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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

Ed. Note: I’m back from the beach, sorry to those that got stuck in moderation purgatory.

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  • Rant: The crime in Hill East. Is there something in the water? In almost ten years, I don’t remember so many random acts of violence in such a short time frame in such a concentrated area of a few blocks.

  • Rant: It’s shocking how fast one random brings back the memories and pain, monkeywrenching the day before the day really starts.

    • Blithe

      I feel your rant. And, sadly, at least in my case, the older I get, the more randoms there are like that. I hope you get some randoms that bring back memories and delight as well.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Insomnia. Had a whole big long list of rants at 4:30am when I couldn’t get back to sleep.
    Rave-ish: too tired to remember them.
    Rant: my slut pills and my uterus are locked in a battle of wills. my slut pills better win.
    Rant: Donna does not make coffee, nor does she go down to starbucks and order it for me. useless.
    Rave: work at home day so not getting dressed

    • What, pray tell, are slut pills?

      • GiantSquid

        Birth Control Pills (BCP). They “allow” women to be “slutty” without “consequences” (aka getting pregnant).

        • Haha of course

        • Emmaleigh504

          Mine are all about keeping my uterus from having it’s “party” (and ovarian cysts, but that’s all good now; no babies is just a happy side effect for me). My uterus seems to think my slut pills are lying about the party being scheduled 5 weeks from now. Battle of wills.

  • public opinion poll: if someone asks you out on friday (say 7/24) for ‘next thursday’, do they mean the upcoming thursday (7/30) or the one after that?
    rant: confusing relative days of the week.
    rave: zaytinya! I went with my dad the other day for an impromptu get together (we both work in DC), forgot how dang delicious it is.
    extra rave: finally finalized flight plans for Japan. Changed it from Feb to May so I can take more time off and have a full two weeks out there. So ready to plan this out!

    • I would think they mean 7/30 because it’s technically the next week.

      • Emmaleigh504

        And you can always ask to be sure you have the right date. (not judging! I have terrible communication! It’s just an option.)

      • Agreed. “This Thursday” would be Thursday of this week in my book. That said, agreed also on confirming the date itself because language is confusing sometimes.

        • I said this in part because I forgot today was Thursday. That makes things a bit more complicated, but I’d still think 7/30. “This Thursday” still sounds like Thursday of this week (today?), at least to me.

    • I would also think they meant 7/30.
      Where in Japan are you going? I’m also trying to plan a trip, either this winter or next May/summer!

      • Mainly Kyoto and Tokyo. My host parents live in Kyoto where I studied a couple years ago and they offered to let us stay with them while we see Kyoto, and do day trips out to Osaka, Nara, Kobe and possibly trying a ryokan somewhere near the mountains. The next week is in Tokyo, planning on doing mostly city stuff. (re: shopping).

        • Fun! Maybe you already know about this, but the Japan Rail Pass is pretty awesome (you can only buy it if you have a non-Japanese passport). All you can ride bullet train + JR train passes for $230-ish for 7 days (or about $350 for 14 days, I think).

          • we’re considering it for sure 🙂 Just trying to do the math and see if it’ll be worth it, it’s really amazing how far you can get around and how fast with the shinkansen though

    • My husband and I have been having this debate for 17 years. I believe that it’s the next Thursday or the next one to occur. He believes it’s the one after the next. I still have to confirm with the actual date.

      • That One Guy

        Didn’t know this next Thurday debate was as divisive as the whole super power question of flight versus invisibility.

  • Rant-summer crime seems more random and violent that the previous years. More stabbings at 5 in the afternoon, stabbings on metro, woman stabbed riding her bike in the afternoon. Guy shot multiple times AFTER he gave up his money. WTF? I have lived in the city for 20 years and compartmentalized a lot of this-most of these criminals are just after each other at 2am when I am long asleep. The last few weeks have really been crazy though.
    Rave-weather is awesome!! I am determined to squeeze as much summer fun in as possible in the next few weeks.

  • Rant: I fear that despite my best efforts, this trip may seriously damage our friendship.

  • Rave: HVAC finally getting fixed tomorrow!! Can’t wait to have AC again.
    Rant: I’m $3000 poorer. Oh well.
    Rave: Starting a podcast with one of my best friends. Haven’t been this excited about a new project/hobby in a really long time.

  • Rave: Taking tomorrow and next Friday off. Nice day home to relax, get some house projects done and spend time with my wife and puppy.
    Rant: AlleyPalooza. Our alley in Bloomingdale is awful and we were so excited to receive a letter indicating that it would be repaired as part of AlleyPalooza. Unfortunately DDOT apparently didn’t visit/talk to DC Water, and didn’t realize that DC Water has the large project going on right on the same block. So they’ve cancelled the repair until DC Water is done and didn’t tell anyone. I was finally able to get a straight answer from someone at DDOT today. Our next door neighbor has lived here for 70 years and says they’ve never worked on the alley. Basically I’m assuming we’re never getting this thing repaired.

    • 70 years?! That’s cool.

      • It is pretty cool, he’s got great stories. He grew up in our house and eventually his parents bought the one next to it (where he currently lives), and 3 others all in the row. Have since sold them all except the one he’s in.

        The 70+ year old alley on the other hand…..not cool 😉

        • What kinds of repairs does your alley need? I’m sure that’s beyond frustrating. Do you think it’s worth your time to write up an email and send it to the biggest-wig at DDOT (google search for a name and plug it into their email format) , just outlining the decades-long history of neglect of the alley and giving them some context for the chronic disrepair? Will it change anything, maybe not, but maybe it will.

          • Just so you know, the alley repair requires a lot of big heavy equipment and machinery to get in/out of the alley. They need space on both the street and in the alley to store the equipment and supplies. Hence it’s impossible to do the repairs if DC Water is working on the same block with heavy equipment or tearing up the street.
            DDOT isn’t canceling the project out of sheer laziness.

  • RANT – postal service is so horrible and I feel like there is little I can do. I feel like complaining to the post office always goes nowhere. I know it is not just my route that suffers from horrible postal service. Almost every day I am delivered other peoples mail. Sometimes mail with 3 or addresses mixed in on the same day. Often I am delivered other peoples sensitive mail – such as medical tests, credit card bills, etc. I have also had problems with some of my bills the past couple years that had been unpaid because I didn’t receive the bills. I is no surprise the mail is always messed up – the courier is almost always talking on phone having personal conversations the entire time they deliver my block. Why is it that there is no oversight on the mail service – the past couple years it has gotten worse and worse. The mail carriers often are not wearing uniforms and they are not even driving official vehicles. In addition they almost always park illegally even when the is plenty of street parking. Including parking almost every day in front of a fire hydrant when there is plenty of legal parking. These mail trucks encroaching intersections is also rampant and a serious safety issue. What a great job to have. Talk on the phone all day and screw up your very important job with no repercussions. Any thoughts on how to address this issue better?
    RAVE – nice air outside

    • Emmaleigh504

      Your mail carrier may suck, but mine is awesome. He works 6 days a week. On Saturdays if I have a package and am not home, he’ll come back later in the day. He also loves cats so says hi to all the cats in the building. It’s a shame not all mail carriers are as awesome as mine.

    • Post office is a wreck. Last time I did certified mail, they didn’t attempt a delivery before returning it to me. The tracking showed it. I’ve lost letters going to Maryland. My carrier now refuses to put our mail in the right box consistently and leaves packages in plain view when we have a huge bush right next to the boxes. She also leaves boxes open in the rain. At least she wears a uniform.

    • I have the same experience as you with the mail carriers for both my home and office. We have the basic mail mishaps for the office but the carriers for my home in Hill NE are constantly yelling/cursing while on their cell phones, running stop signs while giving the middle finger, walking into oncoming traffic while again giving said finger, and rarely deliver the correct mail to our address.

    • It’s the union. A friend works for the postal service and it is almost impossible to discipline or fire anyone. The union fights everything, from safety requirements like seatbelts to reinstating people who have had multiple accidents in their work vehicles due to negligence (ie runaway vehicles, hitting bikers ect). The stories they have are insane…

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Delicious, boozy anniversary at Bourbon Steak. I maaaay have had one sidecar too many.
    Rant: Work has been unusually phone call-y lately. I do not like the phone, people.
    Rant: I’ve been so busy over the past month or so that I am flat out exhausted. Sadly, vacation is not for a few more weeks.

  • skj84

    Rave: A dear friend got me a ticket to Brew at the Zoo tonight! I’m super excited.

    Rant: The company that let me go last year will be there. I’m slighty worried about being triggered if I see them. Oh well maybe I should wait to go there way until I’m hammered or something.

    • “worried about being triggered”
      What does that mean?

      • skj84

        Well, getting upset to the point that I can’t enjoy the event. The story behind the firing is upsetting. If I see my former coworkers I’m afraid I may get angry.

        • Apparently if you download the Pombe app (I have no idea what that is…) you can get an event map showing where each company is located so you can avoid that area if you like. Good luck, and enjoy – it’s always a great event, and the weather is cooperating this year!

        • Well, I hope you get used to it so it isn’t so worrisome. This can happen over and over again in one’s lifetime. I’ve worked for a number mean and vindictive people I’ve been happy to get away from on my own time without being canned, but the feelings are the same. Yes, they are all in one line of work that everybody loves to hate – for good reason, I find. I always worked with rational people before going to law school.

  • Rave: The wife and I are both working from home today. That translates into BBQ-ing tonight. I love summer.
    Rant: I thought I had slept enough last night but apparently not. It’s not even 10am and I’m dragging.
    Rave/Rant: I can’t decide if I actually like Windows 10 or not. It’s taking me a bit of time to get used to it.

  • Rave: Awesome swim this morning. It felt good to be in the water.
    Rave: Today is my Friday.
    Rant: All the quirky personalities and weird office dynamics at work. I just have no patience for it.

    • I miss swimming. Just not sure how I’d fit it in these days w/o sleep taking a hit. 🙁

      • I think when you are raising a toddler and growing a little one inside you, sleep is definitely the top priority. I hope at some point you can fit it back into your routine!

  • Gin & Gardening gathering planned for this Sunday July 26th, 6:30 pm, The Heights, probably table in back
    It’s a welcoming group – you don’t need to like gin or gardening 🙂
    **Also an unofficial unofficial PoPville HH, since there isn’t another HH scheduled for July,

  • Emmaleigh504

    Additional rantish: no word from Blair when I referenced his dumbassery yesterday. DTF, Blair, DTF! dumbass.

  • Rave: Breakfast/baseball/ice cream day date was awesome! Ted’s Bulletin is delicious. Need to return.
    Rave: Nats won! Always fun.
    Rave: Found a super game & puzzle store down the block from my eye doctor (Penn Ave in Eastern Market area) and picked up a couple of activities to hopefully entertain kiddo on our plane rides next month.
    Rave: Lovely weather allowed for lots of walking.
    Rave: Cardamom black pepper ice cream at Jubilee–that stuff is amazing!
    Solo rant: Struggling to come up with a 5th anniversary present for my wife. 🙁

    • Couples massage!! I bet you could do prenatal – spa on the hill!

      • That’s an idea. She’s not as into massages as I am though. Food for thought.

        • Blithe

          Do you think she would rather have an experience (massage, dinner somewhere special), a personal thing/gift, a thing for both of you (wood something for 5th anniversary)….?

          • I’m struggling with that a little bit. Given the 5-year thing, I like the idea of something more tangible than an experience. Is wood the five-year “thing”? She doesn’t wear much jewelry but wears a necklace most days in case that’s useful info.

          • How about a necklace with wood? Check etsy.com.

          • Blithe

            How about a nice wooden jewelry box? Then you can decide to put other things in it if you want — like tickets to a play. And if it’s mostly empty, that might make future gifting struggles a bit easier. 😉

          • That’s an interesting idea–I’ll do that. Thanks anonanon!

  • Rant: Cancelled my date because she’s a heavy smoker. We both missed the preference for the other online. Welp!
    Rave: Giving speed dating a try. My fave couple met there, so I have hope.
    Rant: Slacking on lunch prep, but full punch cards come in handy.
    Rave: Chugging right along with my refinance.

    • skj84

      Oh, speed dating. The few times I’ve gone the girl/guy ratio was way off or the men were not in my demographic. Of course you shouldn’t have an issue with the former. But not my cup of teaz

      • I did it once before, and it sucked because ppl randomly went to it even though they were just stranded here temporarily. Who does that? Also much older women. I am willing to give it a second chance because the first issue shouldn’t be there this time.

    • skj84

      Oh, speed dating. The few times I’ve gone the girl/guy ratio was way off or the men were not in my demographic. Of course you shouldn’t have an issue with the former. But not my cup of tea.

    • +1 for speed dating. I met my fiancé there 5.5 years ago! 😀

  • Rave: So I was offered (and accepted) a new job a few weeks ago with a new company, and set a start date which is great. Right down my professional alley, great professional growth for me, lots of money, great commute…everything I was looking for.

    Rant: The issue is that the new employer waited all of 6 seconds after the ink was dry on my acceptance letter to start politely “demanding” I start participating in things associated with my new task. Sending me 400 hundred pages of reports to review and provide comment on, “asking” me to come down to their offices in person twice to sit in on meetings related to programs I will be managing, and participate in a couple very long conference calls, responding to dozens of emails all within the 3 week period prior to me actually being their employee.

    The role I will have is pretty senior, and this firm is slammed with work so I can certainly understand them wanting me to “hit the ground running” and I want to hit the ground running too, but for F’s sake, this is beyond inappropriate! I’ve probably put in 20-30 hours of time in for them during the middle of the work week so far the past couple weeks (and another 20-30 hours on the weekends) when I am still employed with my current company and have lots of things to tie up before I go, and I think it is a little weird that they “don’t” think it is odd to “ask” someone who doesn’t even technically work for you yet to carve out so much time in the middle of their work day to come participate in your work stuff.

    Sure, I could tell them “no”, but I don’t want my first impressions with this new company to be of the “new guy who said no”.

    Anyone ever had to deal with something like that?

    • No this is ridiculous. I would have to rethink taking the job as they seem to have no sense of boundaries. Which are important for every employer. Sorry you are going through this!!

      • palisades

        Yeah I’d be strongly considering sticking it out at the current place. The new one sounds like they have no sense of boundaries or respect. Tread very carefully….

      • I agree with this. I’m also wondering if it’s legal?

      • Of course it isn’t legal for them to insist on it. But neither are so many things we put up with at work to keep our jobs. When was the last time people in the private sector above a low level got overtime pay or comp time off? For many years, people in many areas have been expected to work far more than 40 hours per week with NO extra compensation. And that’s just the start of it.
        I’m guessing you need to recognize that this is way beyond boundaries, and even if you choose to go along with it (as your are), you need to go into this job recognizing that that they will always be pushing them. In my experience, the only way to avoid them crushing you is to start taking a stand. It is hard, especially if everyone else goes along with bad shit, but it is the only way to carve out some time for you and get them to respect you. Only sometimes, it just doesn’t work anyway. But worth a try. Keep that in mind when you start. And keep your eye out for new jobs – you’ll be looking for one before the year is out.

    • GiantSquid

      Are they paying you for your time? You need to politely, yet firmly, start setting boundaries now because they will assume in the future they have an unlimited claim on your time. If you want to start becoming familiar with your new job’s responsibilities, say to new employer that you still have an obligation to your current employer and the time you can devote to new place is limited, say 10 hours per week. I’m sure they would not want you to be doing the same to them if you were to leave in the future, it’s a professional courtesy. If they expect you to work, you expect to be paid for your time, either in income, accrued vacation time, etc. I firmly feel it’s better to address this up front.

      • No, not paying me for my time.

        And my future boss has made a passing joke about it a couple times already (“man, we really are making you drink out of the firehose before you come on board”), acknowledging that it is happening but then asking me to do something else a few hours later.

        I knew the workload would be intense when I accepted the job, and I accepted it with open arms knowing what the associated perks would do for my career ( made me a VP of a division with $300M of P&l responsibility, responsible for staff of 27, nearly doubled my salary, they are going to completely pay off the remainder of my grad school loans etc)

        Ultimately, I’ve already gone through it as I start next week and this issue will be moot in a few more days. I am used to working 60 hour weeks, I had just never had to deal with something like this.

    • If this is how they are starting the relationship, I would be very wary. Their treatment of you is unlikely to improve and will probably only get worse.

      • Ughhh, this is why I am scared to leave my current job–you never know what waits for you on the other side. (I know, have to take a risk blah blah). I think it’s really crazy and inappropriate for the new employer to be doing this. What if you had scheduled a vacation between leaving the current employer and going to the newer employer?! I agree with what others are saying though about them not having boundaries or respecting your time. Then again sounds like the job comes with a very nice pay increase and a bunch of other benefits so as long as that’s worth it to you!

        • I only leave when I am really miserable and just can’t bring myself to stay any longer. It takes that feeling of risk out of the equation.

  • Rave: I hauled out the picnic basket and bought a lot of cheese because it’s finally time to realize one of my life’s goals: see a Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me taping!
    Rave: today is my Friday and the weather for today and the next few days looks amazing.

  • Hive: want to give my husband a new laptop for law school as a gift. Am considering surface pro 3 – he has a MacBook Pro but it’s really slow and he gets frustrated. Taking recommendations on a lightweight machine good for law school. My friends all went to school 10 years ago.
    Rave: Amtrak. Missed taking it – I love rail travel.
    Rant: missed my scheduled train. Oops.
    Rave: heading to job interview. I hope I get it (a la a chorus line).

    • Pablo Raw

      How old is his MacBook Pro? Maybe a new MacBook? the really thin and light ones since he may need to carry it around a lot?

    • I have the MacBook Air, and I love it.

    • Must be a much older MacBook Pro. I have a late-2013 13″ retina MBP and it’s incredibly fast for pretty much anything. I carry it frequently and never once felt like I’m lugging around something heavy. I think the 13″ is really the sweet spot for size and productivity. The Air is a little lighter, but if you spend a ton of time in front of a screen (like a law student), the retina display makes a huge difference. Pricy, but totally worth the investment.

    • I got a virus right before finals and switched to a Mac as a result. Very happy with that decision. They also have student deals if you’re willing to surprise him with an iou until he has his .edu email up & running. If he already likes Macs, I say stick with it.

      • palisades

        Ahhh the most perpetuated myth in the history of computers – Macs don’t get viruses. Simply not true.

        • I realize that now, but as a stressed out law student, logic escaped me. But I enjoy the computer anyway. 🙂

      • Pablo Raw

        That’s the main reason I changed to Mac, viruses. I got tired of a daily fight and upgrading antiviruses. Since I switched to Mac, I have not worried about viruses once. There may be viruses for Mac, but never as much as there are for PCs.

    • palisades

      Surface Pro 3s are VERY nice. Also great because they double as a tablet. Laptops/computers are a hard thing to gift someone. People feel very strongly about them. Maybe casually drop the surface into a conversation? Then drop the macbook air into a conversation? See how he reacts?

    • Mug of Glop

      Whatever you do, get something with a solid state drive. A lot of slowness with computers is just waiting for the thing to find the proper information on the hard drive.

      I’m just short of a Mac evangelist, but I’ve heard good things about the Surface Pro 3 as well.

    • To sort of reiterate what a few others are getting at: mac owners tend to own macs because they want a mac and not a windows machine. I would even go so far as to say that people who like macs would be very disappointed to receive a windows machine as a gift. If you know that your husband would be happy with a surface pro 3 then disregard what I’m saying, but if you’re not sure you may want to sound it out a bit. (Presumably he can also return it and get something different if he wants – I assume that wouldn’t be awkward for either of you?)

      • Also, while cross-platform data transfers have gotten very good to or from either platform, if he’s got an older Mac with years of documents, photos, music, etc., the absolute smoothest transfer will be Mac to Mac.

        • Pablo Raw

          also a great point, and if he is using let’s say MS Word on his Mac, not sure he’ll be able to use the same license to download and install all the Office Suite on a non Mac. Or at least it’s going to be a pain in the rear.

        • This is a good point, and reminds me that that “user transfer” is another issue. People who exclusively use macs often struggle when they have to do things on windows, and vice-versa. It’s not necessarily a dealbreaker but some people don’t want the adventure of re-learning how to use a computer. 🙂

    • I used a MacBook Pro for a few year- had a number of issues that all required buying new expensive replacement parts. Would not buy a Mac again.
      Now I have a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro and love it

      • My husbands Mac is less than 3 years old. So it’s really frustrating how slow it is. He has mentioned the surface pro 3 before.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I’ve had a couple of mac books that lasted forever with no problems. The last time I upgraded the apple guy was shocked at how long my last macbook lasted. I now have a macbook air or whatever they are called. I hate it for pure aesthetic reasons. I keep dropping it hoping it will break. damn thing is indestructible. I have no idea what would be good for your husband, just sharing my good experiences with Mac.
          On the other hand, I hate hate hate the new iTunes.

        • Emmaleigh504

          My mac books have lasted 5-7 years with no slowness. Maybe the had issues. I hope the air doesn’t last that long..

        • What about getting it fixed? Do you have the Apple care plan; I think it goes 3 years?

    • Great gift idea! I’m buying a MacBook Air for law school since I loved my regular MacBook in undergrad and think the Air will be fine for my needs. A lot of schools require you to install exam software on your laptop and I’m not sure if the Surface supports the software, this was a point of discussion on some of the law school admissions forums and when I was visiting a school for admitted students weekend but I’m not sure what the hard answer was. You might want to call Penn to ask if their software is compatible with a Surface if you’re leaning that way. I’m sure he will love it! I need to get around to ordering mine…

    • Whatever you buy, check with the law school before you buy it to make sure it meets their minimum standards. Most schools will provide admitted students a list of things a computer will need to have to run testing software, etc.

    • Red Panda

      When I started law school five years, I know that a lot of the Mac users had issues with the software that was required for some school things. It’s probably something they’ve ironed out over the past five years, but still something you might want to look in to.

      • Red Panda

        wait – I started law school six years ago. Jeez, time flies.

      • I got my Mac in 2011 or 12, and I never had any issues with exams or other school software fwiw. I think a big school should have it together.

  • Rant – got a speeding ticket from a camera on 395. And it’s a “work zone” so it doubled to $200. But it was on a Sunday, the day after Independence Day, and there was no one working in the so-called “work zone.” There wasn’t even any traffic. It seems ridiculous that you can be fined twice as much for speeding in a “work zone” when there is no one working. Aren’t “work zones” intended to protect “workers”?

    • The 3rd Street Tunnel? I’m pretty sure I set the camera off there too that day, but haven’t received a ticket in the mail yet…if you are able to take the time, I bet it’s worth it to try to go straight to the adjudication court to try to get the judge to dismiss it, or reduce it.

    • Sorry, that’s an awful stretch. Worse, when there’s no traffic but you’re trying to do the limit for the cameras, everyone else blasts past you. No win.

    • GiantSquid

      Is drinking on Federal property ok if you don’t get caught? The rules are posted. You broke them. You were caught. There are consequences.

    • What a pain. I just got a camera ticket too, though thankfully not in a work zone. I agree that you should be able to get it reduced..

    • Yeah- and it sucks because they’ve now relocated the cameras to now inside the first tunnel(south bound) itself.

    • Emmaleigh504

      The work zone could also been seen as protecting other drivers. The road could be torn up, or weird lane changes that confuse people. Sorry you got the ticket, but on the bright side you weren’t sent to jail where you then died.

      • ^This. Frequently, work zones feature narrower lanes that may shift unexpectedly. Also, there is a higher risk of random obstructions, like fallen cones. So that is why the work zone speed is in force even when workers aren’t present.

  • Rave: Today is my Friday
    Rave: Fun plans tonight grilling with friends
    Rave: Day with my mom and nephew tomorrow
    Rant: House stress
    Rant: Twitchy eye (I probably need new glasses, or to start wearing the ones I have)

    • My left eye has been twitching for the past three weeks now.

      • Emmaleigh504

        botox! It’s a treatment for eye twitches!! (tho y’all are too young and wrinkle free for the side effects of no wrinkles)

      • Maybe it’s the stress from moving! Mine’s been about that long too. So annoying! Especially because anytime in the past I could just take a multi-vitamin for a few days and it would subside.

  • TBT Rave: Forgot to give an awesome shoutout to Ripple last week. My fiancee and I got engaged in July 2014 after a fabulous dinner at Ripple. So I suggested that we go on the anniversary of our engagement as we get ready for the wedding, and WOW! Granted, I did mention our story on my OpenTable reservation, but Caroline Blundell remembered the bottle of Rose we ordered for our engagement and she had two glasses of that Rose waiting for us when we arrived! We stayed for a few at the bar after dinner as well and gabbed it up with the staff.

    I’d totally recommend Ripple to those unfamiliar.

    • emvee

      That’s super sweet. I’ve always gone by but never stopped in. You’ve sold me with your thoughtful and romantic story. 🙂

  • Pablo Raw

    Rantve: Sharknado. I watched part of it, and can’t believe how bad it was; but I guess that is the point.
    Ravent: I never thought I was ever going to see a movie worse than “Leprechaun 4: In Space”.
    Rave: Weather is starting to be awesome, feels so good for bike riding with the breeze
    Rave: Nice weather, more social opportunities.

  • Rant: Have an opportunity for a new position at my agency and my Senior director said I can ‘t leave my current position
    Rave: Applying to it and other opportunities anyway – can’t deal with broken management
    Rave: Its my Friday and heading out of town to see BF for four days!!!
    Rave: Two upcoming work trips mean lots of comp time and miles galore.

    • Can’t?? Not familiar with internal Fed hiring. Can they stop you?

    • Sure they can. Even without rules in place, in the private sector where I worked, we used to say our bosses only let us take better new jobs if they wanted us to. The first thing almost anyone did in the industry (in finance) when they got your resume was to call your boss. If you boss wanted you to be allowed to leave and make a lot more money, he said good things about you. If he wanted to keep you there doing the lion’s share of the work (his favorites weren’t required to work so hard), he’d pan you. They didn’t think women should take higher paying jobs from men, and would say actually say so to us (in the 1990s and 2000s!).
      I once worked at a law firm when I accepted an offer from another (these were big firms) and told to go quit and get my main boss to call them with a reference. When I explained that I gave them two other partners I had worked for there as references, because the head partner of my group would not want me to leave and actually gave a bad reference he didn’t believe on the last associate who left the group because he wanted her to stay and work for him), they said they couldn’t’ hire me. I told them I wasn’t going to quit my job unless my offer was firm – as I didn’t want to risk being left without a job. I didn’t want to work for them anyway after that (they said it was the firm’s policy, not their individual policy.) Because they treated me like I was an indentured servant, who could only leave if my master said I could. What a stupid business practice!

    • That happened to me when I was at USAID. I was told I couldn’t leave until I finished a project. I applied to another position and got the job. It did not stop me. I suggest you contact your HR rep and ask questions. Something is not right.

  • Rant: when someone you are seeing casually goes from hot to cold. As in one second, enjoying hanging out and having fun, asking YOU to hang out, no apparent reservations… to the next day saying that they don’t think it should be “romantic” and its not you its them and blah blah blah. Its not like I was asking for commitment (i’m leaving for India in month, dammit!), it was just enjoyable. Or at least I thought it was. There’s a shot to my ego, as I start questioning my own likability.

    Rave: I’m leaving for India in a month! Going on a 38 day backpacking/hiking/camping trip in the Himalayas. 38 days in a tent. Psyched about the physical and mental challenge it is sure to provide.

    Rant: Wish my brother would make up his mind and decide if he wants to join me on above India trip.

    • Ugh, I’m sorry. The same thing just happened to me…TWICE! I went from having a great summer, feeling great about myself, to feeling like I want to jump in front of the next Metro train (not actually!).

      Really, the only thing to do right now is surround yourself with good friends that will remind you that you actually are awesome and there will be someone who will realize that.

    • I’m sorry, that’s so annoying and disappointing.
      I tell myself that people feel like they have to say nice things to your face, or they get caught up in nervousness or excitement and get carried away, but then they feel safer telling you the truth later. I don’t think that’s a valid excuse, but understanding how it happens makes it sting less for me.
      I hope you feel better quickly!

    • If you have no idea what changed things, then I suspect an outside influence. I think that when someone does a complete 180 like that, it is much more likely to be about them than you.

      • And, it’s nice that they had the nerve to at least tell you – definitely much better than someone disappearing without a trace.

      • +1 on the outside influence – either an ex came back into the picture, they were dating other people at the same time and want to get “serious” with them, they are overcoming some sort of trauma and they are not even ready to casually date you, etc.
        At least they had the decency to break it off and be honest with you.

    • I feel ya on that rant. I was/am in a similar boat. At least the person was honest. I’ve learned that in most cases it’s really on the other person and little you can do. Hey, at least you have a long trip to forget about it.

    • This exact same thing happened to me a few months ago. It sucks and did totally mess with my self confidence. I went on a date with a really nice and fun guy recently and all the sudden all my resentment and self confidence issues dissolved. I realized it was more about him than me since it happened so suddenly.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Turns out it was just the horrifying weather, and I didn’t actually completely regress in my running pace or endurance. Had my first fast run last night in a while.
    Rant: Had to go on a run to figure it out.
    Rave: Makin’ some of that sweet, sweet apple snickerdoodle bread for a birthday party tonight.
    Rave: Trying some other foodsperiments for someone there with various dietary restrictions. We’ll see how that goes…
    Rant: Data analysis not going well. Stupid proprietary file formats…

  • Rant: When parking my car on my street, a guy comes out of the house in front and asks me if I can park someplace else so his wife can park right in front of their house when she gets home.
    Rave: Excited to see some Fringe events this weekend. Which ones have been your faves?

    • Well what did you do or say in regards to the parking?

    • Is the wife injured or pregnant or just lazy? I hope you said no if not the 2 former reasons.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I had 2 neighbors like that. one across the street and 1 next door. My roommates and I always parked in front of their houses b/c it’s a public fucking street. The next door neighbor even told us, when we first moved in, how he grew his crype myrtles over the street to discourage people parking there. After he really pissed us off over something else we started making sure the “accidentally” slammed the branches in our car doors and drove away. Even my mom got in on the fun! One day he cam to me to complain about the damage to his trees and I reminded him what he told me when we first moved in. He just turned and walked away. He had no response at all b/c he was caught.
      BTW both neighbors had driveways that were big enough for both cars. They just didn’t want people parking on “their” street. Our house did not have off street parking. The across the street neighbor had the nerve to yell at us from her car when we were moving out b/c the moving truck was parked on the street! One would think a moving truck would be party time for them.

    • My city living has been in Adams Morgan or Columbia Heights, so I’ve always viewed these conflicts with bemusement. As a (shudder) future suburbanite, though, I may have to deal with this, and I have no idea what my reaction will, or should be. On one hand, my first instinct will undoubtedly be like Anon Spock’s and whateverhernameistoday’s, but less polite. On the other hand, I don’t want to piss off new neighbors (and my wife will kill me if I do; we had conflict with a prior neighbor and she doesn’t want that again). I suppose it will depend on how polite the request is, and what the impact on me is. If it’s polite and there are plenty of other available spots nearby, then sure. If it’s rude and/or it’s going to be a huge hassle to park elsewhere, I’ll be a lot more likely to resist.

      • So my BF lives in suburban-ish Baltimore. They have the unwritten rule of parking front of your house only. The BF is the only house on the block without a driveway, and in the 10 years he has lived there, the neighbors have all generally respected not parking in front of his house unless it’s a guest or whatever. Well then some youngins (affectionately known as “those fucking hipsters”) moved in. They have 4 (!!!!) cars, do not use their driveway at all, and always park in front of his house. Much passive aggressiveness has ensued as a result… which is all kinda funny really.

        • Sounds like it could be epic–can you share any of the stories?

          • Lots of parking right up on the bumpers, a few cones being placed here and there, and maybe a little bit of encouraging dogs to poop in the yard….
            I will say that this couple has done nothing to endear themselves to the neighborhood. The neighbors are pretty tight, look out for one another, the kids, etc, but this couple has lived there over a year and just now started saying hello to people instead of ignoring them. I mean, I don’t care, I’m from DC, people are like that. But this is a working class, tight knit block, and it’s Baltimore so there’s more of an expectation to speak to people.

          • That’s too bad about them not taking part in the community of the neighborhood. Yuck. On another note–I totally get why the moving-in decision is tricky; didn’t realize BF lives so far away. FWIW, I’m sure it sucks to give it another year if you’re otherwise feeling ready, but given the timing, it probably can’t hurt to give kids (and adults) a bit more adjustment time/time to prepare given the extent of the changes. Congrats on the decisionmaking; I know it was tough.

          • Yep, it totally sucks. But you’re right, another year won’t hurt. I feel better having made the decision because I’m not good with having major issues up in the air (it’s the control freak in me). And I feel much better being able to concentrate on starting my new job and getting ready for the new school year as opposed to finding a house and moving!

          • Yay! I hear you on all of the above.

        • That One Guy

          That is my one pet peeve, why do people buy/rent houses knowing that the have multiple cars and that parking options are limited.
          The newest neighbor across the street is renting their place and have at least 5 cars. They have a one car garage and a drive way. Totally unacceptable!

          • The thing that is most frustrating about it is that they DO have room to park – in their driveway! But they don’t use their driveway at all. Also, if you aren’t going to use the driveway, then park in front of it instead of using up the other spaces.

          • Because they know that there is public parking available aon the street, and an RPP is easy to obtain?
            I mean, is this a trick question?

    • skj84

      Re: Fringe: The Paper Game by Nu Sass is excellent, Brouhaha by Happanstance as well. I’ve heard good things about Death and the Maiden, The Insanity of Mary Girad, Neigborhood Three, and The Last Burlesque. I’m going to try to see Bare Naked Comedy, The Last Burlesque and BellyFunkshun this weekend. And I’m giving a special shout out to Interviews With…

    • Quotia Zelda

      Ugh, we used to have a neighbor like that. He didn’t even have a car (AND he had a driveway), but he really hated it when people parked on the street in front of his house. He was a weird old man.

      • Emmaleigh504

        ugh and your neighbor who piles his leaves practically in front of your house so it’s difficult to park in front of your house. The horror if he had leaves in front of his house.

  • emvee

    Rave: Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me tonight at Wolf Trap tonight. Paula Poundstone is one of the panelists, too!
    Rave: BYOB at Wolf Trap.
    Rant: Old school family members who are just a little bit racist, homophobic and live in 1912.

  • Rave/Rant: I love my new job so much that I don’t have enough time/bandwidth to keep up with PoP! I miss you guys.
    Rave: Working from home before meetings close to my house, and not working tomorrow!
    Rave: Switching to Verizon tomorrow morning. *Smell ya’ later, Comcast!*
    **Everything’s coming up squish!**
    Oh, except for one rant: my condo building is likely going to do a ~$1K special assessment to keep up with a lawsuit and make much-needed repairs to the building. We are so f-ed.

    • Please post about the installation…did it run long, etc. Also what are the fees like? I’ve heard they’re a bit much, so I’m trying to weigh the 2 options. Any help is appreciated.

    • That One Guy

      Make sure you talk the Verizon people into giving you the best possible deal because that will save you money in the long run since they don’t offer any “deals” to reunion your 2-year agreement.

      • So they have no contract options and 2yr. I thought the former seemed better since I may move somewhere without fios within the 2 years. Other than the gift card, do you know if pricing is different btwn the 2 options?

        • That One Guy

          Yes, their customer representatives can provide you an additional discount on equipment or on a package when you sign up with a 2 year agreement.
          Look around to see what deals they are offering and see if Verizon will set you up with the best deal you find. If the amount of the gift card is in close proximity of the early termination fee you can sort of rationalize it to seem like you can break the 2 year agreement without a large penalty.

        • Blithe

          Also check online, since there may be online only offers that are better deals than the reps can give you over the phone. Pay attention to what’s being offered in the deal. I learned that while I had a 2 year price guarantee, that didn’t include the dvr — which was only included in the price for 1 year. For the best deals, I think squish is probably right. If you have Verizon for 2 years, then go to Comcast, then back to Verizon — if it’s possible to do each change as a “new” customer, that’s probably the way to get the best rates.

      • See, what I liked about switching to Verizon is that I didn’t have to talk to anyone over the phone. I did everything online, I could see that what we selected was way cheaper than Comcast, and I no longer need to call Comcast every 6 months and ask them to lower my rate. I’m not moving anywhere for 2 years, so I’m happy to lock in a 2-year rate that is ~$75/month less than Comcast (and doubling my internet speeds!). After 2 years, I might go back to Comcast for a year, then back to Verizon 🙂 My only loyalty is to my wallet (and my cats!).

  • Rant: Our vet (Keith de la Cruz) at AtlasVet died very suddenly earlier this week–don’t really know any details, but feeling sadder than I thought I would. He took good care of my very sick cat and always made us feel like we were the only patients he had.
    Rave: gorgeous weather.
    Rave? Going on vacation with high school friends to Gulf Shores Alabama. Wouldn’t be my first pick but I avoided the trip two years ago so agreed to go for good of friendship. Anyone been there or have any recommendations?

    • I just saw that post from Atlas Vet on FB, so sad 🙁

    • I have no specific recommendations, but my best friend’s family has had a timeshare they’ve been using in Gulf Shores for years, and they love it there. We’re going to do a friends trip there in October, which will be my first time on the gulf coast.

    • GiantSquid

      I just started to use Atlas Vet and am very sad to hear about someone who was so obviously passionate about his work and helped many pets and people.

    • This was such sad news. We also go to atlasvet and had an appointment for Wednesday and new something must have been terribly wrong when they contacted us because they had to close the clinic. Dr. de la Cruz will be missed and our thoughts go out to all the lovely people at atlasvet.

    • Oh my god that is terrible! He has been our vet for years! Do they know what happened? My thoughts are with his friends and family.

  • Rave (and a query): My team. I have these two amazing women who work so hard and are just so amazing at their jobs. I want to reward them, but the limitations on the things I can do are pretty strict (i.e. if I get them a gift card or a gift over $25 they have to claim it, I’m a middle manager so I can’t give vacation day or time, etc.). Any thoughts on how to give them something as a thank-you (outside of our regular performance feedback reviews)?

    • Treat them to lunch/dinner?

    • Are you into baking? A basket of homemade yummyness might do the trick. (Right now, I’m envisioning homemade bagels with some nice preserves and/or cream cheese) I’m not sure if Krampus’s suggestion would also have to fall within the $25 claiming limit, but am hoping that something that is more costly in your time and effort than in components wouldn’t trigger anything. If baking isn’t your thing, maybe something else along those lines–in that it involves time/effort cost rather than monetary cost.
      Another option: flowers or a plant? Those aren’t necessarily expensive but can be very lovely to look at.

    • I was also thinking of something baked (perhaps snickerdoodle apple bread!).
      If flowers would be appropriate I’d suggest getting a small orchid. The blooms can last for months and they aren’t hard take care of

      • Emmaleigh504

        We have suites that won’t allow plants! Luckily mine does allow them b/c 1 of our people has a super green thumb. We have plants all over and it makes me happy.

      • I love to bake (just not very good at it :(). I love the idea of plants!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I give my people $20 amazon gift cards on special occasions ($20 is our limit) and I make sure we always have candy in our candy bowl (not just for my team, but for the whole suite, but have to claim it’s for my people so I’m not bribing the feds. oy with the poodles already). Today I put some fruit out so they would quit “complaining” about the chocolate 🙂 And when its a crappy slow work day before a holiday I bring chips and/or go to Starbucks so the people that have to work can have a little “party”. It’s all little things, but when I was a pion I liked it when my manager did things like this.

    • Emmaleigh504

      oh and at Mardi Gras, bring in a Haydels king cake. Trust me. They will love you for life.

    • What about sending an email to your manager (who is presumably 2 levels above the amazing women), or another higher-up that makes sense for your org, and explaining how wonderful they are? Execs usually only hear from people when there’s an issue, and don’t often know who is truly doing great work at the ground level. When people have done this at my work, the exec usually reaches out directly to the individual being praised to thank them & it always makes us feel really valued. Its a good way to recognize performance outside of the formal eval process.

  • Rave: Long weekend trip to Charlottesville starting tonight!
    Rave: One more week of work.
    Rave: Parents’ house is finally on the market and they have a lot of great options for downsizing. I’m so excited for them and their new chapter with less house and land maintenance.
    Rave: Tiny Dog has taken to sleeping completely upside down with his tongue out. Once I get over thinking he is dead every time I see this, it’s pretty funny. The laziest dog.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Met Pablo.Raw last night! So far my IRL interactions with PoPville has been lovely. I’m really, really going to try to make it to a happy hour soon to put more faces with names.
    Revel: This weather.
    Revel: Mailing care packages.

  • Blithe

    Rave: Shopping Enablers! I haven’t bought jewelry in a long, long time. A link from FormerlyEmmaleigh504 might change that! 🙂
    Rave: Sorting things out literally, spiritually, emotionally, metaphorically. It’s cool how they all seem to go together sometimes. Clear my closet: change my life. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll eventually learn the art of biting small pieces and chewing them thoroughly.
    Rave: In the process of sorting out, so far I’ve found the bag with the “good” jewelry that I almost never wear, an extra tuner (!), and a few books I’d forgotten I owned that will be good summer reads. And a Nike yoga bag that doesn’t fit my mat — if we ever do a PoPville accessories swap.
    Rant: I haven’t found my rain stick. I hope it’s in the back of a closet that I haven’t gotten to yet.
    Query: Has anyone been to any of the concerts at Westminster Church? I’m not sure how to dress…. Church lady outfit? Club outfit? Whatever-is-comfortable-’cause-we’re-inclusive-like-that? I can come up with something that meets all of the above criteria, but if this is an opportunity to wear one of my church lady hats that would be great to know.
    Rave: Swimming. Yay swimming!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I am The Enabler 🙂 It’s my calling. And Mignon Faget has awesome stuff. I have a gorgeious rhino pendant on a coral and torquise necklace (my folks gave it to me for graduation). I also have a plain rhino pendant, and fleur de lis pendant, a twig ring, and soonish red stick earrings. I may have an addiction 😀
      Your rain stick reminds me of this time I took this medicine that made me hallucinate and part of the hallucination was hearing rain sticks. It was oddly calming for hallucinating . The visual hallucinations were less calming, but at least not scary. It was an interesting night, and it never occured to me to call the doctor about it. good times.

      • Emmaleigh504

        oh! I also have a chili pepper pendant and a red bean pendant that I wear together. I seriously love her stuff!

    • I really like Jody Coyote’s jewelry. I’ve seen them in stores that sell unique/handmade item, and just checked and found them also on Amazon
      And I would definitely wear the church lady hat!

  • Rave: Because I never posted a follow up from last week–met some of the new girl-I-am-dating’s friends this week. The event turned out to be a party for one of her friends. I (hope) think it went pretty well.

    Rave: She’s meeting some of my friends this weekend!

  • Emmaleigh504

    I don’t want to work, please let me tell you my life stories.

    • Oh please do 🙂
      You guys make my workday so much more bearable

      • Emmaleigh504

        Do you want the Dad toothbrush story or the sister toothbrush story? (these just came to mind, there are many more that are not related to toothbrushes.)

        • Go crazy–how about both?

          • Emmaleigh504

            So apparently when I was wee my dad started using my toothbrush. I knew it was MINE b/c his was a cool sliver grey. Months later my tooth brush was wet and I had not used it since the morning. Turns out my dad was using MY toothbrush for MONTHS! I’m still traumatized. I have to keep my toothbrush in a place different from anyone else and have a very distinctive color. My dad lies and says it was his toothbrush. He LIES.
            The better story involves the evil Quotia Zelda.
            I don’t know how old we were, but young enough to still be taking a bath together. QZ being the controlling older sister ALWAYS sat in the front of the tub where it was deeper and the water was warmer. It was getting close to my birthday and I asked her if I could sit in the front on my birthday (1 day a year, she’s so mean!) and she said yes. The next day we were getting ready for our bath and I confirmed that I could sit in the front on my birthday and she said no b/c she is MEAN. I grabbed a toothbrush and stabbed her in the kidney. We didn’t have to share a bath after that.
            Don’t fuck with me. I will kill you with a toothbrush!

          • Wow. Cracking up over here. 🙂

          • hahahaha I never realized toothbrushes could be the cause of such childhood trauma! When we were little, my sister used to sneakily use my toothbrush because I was really good about changing out my toothbrushes regularly and she thought mine were cleaner 🙁

            Oddly wet toothbrushes are a definite giveaway! (And make for an angry toothbrush owner)

  • Rave: the Jim Obergefell AMA on Reddit.
    Rant: Still more moving to do.

    • Rant: I think I just ODed on Arnold Palmers. And I can’t say “Arnold Palmer” without messing it up every single time.

      • Hahaha, I can NEVER say Arnold Palmer!! The other word I can never say without garbling is “particularly.” So hard. Sigh.

        • Quotia Zelda


          • Emmaleigh504

            apparently I say “interesting” in a weird way (you are one to talk, Dad, with your “vinahlla”) and I do not hear the difference between nuclear and nuclear. I just refuse to say it b/c I don’t want people to make fun of me like they did W.

  • Rave: Went to the Rhode Island Ave DMV around 10:30 this morning to finally update the address on my license (didn’t have the REAL ID yet so can’t be done online, so annoying) and vehicle information. In and out in less than 30 minutes!!!
    Rant: BS with work as per usual.

  • Rave: I’ve been feeling super overwhelmed with work, and my boss gave me permission to chill and to make time to shut stuff down so that I can actually get stuff done. Huge relief!
    Rant: I wanted to grab a bag of chips and just realized I left my wallet at home – I switch purses briefly last night and must have left the wallet in the other bag. I hate not having it, especially since I was going to pick something up for work on my way home tonight. Oh well, guess that was the Universe telling me not to snack.
    Rave: NIH tests results came back, I’m still a natural fluke but everything is stable and looks as normal as my normal can look – hooray!
    Rant: My one cat is still just pulling her stupid fur out and eating it and leaving me awful hairballs. Part of me thinks she’s doing it to be spiteful, the other part of me is genuinely worried that there’s something wrong. Anyone know of a good vet, just in case? (I’m sorry to hear about the vet that passed away, btw)

    • I go to City Paws – the vets have all been great.

      • +1. I miss Dr. Dan, but the others we’ve seen since his departure have also been fabulous.

        • GiantSquid

          I miss Dr. Dan, too! Where did he end up going? I thought he was going to start his own practice but never heard from him.
          I have dogs, so I can’t say for cats, and I like City Paws but a $70 vet appt every time hurts the pocketbook whereas Atlas Vet, which is more convenient for us, does a $70 initial and cheaper follow-up appt. However Atlas sounds like their dental work is more expensive than City Paws, as in the range they gave me was higher.

          • I got the impression he was starting his own practice as well, but didn’t follow up because we ended up happy with the other docs in the practice. It’s definitely spendier than we were used to for regular appointments, but the location is worth some markup (one of our cats HATES car rides), and the docs are very thorough, particularly compared to our old vet in Beltsville way back when. The docs have also been super responsive over email when we’ve had follow-up questions after various procedures in the last year or so. I haven’t shopped around to other DC practices, though, so my comparison locally is limited.

  • Rant: Totally unmotivated to work. I wish I could afford to just take the time between now and starting my new job off, but you know, kids… bills…
    Rave? Decision made, I’ll be staying a DC resident for at least another school year. It really, really sucks because I feel so ready to move in with my BF, but the timeline is just way too short and would force some seriously big decisions to be made way too quickly. My heart hurts a little, but my head is happy.
    Question: The new job is casual attire – anyone have any tips for wearing jeans and not looking like a total slob? Like, is there a certain cut that is less slobby than others?

    • Blithe

      This might not be useful for the summer, but my work uniform for years was very dark or black jeans, straight-ish cut (no noticeable flares, not too tapered), with nice shoes (loafers or jodhpur boots), a nice top (silk or knitted tee or mock turtle neck) and a nice jacket. From the waist up, it looks traditionally professional, and without the jacket, it’s very comfortable and work-casual.

    • Emmaleigh504

      At my casual work place, the jeans suggestion is a darker color and straight leg, not skinny or baggy. I like to add dressier shoes (flats or kitten heels) to dress them up.

    • Just curious… I usually wear skinny jeans because I have chicken legs and a flat ass, so most non-skinny pants come off looking baggy. Are skinny jeans in general just out for this environment? I’m thinking skinny jeans with like, ballet flats, nice top.

      • Emmaleigh504

        IMO as long as they don’t look like leggings you are good. If straight leg jeans look baggy, then skinny would be better.

      • Blithe

        For my job, I tried to to wear jeans that could look like slacks at a glance — so skinny jeans would not have been appropriate. So with your requirements, I’d have looked for slim cut jeans — with a wider calf than skinny jeans. The outfit that you’ve described sounds nice. So the key is how “casual” your casual workplace is.

        • Pretty darn casual. The receptionist was wearing a spaghetti strap sundress and her (red) bra straps were not only visible, but quite obviously an intentional part of the outfit, and someone else had an actual t-shirt with logo and everything.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Just got off the phone with my boss and was very candid about my crippling depression. She was very kind and supportive. We agreed I’ll be back to work Monday. That gives me enough time to stop the self medication.

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