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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • rave: I am going on a fishing trip with my dad this weekend!
    rant: I think i am coming down with something :-/

  • FtLincolnLove

    Rave: Friday!! Pumped to have a riveting evening full of sleep 😀
    Rant: While en route to the shop to get my car radio replaced, I was pulled over for a faulty brake light and got a ticket. Not fun at 7 am (pre-coffee too!).
    Rave: I was already on my way to the shop, so having the brake light fixed is no big deal. The irony of the situation just caused me to laugh my butt off once the officer left.
    Rave: Car radio is still under warranty, so I’m saving some money there!
    Rave: Thankful to have reliable transportation that gets me where I need to go safely.
    Rave: Star Wars day at Nats Park Sunday!!! Deeply considering busting out my Leia costume…

    • Granted mine happened in MD, I’m surprised they didn’t give you a service order/warning. Maybe dc doesn’t have them?

    • palisades

      You get to see Scherzer vs. Greinke. That is a Platinum-level pitching matchup.
      Warning: You can’t bring any sort of Star Wars weapon paraphernalia like lightsabers or guns or whatever, they will be confiscated.

      • FtLincolnLove

        Anon Spock- I was surprised as well! Especially considering I explained I was already on my way to the shop to have my radio fixed and said I would just get the brake light repaired at the same time. Oh well. At least I can contest the ticket online and get it dismissed. Can’t be mad though, the officer was just doing his job and I did appreciate the heads up about my brake light being out!

        palisades- Thanks!! I believe masks are banned as well, correct?

        • palisades

          Yes! Forgot to mention that! So dumb! Just let people dress up lol

          • Sounds like it’s all security-based, though… people can still dress up in ways that don’t involve masks or (fake) weapons.

        • How odd. The one time in my life that I’ve ever been pulled over, it was an MPD cop ticketing me for one of my headlights being out… but he told me that if I got it replaced, I could include a copy of the receipt when sending in my response to the ticket, and they’d rescind the ticket.
          Maybe the same option exists for your brake light, even if the officer didn’t specifically say?

          • That’s the one thing I’ve ever been pulled over for as well, but it was a taillight and in CA. They waive the fee if you fix it within a certain amount of time, but I couldn’t just submit the receipt, I had to get an officer to sign off that it was indeed fixed which proved to be a huge PITA to get an officer to do.

  • skj84

    Rave: really enjoyed the lecture at Library of Congress yesterday.

    Question: when emailing resumes do you all attach your cover letters or insert them as the body as the email? Lately I’ve been doing the latter. Just want to get a general consensus on the subject.

    • Putting on my hiring manager hat: I prefer for all materials to be in one pdf file and attached. Second preference is separate pdf files, but still attached and not in the body.
      I’m going to save application materials on a shared drive, so it’s an extra step to convert your email cover letter.

      • +1 Second this. For us, all the files have to get uploaded into an HR system, so I prefer having them all attached.

      • Aglets

        What if someone attaches everything as individual word docs?
        Should i just make everything a PDF now?

        thanks in advance!

        • Unless otherwise specified, word docs are no big deal for me. It wouldn’t hurt your chances. But a pdf is just a little more polished; you know there’s not going to be some weird formatting snafu.
          The really big thing is to make sure you follow any applications instructions in the job posting.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I put a shortened version in the email and attach a pdf of the full thing.

  • Rant: Bored with my job. Pay and benefits are great, but not much else to do during the day except check Popville a dozen times. Need to start thinking of the next chapter, but it’s hard making changes. Anyone else in the same boat?
    Rave: Eastern Shore this weekend with my steady guy for about 6 mos. now

    • Keep your day job. Pay and benefits these days are super hard to come by. Unemployed and bored just does not pay the bills, keep food in the refrigerator or a roof over your head.

    • don’t keep your day job! Being bored is the worst, it makes everything else miserable. I’ve tried every thing career coaching, switching fields, don’t settle. Maybe wait until you have another job before quitting. I’ve done it both ways: quit before having something lined up and quit after getting a new position. Certainly nice not stressing about money. But I wonder about the next chapter a lot, maybe too much?

    • Emmaleigh504

      Do you happen to have a chemistry background with some search skills? We are hiring and you would have plenty o work to do. It doesn’t get boring b/c although the tasks are the same, the subjects change.

    • emvee

      I’ve been in that situation. Find something else to do that makes you think and keeps you excited! Volunteer for something you’re passionate about or start a blog (about whatever!). It makes the slow time at the office go by so much faster when you have something to occupy your thoughts.

    • I’ve been there. On the bright side, you are in a really good position to look for other jobs, while getting paid well for the job you’re doing. Having that security will free you to wait until you find a good fit, rather than having to take the first offer just so you can pay the rent.

  • Rave: Friday! And not too much planned for the weekend.
    Rave: Cold seems to be improving quickly, but
    Rant: Still tired and somewhat zombie-like
    Rave: Kitten adoption show at Miss Pixie’s on 14th St tomorrow! Go check it out. All of the kittens that we’ve had for the last 2 weeks are beyond adorable and sweet.

    • what time is the kitteh show? We aren’t in the market, but my son would love to see them 🙂

    • Oh really? What time is the kitten show?

    • It starts at 11am; I’m not sure what time it runs until. Definitely go check them out!
      Additional rants: It’s 11am and I want a nap. Running out of breathing real estate in my midsection–still 3 months to go. Yikes.
      Funny: My 2yo trying to get picked up by secret service this morning–apparently instead of sitting on the sidewalk as she usually does when requested/instructed, she ran under the police tape at Lafayette Park so my wife had to jump the tape and sprint after her. Fortunately, SS folks had a sense of humor and applauded/cheered on my wife as they got back to the sidewalk. I think everyone is awake now. Except me. Maybe I would be if I had been there.

    • Which group are you fostering kittens for? I signed up to foster, but there haven’t been any opportunities!

      • I foster for Homeward Trails, and it seems like fostering opportunities come up all the time. Who did you sign up with?

        • Also HT, but I specified short-term. They just signed me up for the google group and told me to let them know when I saw something on there I could help with.
          If I were to go the “regular” foster route, I’d have a better chance? But how long is the commitment?

          • First – thanks for your willingness to foster. I foster kittens for HT, so I can give you a bit of help. There are always so many cats & kittens & potential fosters in the mix, especially now, that it can be hard to keep track of, especially for “short term.” Short term is definitely needed however, when a foster goes on vacation etc.

            The “regular” foster route is still pretty flexible. And will give you a better “chance” simply because there are fewer factors in the vast and ever-shifting mix.

            I’ve done about 12 sets of kittens so far, and found they are usually adopted in around 4-6 weeks. But summer is a tough time. People are on vacation etc. I’ve an adorable pair for 10 weeks, that otherwise would probably have been snapped up right away. (Hopefully going to their forever home this Sunday.)

            Adult cats can be harder to place, but again, the rescue groups really want to make it work for you and the cat. Please do persist – understand that most of the people working in rescue groups are volunteers, and they have a dozen “balls in the air” at any time.

          • You can also sign up to foster through the Washington Humane Society! As with HT, there are always people in need of someone to foster-sit kittens while the “regular foster” goes away on business trips/vacations/etc. This is a good way to get your feet wet with fostering- and sometimes you only need to take the kittens in for a few days or a couple of weeks. WHS is flooded with kittens and cats right now, so I’m sure they could get you started ASAP. If you want to talk more about fostering (with WHS or just in general), feel free to email me: neroskittens at gmail dot com.

        • Got it, that’s what I did as well. So this is only the second time we’ve fostered, in part because of space limitations. And the temp foster requests don’t always come up as often. Victoria would know about the commitment length–but that likely depends on how quickly your fosters get adopted more than anything else. There’s actually a request out now (came out yesterday) for a cat named Pam (https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/22784127) who needs a spot from today through 8/25. If you have Lois’s email address, contact her if you’re interested in fostering Pam?

          • I saw that… Pam’s a dog.
            And I think that for the sanity of the resident cat, we are best suited for kittens. He would not appreciate being outsized by a newcomer, but he’s fine with very young roommates.

          • Oops–sorry, I missed that. 🙁 My cats certainly wouldn’t appreciate a dog either!

  • Rant: HVAC woes. I’ll find out where the leak is in a few hours and I’m nervous about it. Worst case, the pipes are leaking somewhere between my unit and the compressor on the roof four floors up. Please please please don’t let this be the case!
    Rant: Are people using LinkedIn to hit on people now? Inappropriate message from someone I thought could potentially be a professional contact that opened with “your sweet face captivates me, i really appreciate your looks.” Gross.
    Rave: One more week until the boyfriend gets back from the woods! He’s only been in town two days since we moved in together so it’ll be nice to have him back (for a week. And then he’s gone again. Womp womp).

    • Oh no! That’s pretty gross about that message. I really hope that is not common!

    • re: your LinkedIn rant – Ewwww! what the hell?! That is so incredibly inappropriate, I would consider trying to contact the company/organization he’s with and report this. Obviously that’s your call, but boy, it sure can’t be doing that company any favors to have some weirdo going rouge on LinkedIn!

      • You would seriously call the company? I mean if they are the HR person and the linked in is the official account I understand but if it is some dude’s private profile you would try and get them in trouble at work? I dont understand that. Do you have no capacity to ignore and move on? You will meet a ton of people in this world who dont have the best sense of boundaries but it is best not to attack them all and yank away someone’s livelihood.

        • First off, I think LinkedIn is one of the stupidest possible social media platforms to begin with. Secondly, I’m not saying “get him fired!”, I’m saying consider reporting it if you find it severely creeps you out. My understanding is that SKT was initially under the impression that this contact could be professionally useful, I don’t know if this was because she was interested in the company or what, but nonetheless, “official” LinkedIn account maintainer or not, this individual’s behavior reflects on his employer. SKT (or me, or you) could choose to ignore it completely, or to contact the individual and give him a head’s up that this is unprofessional, or contact the company. Those are all options. And I think each person’s choice may vary depending on how uncomfortable the message made them and/or how comfortable they feel confronting unprofessional behavior.

      • No. That’s a horrible thing to do. Do not contact his employer. You could literally ruin his life.

    • A friend of mine was talking to a guy in person and he didn’t get her number or anything, but was able to find her on LinkedIn and sent her a message. It was of course a social message, not career oriented.
      We all gave him points for having the balls to contact her, but it was a little weird to use LinkedIn. She didn’t respond.

      • If you forgot to grab a number, I don’t think it’s so strange to find someone on social media. I’m not sure if I prefer linked in vs fb or ig, but as long as he was polite, I don’t see an issue in your case.
        Obviously being inappropriate isn’t ok.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: I never pay for extended warranty for electronics but I made an exception for my iPad. It’s paying off, second time that I’m going to get a replacement.

  • Rave: Returned from 3 weeks in Croatia/Italy/Bosnia and finally all caught up on sleep. Feeling normal again.
    Rave: Mordecai the dog was so excited when we got home he ran around the apartment in circles at least a dozen times. Our sitter was wonderful too.
    Rave: Kept finding this book all over Croatia in every apartment we stayed in. So I downloaded it in English (The Snowman) and it’s actually pretty good (though I don’t love crime novels, I like this one).
    Rant: Going back to work this week was brutal.

  • Rant: Too much wine at happy hour last night, today is rough.
    Rave: It’s Friday and it’s supposed to be beautiful today! Planning to go to the pool after work and grill for dinner!
    Rave: Meeting up with a friend I haven’t seen in a while tomorrow afternoon.
    Rant: Leaving on a work trip Sunday…it’s like I get a one-day weekend.

  • Rave: Friday! And tonight I am having a friend over that I haven’t seen in a long time. She’s taking me and the cat to Petco for a nail clipping, I’m making a fabulous pasta dish for dinner, and she’s making me watch “Mean Girls” for the first time.

    Rave: Tomorrow is another friend’s baby shower. I have requested casserole ingredients ready to go, and it’s co-ed and more of a celebration rather than a typical baby shower. And then I’m going to see the Amy Winehouse documentary. Sunday I get to have fun in Annapolis for a friend’s birthday party!

    Rave: Many friends coming to a party I am hosting next weekend. This makes me smile and feel grateful. And I get to see my mom in 4 days!!

    • SinSA, let me know how the PetCo nail-clipping session goes, I may need to do the same thing with my one cat who’s a terror to try to clip.

    • you haven’t seen mean girls?! No matter your opinions on LL just remember Tina Fey was apart of the project, enjoy!

      • Oh, that was such a fun movie. And I had such high hopes for LL in the beginning. And then, well, yuck. 🙁

      • Yeah, I have no real reason why I haven’t seen the movie (LL isn’t a favorite, but I love anything involving Tina Fey) but after tonight, I’m sure many pop culture references will now begin to make sense. 🙂

  • Rant: Feeling such heartache for my Marine Corps family – especially our reservist family. So awful
    Rave: the yummy scone from la colombe. So good. Glad I stopped going there regularly – I don’t need that every morning!!
    Rave: Weekend with very little planned – brunch with a girlfriend at Room 11 (finally!), manicure, window shopping for furniture at our new place
    Rave: My nail tech had a baby! i’ve been going to her for like 7 years for mani/pedis, she’s just so sweet and loving, she’s going to be a great mom!!!

    • Agree on your rant about the four Marines murdered. I am also from a Marine Corps family, and this hit me hard. This could have been my brother or my dad. It was absolutely sickening to hear about.

  • Rave: Slash Run! Laughing Dog’s peach sour was as good as I thought it would be, and their selection of rye surpasses what’s in my apartment, which means that I’m going to be a regular. Plus, fresh delicious rosemary on their waffle fries for a $1 upgrade.

    • Ouch – $1.00 extra for rosemary totally rubs me the wrong way! Rosemary grows like crazy – it is basically a delicious weed. Simple prep to sip some off the stalk, chop and sprinkle on waffle fries or anything would take 20 seconds.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: If my fat ass and giant bag can go up an escalator without touching anyone’s person or bags, WTF can’t the skinny minnies of the world do the same? Every time someone bumps me on their way down I imagine pushing them down the escalator.
    Rant: Should have worn a slip with this dress. Now Jeslett will be disappointed in me and that makes me sad.
    Rave: Plannin on Unoffical HH for August. It will probably mid August in Adams Morgan and Southern Comfort.

    • Emmaleigh504

      grr at Southern HOSPITALITY. I can never get their name right.

      • hehe! Southern Comfort is something I stay far, far, far away from! I can’t even smell it without feeling nauseous! (Damn you, Night of Too Many Long Island Ice Teas!)

        • Emmaleigh504

          I had a really nice Mardi Gras weekend with SC and OJ. The OJ gave me energy to keep me going. When we ran out of SC we moved on to Everclear. Luckily I was in traing for Mardi Gras, so I was no worse for wear.

        • I have a similar estranged relationship with my ex, Sambucca.

        • tonyr

          I’m with you on the Southern Comfort. I had a bad experience THIRTY SEVEN years ago and the very thought of it makes me queasy. I managed to settle on multiple alternatives so it didn’t completely ruin my life.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Tequila. I was 19, tequila was the drink special that night…never again.

          • Agreed on the tequila. Gag. And gin. No bueno.

          • Tequila is my jam! LOVE! But gin, uck, no!

          • Tequila. I had made it to 29 without ever being sick from drinking… then along came tequila. Never again!

          • My life’s mission is to get gin avoiders to love gin. My record is amazing, so I might take this on as a project at the next HH, SKT and LBP.

          • Pablo Raw

            I’m a rum person but was recently introduced to Gin and liked it. My body somehow cannot take a drop of Tequila for reasons I have yet to understand.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Souther Comofort makes a lovely French 75. We can work together to get these gin-haters to love it.

          • Emmaleigh504

            oh em gee *Hospitality

          • Yes, the French 75 is the gateway gin drink. Then we’ll get them into the hard stuff like Aviations and Last Words.

          • French 75s are amazing! don’t ruin it with SoCo (also had a bad experience with SoCo in college, it was too easy to shoot apparently). Tequila and I have made up though!

          • I’m willing to give the gin a try jeslett, if you can mix it into something tolerable. But the SoCo is a NoGo!

          • oh sorry I thought you were saying making a french 75 with southern comfort now I see your fix

          • Pablo Raw

            I don’t think it’s fair to subject other HH people to personal agendas

          • Emmaleigh504

            Sorry for the confusion, y’all. I just cannot get the name of the bar right the first time. They make awesome French 75s with gin at Southern Hospitality. 🙂 Meet me there in August (when I get a date) and see how great they are!

          • Emmaleigh504

            Shhhh Pablo, just drink the yummy drinks 🙂

          • That One Guy

            Gin is delicious as long as it isn’t made from bathtub gin.

          • Emmaleigh504

            And that’s why you are my favorite, That One Guy.

          • Pablo Raw

            Wow. One comment about gin, and I’m not your favorite anymore. Just wow M. Lee

          • Late in coming back to this, but jeslett, I USED to like gin and then had a particularly hairy night in college where we ran out of beer and decided to play Kings with shots of gin… I am open to being converted back to a gin drinker though!

          • Emmaleigh504

            SKT, I have no idea what KIngs is but it reminded me of another tequila night in collage: we ran out of beer but wanted to keep drinking, but all we had was tequila…and red koolaid. Such a bad bad flavor combination.
            Pablo, you are still my favorite, just for different stuff!

        • +1 I had a really REALLY bad night with SoCo in college, and I can’t stand the smell of it or in any mixed drink. Bleh – the thought of it makes me ill 15 years later.

    • Pablo Raw

      I’m in for the Unfocall HH

    • You have recognized the error of your slipless ways, for that I am grateful.

    • Argh at your rant. Bugs me also when people have their bags all over the place and you can’t get past. I’m wider than usual, but I still don’t take up more than half the width of the escalator!!!!

      • but it’s also public transportation, not a personal car – people sometimes lose their footing, or aren’t all together….

        • But if you’re standing on the escalator and not moving, it should be possible to hold your stuff in such a way that people can get by.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Not on the car, on the escalator. Every day most people walking down the escalator bump into me and I am well over to the right with my bag out of the way b/c I know people like to walk down (I can’t walk down b/c of vertigo). When I walk up the escalator, I manage not to touch anyone. I’m not a small person and I tend to have a big bag and yet, I touch no one. I do not understaned why almost every one can’t do the same. It’s the nice thing to do.

  • Rave: working outside
    Rant/rave: working on new stuff that is challenging, but the challenge is good. There are some annoying nit-picky things to get over, though.
    Rave: I have a great weekend planned.
    Rave: summer hours wear me down with an extra hour everyday (except the Fridays I work), but I’m just picturing my day off next Friday, probably at the pool, and it’s getting me through.

  • emvee

    Rant: Every time I plan a backpacking trip to Dolly Sods, the weather is all, “I don’t think so!” and offers me thunderstorms.
    Rave: At least my rant is a 100% FWP.

    • special_k

      We just got back from Dolly Sods a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately, the rain held off the day we went, but it was a soggy, muddy mess along the trails. Quite a challenge, very wet feet, but so beautiful!

      • emvee

        We’re debating if it’s worth powering through Saturday’s storms since Sunday is supposed to be lovely. Would you say the scenery is worth the potential drenched misery? I’m so torn!

        • special_k

          Ha! I totally get your indecision. My feet after our very wet, 6-hour hike were frightening. But the scenery is stunning and so diverse…woodlands, open meadows, rivers, overlooks… I loved it. I hear fall is really the best time to go, though. Have fun this weekend, wherever you end up!

  • Rant: So tired. So so so tired. It feels like work to keep my head up.
    Rave: My midwife tells me this is not only normal, but healthy. She applauded my five-hour nap last weekend.
    Rave: I can take another five-hour nap tomorrow if I need to.

    • mmmm naps. If there were a way to transport my previously untaken naps to NOW, I would pay a lot of money for that service. Enjoy them 🙂

    • I read somewhere that pregnancy is like running a marathon 24/7…I’m only expecting 1 and I’m the champ of 2.5 hour naps. Also, if I’m not in bed by 9, it’s a disaster….Also, if all goes well, you’d better stock up on sleep now:)

      • I used a similar marathon analogy this morning when justifying taking Uber a half mile to work instead of walking. Somehow that half mile walk in the humidity felt like the worst run I’ve ever tried to take in my life. I just couldn’t do it.

        • I drove to work (and paid downtown garage parking prices) the last month or two of pregnancy, because it was August and I couldn’t face walking one block from home to bus and two blocks from bus to office.

          • You are my hero 😀 I will be thinking of you in a few months when I’m definitely going to do this exact type of thing.

        • Ha! My MFM actually ordered me to do this if I’m feeling tired…when I saw him Wednesday he said, if walking 1/2 mile makes you tired, don’t do it, take cab. Exercise is great but if it’s too much right now, it’s too much so TAKE IT EASY. Anyway, I’ll share his permission to take cabs:)

          • Love it! I keep telling myself, “You’re making a f-cking PLACENTA!! For TWO HUMANS! It’s hard work!!!” In related news, I’ve realized I’m effectively growing an octopus in my belly. Sh-t’s gonna get real when they’re bigger. I saw a home video of a twinmom’s belly at 35 weeks and it looked like it was straight out of Alien.

      • A nap sounds amazing right now. I’m already running out of real estate in my midsection so breathing takes a bit more effort–and it’s so much worse in the heat/humidity. I’m so bad at making myself nap and/or get to bed early, which doesn’t help. Maybe this weekend….

        • If you’re anything like me, the nap will come for you whether you like it or not. I’m half-convinced that I got hit with a tranquilizer dart last Saturday — that was how suddenly and deeply I fell asleep.

          • I’m better than I should be at soldiering on in an effort to get things done. And I’m a night-person as well–so the extra bit of energy I get in the evening works against me too. Oops. I don’t stop and sit very often. That might be part of the overall problem too.

          • I’m like this. The nap/bedtime comes when it wants to. My husband jokes that it’s like a light switch. One minute, I’m awake. I lie down, do the whole pillow dance to get comfortable, turn off the light, and I’m out. He tells me that he comes to check on me 10 minutes later, I don’t even notice he opened the door or anything…getting up to go the bathroom doesn’t seem to make a difference either.

    • Sorry to hear about the tiredness, but glad to hear that your naps are being endorsed!

    • Ooh! I’ve got a Friday question! Since I’m probably in for weeks or months of quasi-hibernation, I think it would be fun to watch campy/silly/spooky movies about pregnancy, birth and twins. The first ones that come to mind for me are two Arnold Schwarzenegger/Danny DeVito flicks –Twins and Junior — and Rosemary’s Baby (probably my favorite movie of all time). Any other ideas for my list?

      • Well of course there’s The Parent Trap. Harry Potter for the Fred & George scenes. They’re the best twins ever.

      • Baby Boom.
        Not 100% related but I loved watching the later seasons of SATC just because I loved Miranda and pregnancy and the split between that and Charlotte’s infertility journey (probably the only realistic portrayal on TV, at least that I can think of).
        Maybe Baby.

      • Just marathon all the Mary Kate and Ashley movies. (I kid, I kid!)

  • Rave: Good first date last night! First time feeling like I had chemistry with someone in ages! HOORAY.
    Rave: Super busy fun weekend planned, including river tubing.
    Rave: Got Monday off for a random Japanese holiday (marine day?? well, not going to complain…)
    Rant: I despise my work computer. Firefox freezes and I have to force quit it at least once a day, and often more. So slow…

  • Aglets

    Rave: no boss in the office today so i can get stuff done! And look for other jobs 🙂
    Rant: I have lost my new reading glasses! >:(
    rave: I am taking monday off so yay three day weekend
    Rant: I know my boss will call & email me on my day off hence the 2nd part of the first rant.

  • palisades

    Rave: NO PLANS TONIGHT. Maybe happy hour? Maybe grocery shopping? Maybe sit on my ass and watch the Nats? All beautiful options.

  • Rave: Entire weekend free!
    Rant: Desperately trying to find a last minute pet friendly rental in the outer banks. are there any websites that work in last minute vacation home rental bookings or am i out of luck?

  • Rave: Coworkers who surprise you with coffee are the best coworkers.
    Rant: Coworkers who refuse to do the simple things they are tasked with, making unnecessary work for other people, are not.
    Rave: My sister’s family got a new kitten! Time to plan a visit.

    • Pablo Raw

      Worst coworkers are the ones that bring boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts 2 Fridays in a row and not the third one. It’s just rude and cruel to do that to people.

      • Too funny. Someone should tell them that they need to be more consistent with their treat-bringing. I am a sporadic treat-bringer, so people are just pleasantly surprised when it happens. .

      • That One Guy

        Groupon has a local deal for Krispy Kreme. You should get it and share with you coworkers.

  • Question: Going to do a fly by of my brother’s house in a few weeks. What are some good DC gifts for 10 and 8 year old girls (almost 11 and 9)?

    • I love giving kids books – favorites of yours or recommended things from the bookstore.

      • anonymouse_dianne

        If they like cats, get Mosby, the cat who lived in the Kennedy Center. It’s a true story, and a chance to talk about JFK and / or the Civil War. Mosby was a Confederate General called the grey ghost and during the Civil War Key Bridge was closed down every night for fear that Mosby would assassinate Lincoln.

    • The white house store has all the kids books about DC. I’m sure there are some that aren’t too bad. I have a vague memory of a kids’ mystery series involving all the landmarks…?
      My kids honestly love snow globes.

    • Maybe an activity set from the Building Museum? Build your own White House kind of a thing.

  • Rave: Exploring DC via boat and bike this weekend!
    Canoe tour of Kenilworth Aquatic Garden (and Marsh) on Sat (Anacostia Watershed Society), then “Bikes, Birds and Bullfrogs” class looking at flora and fauna of Rock Creek Park on Sun (Knowledge Commons DC)
    Rave: Dreaming up business ventures for the family farm; current thoughts are to build yurts for a rustic VBRO offering
    Rant: Little tiny ants getting into what I thought was ant-proof dog food container. I’ve put dog food in freezer but that doesn’t get rid of ants. Extra protein for the moment…

    • Yuck on the ants; I’ve had luck with the boric acid traps. My ant battle was much easier this spring than in past years.

      • good suggestion to use ant traps (putting it on my grocery/drug store/etc shopping list)

        • I hope they work for you too! Putting them out at the first sign of ant trails really nipped the problem in the bud for us. We still see them regularly–but it’s one or two here and there rather than hoards of them.

  • Rant: Apropos of today’s picture… Men urinating in public in broad daylight seems to have really increased lately. It always happens once in a while–I’m around 13th and Park and the guys drinking singles in front of the corner store regularly do it behind the green clothing donation bin. But in the last two days alone, one guy has pissed on my building’s driveway, another on the lawn of the folks across the street, and more than usual on the green bin. Add that to the increase in regularity of blind-drunk men laying down and eventually passing out on our driveway because it’s slightly shielded from the street and I’m having a bit of a nadir in my homeownership experience.
    Revel: I’ve to get a new TV and I’m stoked for much better sound and picture quality and all the other bells and whistles that come with the new guys. Anyone know what I do with my old one? It’s developing lines across the screen and they’re multiplying fast; could I get anything for it on Craig’s List if I’m honest about that or should I just offer it for free? It’s a 49″ Sony.

  • Rave: Friday! Looking forward to putting the principles from the “Getting Your Ish Together” class into practice this weekend with some organizational projects! Nothing else planned so hopefully a fairly peaceful, restful weekend….
    Rant: minus some work. I need to work on building a database for a project and I feel like it could take a while to actually function correctly, since I’ve never done this before.
    Neither Rave nor Rant: My brother’s gf, who I love like a sister (even though I think she deserves someone better than my brother!) just found out that she has an older brother?! I don’t have all the details, but from what I can gather, she found pictures and some vague information about his existence while going through wills and documents and stuff for her hospitalized father (who is actually her step-dad; her bio dad died when she was a baby and her mom died about 10 years ago). She has four pictures, a first name (although who knows if the name is still the same), and knows what hospital he was born at, and that apparently an unethical doctor coerced the adoption? This is surreal to me, I can’t even imagine how surreal it is for her. Wishing I could hug her right now.

    • Pablo Raw

      I have 3 sisters I have never met and for most of my life didn’t know existed. I’ve been in touch with one of them recently through the magic of the interwebz.

      • Yeah, she’s reaching out on Facebook to see if she has any luck with someone recognizing him, or if he recognizes himself….it’s just crazy that she has spent 36 yrs of her life thinking she was an only child, and shouldering a huge burden of grief and cares all alone, and now this. I am looking forward to talking with her this weekend and finding out more info and how she’s doing….

        • Pablo Raw

          It is a very interesting feeling. There’s also that other time when my father came to see me; he was with 2 women, an older one and a younger one. “I wanted to introduce you to your sister…” long story

    • This happened to my mom! Although her dad abandoned them, then turned around had another family. She found out in her 50s that she had two sisters her kids’ ages.

    • That One Guy

      I feel that, unless a parent passed away suddenly, they should have a sit down with their and tell them all the things they should know.

      • Yeah, it seems (again, from what I can tell right now) that her mom intentionally hid the existence of her brother, and never told her even on her deathbed 10 years ago. 🙁

        • If she was coerced into giving up a child for adoption, maybe she was ashamed about it? (I.e., the pregnancy and/or the giving up?)
          It does seem like something that a parent would tell a child about when the parent is on her deathbed, though.

          • Oh yeah, I’m sure there’s a whole other side of the story, it’s just that we might never know what it is….I just really really want to hug my friend right now, I don’t know how she’s dealing with all this. 🙁

          • LBP — Yeah, that’s a lot for her to have to process. It would be a lot even if her mother were still alive, but since she’s isn’t, that means she’ll have a lot of questions that can never be answered.

  • Has anyone read the Post article today “Fat kids don’t know they are fat anymore”? This one hits home to me because as a mom I try really freaking hard to ensure that my kids eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle now so that when they are older they will have that foundation in place. I didn’t have that as a kid, and was definitely called a fat kid (and have been in the overweight to obese category my whole adult life, something that I work on now), though I was never really overweight. I see other kids in my kids’ school who are already obese even at the age of 4. I just feel so bad for these kids who aren’t even able to play with the rest of their friends, and then even worse when I think of the long term health consequences they will most likely face. A friend suggested that perhaps the anti-fat-shaming movement is to blame, that being obese is now considered not just ok, but fashionable in some circles, and that the trend of size 22 models is actually far worse than the trend of size 0 models. I’m not sure what I think as I see both sides.. thoughts?

    • That One Guy

      I find it odd that the societal perception of beauty and norm swings towards skinny = more attractive. It’s a recent development in our history, no? More than outwardly appearance I fell the important thing to do is instill a healthy sense of self in your kids so they have confidence in who they are

      • It’s pretty recent by historical standards. I want my kids to be to have great senses of self, but they should also be able to walk some distance without being winded. I see a lot of young kids who can’t do it.

      • I couldn’t agree more… and for me, personally, I don’t think skinny is more beautiful, I think healthy is beautiful.

    • I agree that anti-fat shaming is partly to blame coupled with people seemingly being too busy to cook which leads to eating loads of fast food. I always feel esp. sorry for children of obese parents. Good on you for trying to instill good eating and being healthy in your kids, but I’m sure you’re the minority. Fat is now curvy or thick, but people still tell the skinny girl to eat something.

    • I haven’t seen the article (and can’t find it in a quick skimming of the online site), but I think both issues are problematic. I’d like to think that both can be combated with a focus on healthy eating and activity rather than a focus on looks/weight. I have some weight hangups from my teen years/family stuff, but have done much better on that front in the last decade since focusing more on eating real food, including lots of fruits & veggies, and not begrudging myself the occasional junk–and also maintaining an active lifestyle. I hope to pass that message on to my kids, but that’s obviously a very narrow impact. The broader issues of societal messages seem much trickier and I don’t know how to tackle them.

    • I’m of two sides – love your body, it’s the only one you have….(though, I’m my owns biggest critic) and also that our culture doesn’t lend itself anymore to a healthy lifestyle for an overwhelming majority of people/families. Gym classes get cut, no health classes, both parents (if you have two), working full time and it’s hard to cook a healthy meal or find time to work out once you have a kid. I always wondered why it was so hard for people – then i had a kid and realize it’s very, very, very difficult. Even for people with money. For me, i think a part of it is that my grandmother put a lot of stock in my mom’s weight and used it to determine her value, which obviously backfired. And then my mom worked when we were growing up. So few have someone to make healthy food or encourage activities, it’s just really hard. It’s not to blame society as a whole, but I really think society has evolved to where it’s an overwhelmingly uphill battle. Public schools don’t do their part, childcare centers dont do their part. Employers don’t do their part (we have that whole “you can work out 3 hrs a week” thing approved but no one does it for fear of reprisal). We are an overstressed, overworked, underpaid, overfed nation and it’s kicking our collective asses. My #1 goal when we move to an area with a slower pace is to return to focusing on my health for my kid’s sake.
      I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a size 22 model or a size 0 model. Both are selling clothes and both have a market – the size 22 probably moreso. I don’t think kids care, though, probably more to do with making women feel less bad about themselves so they’ll spend money.

      • Oh, I also think there’s a balance that is very difficult to find. As a parent with weight issues, I expend considerable effort to feed my kid the best food and he’s INSANELY active. Most parents with weight issues KNOW they have them and don’t want their children to deal with the same problems. But if you stress that, your kid could develop a body/eating disorder. It’s a tough call so I’m currently of the “do as a I do”, where we are outside a lot, don’t really watch TV, go the farmers market, ect. But even this is a luxury a lot of families don’t have. It’s a tough problem from every side.

    • The biggest problem is that the parents are unaware their kids are fat. What’s an 8 year old going to do about it? Take herself to the store for a healthier diet? Hop a bus to the gym? The only result of increasing kids’ awareness of their obesity is to make them feel bad. It’s the parents who need a clue.

      In other news, I hear an appalling number of “I’m fat” comments from 8-10 year old girls who are pretty slim.

      • Yeah – it drives me nuts when I hear parents say things like “little Johnny will only eat chicken nuggets and chocolate milk!” Umm, no – you are providing those to your child since it’s the part of least resistance and you don’t want to hear him whine. If you don’t buy it, he can’t eat it. I understand that some kids are very picky eaters, but it’s still the parents who are responsible for what is available to their kids.

        • I don’t know, but if you’ve never been on the other end of a child who won’t eat, it’s hard to say it’s the parent’s fault. As the parent of a 8% for weight kid (who struggles to keep him in 8%), if he wants nuggets, he gets nuggets (who am i kidding, i WISH he’d eat nuggets). Some parents definitely are lazy, but it’s still not all cut and dry.

          • Definitely not all cut and dry – I totally agree with you jindc. But, to AMDCer’s point, somekids become picky eaters because parents are picky eaters. They eat high calorie foods because that’s what is in the house and that’s what they see their parents eat. They are modeling behavior 100%. My youngest is a picky eater. If he could eat what he chose, it would be spaghetti, PB&J, cheese, hot dogs, and hamburgers. But, that spaghetti is made with veggie or whole wheat pasta, and has extra veggies snuck in. the PB&J is whole wheat bread and the “PB” may be peanut one day, almond another, and I only use fruit spread and not actual jelly (he thinks real jelly is gross). And, there are days where he doesn’t get a choice and he is expected to eat what we do. It really is a hard balancing act, but there are ways to do it, and at some point you have to do what’s right and what’s not popular. Now, this is much easier with a 4yo vs a 2yo, but it can be done.

      • You have a point. And honestly, my six year old who is in the 25th% for weight has called herself fat. This is totally my fault because I know that I am guilty of calling myself fat too.

    • I think in our culture we currently have the worst of both worlds. There is lots of scientific evidence about the dangers of overweight and obesity, yet we as a country are becoming alarmingly fat. There’s also lots of societal pressure to be thin (or at least not overweight), especially for women, and that can translate into psychological issues regarding body image, as well as translating into eating disorders.
      Basically, fat-shaming doesn’t seem to have resulted in less fatness.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Where are these size 22 models? Most plus sized models are about a 12.
      On the other hand, I think we need to get away from skinny or fat shaming and just work on promoting health. Poeple come in all shapes and sizes and healthy is what’s important. You can’t judge a person’s health on their size alone. There are super healthy people that look fat, just like there are skinny people who are unhealthy. My bestie in middle school was rail thin and had no muscle tone what so ever. She wasn’t sick, just didn’t like physical activity. I think Michelle Obama’s Move campaign is perfect. Eating well and being active is better than obsessing over a body size.

      • This. I think that Serena Williams would disagree that fat shaming is no longer a thing or that non-tiny bodies are considered fashionable now. And this despite her being an accomplished athlete who is in amazing shape. I think that the article title is clickbait, because there is not an overweight person alive who isn’t acutely aware that they’re overweight. Kids are especially quick to point those things out. But I don’t think that a return to crappy behavior like fat shaming is a productive approach. Health at Every Size has its place, as does an increased emphasis on nutrition and getting added sugars, fats and salt out of our processed foods.

        • I totally agree that fat shaming is not the way to go, and also agree that healthy comes in different sizes.

        • “I think that the article title is clickbait, because there is not an overweight person alive who isn’t acutely aware that they’re overweight.” That’s what I would’ve thought, too… but according to the article, kids’ awareness of being overweight has changed significantly over the past 20 years.
          “Adolescents, for instance, are 29 percent less likely to correctly perceive themselves as being overweight than they were almost twenty years ago, according to the study’s findings. And the drop-off is the most pronounced among younger children—overweight 12-year-olds are almost 40 percent less likely to understand that they are overweight today.”

          • It does seem as though kids fall into one of two camps: either they’re surprising oblivious to their overweight, or they’re hating themselves for – real or perceived – overweight. I imagine there are many factors that contribute, such as household / community modeling, media/ image exposure level, cultural norms, etc. I personally find this topic fascinating (and sort of depressing at the same time).

          • I’m really surprised at those results, since all of what I see on a micro level points in the opposite direction. But the data pool seems to be pretty robust, so I’ll defer to science on this, I guess.

            LBP has a good list of the various contributing factors to obesity. I’d be interested to see how many of those are in play for the kids whose perception of their weight doesn’t match reality.

          • BBB — Yeah, that’s sort of why I feel like our country seems to have the worst of both worlds with regard to weight — lots of overweight/obesity and consequent medical issues, and lots of angst, frustration, body dysmorphia, etc. over real or perceived overweight/obesity.
            I was reading a year or so ago that today’s supermodels are significantly thinner than the supermodels of the 1990s (who were hardly Rubenesque themselves). So the gap between reality and what’s being held up as some sort of model is even bigger than it used to be.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Cindy Crawford was a perfect 6. Compared to today’s runway models she’s be ginormous!

      • The trend used to be for plus size to equal size 12, but now there are models like Tess Holiday, who was just signed as a model and was hugely popular for the young folks on the Instagrams before that. Don’t get me wrong – I think Tess Holiday is gorgeous, and I’m not saying that size is in any way, shape, or form even a factor in beauty. I’m purely thinking of health here. The fact is, even though a size 22 is beautiful, it is still unhealthy no matter how you look at it. A size 12 can be healthy, but it can also not be healthy. I am currently a size 10 and I have a BMI of 25.3 which puts me in the “overweight” category. Which puts me at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, gynecological issues, etc.

        • “A size 12 can be healthy, but it can also not be healthy.” Say what?????? Size had little to do with anything. (Especially now with sizes all over the place) I’m mostly a size 14 – (5’11”) but with a BMI of 21.

          • I think that’s exactly what anonamom is saying, victoria – you may be a 14, but you’re very tall; thus the importance of looking at BMI, which in your case is perfect. 🙂 I’m 5’5″ so if I wore a 14, I’m thinking my BMI is gonna be a lot more than 21 and would put me squarely in the “unhealthy” category.

          • Accountering

            I think she is saying you can be a size 12 and be quite healthy (active) or be a size 12 who is extremely unhealthy and sedentary.

          • That’s exactly my point victoria – it can be health and it can be not healthy. I’m speaking purely in terms of BMI here. Any size can be healthy or not healthy. Like I said, I’m a size 10 and technically not a healthy weight.

        • Emmaleigh504

          It’s not like people are going to go out and gain weight to look like her. People who are already overweight (healthy or not, and you would be surprised how healthy the “fat” girl in my dorm during college was) can see that it’s possible to be pretty at any size.
          All sorts of things put people a more risk for health problems.; it’s not just under/over weight. Again, eat well and move. You are more than the number on your scale. In other words, quit worring about the scale or the dress size and worry about how you feel, how healthy you are. Healthy and unhealthy come in all shapes and sizes.

          • +1 🙂

          • People probably won’t gain weight to look like her, but they may see it and think, I don’t need to lose weight because this is ok.
            Again, I’m not saying that it’s not pretty at all, and also agree that healthy comes in various shapes and sizes, though to be perfectly honest, I would have a hard time believing that a size 22 would be healthy in any form. In fact, a waist circumference over over 35 inches in a woman has shown to be an indicator of increased risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Again, not saying that it’s not pretty or even gorgeous, just saying it’s not healthy.

          • “you are more than a number on a scale” is something that needs to come from the top – Doctors. Doctors do NOT know how to talk to patients about weight, and as such, many patients with weight issues avoid doctors because they don’t need another lecture. they need medical care. It’s ridiculous. “oh, I’m overweight? WHAAA?!” when you’re there because you have a cold is just plain awful after so many times. I don’t have a Primary because I hate being reminded of my weight issues when i see them every day I wake up. Nevermind that even AFTER I had lost 75lbs (before baby), my doctor at that time STILL told me I had to lose weight. Didn’t matter how far I’d come or my overall health and fitness. It was the scale.

          • Emmaleigh504

            anoanmom, you worry about your and your famillies health and then let everyone else worry about their’s. No need to concern troll everyone who you think is fat.

          • “Doctors do NOT know how to talk to patients about weight, and as such, many patients with weight issues avoid doctors because they don’t need another lecture. they need medical care.”

            And they tend to assume every issue is a result of being overweight. Some are related, some are not, but if you go into every interaction focusing on that alone, you can miss pertinent information.

          • How am I trolling? I simply started a discussion. And if you read my posts carefully, I have never once called anyone fat, and have actually said that people who are overweight are beautiful, that size has nothing to do with that, and when I am discussing healthy versus non-healthy, I’m speaking in terms of BMI – which is an actual, measurable, clinical factor, not some purely subjective thing.

          • It’s ok Anonymom, I don’t think you’re trolling at all. It’s a valid discussion. It has been proven that being overweight is not good for your health. Not saying everyone should be supermodel thin, but the reality is that most Americans have poor diets and live sedentary lifestyles and ARE overweight. This leads to a lot of related health problems.
            Everyone has different body types but it is important to live a healthy lifestyle which includes plenty of exercise and the right diet. The focus should not be on appearance but on fitness and over all health. Maybe reduce our dependency on these little magic pills that cure a problem which could be addressed with more exercise.
            Regarding children, the onus is on the parent to make sure it happens. Yes it’s easier after a long day of work to just give your child an iPad and crappy dinner, but at the end of the day it’s better for you and the child to take the time to go outside and kick the ball around. I think the FLOTUS is going a good with her Lets Move program.

          • Emmaleigh504

            anonamom, we are missing each other’s context. I’m not talking about beauty, I’m talking about health. You really cannot judge anyone else’s health by looks. Beauty on the other hand, have at it.
            I’m not concerned with beauty in this case so much as health and people judging if someone is healthy or not b/c of what they look like. There are too many factors at play to be able to say, yep that overweight person is super unhealthy but that thin person is healthy or vice versa.

          • M. Lee, I have zero interest in going back and forth with you. What was a good, healthy discussion became nothing when you called me a troll and then decided to call me out, by name in a post about your health issues. I have no interest what so ever in engaging in personal disputes or battles with anyone. I think you and I probably actually agree quite a bit on this issue, however, you are intent on making me into a bad guy and making things personal.

          • I don’t think anonamom was concern-trolling anyone on PoPville or in real life (at least not from what she’s said here). I think it’s more that she’s contemplating a public health issue. (And it seemed like she disagreed with her friend who thought that the anti-fat-shaming movement was to blame for the current levels of obesity.)
            Certainly there are people out there who concern-troll under the guise of health when what they really care about is appearance. Or who just concern-troll to stir sh1t. But I don’t get the feeling that anonamom is one of those.

          • I know anonamom IRL and can attest to the fact that she is not concern-trolling anyone!

          • lol – thanks LBP and everyone else 🙂
            Look, I work in healthcare and I see the affects of obesity on children every day. It’s a real, very serious issue facing our community. I thought it was an interesting study and article, and thought it would make a good discussion. That’s it.

  • Rant – that New Yorker article about the inevitable earthquake in the Pacific Northwest. I have a business trip to Seattle in 2 weeks, and now all I can think about is eating some seafood at Pike Place Market, feeling a 9.2 earthquake, and knowing that (if I survive in the first place) in 7 minutes I’ll likely be dead because of the resulting tsunami. Fantastic.
    Rant: people who insist on being apologists for Very Bad People.

    • The Pike Place Market is about 100 feet above sea level. So, if the big one hits while you’re dining there, I would still head east toward Capitol Hill, but you’re probably safe.

    • I grew up near Seattle and now all I think about is if my parents, brother, other family/friends are safe…
      I am surprised I haven’t had an earthquake dream yet though…get ready for tonight

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: One of my dogs has been extra huggy.
    Rant: Still don’t know the status of my tenant except he has checked out of the hospital.
    Rave: Thanks for all who have sent supportive messages.
    Rant: Dr Vodka.

    • Good luck with your tenant, I hope that things get better for you both soon.

    • I Dont Get It

      Thanks. Tenant is here now and seems to be much better. I confronted him on what he did and how it affected people. He seems to be remorseful. Not sure if it was the right thing to say but it was the honest thing to say.

      In only my life…some delivery company just tried to drop off a refrigerator here. Uh no…

      • I Dont Get It

        Things are not Disneyish. Still concerned.

        • Do you know if the tenant has any plans for continued care? It seems like he would absolutely need additional therapy and possibly medication, if not regular supervision . It should -definitely- not be your responsibility as his landlord to manage this. If he’s not getting the care he needs and that responsibility is falling to you, I bet there are people here who could help you figure out how to make sure that care is better managed so less of the burden is on your shoulders.

          • +1. Is there by chance a hospital social worker or someone assigned to his case?

          • I Dont Get It

            Thanks. I’ll check into that.

          • I am an absolute non-expert on this subject but wanted to give you a few numbers you could use if (or before) you need them:
            – 911 (obviously).
            – 24/7 suicide prevention lifeline: 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433), 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255), or in Spanish, 1-888-628-9454. I *imagine* these numbers would be useful for the tenant AND you if either of you needs urgent advice. The people on the other end will have tons of resources and I imagine they would be able to give you great advice for helping the tenant.

        • Blithe

          IDGI, I don’t know if you saw my post from LATE yesterday, but I know a bit about emergency hospitalizations and discharge planning and the types of things that would usually be in place — such as follow-up medication and other appointments. If that type of information would be helpful, let me know, and I can check in and do another late night post.

      • IDGI, not sure if the tenant is already seeing a therapist, but if not, I was just reading Carolyn Hax’s live chat from earlier today and she posted the link to a “Steps For Finding a Therapist” Guide that a reader (who’s a social worker) came up with:

  • Rave: Tel Aviv beaches!
    ?: Changed my OKC location to Tel Aviv. I’ve gotten so many freaking messages from Israeli guys
    Rant: In Israel, the dating culture is quite mysogynistic and guys tend to be pretty aggressive. I should probably just change my location back to DC
    Rant/rave: Trip to Jordan was canceled due to low enrollment. But this means more little day trips during the week – Jerusalem, Haifa, Dead Sea…

    • As the wife of an Israeli….beware 🙂

      • Yeah…although I did get invited out for a dinner date, and my friend thought that was a huge deal because I guess NOBODY goes out on dinner dates.

        • have fun! As a blanket observation/generalization, Israeli men – Sabras – are HOT. I mean, really – super hot. Sooooo no harm in safe fun 🙂 It’s the annoying “ehh ehh ehh” I can’t stand, so if they aren’t talking, even hotter!

          • They are really good looking, I’m just a little bit creeped out. And they totally prey on American women so I’m fearful that it may or may not be safe.

          • I think Israeli men are used to spending time with aggressive women. They may find American women more ‘timid’ than Israeli women. Who knows. My FIL preyed on my MIL because she was weak and timid and he wanted American citizenship.

  • Emmaleigh504

    LA, I have another summer song for you! “Blank Space” by Swifty. (I’m so enjoying finding summer fling songs for you!) Have fun!

  • Rave: Gig last night went well. I think I may have two new fanboys. 😉

  • Rave: It’s Friday
    Rave: Tubing tomorrow
    Rave: My best friend got a second interview 🙂
    No rants

  • Emmaleigh504


    • Emmaleigh504

      Rave? It’s the first time someone asked me.

    • Yes, this! Since I teach elementary school and kids aren’t always aware of what’s socially acceptable, they get one free pass. But when an adult asks, it’s tempting to shout “I’M NOT PREGNANT, JUST FAT” because everybody knows what I look like but not everybody knows he’s an a-hole.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I really like the guy that asked, he’s super nice. In his defense I have been wearing a lot of shapeless, muumuu like dresses this summer, but still! If it had been anyone but this guy I would have answered, nope just fat. But he’s so nice, so I just blamed my dresses and left my fat out of it.
        And in case anonamom is concerned that I’m fat, no need to worry. It’s due to a medication a *have* to take. My doctor is well aware of the situtation and we are working together to get my weight back to normal.

        • Oh come on. And I’m the troll?

          • Emmaleigh504

            “concern troll” is different than just a troll.
            I just didn’t want you or anyone else to worry that I’m fat b/c I’m lazy or unhealthy. (I am lazy! But that’s not why I’m fat!)

          • ??? The distinction is lost on me. And I think a lot of her focus was on the current generation of kids that are becoming overweight at much earlier ages than previous generation, which might have even larger long-term health effects than current obesity that was gained at an older age. It’s an even bigger problem if kids can’t keep up with various activities with their peers because of weight and inactivity–further perpetuating the issue. That was my impression of the basis for her commentary, at least.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I agree with anonamom that kids/poeple need to be healthy and they aren’t as active as they once were, I just disagree on the emphasis on “overweight”. It’s difficult to tell health status on looks alone. I mean, sure if soemone’s leg is missing and they are gushing blood every where there may be a health problem, but someone who is not the weight one deems healthy means nothing.

          • “I mean, sure if soemone’s leg is missing and they are gushing blood every where there may be a health problem” — Nah. It’s just a scratch. 😉

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