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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Shah and Shah did an amazing job repairing some pieces of jewelry for me. Veeery reasonably priced, too.
    Rave: Playing with all the pretty things at Shah and Shah with Emily. The Enabler was enabled!
    Rave: Planning Eldest Zelda’s hs graduation present, which is a trip to NYC.
    Rave: Lovely birthday dinner for her last night.
    Rave: Anniversary dinner for me and Mr. Zelda tonight.
    Rant: Absolutely nothing!

  • That One Guy

    The house feels empty and I miss the morning routine of rubbing the dog, taking him for a walk, yes even picking up his poop, and sharing breakfast. New normalcy.
    Rant: Running really late to work. Whatever…

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Insomnia. Once I finally got to sleep I DREAMED I had insomnia. Not fair.
    Rave: Oldest Zelda is a total babe in her “crop top” tshirt.
    Rave: Oldest Zelda is a smart and entertaining kid even if she doesn’t know what a crop top is.
    Rave: My aunt sent me a thank you note for the wee tiny gift I got her in Sweden.
    Rave: SWEDEN

  • Rave: New paving on Mass Ave between 13th and 10th – I smile widely as I bike through. It’s like riding on a cloud! Makes a huge difference in comfort on my daily bike commute.
    Rant: Uncertainty. Bureaucracy. Waiting.
    Rant: It’s so expensive to go to Connecticut – in time and money.
    Rave: It’s almost cheaper to go to Brazil. Trying to convince fam & friends to join us!
    Rave: US vs. Jamaica – Gold Cup game tonight!

    • Try going to Spokane while taking as few days off as possible to visit someone who works late on Fridays and Saturdays. Every flight coming back that leaves any time past noon gets in halfway through the next day usually making two stops (and I HATE flying). The things I do for love.

      • my husbands family is in OR, granted we fly around the holidays, but tickets are so expensive it literally can be cheaper to go to another country than get to the west coast. And we try to fly on off days. I get pretty cranky about about the costs, poor guy has to deal with me.

  • I Don’t Get it- if your roommate is paying you rent, he’ll probably be treated like a tenant in dc. If he’s not paying you rent, he acquired squatters rights after 30 days. I’m not sure whether the 30 days need to be continuous to meet the threshold, but if he kept stuff there and stayed with his client sometimes I’d argue that he still lives there during those days.
    If you call the cops to remove him, the first thing they’ll ask is if he’s been there more than 30 days.
    Illegal drugs is a special scenario, but I’d be careful using self help like changing the locks.

    • I Dont Get It

      Thanks. I’ll take my chances while protecting my household. He sent me some bizarre messages last night but I am hoping time with his friends in CA will restore his sanity.

      • No. Absolutely be safe. In your situation with drugs and mental instability it is likely much easier than most in the long run. Hopefully things go smoothly. I wonder if his mother has considered inpatient treatment options.

      • In this particular situation, it might be safer/more advisable to change the locks and wait for him to possibly sue you than to allow him continued access and risk his sabotaging your house or something.
        Depending on how much stuff he has, maybe even move it to a storage unit and pay the first month’s rent?

        • Is this too late for a conversation? Or have you already had one about him moving out? It seems like it would be best for everyone involved if he just moved out. However, I can see how he is probably not the easiest person to have a rational conversation with right now.

          • Blithe

            Someone who is depressed, possibly manic, recently suicidal, and dealing with substance abuse issues is not really in the best of shape for accessing stable housing on his own. I realize it’s asking a lot, but since IDGI seems genuinely concerned about his tenant’s well-being, I can think of two options that might be successful. One would be for IDGI or some other concerned person, to take the lead in locating temporary or permanent housing options for the tenant. The tenant could then be presented with a “fait accompli”– perhaps focusing on IDGI’s need for the space (home office?) and the tenant’s need for a stable, full-time living situation which was not my understanding of the original agreement between IDGI and his tenant.
            A second option would present itself if the tenant were to require additional hospitalization. This would bring in the services of a social worker, and as part of the discharge planning, one of the discharge goals would include finding stable housing — even if it’s only temporary. It’s possible , that hospital social workers would have access to a variety of options for someone being discharged from inpatient hospitalization that the tenant would otherwise be unable to access.
            Ideally, these plans would be put in place and discussed with the tenant prior to his return.
            This might be a long shot, but I’m wondering if IDGI could consult — on his own behalf — with a social worker at Whitman Walker or another agency with experience with housing issues for people in critical need of medical care and crisis management resources, to get some direction and support with all of this.

    • Please read more about adverse possession because what you’re telling this person is inaccurate. One part of the principal is that the possession must be exclusive. This means that the possessor and the owner are not sharing the property.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Somebody at work needs to start behaving so all my posts are sent to moderation 🙁

  • Bear

    Rave: Work from home Wednesday. I’ve made it an unofficial weekly event, and it’s saving my sanity.
    Rave: Phone interview at a competitor this afternoon. I need a change, but my time frame for when I could actually leave my current job is on the long side – hoping it’s not too much of an issue.
    Rave: Wedding shower/bachelorette this weekend! I’m SO excited for my sister and my two besties from college to get here. Also excited to wear the killer dress I bought for Saturday night – nice little Zac Posen number, found at TJ Maxx for relatively cheap. It was like a Christmas miracle! Except in July.

  • Rave: Had an interview yesterday and have another one today. Dare I feel hopeful? Unemployment was fun for a little while, but I am ready to get back to work!

  • Rant: Recall notice on my car but the dealer doesn’t offer free loaners, and it’s a lengthy repair. Umm this is Toyota’s fault, wth.
    Rave: Date tomorrow in Annapolis.
    Rave: Getting to work early.
    Rave: Red line didn’t suck last night.

    • Re: your first rant – do you have a provision in your insurance for a rental car when your car is in for service? It’s worth a call to see if they’d cover it. I agree though, Toyota should provide a rental.

    • Had this issue with Ford. Due to a known issue with their transmission they needed the car for 9 WEEKS! And provided no loaner. What is a normal person supposed to do without their mode of transportation for 9 weeks!?!

      • Ok. My version of lengthy was not that long. No more complaints about that one. Sorry 🙁
        They should have made an exception for you.

  • Rant: Standing at the bus stop at 16th and Crescent for 25 minutes watching full buses drive by every morning.

  • Rave: spent the better part of two days away from Tel Aviv. Visited Caesarea, Haifa, and Ako. All lovely areas.
    Rant: woke up this morning with bad stomach pains that haven’t really gone away. It’s almost 5 now so I’m hoping a nap will help
    Rave: met some really cool people in the hostel but wasn’t really able to travel with them
    Rant: burned the sh*t out of my skin just by wearing a tank top and walking around. Oops

    • Emmaleigh504

      I feel ya on the burn. I”m ready to take a cucumber peeler to my burn just to get some new skin already. At least the biggest, grosses blister popped…while I was asleep so I get to change my sheets today.
      Also love Haifa. Love all the Haifa cats. I want them all. Also loved Akka, but not the sheroot ride to Akka. If I never get in another sheroot for the rest of my life it will be too soon.

      • Hahaha, interesting things happen on the sheirut. Protip: if you ask where the sheirutim are, you’ll be directed to the bathroom. But yes, Israeli cats are the best! Akko, I could probably take or leave – it was really hot and smelly and dirty.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I bought some really great stuff in Akka and one of the shop owners could read my arabic tattoo, so that made me happy. But mostly I got some really good shopping in. (And saw historic sights, mom. don’t worry, the trip wasn’t wasted.)
          When I was in the Sheroot I literally prayed for a wreck (just a small fender bender) so the ride would stop. I was soooo carsick. I wasn’t sure I was going to live b/c I wanted to die. And then I had to keep passing the fare up to the driver for the people in the back and I just wanted to vomit on them so they wouldn’t bother me. Thank all the pretty things that we ran into some friends who had a car and they drove us back to Haifa. Mel is my hero and I will always love her and her adroable little rental car.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Now I want to go back to Isreal and see more of the country!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I also loved that so many shop owners in Haifa and Akka took care of their little street cats. On nice days they had their doors open and the cats would come and go as they pleased. One cute little cat would stand in the doorway of his fave shop and meow to invite us into shop. There was another cat that had 3 shops he frequented. I talked to one of the shop owners and he told me all about their street cats and which ones prefered which shop. So cute. And I never saw any rodents! Bless those little kitties.

  • Rave: got a nice photo with my outgoing boss and my coworker this morning – big boss is a great man.
    Rant: My husband’s office. They’re trying to screw him over big time with his leave. We’re leaving DC on a set day. He gave his office 3 months notice and they said they would be flexible with his leave to help him avoid losing it. He had a meeting yesterday and they told him that he could only take 2 weeks of leave, during which he could be recalled, because manning can’t take his absence. Our health insurance is through his job, so instead of us having insurance through October if I can’t find a job right away, we’ll lose it right away. They said they didn’t care, he needs to be at work. Except…he’s leaving regardless. It’s not like NOT agreeing to use his leave suddenly means he’ll be working. He STILL won’t be there. Trying to see about getting insurance in my name and he’ll leave the job before the agreed date and really screw them.
    Rant: why supervisors feel the need to NOT be helpful or flexible. I’ll never understand this way of thinking, regardless of the circumstance – happy employee is a good employee, no? If it doesn’t really inconvenience you, why go out of your way to make an employee’s (an excellently rated one) life hard?

    • Is the supervisor’s decision about leave driven by a HR policies? Is COBRA an available option that may help fill the gap?

      • manager’s decision – my supervisors aren’t blocking it. COBRA for the Feds is about $1500/mo. The plan is for me to try to take over insurance – with my buy out, I get coverage through October which gives us time to get settled and either get obamacare or me find a job (hopefully job!) with coverage. but for me to take over insurance, he’ll need to leave the job before the already announced date, therefore doing the OPPOSITE of what his leadership is attempting to do, it seems

    • WTF do they expect him to do for the time he’s on leave? He’s physically leaving the office and they should probably be using other people to handle the work who will be there for the long haul. Business continuity, institutional knowledge, yadda yadda….
      It sounds like your husband really pissed off his boss(es). There’s got to be more to this story that we’re not hearing…

      • I’m not aware of anything, neither is his coworker who I spoke to about the situation – the “pissing off” is that he’s leaving, when everyone else they’ve hired has also left – they have insanely fast turnover because it’s such an awful place to work. He does SO much beyond his grade – he teaches classes, gives briefings to the leadership, meets with other departments in the agency – meetings that are TOTALLY GS14+ work. He’s not a 14, but they’ve spent 2 years telling him, “if you do this, you’ll get a 14! If you don’t do this, we can’t guarantee you’ll get a 14!” and now that he’s leaving, i think they’ve lost their whipping boy.

        • Oh man, that sounds like my old boss (the carrot-dangling, the vindictive streak for those looking to leave,…). Thank goodness he’s getting out!

    • I don’t fully understand the situation here. Did he give three months notice, of which the last part would be his leave? And the plan is to move during his leave (i.e. prior to his official end date?) Did they approve the leave and then change their mind or did you just assume that they would approve it?

      • IIRC, her husband works for the military. There should be no issue with using his remaining leave for the last few weeks of service. Everyone does it. At our agency, everyone does it when they are retiring or have advance knowledge of departure (for grad school, a big cross country move, etc). If you don’t use it, the accrued leave is cashed out. The fact that his bosses are actively trying to hamper his plans speaks volumes about the toxic relationship. In this case, I’d go above the bosses’ heads and appeal to HR or a big boss. It’s crazy that they are actively blocking his leave when he is departing the job. You’re entitled to use your leave. It’s a form of compensation that he’s earned.

        • no, he’s a civilian. his leadership is toxic – great way to describe. This is why they have the lowest morale of any federal agency year after year.

      • he gave them 3 months notice of his last day, asked if he could take his leave as “terminal” – he was more than willing to return once or twice for outprocessing. He has a ton of leave because he hasn’t take much because they’re so short staffed. They told him they would help him maximize his leave when he informed them he’d be leaving. Then, at his “resignation meeting” to discuss outprocessing and the continuation of projects, they told him their mission wouldn’t support allowing that. which doesn’t change his last day in the office or their manning.

        • Ah, that stinks. I’m a little surprised that you took them at their word that they would help him maximize his leave, since it sounds like you knew they were “toxic” already. Good luck sorting it out – sometimes you just need to press on to get things to fall into place.

        • well, they’d been fairly helpful after we had our kid in helping him maximize flexibility for a brief period. But since then, everyone has left and it’s basically just him. Which isn’t his fault – they have almost zero retention. Trying to figure next steps because it’s a two fold problem – health insurance, and the leave is taxed much higher than salary. Plus, a supervisor shouldn’t WANT people to take a lump sum because it screws with the budget. but they’re morons.

          • Leave (and bonuses for that matter) are eventually taxed the exact same tax rate as your income. It’s that the withholding, upon payment, is higher than the withholding on regular income. You settle any differences (meaning, once you run the numbers and figure out which tax bracket you fell into in 2015) you’ll see when you file your taxes in 2016.

          • Accountering

            Bingo. This is spot on. You simply get it withheld at a higher rate.

          • She’s basically saying they want more money in hand now which is even more important if they have to pay high insurance for a while. Messing with exemptions prior to the payment may help alleviate that issue a bit, and if it’s a job change/gi bill you won’t have to remember to put them back.

          • actually, the biggest issue is health insurance. money isn’t a huge deal as my office is letting me take the leave AND I’ll get a severance package. With Obamacare, our premiums are really high because we currently have high incomes….but once we leave our jobs, we won’t. i’d rather try to find a job with health insurance (fingers crossed for tomorrow’s interview) though, and having it through October if necessary gives me time to establish it. with a kid, that’s a big deal.

          • Accountering

            Exemptions wont help much. You are taxed as if you make the amount every pay period, and not just a one-off check. So a $10,000 leave payout plus $3,000 check gets treated like you make $338,000/year. Exemptions reduce this by about $4,000 each, so even if you claim 10 exemptions, your $13,000 check will still get treated like you make $298,000/year.
            Its a crappy situation. We just had a guy who got 6 months severance get completely wacked by a HUGE withholding.

  • Rave: Headed out of town for a two week vacation
    Rant: I have a job where my work mostly piles up, awaiting my return.
    Rave/Rant: The “current me” is happy, in spite of knowing that the “future me” will suffer once I return.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: the meaning of semester is swedish is so much better than english.

  • FtLincolnLove

    Rave: The weather this morning!! Non-oppressive heat means morning runs for me!
    Rave: Wednesday. Aka beach bound in 2 days!!
    Random question for the Popville community: I have a bunch of old Danish teak furniture (dining table, coffee table, end tables, etc) from my parents and am looking to get rid of it as the furniture no longer suits our style. I’m looking to attempt to consign it before I turn to Craigslist or donating it. Does anyone here have any suggestions for furniture consignment shops in the area that may be interested in this type of furniture?

    • Wonder if Modern Mobler would take it.

    • Not sure they consign, but worth asking: https://modernmobler.com/

    • I don’t know names of specific shops, but I had some experience with this in the spring when I sold a mid-century Danish dining table that I’ve had for many years. I contacted a couple of vintage furniture stores to see if they were interested. They were selling similar tables for around ~2000. However, they weren’t willing to pay more than 200/300 for my table because they said that they would have to restore it, etc. etc. Anyway, I posted on Craigslist, basically laying out that while this table needed some work, I was willing to sell it for way cheaper than the vintage stores. Ended up selling it for $700 to a couple who were into the Danish look. Good luck!

    • Hi there, I’d be interested in some of the pieces, if you have pics available. I’m moving into a new space and hoping to buy some hardwood and MCM pieces.
      Can you ask the PoP for my email?

    • I don’t know if they’re consignment, but Modern Mobler up on Georgia Ave, is exclusively mid century furniture. They charge a mint for it too, so you might want to go check out their quality and prices before you sell yours. That stuff is so trendy right now, you can probably get good prices for it on CL.

    • Check out Modern Montage (www.modernmontage.com). They buy and sell and don’t necessarily restore before they sell, so you might be able to get a better price than from Modern Mobler.

      • FtLincolnLove

        Do you know happen to know if Modern Montage picks up the pieces, or would I need to play furniture Tetris in my Subaru?

    • And I forgot, Home Anthology located in Maryland (www.homeanthology.com) also buys.

    • I might be interested in some pieces as well, probably the smaller ones. Feel free to ask for my email.

      I actually have a question about fixing a teak table for the Popville community that I was going to post today 🙂

    • we are looking for a good dining table.
      can you share your photos w/us too?
      you can gmail me at xrandom2015.

  • Rave: My mom is here and it’s Birthday Eve. 🙂
    Rave: Took the day off tomorrow as my gift to myself.
    Rant: Feeling mad at myself for a really stupid mistake I made at work. The attorney doesn’t seem mad at all, but I am unhappy about it.
    Rave: SO nice out today!!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I think you should start celebrating the 12 days of SinSA, not just birthday eve and birthday. Hell, take the whole month!

      • You know, I just said you were a genius in reply to another thing up-thread. Now I’m completely convinced. 🙂 (I’m not celebrating Birthday Eve until after work tonight).

        • Emmaleigh504

          My mom celebrates her birthday all month, but we just call it the 12 days of Sarah. She’s sort of my hero.

  • skj84

    Rave: Got my contract for my freelance gig. Hope to start next week. It’s not much, but it’s something.

    Rant: still looking for my forever job.

  • Emmaleigh504

    This one time, at band camp…

  • Rant: My body still doesn’t know what time zone it is in. I woke up at four o’clock and couldn’t get back to sleep. Time to take a melatonin before bed tonight.
    Rave/Rant: Awesome weekend planned, but I do not have a Zac Posen number for Saturday night out.
    MAJOR RAVE: My dad met with his radiologist yesterday, and it seems that his cancer is responding to treatment. I have no idea what this means long term, but good news for now! Also, my dad’s spirits are high. I can tell this based on his rant about how people complain about the ACA but don’t realize that treatments like his may not have been covered by insurance before the health care act became law. He reminds me of my grandpa when he gets on his political soapbox (and of myself). The democratic/progressive gene is strong on the paternal side of my family. 😉
    Rave: Good, good things happening in the lives of the people I love this week: new jobs, new babies, pre-wedding celebrations, effective cancer treatments. I’ll take it all.

  • Lol: Just got back to my friend’s apartment to see the “evidence” (although not the gross evidence) of her hookup last night. I’ll be teasing her about that later.

  • Emmaleigh504

    no one is maning the ship, let’s take over! except you can’t see this yet…

  • Rave: Loving the break in humidity
    Rant: Insomnia has reared its ugly head last the last 2 nights!
    Rant: WaPo column giving a very slanted perspective about the changes on 14th Street making the argument that something vital is missing amidst its revival. Would’ve been nice if the column focused on more than just white millennials and discussed more of its long term evolution since ’68, esp since gentrification was predicted back in the ’70s for the corridor – before millennials were even born.

    • palisades

      It’s Courtland Milloy, he is a clown of a writer. A caricature of “the old person that gets angry over change and new things”. Ignore him. Don’t give WaPo the clicks. Maybe they’ll get rid of him.

      • Got it. I wondered about that. To me he discredits himself when he states he used to live near 14th & R years ago and if he owned (and still owned there), he’d have quite a nest egg and nice places like Le Diplomate at his fingertips.

        • Accountering

          He is essentially a troll that hates bikes, gentrification, white people, and anything that makes it harder for him to drive from the suburbs to his office and home again. For some reason Wash Post still gives him a place to air his garbage.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: The Donald Trump show
    Rant: The Donald Trump show
    Rave: Back to listening and appreciating old time Salsa music
    Rant: The memories that these songs are attached to and are coming back.

    • Pablo Raw

      Rave: If it gets bad, I can always listen to Slayer. There are no bad memories attached to Slayer.

    • I cherish the final days of Jon Stewart. His Trump coverage never gets old.

    • His answers about religion were priceless. I’m not sure why people are so shocked that he would bungle those questions. The man seems as deep as a puddle. I would have been more surprised if he’d actually had a thoughtful answer or anything to say on the subject.

    • I Dont Get It

      Ugh the Donald. I’m not a fan of John McCain”s politics but Trump’s attacks on him are despicable.

      • Trump’s statements were absolutely despicable. But I find it ironic that the GOP folks who are protesting Trump’s statements now are the same people who had no problem with attacking John Kerry’s service record during the 2004 election. They can’t have it both ways-either all servicemen should be commended for their service, or the GOP should be honest and say that they only value military service when they can use it to score political points.

  • Rave: First round of drying herbs from the garden. I hope I didn’t wait too long for some of them (one of the oregano varietals started flowering while we were out of town).
    Rant: Hormone treatment has me all of the place. I feel bad for my wife having to deal with it but she remains my awesome rock throughout this whole baby making adventure.
    Rave: Chocolate zucchini bread is definitely on today’s agenda.

  • Rave: 6 day weekend for me starting at 4:30 today.

  • palisades

    Rave: Indian friend is throwing a huge part for his Dad. This means one things: tons of amazing Indian food. Good lawd it’s going to be perfect.
    Rave: Winery on Sunday with friends. Can’t wait to relax with a bottle of wine and some sandwiches and enjoy the scenery

    • Which one did you decide on? Hope you’ll have super duper weather!

      • palisades

        Either Glen Manor, North Mountain, or Philip Carter. Honestly, none of us know anything about wine, so it was more about maximum views and being welcoming to larg(ish) parties.

  • Neither: low match. didn’t end it last night but very close to it. i’m taking a large step back to figure out if it’s worth continuing. he’s doing the same. no more dates or fun times for a while. then we’ll just probably end it since i doubt we’ll miss each other or who knows really?
    Rant: dog chewed my new wedges! WHY?!?!

  • Rave: It’s quite beautiful out – a mite humid, but nothing unbearable like earlier this week. I’m ok with this.
    Rant/Rave: I have so much on my plate at work. I’m glad that I’m able to do something I love and care about, but it’s really hard to get certain things, like writing, done during the work day because of meetings, phone calls, emails, and tons of interruptions. I’m in a cube, it’s not like I can shut the door and shut everyone out. I’m finding I need to do that more concentration-intensive work at home. I got on a roll last night and felt good, was really getting sh!t done. The downside is I didn’t get to bed until 12:30 a.m., and now I’m dragging!
    Rant: Weird tiny mole or zit or something else? Just noticed it on my neck, right near my earlobe, a few days ago. Not sure what it is but I really don’t want to try to find a dermatologist and take all that time right now. I’m gonna see if it changes or vanishes in the next week, then decide.
    Rave: Generally in a good mood and seeing the positive side of life.

    • Emmaleigh504

      My mother’s doctor calls little things that grow on skin “barnacles”. I hate them, but so far mine are harmless.

      • Ugh! What an awful image, but descriptive! I’m very very fair-skinned, so I’m no stranger to moles and freckles, I just try to be good at monitoring the ABCDs due to a family history of skin cancer.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I’m pale and pasty and fear the skin cancer, so I try to stay on top of things. It’s about time for a skin check, but I want to wait til after my sunburn heals so I don’t get a lecture. I know I messed up, I don’t need a lecture about it.

          • Ugh! I’ve had sun poisoning too many times, I’m now super, super super careful. It physically hurts to have the noonday sun shining directly on my skin! (one of the medications I’m on is also sun-sensitizing, so that doesn’t help things!)

          • Emmaleigh504

            This is the first burn I’ve had in years. It was a combo of things, mostly my dumb-assery. I’m paying for it now. And you just reminded me that I take 2 medications that make me more sensitive to sun. grr

    • “It was my twin”

  • Question for handy Popvillagers: I have a teak veneer table that I put off repairing but have no idea how to go about it. One of the edge veneer strips came off and was nailed back on by the previous owner :/ How should I go about removing the nails without further damaging the veneer if the nailheads are flush with the strip?

    Does anyone have any good resources for repairing furniture? I’m familiar with refinishing but not repairs.


  • Rant: Too many decisions to make. My head is spinning.
    Rave: Decided to do some on-line shopping to alleviate said stress. At my new job, jeans are not only allowed but expressly encouraged to keep the casual atmosphere of the office (people were actually wearing flip flops!!). The problem being that I own maybe three pairs of jeans and after working my entire career in various degrees of business casual, it just feels weird! I

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: MD Unemployment didn’t call me yesterday as scheduled. Doesn’t bode well for benefits.
    Rant: Still need paycheck stubs from former employer. Asking around for employment lawyers, just in case.
    Rave: just sent in an application for a place I’d really like to work. Took a risk and didn’t use a super-serious cover letter. Fingers and toes crossed!
    Rave: Last two applications, organizations sent confirmation of receipt emails. Such a small thing that makes a big difference and peace of mind.
    Rave: it’s a gorgeous day so I’m going to take a walk over to lunch and then down to the NMAI to pick up a birthday gift for one of my best buds.
    Rave?: Might be totally in my head, but I feel like we might, maybe be over the hump of this sucktastic year? Things might, possibly be getting better?

  • Rant: I was thisclose to getting snacks from the Astro Doughnuts truck yesterday, but I was running late and the line was too long and slow to make it work.
    Rave: Getting a little bit of time off after the move. I am so ready for a break.
    Rave Rave Rave: One of my best friends is about to start law school. When we spoke earlier, it didn’t sound like she would have time to meet up before school started. But when I talked to her the other day, she said she could make it out after all. I was upset about not getting to see her one last time before things get crazy, so this is a big relief.

  • Dang. Heard today that I did not get a job I interviewed fro last week… always the risk of (two) good interviews, I let my hopes get up.
    It’s getting harder to keep slogging away at it, though at least I have an interview tomorrow. It’s something less desirable, but it will pay the bills, including, ironically, the student loans for degrees which I don’t need to get this job…
    BUT….. bring it on!

  • Rant: Moving van day today
    Rave: Same as above, but with an exclamation point at the end.
    Rant: Exhausted and laying on the couch while nice people box things up.
    Rave: I can lay on the couch while the move happens around me. Thank you, husband’s company for making this easier on us.

    • Good luck! Having movers make things so much easier.

      • +1. And it sounds like they’re packing stuff too, not just moving already-packed boxes?

        • Yup! All I have to do is sit on the couch and answer questions. They’re spoiling me rotten! My biggest dilemma is figuring out what I’ll do once the couch is on the truck.

    • Emmaleigh504

      already?! I hate SF, it steals all the cool people from DC.

    • I Dont Get It

      Take care of your self!

    • when do you actually depart? SAD PANDA!

    • I just got back from a long weekend visiting my friend in the Bay area. It really is the best place. HINT: If you like hiking, do go to Stinson beach. It is about an hour drive from the East Bay. You can hike up Mt. Tam (various trails, we did 7.5 miles), enjoy lovely micro-climates and a view of San Fran, and finish it off with a trek through the redwood forest leading you back to the beach. Then, change into your beach things, sit in your beach chair, sip rose, and watch all the happy puppies frolicking with their humans in the waves. Bliss. Sheer bliss.

      Good luck with the packing and moving!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Shut up! Do not make SF any more appealing than it already is! I’m losing too many people I really like to that damn city!!!

  • Rant: My dad — who’s been staying at my house, supposedly to help me with house projects — is driving me nuts.
    Rave: I know he means well.
    Rant: … but the dawdling, fussing, and hypochondria are driving me nuts!!
    Rave: Vacation soon.

  • RAVE: Salad in a jar today. With maple-soy salmon on top. My first “salad in a jar” and I utterly killed it. Best lunch I’ve had in a while!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I have salad in a jar today too! Mine’s got a garlic vinegeratte dressing (offie out today so garlic fine; Martha Stuart’s recipe; garden thyme), cucumbers, caqrrots, blueberries, red beans, green beans, and celelery. It’s my new favorite salad.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: I used to post fun stuff here. Sorry to be such a downer lately. I’m on Day 3 of a bender here.

    • Post away, friend. We love you, happy or sad. Not every day is happy. We all do what we can to get by.
      Are you home today? If so, maybe take a walk and get some time away from the bottle?

    • Emmaleigh504

      It’s ok. We don’t mind. We love you and want you to vent as much as you need to and let us help anyway we can.

    • It’s rant and rave, not rave and rave (well, technically revel and revel)
      Some days there’s more rants than revels, and we’ve all had days that are nothing but rants.
      And I can’t imagine feeling anything but rant-y after what you’ve been through
      Hang in there IDGI – things will get better

    • Blithe

      IDGI, I’ve long admired, appreciated, and enjoyed your sense of humor. Sometimes though, life sucks. If venting here helps, it’s all good. (((cyber-hugs))) I had to look up “bender”. :-0

  • Rant-y That little spot on my nose? Biopsy results in a week, but probably basal cell carcinoma
    Rave-ish Both common and treatable skin cancer
    Rant! Visiting dog was quick to claim my house as his territory. I tried to take him out for a walk right after he was dropped off (based on his last visit and similar issue) but he was too fast
    Rave? I reclaimed my territory with paper towels and Nature’s Miracle

    • Emmaleigh504

      I hope the spot is nothing!
      For dog terrritory problems there’s also this stuff called White Wizard (terrible name!) but it works like magic! Give it a try if you need a little extra help.

    • That’s so scary!
      I know it’s common and treatable, but I imagine waiting to find out the results and treatment plan is stressful. Take care!

    • I Dont Get It

      I’ve had several basal cell cancers and all were successfully removed. Good luck!

  • Rave: Second Circuit Court of Appeals

  • Rant: hate living in my condo building. Worst decision.
    Rave: Boss will be on vacay soon!

    • If it’s in a desirable/semi desirable area & you don’t have to live there for a certain length,, rent it out. Best decision I ever made & I saved money and made money.

    • What’s wrong with the condo building? I’m in the market at some point in the next 12 to 18 months, but was wondering about the pitfalls of a condo.

      • It’s a new small building and everything (roof, plumbing, etc) seemed to be okay. However, as time went by, everything already needs to be repaired/upgraded (it’s been 2 years). I can hear my neighbors going up and down the stairs all day, talking, snoring, having sex. I don’t like the other unit owners either- they are passive aggressive and not transparent when dealing with issues related to the building.

        I love the location and think it was wise to invest in the area. In hindsight, I should have bought a small row house or a condo in a larger/older building.

  • topscallop

    Rave: I made blueberry pies in jars last night and they were delicious and used up the leftover dough I’ve had in my freezer since July 4
    Rant: work is overwhelming right now!
    Rant: I had to have a lunch meeting in an over-air conditioned restaurant instead of eating the yummy salad I made, outside at a picnic table, as I had planned
    Rave: someone else bought my tacos
    Rave: just made plans to spend Saturday on a river, before heading out on my work trip that night
    Rave: it feels like the week is almost over, and I have fun plans Friday as well, as long as my friend doesn’t flake. And if she does, I’ll just do the same thing we have planned, by myself. Sorry not sorry!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Do you have a recipe for these pies in jars? I have jars and buckets of berries!

      • topscallop

        I followed this generic recipe for the filling and baking time info, the dough I already had but I think there’s a link for a crust recipe here as well: http://ourbestbites.com/2009/09/single-serving-pie-in-a-jar/

        I didn’t have the cute half-size mason jars, but I would recommend them because a) it’s kind of hard to line a full-size mason jar with dough, and b) it ended up being a lot of pie with the regular sized jar. If I had paced myself better I probably would have had half for dessert and half for breakfast this morning, but instead I scarfed down the whole thing and then laid on the couch for a while feeling like Violet Beauregard, watching 70s game shows until the feeling passed.

        • Emmaleigh504

          awesome! thanks! I have those 1/2 size jars so I could give stuff to my granpa, but he’s cashed in his chips and they’ve just been collecting dust. Awesome to have a yummy use for them!

      • Pablo Raw

        If you ever need cook books, I have plenty (2).

        • Emmaleigh504

          lol do you have the Joy of Cooking? It’s a must have.
          On the other hand, when I was an intern in Library School my job was cataloging this lady’s donation of her cookery books to the Nadine Vorhoff Library of Womens and Gender Studies (the name was way longer than that, but I don’t remember it all; answering the phone was Hell). The cookery book collections was immense! I have no idea how the lady kept them in her house since there were enough for a whole section in a regular library. Her husband was in the Navy so they moved around a lot and she collected all the women’s auxiliary recipe books as well as regular cook books. Some of the books her husband gave her and inscribed the front page with sweet words. I loved looking through those books! But I have no idea how they moved around so much with the metric fuck ton of cook books she collected!
          She also noted where and when she got the books, so you could follow her life through the books. It was such an awesome internship.

          • topscallop

            I’m curious, what kind of stuff did you give your Grandpa in mini mason jars?

          • Emmaleigh504

            blueberry butter, kumquat marmalade (from a kumquat tree outside his apartment), and what ever I was making for myself and other people. I just gave him the bitty jars b/c he lived alone and ate about 1/2 a grape for a meal. Everyone else got full sized jars or even pint jars if it was a big family. Making jams and butters has become a hobby of mine, so I’m always forcing jars of the stuff on friends and family.

  • Rave: Bought a condo
    Rant: Condo has very thin walls
    Rant: Neighbor getting it on at 1 in the afternoon while I’m trying to work LOL.

  • Blithe

    Neither Rant nor Rave: Grief sucks. I do console myself with the thought that in order to grieve, especially big time, I/we must love big time. So grieving is, in a way, a painful tribute to love. Ouch.

    Also neither Rant nor Rave: When I poured out a cup of rice, a black bean tumbled out of the bag. If the powers that be want me to have more protein, shouldn’t they have dropped in more than One?

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