resigned: Sick on top of sick on top of sick. Nothing serious, or chronic, but just a terrible pattern of illness, treatment, getting recovered only for something else to strike.

  • Today’s a really big day! Last day posting to PoPville from DC and the first day I can shout from the (anonymous internet) rooftops that I’m pregnant with beautiful little twin girls. Who I got to see today on screen, sucking thumbs, stretching, and being purely adorable. I had expected my post today to be long and ponderous, but between my many remaining work tasks and the fact that I’d rather be snoozing than holding my head up right now, I’ll just say thanks so much for all the good times, everyone. I’ll see you right back here soon from SF.

    • That is so exciting! Congrats on your girls!

    • I Dont Get It

      OMG! Gary’s gonna be an uncle! How exciting! Congrats!

      • Gary’s going to be a BIG BROTHER and he is NOT going to like it. So yeah, if anyone has tips on how to work on that….

    • SO much excitement!! Congrats and best wishes for you and your fam (and Gary!!) out in CA 🙂

    • This is the very best reveal!

    • Aw yay!! Twin girls!! 😀

    • Wait, did we know that Shawess and Twinner were the same person??? Am I the only one who didn’t make this connection? Feeling oblivious here.
      And of course, so happy for you. Both of you! 🙂

      • This is the first time I’m making the connection myself, but I know a few people picked up on it pretty quickly. I really wanted to keep it as secret as possible until the 12 week mark, and I’m still keep it pretty secret in real life. But my bump is giving me away already, especially since it’s less Princess Kate and more Kim Kardashian looking. Oof.

        • Blithe

          Great plot twist! 🙂 Sooo, now I’m wondering if Shawess ever responded to any of Twinner’s comments…… lol

        • Accountering

          Andie was asking this morning if I thought you were showing! I responded with something along the lines of “I don’t think about other ladies belly or lack there of, very much if at all”
          Also, major kudos for keeping this a secret so long! We had fun following the updates and knowing it was you 🙂

          • “I don’t think about other ladies belly or lack there of, very much if at all” – one of the many reasons you’re a gem, Accountering!

      • I had no idea.


    • Woah, mind blown! Congrats on your baby girls. Have a safe move to San Fran.

    • Quotia Zelda


    • WOOO!!! YAY!!!!

    • emvee

      Oh this is simply the best, happiest news! Congratulations!!

    • Omg! At first I was like, wow, two twins carrying identical a on one anonymous forum? And then I saw you are thinner too! Best of luck in the move and the pregnancy, try to stay as stress free as possible! Also, my BFF had her twins in SF, she would be a great resource if you need one!

      • I can use ALL the resources! I know the hospital where I’ll deliver, UCSF, but that’s about it at the moment. I’m starting to “shop” for doctors next week and would love any suggestions. I’m at shawessdc at gmail.

    • YAYAY! Congrats! I was literally just thinking that I’m sad you’re moving, and then that warped into me worrying about Gary hehe. And GIRLS! So happy for you!

    • Blithe

      Wow!! What awesome, awesome news!!! I’ll look forward to hearing your SF updates!

    • ahhhh! Super congrats! I mean, I knew Shawess was secretly preggers, but I had no idea you were Twinner! that is so exciting, I feel like I’m in a soap opera now or something! Seriously, congratulations on it all, have a blast in SF (it’s so awesome there!) and good luck with the new little ‘uns!

    • OH WOW!! This is awesome, and congrats!!!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Thoah and Thuy Hebert Melancon 😀 Gary loves the names, he told me.

    • That One Guy


      There must be something in the water here on PoPville because this is, what, the 3rd pregnancy involving twins, no?

    • Congrats and wishing you all the best for your new life on the west coast!!

    • P.S. Did anyone else see Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook post today? Who knew I’d have so much in common with Mark Zuckerberg. Also his wife is apparently a pediatrician at UCSF 🙂 .

    • Ahh, twins!! Very exciting, congrats! And man, so many babies on PoPville lately!

    • I’m really late to this party, but OMG CONGRATS! So happy for you!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: This Buzzfeed article and the awesome toddler it features. Plus, MORRIS BART.
    Rant: I still haven’t forgiven my mother for refusing to have her picture made with MORRIS BART at a library event.

  • My cheap tiled kitchen floor is falling apart (I guess I should be glad it lasted as long as it did.) What’s a good mid-range replacement? I have the traditional parquet up against the kitchen floor on two sides, so I don’t want to go with hardwood. Impossible to match, easy to clash.
    Also, ideally, it would be a product that a good handyman can install, not something that requires the manufacturer’s own installers.

    • Cork goes well with wood on either side. Don’t know who installs it best. Softer underfoot than tile. I really like the ones I’ve walked on in other’s kitchens.

  • Anybody use indochino or a similar company to get custom fitted shirts? pros/cons?

    • I’ve used moderntailor for gifts for my brothers and they’ve been super happy with them. My coworker uses indochino (but I think for full suits) and also had good things to say. One tip my brother had was to do body measurements as opposed to measuring a shirt you already own, unless you have a particularly awesome-fitting shirt.
      I don’t think they’re amazing quality or anything but they’re affordable and fit well and I’d say it’s worth it. Moderntailor does cheaper trial shirts for (I think) $20 if you want to test it out first.

    • Accountering

      Indochino is AWESOME. Make sure to measure 2 or 3 times to get them right. Also get a sale, if you buy a suit, normally a shirt or two is free.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I have used Ownonly for full suits, though not shirts, and have been extremely happy. (They also do shirts but I’ve never bought one).
      I would recommend ponying up about $40 or so to get yourself measured in person by a tailor unless you are supremely confident in your ability to measure everything correctly yourself. My first online custom suit fit a little funny because of a measurement that I admittedly botched pretty badly. I brought that one to a local pro (Cheryl Lofton on T St NW in Shaw – Haile Recommended) and had her do a full set of measurements for me (a standard service that she offers), and when I ordered a new suit using those measurements, it was pretty much perfect.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: JFC people. When someone gives you a compliment say “Thank you.” 2 GD words won’t kill you. And I’m not talking about creepy guys on the street who give “compliments”. Say thank you to people you know. FFS

  • Does anybody know what was going on at the Ft Totten station yesterday evening around 6 pm? Multiple fire and EMS vehicles but the emergency respondents didn’t seem to be doing anything.

  • My life is starting to resemble a romantic comedy written by Amy Schumer. Not sure if this is a Rant or a Rave. It’s fun though.

    • Wait, does that mean you have an answer from low match?

      • Not yet. But he planned a really really nice date this weekend that is leaps and bounds fancier than any other date we’ve been on. I have to look nice Iike for this based on where we’re going according to my friends. So maybe this weekend I’ll know if I don’t back out.

        • oooooh!!!!

          • Emmaleigh504

            is there a not creepy way for us to hide cameras on LA and lowmatch and their friends so we could watch in real time? I’d watch the hell out of the LA show!

        • My thoughts are he likes you back, but he chose reserved and aloof because he didn’t think you shared his feelings. Also he might but he ready to admit it after the bad breakup.

        • Emmaleigh504

          is this after the talk??? Some how thought the talk was happening this weekend. don’t back out and have FUN!

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