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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Homemade peach pound cake for breakfast
    Rant: Exhausted this morning. My bags have bags.
    Rave: A lovely email from a friend last night.
    Rave: Friend who’s been unemployed since October accepted a job yesterday.

  • Commuting Rant: People who don’t move to the back of the bus and people who don’t stand up to let you out of the window seat on the bus. When I have to push myself past your legs to get out of my spot, please don’t give me dirty looks. I’d really not have to do that, just make me some room.
    Rave: This is my only rant for the day, so I’m doing ok.
    Major Life Altering Rave: You Popvillagers are hearing this news long before most of the people in my life will: I am pregnant! It is still very early in the first trimester, but I’m so excited for all the craziness that lies ahead.

  • Aglets

    rant: someone knocked my driver side sideview mirror off
    rave: at least they left a note
    rant: day 2 of the sinus headache that won’t quit

  • skj84

    Rave: My show went well last night.

    Rant: Jerk interviewer who went above and beyond in his nastiness yesterday. He basically called me a fuck up. Though not in those words. Is it so hard to be professional?

    • What? This was for a job interview? How seriously awful.

      • skj84

        Yep. I really wanted the job too. Until the interview. One of the few times I hope I don’t get an offer.

    • palisades

      If they offer anything, you should accept and then completely blow them off

    • I once had an interviewer accuse me of lying on my resume. He did this during the interview. He didn’t believe I’d done all the different things I said I’d done; I had to point out to him that, as we’d already discussed, I’d worked in a small non-profit where everyone had multiple roles. Didn’t matter; no offer. Just as well.

      He owns a lot of businesses in the neighborhood, so even several years after the awful interview, there are plenty of opportunities to be reminded of this jerk. He’s also been in some well-publicized feuds with other business owners, so that’s an opportunity to support his enemies!

      • I run into that a lot with my resume. Many people are quite stupid and have only managed to learn to do one thing in their life – and the idea that some people are actually quite smart and can do almost anything well (and have) is something they can’t even imagine.

    • Over the years, I’ve had a few of these. Of all the many interviews I’ve had, I’ve mostly forgotten them, but I still remember the few a**holes who perceive an interview as a time to be as a jerk – I’ve long since learned it has nothing to do with me or what’s on my resume. It is a good thing I don’t run into those types very often. I’d love to have a snappy comeback ready, but on interviews you’re always being on your best behavior, and when it happens I’m too surprised to react.

  • Rant – My favorite small liquor store had a new sign up yesterday – “Support Small Business! Please use debit only.” I get where they’re coming from…but I already choose to support small business by paying a premium on beer simply by going there!

    • Accountering

      I would be annoyed by this…. I am forced to use my debit card when I get beer at Costco, but then I buy a 24 pack of Dogfish 60-minute for $28. If I am going to pay $9.99 or $10.99 for a 6-pack, I will pay however I please.

      • I’d be annoyed too. I NEVER use debit because of all the fraud that goes along with it. It’s a lot less stressful if someone steals my CC info and charges $500 than if someone steals my debit card info and drains $500 from my account!

        • +1. This has (only?) happened to me 3 times in the last 8 years. But I hardly ever use my debit card, and when I do, I do it as a credit transaction so I don’t have to enter my PIN (which I assume would not meet this store’s request).

          • I have never had a debit card. I ask my banks to issue me a card good for ATMs only. Credit cards are safer to use when accounts are hijacked.

      • I commend you on your superior taste in beer. 🙂

    • Don’t they still pay a transaction fee when we swipe debit? Either way, they’re getting more business by accepting plastic, so they really shouldn’t be complaining.

    • Quotia Zelda

      Because I’m a cold bitch and stubborn, that kind of sign would prompt me to use credit only.

    • ugh. this really annoys me too. i get similarly frustrated when food trucks have credit card signs plastered all over their truck and when you hand them a card they grimace and say do you have cash?

    • I’ve heard from a few vendors lately that credit processing fees are rising. Hobby Lobby has filed an antitrust lawsuit against visa and mastercard for it.

      I don’t go out of my way to get cash before I patronize a small business, but if I have cash, I’ll use it there. Given how much I’ve complained about the walmarts of the world, it’s just putting my money where my mouth is. I don’t see the big deal.

      • Accountering

        Meh, I get 2% back on my credit card. I will go out of my way to use it, and am annoyed when I am not able too. That 2% adds up to somewhere close to $500/year, so we are not talking about chump change here.

        • I rack up my CC spending rewards with gusto on most things I buy. But when we’re talking about the local mom & pop, I can forgo the 2%.
          To not even consider it, or to go out of your way to use credit just for spite, is basically inviting walmart to set up in your neighborhood. Given how much bleating goes on here every time a new chain outlet rears its head, it’s distasteful.

        • Similarly, it’s costing these small businesses 2-3% per transaction, which adds up in their cases to much more than $500 out of their bottom line every year. Not to mention how expensive the floor beneath their products are.

          Honestly, it’s not something I’ve often thought of outside of trying to leave bartenders and servers cash for a tip, as I’ve worked in places that take that 3% transaction fee out of your tip when it’s done on a CC.

          And to the “cold bitch [who’s] stubborn,” I really find it sad you would go out of your way to screw over someone just trying to make their margins a little better. But hey, enjoy the McDonald’s and Walmarts when all the local options go under.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Bless your heart.

          • Quotia Zelda

            I don’t quite see why using a payment option the business accepts (if if they’d rather guilt trip me into using a different option) = screwing them over, but eh, okay. I don’t especially privilege small businesses over chains, either. Like I said, I’m black-hearted and obstinate.

          • Accountering

            I really don’t care that 2% of my $7 beer or $11 six pack is additional costs for them. What I do care about is that I have the ability to get 2% back on that purchase, so I am going to do it. You could say it is purely selfish, and I would pretty much agree with you.

          • palisades


    • If it’s a store I frequent and am fond of, I will always use debit to help them out a bit. Our local dog store is like this – we asked once if it saved them much money and they said it’s around a 3-5% difference so we figured why not just use debit with them.

      • Accountering

        You could advise them to renegotiate their deal or to go with a new vendor. They should be paying 3% max in interchange, processing, and other fees. Given that debit is likely running around 1%, then credit is only costing them just a bit more. If they are paying 5% to process credit cards, that is their fault at that point.

    • What a bunch of cranky old farts. No one’s twisting your arm, it costs you nothing and it’s — at least in K’s case, an establishment with enough personality to be a “favorite.” And yet, when a low margin, non-chain store asks that you use your debit card (side benefit: screws the Big Banks) you not only decline to do so (your right) you get all pantie-wadded. Sheesh. I hear WalMart doesn’t care how you pay — credit card fees are already built into the pricing, and they’re coming soon to a commercial strip near you.

      • It could cost me something though if my debit card is compromised. Fun story, about 7 years ago I used to frequent a neighborhood coffee shop A LOT. It was near my work and where I lived. Then one day, their credit card machine went back and debited my card for EVERY.SINGLE.FREAKING purchase I’d made over the past couple months! It was a nightmare to sort out and made me not trust using my debit card.

        • I believe Irving Streete’s point is not that you should use debit as requested by the sign in the store, but that you shouldn’t get all pissy and annoyed by it. Do it, don’t do it, whatever you want. Just spare us the attitude. I don’t get why everyone’s gotta get all worked about about everything.

      • Accountering

        It does cost me something. It costs me the 2% I otherwise would have gotten in credit card rewards. Opportunity costs are real costs, like it or not.

        • You are the exception and — in my benevolent wisdome — I grant dispensation to you and all who get cash back. I’m not a zealot. .
          Though (and this is not you) there’s no need to be all cranky about it.
          Personally, I’m much less worried about my debit card being compromised, given the limit to the amount of money that can be stolen, than I am about my credit card, which seems to offer unlimited credit.

      • Yeah, I agree. The one time my debit card was compromised? It was Target. Given the number of huge chains that have had breaches in recent memory, I don’t see how using your card at an independent store is more risky. Criminals have incentive to target the big chains because the payoff is so big. Why would they bother with a neighborhood liquor store? That being said, this is what the rant/revel space is for so whatevs.

    • Just want to point all that Walmart is actually one of the biggest opponents of credit card swipe fees in the US and they lead a huge campaign with small businesses to try to cut the fees down to size. Ironic, perhaps, but pretty interesting.

    • saf

      If I would them, I would add “or cash” to the sign.

  • Rave: My mom’s visit was mostly a success. (but wow, a week is a really long time, and I kind of hate myself for even saying that. Some of the stuff she does just turns me into a sullen teenager around her, and I was not a sullen teenager the first time around!)

    Rave: I have cute new clothes. Hooray for retail therapy!

    Rave: Hanging out with two good friends tonight, much needed by all of us.

    Rave/Rant: The Boy actually emailed me. It’s confusing. But still open to meeting new people (and looking forward to possibilities).

    Question: I am usually not a person that loves to go shoe shopping (though the shoes I own already are cute) and now I have a small quandry.

    I tried on some surprisingly comfortable blue suede sandals (heels) on Monday, and I kind of can’t stop thinking about how awesome they are. But they are $135…I’d spend that if they were good quality black sandals/heels/tall black boots because those are things I wear all the time, but…blue heeled sandals? I am not sure what is happening to me…

    • Can we see a link? 🙂

        • Those are beautiful. I vote for buy!! 🙂

        • Oh they’re navy! I was expecting like electric blue. You will wear these ALLLLL the time! I wear navy shoes more than black shoes. You can wear them with almost any color and you could even make them work with black if you want to get into dark neutral/texture mixing.

        • I wouldn’t. For all your reasons.

        • Blithe

          They really are gorgeous! If they are also comfortable, I vote for getting them.

          • They are really strangely comfortable. You guys are taking me to the dark side (willingly) probably.

          • Blithe

            Since they’re comfortable, I’ll intensify my enthusiasm a bit: The shoes look versatile enough to wear with multiple outfits, they’re a great color, and once you get over the initial sticker shock, I’ll bet you’ll realize that you can get them down to a more-than-reasonable cost per wearing. So: go for it!

            – No word yet from Enabler504?

          • Ditto! They look awesome.

          • Blithe

            And apparently you can save 10% if you sign up for their e-mail alerts. Which you can then cancel if you don’t want them.

        • I will never understand why women wear shoes like that. No way that qualifies as ‘comfortable’ by any reasonable definition of the word.

          • Because every single pair of heels is a torture device!!1!
            This is patently untrue. I have many pairs of heels, they all fit well, and many of them are comfortable. Some are extremely comfortable. And they’re all better than ballet flats for my feet (emphasis on *my* YMMV).
            You don’t have to understand why women wear them, but we’re not all walking around torturing ourselves.

          • Preach, Jeslett! Not all heels are uncomfortable. Even talls ones can feel really nice and long as they’re well constructed and fit properly.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Hush your mouth Krampus. The Enabler does not allow cranky when pretty shoes are the topic of discussion.

          • I guess now would be a bad time to mention that I also think they look ridiculous? Not that any of you will care. I’m just not a fan of high-heels.

          • Nope, not the time/place, Krampus. This is SinSA’s rants and raves and you’re effectively taking a big whizz on them.

          • Accountering

            This is one of those posts you are just supposed to scroll on by. Much like the baby talk. Just keep on scrolling 🙂

          • Emmaleigh504

            Krampus, babies, bras, and shoes, just scroll on by. Well, maybe you like the baby and bra talk, I don’t know you. But as The Enabler I give you permission to not read and comment on stuff that is boring/ugly to you. Move on to what you like! This is a happy place! xoxo

          • Shawess, this site is full of people whizzing all over everything and I’m nowhere near the worst. So I’m good.

          • OK, I officially exit this thread. Enjoy your shoes. Didn’t mean to whiz. Feel free to scroll past my comments if they’re not to your liking.

          • Emmaleigh504

            oh lol whizz as in piss! hahahaha I just got that. I was thinking whiz on by. I’m so slow today…

          • Emmaleigh504

            And Krampus don’t scroll passed till you see the love I gave you!!! I love (almost) everyone here! (Yeah ******* Cow I still hold a grudge, just b/c you are too stupid to get slang.)
            lol whiz, Shawess you bring me much joy. Can we unbreak up now?

          • EnablerEmily, in my mind, we were never broken up, silly goose.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I love you Shawess! (what the heck is the fka?)

          • fka = formerly known as. Because I no longer live in Shaw.

        • Oh I love them! The color isn’t too bright and would go with a lot of things. If they are actually really comfy, I say but them!

        • They cost $125 dollars but they’ll make you look like a million bucks. It would be economically irrational NOT to buy them.

        • They are cute, but I would pass. Given they are suede that limits how often you can wear them. I would not wear them nearly enough to justify the cost. I think your gut instinct is right.

        • Emmaleigh504

          omg why is there a question at all??? The Enabler is confused! BUY THEM!

        • Gorgeous! Yes!

        • Now these are popping up in ads 🙂 I like them and if they are comfortable I’d say go for it!

        • palisades

          That style of shoe has always confused me. The wide open toe makes the feet look too big for the shoe, and unsexy. I can never look at them and not be weirded out.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I will help you find some strappy sandals that will look good on your feet, or maybe just a sexy pump, whatever you want. I am here to help!

          • palisades

            Pumps are cool with me. Wedges. Good old fashioned heels too. But the wide-mouth style open toe is a no-go.

          • Emmaleigh504

            If I recall correctly, you are tall, I think some kitten heels would work perfectly for you. Calvin Klein has some adorable ones for less than $100 on Amazon. I bet they have your size and look adorable on you!
            Satan made wedges.

      • I posted a link, and it’s awaiting moderation (hopefully it will be up soon)

    • Yes, we need to see a link! Nice high heel shoes that are also comfortable are so rare, in my shoe shopping experience. If they are really awesome and also really comfortable, you might end up wearing them more often than you think. But I love shoe shopping so I always encourage people to say yes to the shoes! 🙂

    • On first rave, I totally get it. I just went to Spain with my parents and by the end of the trip, my dad and I were about to kill each other. I felt really terrible when I got back that I let our personality clashes spoil the end of our trip (and yeah, totally reverted back to my teenage years). Our relationship is so much stronger when we’re not spending every waking moment for an entire week together.

    • darling–get EM! and thanks for the early mornin’ shoe p*rn!

    • Emmaleigh504

      My mom came to take care of me for (minor) surgery a couple of years back. Two days in my tiny apartment was too much for her so she made me go to my sister’s. I even gave her my bed! I’m not too bitter b/c my sister’s office bed has the best mattress in the world. But dear god, the bathroom is so far away!

    • Emmaleigh504

      But the shoes. They are cute and comfy and you will love yourself when you do. Just think how amazing you will look in blue sandals when everyone else has boring brown or black sandals.
      The Enabler

    • Emmaleigh504

      Plus, $135 ain’t nothing for happiness and cuteness.
      The Enabler

    • Emmaleigh504

      And isn’t it still the 12 days of SinSA?

      • Emmaleigh504

        (let me know when I can stop aka the purchase has been made, I can go on for days and days)

      • Wow, yes, it is. And I deserve happiness AND cuteness (and comfort). Okay, I’ll get them. And I’ll wear them to the PoP HH in August, as part of my Getting Out There Again thing that I’m doing. You guys are very, very good.

        • Emmaleigh504

          yay! and remember the theme is Red, so get creative! (and there is no party juice at the bar to destroy your lovely shoes, so rest easy)

          • Wait. I have some beautiful red shoes, I should maybe wear those to the HH? (When and where is it again, so I put it on my calendar?)

          • Emmaleigh504

            Aug 19 at Southern Comfort (Hospitality? I can’t remember, 1 is booze & 1 is the bar). It’s in Adams Morgan right by the circulator/X3/L2 and 96? stop. They have French 75s. Where your new shoes and wear red someplace else; be creative!

          • Emmaleigh504

            Or maybe don’t wear red, you could be black and white and read all over!

          • palisades

            Ugh. French 75s. I’m sold.

          • Emmaleigh504

            They have other things too! Fried green tomatoes, coke (beverage, have not asked about powder), beers, mixed concoctions, lovely coffee shots, cute bartenders, clean floors…something for almost everyone!

          • I’m very much looking forward to meeting all of you in a few weeks. 🙂 I’ll make red happen, somehow!

        • Blithe

          And there’s a 10% discount too! I’m sure that you and your shoes will be very happy together.

    • Emmaleigh504

      OMG I just realized that Shah and Shaw has a necklace that will look fab with those shoes! You should visit them.

  • Rant: still a little jet lagged
    Rave: getting paid to watch cartoons with a sick 7 year old
    Rant: haven’t made it to a tattoo shop yet and worried that my nosering will close up. I’ve been poking the hole with regular earrings and it looks silly to have a dangly, beaded earring in my nose
    Rant: school starts in 3 weeks. I guess it’s time to start hustling for donations again
    Rave: my neighborhood listservs are pretty generous

    • Make time sooner than later! I lost mine while traveling in SE Asia and it closed up before I had a chance to get it redone. Even the occasional earring in there didn’t save it. Sadly the last time I never got it redone (lost it more than once while traveling, weird). I miss it but realistically my job now would not love it as much as I did. Sad face.

      • I’m going to Ambroto to pick one up after I finish babysitting today. I lost the one I had Monday morning when I used it to pop out the SIM card slot on my phone, ha. I’m buying another hoop and hoping my new principal is cool with it!

    • Emmaleigh504

      lol I knew a girl that had a hoop with a red bead in her nose. always looked like she had a bloody nose!

      • I stick with the 3/4 hoop that’s flat on one end. I don’t like the CBRs because I can’t deal with the damn bead. Of course going in there will make me want another piercing…

        • Emmaleigh504

          I have never regretted my tongue rings. I did finally have to take one out b/c it chipped a tooth (after 20 years all you lecturey dentists!!)

          • You had multiple? That’s really cool. I wouldn’t get anything else on my face, but I was thinking maybe a microdermal or two on my nape to replace the surface bar I retired in 2011

          • I just looked up mircodermal, and will take this opportunity to encourage people who get piercings and tattoos to wait a week before posting pictures. So many pictures of angry red skin!

          • When I had my nape piercing done, I made an entire Facebook album right away. My friend took lots of pictures as it was getting done. Lots of blood!

          • Emmaleigh504

            The goal was 3 tongue rings, but someone how the 3rd never happened. I love they way they look 🙂 Delilah, a woman who lived in my friends’ dorm had a tongue ring and she looked so cool. She was my inspiration. (she was a senior and had no idea my freshman self or freshman friends existed. I still love her.)
            [people, the worst pick up line is to ask how tongue rings feel kissing or doing other things. just no.]
            The only bad thing that happened besides the chipped tooth (20 mofo years dentists!) & awful pick up lines was that I lost the ability to roll my Rs. It’s weird.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Delilah from the Pentagon, if you read this blog, thank you for being bad ass!

        • saf

          Have you thought about fixed bead rings? Those work well in my ears.

      • Friend of mine tried out a pearl stud. It looked like the world’s biggest zit.

    • GiantSquid

      I have my gold stud from my nose piercing if you need something soon! It’s been fully sanitized.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Supper Club at Seasonal Pantry last night. Omnomnom! That place continues to make the best things I’ve ever eaten!
    Rant: Suffering for my indulgence last night…
    Rant: It looks like the swampiness is back with a vengeance! It’s already horrible out now and the day’s barely started. I guess my run this evening will be interesting…

  • Rant: Offer not accepted – beat out by someone willing by spend probably around $50k more. Poor real estate buyers! Yikes
    Rant: A co-worker that retired from VA with me built a development on Richardson Place and I walked by with another co-worker last night. It’s like a physical manifestation of his failed retirement plan: construction clearly stalled, not all the windows are installed, standing water in the basement…what a mess. The whole thing is a bit of a mystery on how he even began to pull it off, but it looks like he’s not going to succeed in the end. (He brought in modular buildings by-right, as reported here: http://dc.urbanturf.com/articles/blog/two_modular_homes_go_up_on_shaw_richardson_place/8900)
    Rave: New hall tree (for lack of a better term…we have no hall) is awesome

  • Rant: Fell up the stairs yesterday. I had food in one hand and my wallet in the other and my reflexes failed me, which resulted in a chin-hitting-the-ground type of fall.
    Rave: My food was spared and that’s really what’s important.
    Rant: Thermostat Wars.

    • emvee

      Thermostat wars are the worst. Right now at my house the fight is whether or not to even have the AC on at all, which in this humidity, to me is not even an option.

      • Accountering

        Haha, this would be a deal breaker for me. We have been keeping it at 70, and sleeping under sheets and a comforter. I feel really good about it.

        • That is so cold! The bf wants to keep it at 70 and I want it at 75ish. We’ve settled on 72 for now but I’m still freezing all the time!

          • We’re keeping it at 72 because I’m sick of waking up in a pool of sweat

          • 70 is way too cold for summer! That’s what my roommates like to keep it at as well, I think it’s ridiculous if it’s cold enough that I need a sweater or blanket inside the apartment in the summer. I often don’t even have the AC on in my room (we have our own thermostats in our rooms, which is nice) because they keep the common areas so cold that it keeps the temperature in my room down.

        • Quotia Zelda

          OMG, I would die. I keep the thermostat at 77 in the summer, and even that gets a little chilly if I’m just reading a book or otherwise not moving around.

        • My girlfriend likes to do this and it drives me nuts. Plus, she’s so environmentally conscious that she yells at me if I put my produce in a plastic bag, but she melts an entire glacier every night we stay at her place and she puts the air conditioning on.

      • Wow! We keep ours at 78!

      • I Dont Get It

        I would love to keep mine at 72 but I have a 15 year plus a/c system that I’m trying to preserve so I keep it at 79 and supplement with a window unit and some fans.

    • I’m having thermostat wars at work. My coworker keeps putting it. he’s the only one that is hot, everyone else has on sweaters!

    • If it makes you feel any better on the first rant, I have broken bones in my feet four times, all on the stairs: twice going up, twice going down. And yes, I do live in a three-story rowhouse with high ceilings and lots of stairs. 🙂

    • Emmaleigh504

      I change the temp for the day. It’s warmer in the day for the cat and for me. But I like to sleep in a meat locker (68 is the perf temp for sleeping!) so down she goes. The cat has a heated mat so she doesn’t use me as her heater at night.

    • I like it cold only at night (70 or colder) because I love sleeping bundled under the covers. During the day when I’m just hanging out I like it warmer (75 or higher)

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: My meeting with my boss went very well!.
    Rant: Tenant is back and already there are issues of boundaries. I would like to be supportive and offer him a safe residence near Whitman Walker so he can continue his daily group sessions but I also need to protect my own sanity.
    Rant: I still haven’t packed up my items from my cubicle for my forced move to telework. And by pack I mean throw everything into the large trash bin here.
    Rave: I checked under my porch for my Hello Fresh delivery and to my amazement found two boxes! I brought them into my house and much to my surprise discovered that
    Rant: One box was last week’s delivery which I thought I had cancelled. Never open a box with shrimp and beef that has been sitting out in the heat for a week! My olfactory senses are still recovering!
    Rave: I’m wearing my crotchless cargo pants today!

    • IDGI, you always make my day.
      Re: the tenant, I hope you’re thinking about my oxygen mask analogy. I know you want to be supportive and helpful and you have been both of those things for a long time. But it does neither of you much good if you’re both unwell. I wonder if Whitman Walker (or any other facility) can offer him temporary shelter for a while.

      • +1 to everything Shawess said, especially if you are soon going to be working from home. The tenant’s lack of boundaries and your presence in the house during the day would give you zero respite. Take care of you first and foremost.

    • Blithe

      Oy! IDGI : Is your last Rave a gallant effort to avoid the dreaded Thermostat Wars?

      – It’s wonderful that you’d like to be supportive of your tenant, but from some of the things you’ve said, I’m wondering if it’s possible to both share your home with him AND protect your sanity. I’m pretty sure that Whitman Walker has social workers on staff. Would it be possible for you to either go with your tenant or consult someone on your own behalf re: housing options for your tenant?

    • Emmaleigh504

      lol my mom used to hide her tomato aspic (gag) in a boxes under the porch. I bet when her family moved out of the house the new owners got a surprise!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: I’ve been spending money like a drunken sailor this summer. I really need to rein it in, especially if I ever want to go to Sweden with Emily.
    Rave: Hanging out with Eldest Zelda, eating M&M chocolate chip cookies.
    Rant: We stayed up past my bedtime, and now I’m tired.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Picked up our Hall Tree from Pier 1 yesterday.
    Rave2: Coupons and Raise.com! The tree was originally $449, but with a 20% off coupon bringing the price+ tax down to $380 ish, I had already bought $400 of Pier 1 gift cards on Raise for $307, so total cost of the $449 Hall Tree ended up being $307, and we still have $20 in Pier 1 giftcards left.
    Rave MAJOR: The coffee table that we ordered on Etsy from Oregon (and Fedex is using the Pony Express to get it across the US apparently based on its speed – following on tracking) arrived in Hagerstown last night and made it to Beltsville this morning. Hoping it arrives today!
    Rave3: Won $100 at poker last night with the guys.
    Rant: The guy who hosts in Vienna is moving to Orlando, and all of the other guys who host are even further…. Centreville or Ashburn? I don’t think so.

    • Pardon my ignorance, but what on earth is a Hall Tree? Is that a coat tree, just using a regional phrase I’m unfamiliar with?

      • Accountering

        Thing that holds shoes, has a back, and then jacket hooks. Meant to be put in entryway halls I guess. We got the Manchester Hall Tree – Java from Pier 1.

        • ah! Gotcha! I’ve heard of “Coat trees” and “hall organizers,” and I’m familiar with what you’re talking about, but I’ve just never heard that particular phrase!

          • Emmaleigh504

            Some people also put hats and Mardi Gras beads on them. And hopefully it has a mirror so one can check the jaunty angle of the hat and/or one’s liptstick

  • Rant: Going through the hardest time of my life — first time I can ever remember being depressed and feeling so overwhelmed. I’m acting out of frustration, having tough time with my friends and family. Not sure how to change things with my job, my relationship, my living situation. Injured myself this weekend.
    Rave: Complete confidence that I’ll make it to the other side of this funk.
    Rant: this humidity…

    • #1 I love your screen name
      #2 I love your rave, self awareness, and optimism
      Best of luck in what sounds like a really hard time.

    • I’m sorry. I had a rough go earlier this year. It felt like everything was wrong on all sides. Somethings settled back down, somethings don’t seem as bad, and somethings I decided to let go (aka got a new job). hang in there!

    • Accountering

      Feeling for you. Keep your head up, it sounds like you have the right mindset that you know you will get through this.

      • Thanks all. It felt good to “say out loud” (anonymously, on a message board of strangers). I appreciate the encouraging words and please know they mean more than I can say.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Am I the only one reading “Injured myself this weekend” as self harm? Am I way off madlove? I still rec a doctor. They can help even for short term funks. You don’t have to do it alone!

        • I wondered that too. Madlove, can you elaborate?

        • Accountering

          I agree with the above as well. If you injured yourself as in self harm, I would try and find someone to speak with (besides random internet folk, who support you 100%) Stupid chemicals in your body just get out of wack, and sometimes you just need a bit of help to get it back sorted.

        • Sorry for the confusion — certainly was not self-harm, but exercise-related.

          • Glad to hear that, and I hope you recover soon. I find that exercise really does help me with depression and anxiety. Regarding your comment about not being sure how to change things, I have found that making even on decision or change has often had a domino effect that leads to a lot of positive changes in my life. Perhaps start with one little corner of your life? That always helps me when I’m feeling overwhelmed by it all. And be sure to take extra good care of yourself. I know it is hard to do that when things are tough, but it is so very important. Good luck.

          • Emmaleigh504

            whew! I mean, it sucks to be injured, but glad it wasn’t self harm!

          • Accountering

            Ok good. We all hurt ourselves exercising, so no worries there!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Go to a doctor. you reg doctor will do if you can’t find a psych doc that takes insurance. talk to them. See if you need meds (for a short time or the long haul) or some talk therapy (short time or long haul, it depends). TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

    • GiantSquid

      This year has been super shitty for a lot of people, including me, so you’re not alone! If it feels better to talk about it, please do. I’m pretty sure I come across as Eeyore on RRoR this year so far, but PoPville is polite enough not to say anything about it and let me vent. Jump on in.

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 Popville & RRR keeps me sane (bless you Dan, you really do keep me mostly sane with this blog). Maybe we need to start a group therapy group. B/c yes this year has been shitty!

  • Query: Wife’s USA jobs application status seems to have gone from “under review” to “grade 1 no comment”, though that was on her phone this morning rather than on a regular computer website version. Any idea what that might mean?
    RANT: Spent longer on a stifling foggy bottom platform than at my doctor’s office. Rude people pushing past me to push onto a packed train, saying “keep moving!” don’t help.
    Rant: Less patience for crap because I woke up at 5:40 to my daughter crying. Not sure if she fell back asleep after I went to check on her, but at least she settled. I may have dozed for a bit after? I’m not sure. Either way, I’m tired.
    Rave: 3/4 of the week’s doctor’s appointments completed. Hearing baby’s heartbeat is always lovely.
    Rave: Heading to the beach tomorrow after work. Fingers crossed packing up tonight/tomorrow morning goes smoothly!
    Rave: My parents move down to NoVA next week. Can’t believe that’s happening already.

    • Wow, did they buy a place in NoVa already? Or are they renting as they decide on the area?
      My mom loves Reston, which at first killed me a little, then I realized it’s far enough away with traffic that I wouldn’t have to worry about seeing them all the time if they move there.

      • Yup, they signed contracts on the new place in VA (Alexandria part of Fairfax) and on their house in CT within days of each other. Closing on the CT place is on Monday & closing on the VA place is two days later. For awhile, the process seemed to be dragging on, but then it started moving super quickly all of a sudden. It’s nuts, for sure.

  • Rant: this humidity. UGH! my head is killing me and I feel like I’m trying to breathe through soup.
    Rave: At least I get to work in a building with AC and live in a building with AC, so my exposure time to the humidity is fairly limited.
    Rave: Decided to come in to work early to try to get a jumpstart on the day, and I treated myself to a Starbucks breakfast sandwich and Americano using the Starbucks gift card my boss gave me last month to thank me for my help with a big event. My boss is the best 🙂
    Rant/Rave?: Getting older.

    • Pablo Raw

      To me, getting older is a rave. Fortunately I have great health, and even though my life has been a little bit unconventional and not all happy all the time, it has given me great experiences and a different point of view about the world. But I understand if for some people getting older could be a rant.

      • It’s a rave in that, all things considered, I’m beating some pretty amazing odds, just keeping on going like the Little Engine that Could. Plus the alternative is pretty crappy. It’s a rant in that I need to use reading glasses more, I creak and crack when I stand up, and am noticing more wrinkles under my eyes.

    • Emmaleigh504

      The humidity is the air giving you a hug! Humidity is awesome!

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: I took a deep breath because I knew that at the end of the night, only one of us was going to go home. There comes a time in the life of a man, when you have to face multiple enemies at once, and for that you need to overcome your fears, trust your gut and just let yourself go. The power of ancestral warriors were with me and in the battle against fruit flies… I prevailed. It was ugly, but it had to be done. Forget vinegar and beer, my weapon of choice was a kitchen cloth.

  • Rave: I love my husband. He’s totally nuts and my polar opposite but he’s truly my best friend. He’s given me rides to work just for the company the past two days (though to me it allowed an escape from metro and the humidity) and I think he may have just secured a renter for my condo which has been stressing me for weeks. Yay! Shout out for having great people to share life with.

    • I mixed you up in my head with the single mom weighing whether to move in with her boyfriend and change her kid’s school district…so that’s confusing! (Paging textdoc!) I absolutely love your rave, good for you!

      • Me too at first, but the single mom is “anonamom” (with an extra a in the middle). And ditto on the awesome rave!

      • Quotia Zelda

        Me, too! I was very confused for a moment.

      • Ha! Yeah, no, not me 🙂 There are no husbands in my present!
        That’s a great rave anonmom!

      • I accidentally called my boyfriend my husband today. Of course it was suggested that it was a Freudian slip. That I’m not so sure about.

  • Rave: Really nice third date last night!
    Rant: Have realized I am really scared of dating and starting to like someone again.
    Rant: All the anxiety about whether they like you as well, blah blah blah.
    Rave: Butterflies and something to look forward to.
    Rave: Short week since I had off on Monday, and work is quiet since a lot of people are on vacation.

    • I’m pulling for you! Have my own third date tonight, and have a very tentative good feeling about things. I’m really working at managing my expectations, and remembering that the only thing I can do is just keep being myself and putting my best foot forward. Is another date already in the works?

      • Ooh yay, glad to hear about yours went well too! 🙂 Managing expectations is tricky. I don’t want to not seem interested, but also don’t want to get too caught up in things in case it doesn’t work out. I haven’t really had any dates with mutual interest since my last relationship ended almost a year ago so I’m a little rusty. Nothing planned yet, though I’ll probably text him later today and see if he is free this weekend.

        • I don’t know about you, but I’m in the situation where we’re limiting communication to very occasional concise exchanges, and discussing plans for meeting, which helps curb the tendency to overthink the situation. We set dates, and we go on them, and I assume we’ll continue to share the duties of making things happen. This is uncharted territory, this whole mutual interest/levels of communication situation, but it’s wonderful. Keep us posted as things are going well for you! Have any date highlights?

        • Accountering

          Very happy to hear this after chatting with you at Lost and Found. Enjoy, and have fun!

        • Yay for nice dates, mutual interest, and having expectations to manage!

    • YAY! I like this post a lot! Enjoy the excitement even the anxiety. It’s good.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Donna thinks she’s in heat. Too bad Justin’s cats have been nipped there could have been a summer fling
    Rave: I did NOT fall in the shower this morning.

  • Rave: Tonight I’m getting together with folks to discuss a book I’m obsessed with. It’s Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski and I totally recommend at least reading her blog if you’re interested in being a happier person by using science based info and techniques.
    Rant: still seconded guessing myself and being hyper critical about dating stuff.
    Rave: I still marvel at the ability of a great dress to improve my mood. Damn I look hot and feel hot in this dress.

    Rant: my bff’s new baby has to spend a second week in the NICU and she was really optimistic and holding it together before, but I think the facade has crumbled. She’s in CT and I’m not really sure about the best way to support her. Any advice?

    • If I were you, I would send a simple card with a note letting her know that you’re thinking of her, and proud of her, and there for whatever she needs. And, I would find a local florist and have a pretty arrangement sent to her house. I’ll be thinking of y’all when I’m in CT this weekend.

    • Shoot on your last rant. I’m sorry. I’m guessing she’s no longer in the hospital herself, right? Can you send her gift cards to restaurants that do take-out so she can get food easily while spending a lot of time at the hospital? Other than that, maybe just checking in regularly in low-intensity ways that don’t require a response. And then when she does want to chat, being there to listen when she needs to talk/vent and offer distracting stories when she needs to think about something else?

    • Jeslett, I think cards, emails and texts without an expectation that she return them are all good ways to demonstrate support (something along the lines of “I can’t imagine how this must feel for you, but I want you to know that I”m sending my love and support” etc.). Since you aren’t in the area, perhaps a food delivery service or maybe a gift certificate for a house cleaning? Concrete things like that can deal with practical concerns so she can focus on her little one. I hope the baby gets released soon and is on the path to growing stronger.

      • “without expectation” is key here. A friend whose child went through a terrible ordeal once told me that even “what can I do to help?” felt like a demand, and she couldn’t cope with any more demands.

    • Emmaleigh504

      cards and notes and texts and emails just to let her know you are thinking about her and her family. Maybe a giftcard to a nearby food place so they don’t have to deal with that.

      • Something else that might be wonderful for her (only if you can afford it) is to gift her with a cleaning service to help straighten her house so that’s one less thing for her to worry about, or send her some cheese (from Murray’s!) to make sure she’s at least eating something delicious, or send her a cheesecake or something? Or a restaurant gift card or delivery if you know what they love to eat? (I’ve ordered pizza across the country before and had it delivered when my friend in CA was going through a breakup)

    • When my friend’s baby was in the NICU (coupled with losing his brother, so a terrible, terrible time), cards were really appreciated. A lot of people didn’t say anything because they didn’t know what to say, which just made her feel so very alone. And if you don’t know what to say, just tell her you love her and are thinking about her (or if she’s religious (and you’re comfortable), that they are in your prayers). I was at the house cooking dinner and cleaning, but if nobody is there doing that, gift cards for take out or a maid service may be worthwhile. Send a fruit basket or something that they can munch on in the few hours they’re at home. Nothing too perishable – so maybe some kind of snack basket. Offer to do some online grocery shopping for her and send it to her house. Make concrete offers. Just saying “what can I do” is often not helpful because she’s probably so mentally numb that she can’t think of what would be helpful, but if you suggest something it might spark in her brain that that would be helpful. And, I am so, so sorry.

    • You guys are great, thanks for the suggestions. You all reminded me that one of their go-to pick up restaurants just opened in DC, so I can go there, buy gift cards, and mail it to them with a nice card.
      They do have a house cleaner, so that’s covered. I’ll be up there next weekend, so then I can help in person. I wonder if his Sicilian grandmother with her two kitchens has stocked their freezer yet….

  • Emmaleigh504

    (Sorry y’all, I can’t read for shit today. If I’m off topic it’s b/c I’m going off key words.)

  • leftcoastsouthpaw

    Rave: Ran 4 miles this morning and somehow cut out almost 5 minutes off my personal best time.
    Rant: Ran 4 miles this morning.

  • Rave: I just finished a massive project and am out of the teamroom and back in my cubicle.
    Rave: my cubicle has a window and a standing desk and I can do things like listen to KEXP and read Popville.
    Rant: I smell like armpits. My armpits don’t smell (I have checked multiple times)…I don’t remember rubbing up against anyone’s pits on the bus, but the odor lingers.

  • palisades

    Rant: K. I’m ready for fall. I love the smell, and apple picking, and sweaters

    • I’m conflicted. Got to enjoy a swim on the roof last evening after the rain came through, and that was divine. And then this morning it felt like I got pushed in said pool on my walk to work. All in all, I’m coming around to fall.

    • Quotia Zelda

      Not I! I like fall itself, but fall means that winter is on its way, and I haven’t quite recovered from last winter yet.

      • palisades

        I am predicting a nice long fall. We got screwed out of a spring, so I think fall will last at least 2 months. I’m pretty much Doug Kammerer

    • Right there with ya! Fall is my absolute favorite time of year!

    • justinbc

      Considering that I have to wear a coat in my office anyway because of the absurd building AC, I might as well be wearing one outside too.

    • skj84

      I love fall. It’s my favorite season. Bring on leggings and boots!

    • I am SO ready for fall! Fall is totally my favorite season.

  • Rant: My program management is completely absurd…I hate budget season so much
    Rave: I’m out of here for two weeks on work travel – will not have to see said management
    Rave: Get to spend a weekend in Vienna with my sister!!
    Rave: Went to gym super early this morning and feeling good
    Rant: Got stuck on Orange line disaster this morning, but
    Rave: Thankfully there is AC so it was just slow and not completely miserable

  • Rant: I miss the beach being a 20 minute bus ride away

  • Emmaleigh504

    Grr back to the salt mine

  • The death of Cecil the Lion: Is it just in my social media, or is this on everyone else’s feed, too? I never know how truly big something is, as opposed to being big with my little liberal crowd.
    And if it truly is a widespread story, I wonder what the effects will be on the industry? I can’t imagine it’ll affect the local poachers, who are the one racking up the big kill numbers.

    • I Dont Get It

      Anyone with a heart is repulsed by this story.

    • Seriously, the guy is a huge jerk. He left a skinned, decapitated lion to rot for the vultures to pick at. Plus, it was a totally canned hunt though I’m sure he felt badass “stalking” the lion with a bow.

    • Pablo Raw

      It shows up once a minute on my facebook; unfortunately it’s a big money maker for some companies and countries where there’s a lot of corruption, poor people and there’s also people who love to kill animals like that dentist. So I’m a bit pessimistic.

      • Yep, it’s big money to sell those big game hunting permits. I can’t imagine places like Zimbabwe will give that up.
        But if Palmer goes to jail, either here or in Zimbabwe, what will it do to the demand for expensive hunting permits? Will Zimbabwe actually prosecute him, knowing that it will impact their future revenue? Or will they settle for a fine?

        • Pablo Raw

          If something happens, it will be the decrease in the amount of business for those game hunting companies because of all the media backlash IMO. Apparently the dentist had to even close his clinic and he is getting horrible reviews online.

    • It’s all over my feed and it’s heartbreaking. They lured that lion off of the preserve…just disgusting.

    • Emmaleigh504

      It’s awful. And what they do to other animals! They don’t even always kill the rhinos all the way to get the horn. Usually, yes, but look up poor Hope. Her horn was just ripped off and she was left for dead. Thank goodness she was rescued. They also leave all the baby rhinos to die slow deaths after they kill their mothers for the horns. The babies don’t have horns yet, so the poachers just leave them to die. Not even worth a bullet.
      Leave the endangered and protected animals alone damn it!

    • I don’t know, maybe I’m just pessimistic, but I doubt it’ll cause any big changes re: policies and the industry.
      Remember the teenage girl who was hunting these same animals and posting it all over her Facebook? There was a ton of media backlash there, but then there were also all of the pro-hunting and anti-gun control people celebrating her. If nothing happened then, I don’t know that anything will happen now.

      • Emmaleigh504

        And Trump Jr. He’s got tons of dead safari animal pix. I’m all for hunting for FOOD. Squirrel is supposed to be tasty and venison is. Hunt that stuff.
        I just hope I’m dead before all the rhinos are gone.

  • Rant: I need to figure out how to properly feed myself right now. I feel like I’m gaining weight at an absurd rate and not just in my “bump.” Guidance on eating for twin pregnancy is all over the map. I’ve read I need to eat 2700 calorites a day but if I did that I would be a balloon. I’m trying to eat a lot of protein and calcium at my doctor’s recommendation but it just makes me feel sicker and fatter.
    Rave:I feel “quickening” now and again and it makes me think the babes are healthy and growing.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Ok, I have less that zero knowledge on cooking babies, but I am the Enabler. Eat when you are hungry! Those babies need food too! And I hear that pregnant woman gain weight, apparently it’s a thing. Some gain all over, so just gain in the bump area. Try not to fret and if you are really worried, talk to your health care person. But, try not to worry! (easier said than done)

      • The gain all over thing was me! Pregnancy is so freaking weird, and everyone is so different. It would be so nice if we all had cute little bumps, but for some of us you basically just gain all over. Just try to take the pressure off yourself in what you eat/don’t eat.

    • Yeah for movement!! I miss that feeling – quite easily the best part about pregnancy.
      Have you tried stepping out of your protein box and trying some new proteins that might not make you feel so ill? It may be worth having a quick consultation with a nutritionist to discuss options. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I pretty much could not eat any protein because I was so freaking sick all the time and my body just could not deal with it. Greek yogurt was my friend during this time!

      • For whatever reason, all of the protein foods are really tough for me right now. I feel like I’ve tried everything from yogurts to meats of all kinds to protein bars to quinoa and all make me feel totally nauseated a half hour later. I’m open to other suggestions, though!

    • Accountering

      I also know nothing about babie nutrition, but if you are going for 2700 calories, I am going to recommend my old stand-by. Delicious pizza and chocolate chip cookies. Probably not that great of advice, but you get what you pay for 🙂

    • I’m not an expert but some anecdotal evidence: A friend had twins a few months ago, and in the first trimester she was so worried about eating enough calories that she made herself gag down a huge Shake Shack milkshake every day with lunch. Finally, her doctor just told her to eat healthily and when she was hungry. It took so much pressure off her, and her twins grew to a good size and are thriving now.

  • Interview tomorrow, for a job I want and one I think I could do very well at. It seems to require an unusual combination of skills, and I have just that unusual background. BUT trying to not get overwrought about it. I am sure that they won’t decide based on one interview (everyone seems to require two, three, or four these days!) and, as they say, this isn’t my first time at the rodeo. Can’t get my hopes up too much. (Tomorrow is also the six month anniversary of my lay-off.) So I am focusing today on calm preparation… last review of the job description, getting my questions in order, thoughts organized, and getting my clothes together, so tomorrow can be all calm auto-pilot.

  • Rave: Really excited to take the kids to Hershey Park this weekend. This will be there first trip to an amusement park, and I like that they have a lot of the old school kind of rides. Should be a lot of fun!
    Rave: First home visit scheduled for tonight. I really love how the kids’ school (and other DC schools) do this. My son is super excited to meet his new teacher, and it’s great to be able to meet the teachers and get to know them ahead of time.
    Rant: My mom is the queen of guilt trips. While I am sympathetic to the fact that she learned from her own mom, I have actually had the discussion with her that we are not close because of her constant criticism, complete disregard for boundaries, and attempts at manipulation. Sometimes I really miss the days of living an ocean away.

    • palisades

      I wish Ghirardelli had an amusement park

    • I can’t see the words “Hershey Park” without singing the little bit I remember of the old theme song from their commercials (on TV around here far longer ago than I care to admit):
      “Hershey Park Happy!
      Hershey Park Glad!”

      have fun!

  • Rave: Llama day.
    Rant: I miss llama day.

  • Question: any advice for getting to Wolf Trap after work tomorrow? The website says that parking is limited, so I’m wondering how early I’d need to get there to get a spot. Also wondering how bad the traffic is on 66? (We’ll have at least two people so qualify for the HOV requirement.) A few years ago I took the $5 bus from West Falls Church and it was a great option, but I feel like it will make for a much longer trip back to Petworth after the show and I have an early morning on Friday. Thanks for any insight, Popvillers!

    • It says parking is limited? I mean technically it has to be since the land area of Wolf Trap is not infinite, but I’ve never driven to Wolf Trap and not been able to get a parking spot.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Had to pop over to the Doc’s office for blood work order (why don’t I remember to get them in advance???).
    Rave: Tiny Jewel Box is right down the street!
    Rave: I may have found the earrings I’m looking for! Need to wear The Safe Necklace over to be sure.
    Rant/Rave: Also found a few rings I want, but I’m shopping for earring damn it!.
    Rave: Found QZ a lovely ring that is in her approved price range and texted a pic to Mr Zelda.

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