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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Prince Of Petworth

    I just want to say thanks to all for their kind words yesterday – I really appreciate the support!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: my twitter and instagram feed are not getting my funny 🙁
    Rant: Meetings all morning.
    Rave: bownie in my lunch.

  • Rant: My employer thinks that they can lift moral by having potlucks and happy hours… while I appreciate some free booze, what about bringing some transparency in hiring practices and providing support to project managers?

    • Summer hours. Instead of TAKING people’s time (forced socialization,) how about GIVING them time (close the office at 2pm on Fridays.) That’s how you lift morale.

      • AMEN! I hate being voluntold to go to a baseball game or a happy hour. I want to go home and relax

        • YES. Especially if it is after hours. I want to go home and spend time with my husband and kid, not getting business drunk and having awkward small talk.

          • ugh it’s ALWAYS at, like, 3PM for us and we can either take leave (which I never do), or be forced to participate. With baseball games, they go to the 1:30 start, so I can either go and sit in the blasting sun watching a game I dislike, or use leave. Game it is. So frustrating! And same here with lunch – 7 years at my desk. Blech.

        • I Dont Get It

          When I was in telecommunications we used to do these after hour events until HR made us stop after the second pregnancy. Money quote from another manager “Are we supposed to follow them around to make sure they are using condoms? ” Good times!

      • Aglets

        THIS OMG THIS.

        I don’t want to spend any more time with these people than i need to. Especially after 6 years of no lunch breaks. I’m already technically in over time *every week* that i don’t get compensated for. Sorry, but i’ve started to really value my time.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Yes! If I want to spend more time with work people I like, I will schedule something with them, not the whole stupid team.

      • Bear

        My organization actually just did us a solid – they gave everyone an extra day of PTO and are waiving our medical premiums for 2 months. I’ll take it! Never seen anything like this in my 7.5 years here.

        • WTH, that’s awesome! What industry are you in?

          • Bear

            International development. I think it’s partly a reaction to the fact that people are still pissed that they cut our benefits last year, and I imagine they’re having a hard time attracting new talent.

        • After we finished a big project two years ago, our senior director gave each person on our team a week of PTO off-the-books to be used before the end of the year (so we had about 5 months to use it). We are feds and there wasn’t room in the budget to give us cash bonuses. That was a very thoughtful and creative morale booster!

        • wow that’s awesome

    • Emmaleigh504

      Do you work at my working place? stupid potlucks grumble grumble grumble
      NOTE: brownie think tomorow does not fall into the potluck morale category, it’s a few people doing something nice for a friend.

    • That One Guy

      Last year the work put us through focus groups/small group meetings with HR to come up with ideas to improved things, like morale, and I haven’t seen anything discussed or implemented since. Feels like they checked off a box and moved on with business as usual.

  • To the schlub on Holmead who walked out his front door, crossed the street, and put two large bags of trash in someone else’s cans in the Oak/Otis alley after the trash collectors had already come through: You, sir, are The Worst. You should live on an overgrown acre somewhere in the not-pretty part of Appalachia, with a giant rusty satellite dish that cuts out during the good parts of the game, where you regularly find rabid raccoons and copperheads under your porch, and where you and your selfish behavior can be mostly isolated from the nice people.

    • GiantSquid

      I’ve spied one of my neighbors regularly putting his household trash bags into the public trash can in front of Tyler Elementary. Gave him the super stink eye for that. You have trash cans, roll them to the curb like everyone else, ya lazy jerk.

      • I see that all the time on 14th. I think it’s residents of not-so-legal rentals that should pay for private trash pickup but don’t. And that’s bad… the public cans are always over-full as it is. But it’s the landlord’s fault, not so much the residents, as they don’t have options and possibly don’t know their rights.
        But for the resident of a house to basically make a neighbor store his trash for three days? That’s a whole ‘nother level.

    • why you hating on appalachia, coons, and copperheads? that’s HOME for some people.

      • Aleppo is home for some people. Are you suggesting that there are not objectively better and worse places to call home?

    • Go put the bags on said offending neighbor’s front lawn? That would be the right thing to do.

  • Rant: Morning/all day sickness. I’ve tried all the remedies and they’re not working. Pregnancy is gross. And I want to be in bed right now.

    • Correct: Pregnancy is a gross MIRACLE.

      • It’s ok. It’s still gross. There was a recent post all about it on scary mommy recently 🙂 The gas alone is in it’s own league! But lie down if/when you can and take it easy. This, too, shall pass. Hugs.

        • remember the issue on sex and the city? 🙂

          • Emmaleigh504

            yes! Was that the same episode with the pregnancy craving for sexy times? (I had no idea that was a thing!)

        • Thank goodness -that- hasn’t been an issue. The main issue is exhaustion that feels like mono and nausea just at the thought of food. I’m eating, but it doesn’t make me feel better.

  • Rave: Made Joy the Baker’s Milk Chocolate Cookies & Cream Cookies last night for the hubby’s birthday. Oh my god they are the best cookies I’ve ever had. Incredible.
    Rave: Rasika tonight for his birthday dinner!
    Rant: Management has put down permanent delays on our 6-month in Beijing stint…
    Rave: Means I can get back to planning that unofficial PoPville book club I put on hold when I thought I was moving to the other end of the earth…
    Rave: Reading a fabulous book that is so powerful and moving.

    • Oh man, I want to go back to Rasika–haven’t been in ages. Maybe sometime after my parents move so they can babysit 🙂

    • Name of book, please?

      • It’s called After Birth by Elisa Albert. She’s a fabulous writer and the book is so raw and yet so eloquent. I don’t yet have children but have close friends and family who have recently had babies and so it’s a reminder to care and support and love them as they go through this transition (instead of focusing on the fact that babies = taking over their lives! :-D)

    • An additional few raves: Nuclear deal reached with Iran. Yay diplomacy!!
      Rave: Pluto pictures – just gorgeous. And so awesome that the discoverer of Pluto was along for the ride 😀

  • Rave: Got a spot at the “Organizing your Ish” class at Petworth Citizen tonight! Hope this helps!
    Rant: Wishing I could add hours to the day in order to get everything done – sooooo much to do, mostly at work. I love what I do but holy moly, I don’t know how to get it all done!
    Rant: Sitting on a conference call for an hour when the particular info I need is only going to be discussed for about 3 minutes, but I don’t know exactly when, thus having to sit through the whole thing.
    Rave: headache finally gone (knock wood)!

  • Rave: Headed down to NOLA for the rest of the week tomorrw

  • Rant: work buildings HVAC was shot yesterday, so the whole floor was sort of clammy and hot. Definitely not a great way to start the week.
    Rave: it’s back on today
    Rave: only a 4 day week, taking off for a wedding in Maryland.
    Rant; been locked in a funk. I’m jealous my roommate has already found a place after our lease ends, meanwhile I’m still waiting day by day to hear when the building I want is starting to lease.

  • Rant: Scratchy throat turned into properly sore throat & post-nasal drip. Took allergy medication this morning, but I don’t think it’s doing anything. So maybe not allergies? Maybe it will at least get better quicker if it’s a cold?
    Rant: I suck at productivity this week. Just can’t focus. Bah.
    Rave: Ran into a grad school friend & made plans for lunch.
    Rant: Crazy yelling man woke me up at 6:15 yesterday morning. That dude sucks. (I know that was yesterday, but I forgot to complain about it yesterday. 😛 )

    • Oh–another rave–a high school friend’s MRI came back clear for the first time she’s had two clear scans in a row since she was diagnosed with brain cancer several years ago.

    • Mug of Glop

      Yup, that sounds like what I had last week. After a couple days of sore throat and drip, it turned into a full-blown cough for a couple days. Hopefully you won’t have it as bad as I did. In any case, what worked for me was the 12-hour Claratin-D and Sudafed (the ones with actual, real pseudoephedrine). Good luck, and stock up on hot chocolate and decaf tea for the evenings!

      • Well, shoot. Pseudoephedrine isn’t pregnancy-approved (decongestants as a class of drugs tend to be a no-no). Fingers super duper crossed that what I have doesn’t develop like yours did!!!

        • Mug of Glop

          On the “plus” side, there are all sorts of different colds going around right now, so you could have something completely-ish different!

  • Hey, who wants to weigh in on the intensely personal decision of a complete stranger?!

    Trying to decide if I should have another kid. Got one, 6 years old. Getting toward the end of my window. Getting my long-term birth control removed (and possibly replaced) next week. Or… maybe not getting it replaced. Kind of middle class poor, but maintaining. Marriage is kind of poor, but maintaining.

    My anxiety with regard to having only one child is sometimes terrible. Both for the child’s wellbeing and mine, should something happen to him.

    Tons of family support.

    • “My anxiety with regard to having only one child is sometimes terrible. Both for the child’s wellbeing and mine, should something happen to him.”
      Are you anxious to have another child as some sort of macabre insurance policy?

    • What’s your gut feeling on whether you want another or not? What does your spouse want? Would it make sense to give it a specific amount of time to try and then call yourself done and be at peace?

    • Hmm – even if you get pregnant tomorrow (no guarantee, if you’re “getting toward the end of your window”), your kids will be 7+ years apart. That’s a long time. “Marriage is kind of poor, but maintaining” – not sure how you think an infant is going to affect that for the better. Fear for your well-being if something happens to your child now? This is going to sound crass, but I don’t know how else to say it – having a kid so you can have a spare is a terrible reason. You have not articulated one good reason to add to your family (or at least what I consider to be a good reason), and some pretty compelling reasons not to. I say no. Question – if you really wanted another child, why wait till now?

      • Accountering

        Based on your comments, I agree with DCD. I would pass.
        Middle class poor becomes even poorer with daycare and all the extra expense too.

      • +10,000
        You already got one and bringing another kid into the picture will just strain finances (and probably your relationship) even further. When Kid #1 goes to college, your second kid will be entering middle school. There’s no need for an heir and a spare, unless you desperately want one.
        Pass, IMHO.

    • You don’t really sound excited about it so I’d say no. Also no mention of spouse’s opinion which I would think is far more important than mine.

    • Only child of divorced parents here:
      My parents split when I was 5. I don’t think having another child would have helped. In all honesty it probably would have made things even worse. So, if I understand correctly that by saying your marriage is poor you mean your marriage is on the rocks, then I would say don’t have the second kid. (For the record this doling out advice to a total stranger like this does feels a little weird.)
      As for being an only child – it’s really not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. We are a strong and resilient people.
      I definitely wouldn’t recommend bringing a new life into this world to curb anxiety. Perhaps you should seek the help of a trained therapist.

      • I’m an only child of parents who aren’t divorced, but who should have gotten divorced a long, long time ago. Trust me when I say having parents who have a rocky relationship is no fun for any child. Being an only definitely isn’t the end of the world- and in fact I very much enjoyed it when I was growing up. Now that I’m over 30 I sometimes wish I had a sibling to share the pain with as my parents age, but I have close friends I’ve known 20+ years and an SO I adore so it isn’t so bad.

        • Yeah… I totally forgot to mention that I am glad my parents split up when they did. I can’t imagine how much worse it would have been had they stayed together… much less throw another child into the mix.

          • Absolutely- even as a small child I wondered why my parents stayed together. I might add that finances were never an issue for them so they didn’t even have that to worry about (yet they still managed to find lots of things to fight about). As a result, I have always been an intensely independent person because I didn’t want to have to depend on my spouse for money like my mom did. Not saying they were bad parents- but their relationship certainly colored my view of relationships when I got older.

    • As I see it (never having made the call before): Pros are that you could have another child, that your current child may benefit from a sibling, and all the love that that entails for your family. Cons: It sounds like money and marriage aren’t ideal (but are they ever?) and the big age difference might be something that would concern me. If you’re here regularly and already have a kid you know what you’re facing with diapers, sleeplessness, etc…but if your kid is six you might have blocked that experience out a bit. Questions to ask: What does your partner think? Is this decision being driven by anxiety? Are you ready for the life changes that would come with another child? Would your anxiety increase? (This isn’t meant to be exhaustive, just some things to thing about. Best wishes with the decision!)

    • Not sure what you should do but want to weigh in that my bro is 7 years older than me and I love it. It was an interesting dynamic growing up but one that has grown while we grow and mature. Best of luck with whatever you decide.

    • I’ll be the first to admit (anonymously) that my last child was a “fixer” child. It did not work. I knew the moment he was born, and in fact having another child only magnified and exacerbated all the issues in my marriage, and we were separated when the youngest was 2. Now, having said that, I do not regret the choice at all. And, to be fair, I don’t think that things are any worse for him because his dad and I are divorced. So o would say, if you want a kid, then go for it. But don’t do it if you will regret it, and don’t be under any illusion that it will fix anything. Be prepared to be a single mom and understand that shit is hard as a single mom. Not all of us are cut out for it; it’s a lot of long, thankless days, a lot of giving of yourself, and a lot of putting someone else way before yourself in a way that you can’t quite understand until you are there. So think really long and really hard about it.

    • My brother went through this and ultimately decided against having another kid. My nephew is amazing, but very high energy, short attention span, always on the go-he’s a handful. And my brother’s wife was already emotionally stretched to the breaking point trying to keep up with my nephew and her job. She did not seem to have the capacity to deal with more sleepless nights, diapers, etc. FWIW, my nephew is doing great, very well socialized, like any other kid. And their marriage is doing better now that things have settled down. IMO, there’s nothing wrong with having a smaller family, if that is right for you.

    • focus on your marriage and coming to this decision together. I say this as a fleeting one-and-done-er. the age difference of kids wouldn’t bother me (I actually think it’s great!). So maybe get help together and see how the marriage goes. Because a new baby could be the nail in the coffin if it’s already barely hanging on. My marriage has taken a severe hit since having a child. But I also DO see the “anxiety WRT only having one kid”, I don’t want our kid to have no one when we go, or us to have no one if something god forbid happens to him. But i also had/have terrible PPA due to awful medicare care. So I see it from all views – you have to both want it for the right reason, and maybe therapy could help.

      • Why has your marriage taken a severe hit since having a child? Just the change and stress of it all?

        • All my friends who had the 2nd kid said that the stress increases exponentially. And that can wreak havoc on the marriage. One kid is tough; a second kid is 3x or 4x as tough. Especially if both kids are young. YMMV, obviously.

        • In my case, we had a rough patch that was partly due to sleep deprivation/PPA and partly settling into our new normal–but it was fairly short lived. Not to speak for jindc, but sounds like the sleep deprivation is still around for her and that probably doesn’t help.

          • oh, yeah, I never sleep – but somehow my husband is always tired. Go figure!

          • lol, that drives me nuts. My wife needs more sleep than I do & functions far less well with lost sleep–so she’s the one who’s more likely to act like sleepless zombie idiot (love you honey!) if she hasn’t slept quite enough even if my sleep is more disrupted. Drives me nuts.

        • variety of reasons (not all specific to me, just from knowing a lot of people in this situation) – when you have a child that never sleeps, your intimacy takes a hit and it’s hard for one partner (the ‘extra’ parent, if you will) to not take it personally. No time to do anything and an expectation that your partner will step up. When you exclusively breast feed, there’s very little for the other parent to do which can cause resentment when there’s somehow still so much to do. It costs a lot of money, and finances can stress a marriage. I’m sure there are marriages that have no stress even with a kid, but I personally don’t know of any.

          • 🙁 Ugh, I don’t have to make a decision now, but I still go back and forth a lot. Not that babysitting is anything like having your own kid, but I babysat for ten years and watched quite a few stressed out moms who had very little support/help from their SO. Some days I can’t imagine not having kids, but other days I question whether it’s worth it. I know my partner would help as much as possible, but at the same time she works longer hours than me so I know a lot would fall to me.

          • i think there’s a complete lack of understanding what “support for the mom” means. There’s no way to help anxiety, especially in the era of “if you don’t do this, you’re a terrible mom” (I’m looking at you, lactivists!) or if you eat sugar while pregnant you’re the devil. It’s nonstop from the moment you’re pregnant – the messaging is that, no matter what, you’re somehow not doing your best. Going to work? Oh, that’s awful. Staying home? What a waste of intellect. Ultimately, though, if you have a solid foundation with your partner, you can weather the storm. I see this as 2-3 frustrating years, which is why I’m personally hesitant to add a second. However, part of us moving is to be closer to support should we decide to try (ours was IVF, so it’ll be a process, and not a fun one). If you’re in love with your partner, seeing them be a good parent does often make up for the other shortcomings. Is it worth it? Yet to be seen. But I am of the belief, for us, that I’d rather find it stressful than wonder if it would be stressful.

          • ParkViewRes–I think a lot depends on your gut feeling on whether you want a kid (and whether your partner does too, of course). My wife works shorter hours now because she wants to at least see our daughter for a few minutes before bedtime each night. And that was her choice, not coming from me nagging. That said, I do handle more of the kid/general household running partly because of our respective talents and partly because my schedule is more flexible. However, my wife takes care of the contractors, vet appointments for the cats (including several recently for various procedures and such that have to happen during business hours). So, all in all, we’re both contributing–just in different ways. I’m a little scared about the transition from one to two, but I think we’ll hit a groove eventually. I think it does help for parenting to be something you decide to go in on jointly.

          • jindc, Makes sense and I know I would never regret having a child, but yeah if I don’t I would probably always wonder what if.
            mtpresident, That’s good that your wife adjusted her schedule without you even asking. I guess that’s where the sacrifices and changes come into play. We also don’t have dogs or cats and never plan to have any pets!

      • To be fair, even siblings have falling outs and bad relationships. There’s no guarantee that siblings will “be there for each other” when you guys pass away in your old age. For example, my brother and sister barely talk. My dad is not close to his siblings.
        Having another kid to be a companion to the other is a weak reason to have a 2nd. Do it because you + spouse are in love, have a strong relationship, and want to add to your family. That’s really the sole reason to add more kids.

        • This. We are planning to only have one child (a decision made from a combination of my age, monetary resources, family support, etc). Even before we have become parents, everyone weighs in the on the plight of the singleton. I have three sisters; my closeness to them varies. My husband and his brother rarely talk and only see each other during holidays and family gathers. Having siblings is NO guarantee that they will be close. And I think having another kid *solely* to give your current child a companion is a very bad (and to some degree unfair) idea. Each child ideally is wanted for him/herself.

          • Having no siblings IS a guarantee that a child will be alone in caring for aging parents, though.

          • Basically, yes (barring other events). But–no need to pile onto the “every child should have a sibling” train. The decision is more complex than that single factor.

          • Four words: long term care insurance.
            Hopefully having only one child ensures that the parents can afford to save extra for their old age expenses. Again, there’s no guarantee that an only-child or two siblings will be there to take care you. This should not be anyone’s safety net in American society.

          • That is very true (and also a worry that I have in planning a family). I think the only thing we can do in that regard is just try to plan for our futures as much as possible and be very good about saving for retirement and beyond (at the minimum, we can help alleviate the financial burden of dealing with aging parents).

          • I mentioned above that is the only thing that makes me feel a tiny bit disadvantaged as an only child. However, I have seen families where there is only one sibling out of three caring for the parents or only one sibling does well financially so pays for the parents and all the other siblings too. Lots of things can happen. My parents are now in their 70s and luckily have enough money so I won’t have to worry about caring for them financially- and I know I will have support from my close friends and SO when the time comes.

          • +1 to what OP Anon said. If the concern is having care in old age and not overburdening your only child, there are more certain ways to assure this care than having a second child.

          • re: wdc – Having more than one child also isn’t a guarantee that one won’t have to carry all the burden. I know quite a few people with siblings who refuse to do anything to help their aging parents financially, emotionally, or otherwise. The parent in these cases seems more often than not to have just assumed the kids would figure it out and haven’t made many arrangements.
            As an only child, I know I’m alone in handling it when my parents get old, as do they, which is prompting talks and setting arrangements now while they’re still relatively young and healthy.

          • @wdc: Of course. But just like having a second child as a spare in case something happens to the first is a bad reason, having a second child so the burden of caring for you is divided is an equally bad reason. Make arrangements for your own retirement, so you won’t be a burden on ANY of your kids, no matter how many you have.

          • My younger brother has autism, and I have extended family or other family support, so I am looking at being the sole care provider for both my parents and my brother when that time arrives (hopefully not anytime soon). Having more than one in no way guarantees help later in the parents’ lives. It definitely should not be a deciding factor.

          • Oops – I meant that I have *NO* extended family or other family support.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Long term care insurance is not going to help with the emotional burdens of caring for aging parents. On the other hand, it doesn’t just have to be a sibling helping with the emotional side of aging parents; spouses, cousins, friends, etc can help too.

        • +1 to Anonymous 10:41 a.m. There’s no guarantee that siblings will be close with — or even be on speaking terms with — each other. Even if you have multiple children, there’s no guarantee that ANY of them will take care of you when you get older… and even if they do, in my observation it’s the adult child who’s geographically closest to the aging parents who bears most of the burden. Even when siblings are geographically close to one another and to their parents, that’s still no guarantee that one child won’t bear most of the burden.

    • Blithe

      I hope that you are going through all the pros and cons and potential ramifications of these very personal decisions that you’re making. I’d love to do a cost benefit analysis on your behalf, but the hard thing about these decisions is that we have to make them without knowing what the future may bring.
      — That being said, I’m a younger child of divorced parents. My brother was significantly older than me. One of the strongest, most positive aspects of my identity is being my brother’s younger sister. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being an only child — especially an only child who has tons of family support. If you’re comfortable with planning for a second child, but uncomfortable with making the DECISION to plan for a second child, why not decide not to replace your long-term birth control, and use other methods while you’re sorting this out? If your first thought reading that is “No way!” Then that suggests one path. If your first thought is closer to “Hmm” than that suggests that you really want to at least leave some options open. I wish you the best with whatever you decide to do!

    • There’s no need to fret—for his sake—about your kid being an only child. No only child I’ve ever met (myself included) has felt cheated or wronged or somehow damaged by not having siblings. There might be the occasional thought about how it could have been nice to have a brother or sister, but generally, we don’t much care. Only children are usually quite self-reliant and are good at entertaining themselves. Also, the idea of having a “spare” kid in case something happened to the first should be a big red flag; that doesn’t seem like the healthiest mindset to have. (Just say you did have a second kid. Finding out that she was just the spare would cause her some serious emotional trauma. And kid #1 probably wouldn’t feel so great about it, either. Kids aren’t commodities.) Have a second child if you really want to and if it seems feasible, both financially and within the context of your marriage, but a careful and honest examination of your mindset and emotions is vital. Talking to a licensed therapist before making any sort of decision would be the best move.

      • I wish I had been an only child.

      • justinbc

        Agreed. There are times where I think “yeah that would have been cool to have”, but it’s very fleeting and over all I’m rather glad I had no siblings.

        • +1. Sometimes I wish that I could be an aunt but that’s about it.

          • Yeah I kind of wish for my mom’s sake she had another child who had children. I have zero plans to ever have children and I know she really wants grandkids- though she doesn’t give me a hard time about it I still feel bad for her (not enough to have kids though!).

    • Echoing most others in saying that you shouldn’t have a second child if you’re looking for a “fixer” baby or are worried about the wellbeing of having an only child.
      For what it’s worth, I loved being an only child, and the other only children I know are perfectly well-adjusted, successful, generous (i.e. not spoiled), stable, and independent adults (not to say that all those with siblings aren’t, but being an “only” isn’t as terrible as people make it out to be). At times the thought of a sibling was nice, but in general I don’t think any of us are overly upset or feel cheated because we didn’t have a brother or sister.
      Talk to your family. Does your husband want another child? What about your current kid? He/she’s young, but you could still ask. The suggestion to talk to a therapist also isn’t a bad idea.

    • “Marriage is kind of poor, but maintaining.”
      That alone should tell you everything you need to know. “Fixer” babies are usually not what a marriage needs.

    • Emmaleigh504

      There’s never a perfect time to have kids, just role the dice and see what happens. Assuming spouse is on board with rolling the dice.

    • A poor marriage is damaging not only to you but to your existing child. A second child won’t help your marriage. Lose the idea of having a second child and spend the money on therapy – to improve your marriage, or to split if that becomes necessary. Growing up with parents who shouldn’t be married is damaging to children. And splitting adds more expense – to support 2 households instead of one – so the money will be further stretched anyway. Why add the financial and emotional needs of a second child to that? Plus the greater damage done to a child when parents split when they are younger. Stop thinking about your children meeting your emotional needs (anxiety that something may happen to the one you have, and your desire to have a second child, and possibly to fix your marriage) – start thinking instead about the emotional needs of your existing child instead (and whether you can meet the emotional and financial needs of a potential second child, which it doesn’t sound like you can, given what you state about your marriage and finances). Start dealing with YOUR anxiety in a more constructive manner by getting help. This is the best way to take care of your existing child, and also to help ensure that nothing happens to that child (on the theory that children from more troubled homes are more likely to get into certain types of risk situations as they grow up.)

    • saf

      “Marriage is kind of poor, but maintaining.”

      That would lead me to say no, were it me.

  • palisades

    Rave: Relaxing post-work bike rides/workout. Rode to the Glen Echo Park last night. What an awesome place. I feel like I’m in the 40s or 50s when walking through there.

    • This makes me happy. I go there a lot, love it, and wish more people knew about it.
      You should go on a weekend, pack a picnic, and ride the carousel 🙂

    • Totally did not know about it there! Did anyone else feel like the weather yesterday evening was especially pleasant?

      • palisades

        It’s a cool little space. And yes! The weather was great! A little muggy, but totally manageable.

  • Aglets

    Rant: bug bites. covered in them. That’ll teach me to go outside. Except i don’t SO WHERE ARE THESE BUG COMING FROM? i don’t want to think about it.
    Rave: waiting to eat my 11am cheese
    Rant: 1 week no communication (meaning a few, 2-3 unreturned texts) is a ghost fade, right?
    Rant: It took me three tries to spell communication there.

    • Mosquitos are sneaky devils, but check the mattress for blood if you’re worried about the other thing. Also could have a hole somewhere.

      Probably a fade. I’d leave it alone.

  • Rave: Maybe I’ll find something to hate later, but I’m really happy with my roomie. She’s personable, her people are nice, and she helps out without me having to say anything.
    Rave: Oversleeping by an hr only delayed me by a half hour, so that’s the time I’m going in from now on. Yay for flexible schedule!

  • Blithe

    Rant: People who make sweeping generalizations and present them as factual — without bothering to do their homework.
    Rave: People who make sweeping generalizations and present them as personal opinions — for the sake of discussion. I love discussions!

    • Blithe

      Bleery Morning Rave/Rant: Mayonnaise is great for the skin! I know that because when I dropped my breakfast sandwich, it took me a few minutes to find a napkin. 🙁

  • skj84

    Rant: I kinda blew it with a guy I like. I thought we had a mutual attraction, and worked up the nerve to ask him out. It turns out he’s into one of my friends. I’m a bit mortified. It’s hard for me to read guys sometimes.

    • Oh no! I’m sorry this happened. I usually try and ask a mutual friend first if they think it’s a good idea to ask someone we both know out. It helps to have outside perspective. But at least he was honest and didn’t lead you on, so that’s good.

    • It took courage to make a move which a lot of people lack. If you never asked, you’d always wonder, and I think that’s much worse. Don’t sweat it.

      • +1 It was a gutsy move. Sometimes these things work, sometimes not, but I think it’s great that you went after what you wanted.

      • +2
        He’s probably flattered, but will think no worse of you for expressing your interest. No reason to be (permanently) mortified. That said, don’t make it awkward by going out of your way to ignore him. Continue to treat him as friend.

        • Ditto this. Good on you for making a move–and try to go back to regular patterns as quickly as possible and that should minimize longer term awkwardness.

    • oh no! But you made a move, and that takes moxy – don’t fret. Better to know and move on to the next great adventure. Hugs.

    • You dd not blow it! You took a chance, which is so great. It may not feel like it because it didn’t work out, but I really hope you don’t let this stop you from taking another chance another time.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Don’t be mortified, be proud! It’s difficult to read people (especially when you are into them) and it takes guts to ask someone out! It does suck he’s into one of your friends, but you acted on a interst and that’s good.

  • emvee

    Rave: I picked up my new glasses from Lenscrafters yesterday.
    Rant: I’m not sure I love them, especially considering the price tag, and I may take them back while I’m in the 30 day window.
    Question: Where does one find a nice selection of glasses for particularly petite faces?

    • I have terrible eye sight so the glasses I can wear have to support the massive lenses (even with paying and arm and a leg for “ultra featherweight” lenses. And I have a petite face – so I tend towards kids glasses and sunglasses. They’re durable and have great variety! Just got a second pair at Americas best and have been happy. Best of luck!

      • emvee

        That’s also my problem. The price tag for frames is nothing like the price tag for the lenses when your vision is atrocious. Maybe I’ll check out the kids’ ones for the first time since 6th grade!

        • Blithe

          If you think that kid’s frames will fit your face better — go for it. There are now awesome styles in kid’s frames. I recently had a wonderful experience at the Friendship Heights branch of My Eye Doctor. I’m very happy with my glasses, and took a loooong time, and several votes to get my perfect frames. I highly recommend them. When I was shopping for frames, they even took pictures so that I could mull over frame options before deciding for sure. Good luck with your search!

    • My very petite wife has been going to A Brighter Image on Conn Ave just north of Dupont Circle for a few years now and really loves them. Great selection and service, and never a problem with the optics in her fairly complex prescription.

    • laduvet

      I also have a very narrow n’ small face and over the years I have really like the brands Valentino and Dolce and Gabbana. Quality. Last forever. stylish.

    • I have a small face as well and recently got new glasses from Virginia Burton/Burton Optician in Georgetown. She has a great selection, including specifically for small faces, and it was all around a great experience. Not cheap, but less expensive than places like See and Georgetown Optician.

    • emvee

      These are helpful, thank you guys! My lesson is learned for next time: shop around even though it sucks.

    • That One Guy

      Take a walk through Voorthuis Opticians on Connecticut Ave near the Farragut North metro station. If your prescription allows for rimless glasses they should be able to cut the lenses to whatever shape you like so that may give you a wider selection of options. They are on the expensive side but I’ve found their service to be worth it.

  • topscallop

    PSA for anyone out there who needs an excuse to eat Chipotle: today they’re doing a fundraiser for the DC Public Library. Show this image to the cashier and 50% of the proceeds go to the library: http://dclibrary.org/node/49385. DC only.
    Rave: jet lag from most recent Africa trip seems to be going away much faster than usual.
    Rave: getting back into an exercise routine, feeling pretty good about it. My clothes will fit, dammit!
    Rave: potential new guy, second date this week. I haven’t looked at OKC since our first date before my trip last week, which I think is a good sign. He’s a good texter and is making me dinner, so it seems promising so far 🙂
    Question: any plans for the next happy hour? Hopefully I won’t be on a work trip for it. I’d like to meet some of my fellow Pioneer Valley-ers before you all move out of DC!

    • skj84

      I think Justin posted something about not bring able to host last month. I may be able to take the reigns for August. I missed you all in June!

      • I’m hosting a goodbye happy hour….I can make it a POPville / everyone else one if you want – I have space at City Tap House. or piggy back on to it since I think mine is earlier – I wasn’t charged for the space.

        • Accountering

          I know which shirt I am wearing to this months POPville HH 🙂
          Kidding of course. I am on board for this plan – or a HH at least. If Justin isn’t going to come up with a plan, someone needs to do it. What neighborhood haven’t we been to recently?

    • PoP recently mentioned a July hh

  • FtLincolnLove

    Rave: Taylor Swift concert last night!!!!!!!!!! Hands down, one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. She is amazing. I love everything.
    Rave: Haim. All of the yes.
    Rave: It’s Tuesday, I’m exhausted, but I don’t even care because the concert last night was SO WORTH IT.

    • emvee

      Man I’m going to pretend like I went with you because I am actually quite bummed I didn’t end up getting tickets.

      • Accountering

        Still another show tonight! Red line from Grosvenor into the city last night was gross. WAYYYY too much teenage midriff showing. Not cool high school freshmen… not cool.

        • LOL. I have never seen more ‘tween and teen, mostly blond white girls packed on Metro with questionable wardrobe choices.. Expecting more of same tonight. Hope they all had a great time.

    • My 8 yo had the time of her life. First concert!
      Which leads me to a question – what was your first *real* concert? (By real, I mean purchased tickets at a dedicated venue – so I am not counting seeing Kool and the Gang at Great Adventure, or Chuck Berry at a neighborhood fair.)
      Mine was David Lee Roth and Tesla in (I think) 1985 at Brendan Byrne Arena in the Meadowlands.

      • The Cure, the Pixies and Love & Rockets, Giants Stadium 1989. The crowd pretty much ignored the Pixies!

      • skj84

        Dave Matthews Band with my sister at Hershey Park stadium September 2003. I was very straight edge at the time and confused by the people smoking the strange smelling “cigarettes” around me.

      • Paul McCartney and Wings

        • That was my second in 1976 on the Wings Over America tour. First was David Bowie a few weeks earlier on the Station to Station tour. Being old means we got to see the best bands! 🙂

      • palisades

        My father decided White Zombie (Rob Zombie’s other band) was an acceptable first concert for a 7-year old. That was quite an experience for me.

      • Iggy Pop, 1980, Showbox Theater, Seattle.

      • justinbc

        First one I can actually remember was Pearl Jam in Greenville, SC…I think it was 1993 or 1994, because I wouldn’t have been able to drive just yet so I went with my mom (who always loved rock). She forgot to bring cash for merchandise, and I really wanted a tour shirt, so she asked the guy in the seats next to us for $20 and he actually gave it to her. I still have the shirt. I loved the 90s.

        • justinbc

          Hrmm some Googling I actually found the t-shirt, looks like it was 1998, when I was definitely driving. Guess I just took mom because she’s cool.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I saw Pearl Jam in 92-ish, they were opening for Samshing pumpkins or some other band I don’t like, and I spent the whole second part of the concert waving to the Pearl Jame dudes and then chatting with them. They were super duper nice (and hot). It made my year.

          • justinbc

            Their concert here in DC 5 or 6 years ago was probably the best concert I’ve ever seen. I think they played about 3.5 hours total.

      • emvee

        Carbon Leaf in … oh man, maybe 2003?

      • First concert: the Bangles.
        First concert alone: Soul Asylum at the Troc. Blech!

      • First concert I went to with my parents and brother: Weird Al Yankovich.
        First one I went to without adults: Pavement. I got kicked in the face in the mosh pit and it was awesome (yes, there was a mosh pit at a Pavement concert.)
        I love this question.

      • Duran Duran, the wedding album tour, at Blossom.

      • Tom Petty at the Tweeter Center in Camden – my parents took us! Or Bruce at the Spectrum when we pooled our resources and bought tickets for my dad.

      • Weezer!!

      • U2 1992 Zoo TV tour, Chicago on my 18th birthday! Thanks Mom and Dad.

      • Tina Turner! The Twenty-Four Seven tour with my mama for my 12th birthday. Joe Cocker opening. Even then, I was 12 going on old maid. 🙂

      • jim_ed

        Stone Temple Pilots with Local H at the United Center.

      • Either Peter Frampton or KISS at the Capital Centre as the first real “adult” concert.
        Before that was Peter, Paul & Mary w/family at an outdoor venue in Baltimore.

      • First “real” concert (with my dad): Creed and Our Lady Peace (I knowwwwwwwwww I know – I loved Our Lady Peace and it was when Creed was huge and no one hated them yet)
        First concert alone/without parents: X Fest 2003 in Dayton, OH (according to Wikipedia: Mudvayne, Cold, Seether, Powerman 5000, Eve 6, Smile Empty Soul, Shinedown, Three Days Grace, V Shape Mind, and Sloth)
        It jumpstarted my love of alt/rock.

      • 10,000 Maniacs – 1987? 88? I think at Constitution Hall.

      • Fugazi at the Electric Factory 🙂

      • Emmaleigh504

        INXS. My sister and I were allowed to go by ourselves. I think I was in 6th grade and she was in 8th. So awesome.
        When I was a junior in high school my mom and I went to see Souixse and the Banshee’s together. So awesome.

      • First parent-accompanied concert: Genesis.
        First unaccompanied concert: INXS (with Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers opening). This was followed closely by R.E.M. (with Drivin’ N Cryin’ opening) and Robyn Hitchcock (with Poi Dog Pondering opening).

        • Emmaleigh504

          I saw Ziggy Marley so many times back in the day. He opened for like every show I went to (or so it seemed).

      • That One Guy

        Menudo. My sister wanted to go see them. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  • Rave: lovely weekend in New England with friends and family.
    Rave: it was hotter there than in DC one day, but the beautiful thing about NE summers is that every night you get a reprieve from the heat.
    Rave: mother daughter shopping day.
    Rave: eating and drinking local. We went to a cheese farm and a brewery that was at Savor.
    Rave: I made puppy dog eyes and my dad lent me the Corvette 🙂
    Biggest Rave: my bff since kindergarten is having her first kid. The shower was lovely, she looks and is doing great, and it’s almost time!

  • Rave: Got tons of chores done over the weekend.

    Rant/Rave: Lately, it feels like my life is all weddings and babies. I love celebrating with my friends and family, but it’s increasingly feeling like none of those things is ever going to happen for me. I try to adhere to a philosophy of recognizing that my life is my life, and their life is their life, but at this last one, my uncle kept “jokingly” asking me when I was going to announce my impending engagement and I think it cut a little deeper than he intended.

  • Rant: how am I more sick today than I was last week? Fever. Cough. Sniffles. Sore muscles. Why am I at work? Oh yeah, deadlines! I may have cried last night due to stress.
    Rant: friend suggested I not give up on online dating because I should be dating around. reactivated account. less than 2 hours after being back online I get a message referencing my Asian heritage as a turn on and some dirty deeds that said person would like to do to me. welcome back! geez!
    Rave: low match. he’s still out of town. I messaged him thanks for the party invite and said I’ll see him at his party in a few weeks after he gets back from traveling. He asked if we could me meet up sooner than that. Guess I’m planning a date now. also invited me to an event in like 3 months. LOL, will we be friends by then?
    Rant: invited my friends to low match’s party because he said I should. invited friend crush and a bunch of other people. friend crush and his good friend expressed some discontent when they found out it is being hosted by low match. not my fault friend crush made one move and hasn’t even tried anything since. interest in friend crush is fading quickly. soon will just be friend. no crush.
    Rave/Rant: my friend who dated my bff then dumped her has resurfaced and attempting to be friends with me again. he’s a nice guy. but as just a mismatch with my bff. Rant because my bff is still really bummed about being dumped and doesn’t want to see my this guy around ever. Oy!

    • Party foul LA. Do not invite a guy you like to a guy your dating’s party. You could easily have made a move on friend crush if you wanted (yes, I know things were complicated, but you said it had been resolved). I feel like you invited him almost as a test to show someone else likes you hoping he might make whatever other moves you need him to make other than saying I’d like to go out with you.

      Plenty of nice guys who aren’t going to make your friend upset. I’d decline being friends with this guy in solidarity with your friend.

      • justinbc

        I have no idea the history of either of these scenarios, but agree there’s no reason to be friends with known shitty people. And if at all possible avoid bringing two romantic interests into contact with each other.

      • Friend crush is great and all, but I really think my interest in him as more than a friend is fading if there at all now. We vibe as friends, and I really have no desire to do anything romantic with him. Zero desire to even kiss him. So it goes with crushes.

    • Why are you bringing multiple guys together like that? Awkward.
      Despite your protestations, it sounds like you really do love the drama. Jeez.

      • Ha! You don’t even know me. Friend Crush isn’t even a romantic interest at this point. Our “date” was a hangout at best and it was fun but no romantic vibes at all. And all of our mutual friends are invited, so it would be worse to just not invite him when they all know about it. So there’s that. I’m really not into him anymore so can’t even call him a crush. Happy, “Anonymous.”

      • palisades

        This is always the case. I dated a girl years ago who constantly complained about how girls she hung out with were nothing but drama, and she cycled through best friends like clockwork. I didn’t realize it until later, but she was the reason for all the drama. Last place people want to look is at themselves.

        • I’m not trying to create drama. I really just want friend crush to be just a friend. No interest in dating him since it’s just not there. GOD.

        • Agreed, Palisades. Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

          • What does that even mean? I think I’m allowed to not be interested in someone and express that. Just because someone who is a friend might be interested in me (might because hasn’t said anything since our hangout) doesn’t mean I have to reciprocate. We “hungout” and I realized the crush was not worth it. I think he senses that too hence the no longer pursuing.

          • I think it means you’re complaining about something you really don’t seem to mind.

            The first thing you wrote about friend crush today was not that your feelings were waning but that he hadn’t made a move after the hangout. If you don’t like him, why is that an issue worth noting?
            Second only speaking for me here, but I’ve never invited friends to an event without saying who’s hosting. I’m curious how he found out.

          • I think it means you’re still not willing to look at yourself as the source of the drama in your life.

          • You create unnecessary drama and then complain about it.

    • Emmaleigh504

      “not my fault friend crush made one move and hasn’t even tried anything since.” Did you make any moves? Seems like you are giving too much control of your dating life to the guy. Take the reins! Also, I wonder if the dating site algorithm mismatched you and low match. seems like you two are a higher match than you thought 🙂
      I have another summer song for you: https://youtu.be/j7oQEPfe-O8 🙂

      • justinbc

        The matching is really just a factor of questions answered. If he (or she) hasn’t answered a lot then you’re match isn’t going to be as high as it potentially could be.

  • Bear

    Rant: Wedding stress is getting to me in a big way, especially because I now have two work trips scheduled in the two months beforehand.
    Question: Do people often try to charge money for items on freecycle? I thought the whole idea was that things were supposed to be free. Am I mistaken?

    • People are not supposed to charge for stuff on Freecycle. Report them to the moderator.
      (Were they asking for payment in the initial posting, or only after you contacted them to express interest?)

      • Bear

        She responded to a wanted post I put up. After sending pictures and arranging a time to pick up, she slipped in that she wanted XX amount. I’m new to freecycle so I don’t know if the rules are different if someone is responding to a wanted ad. It just wasn’t my expectation that people would be trying to charge for things.

        • Forward her e-mail (if she put the $ request in e-mail — if not, maybe a screen shot of the text message?) to the moderator.
          Her behavior would be questionable even if she’d been upfront from the beginning by responding to your wanted post with “I don’t have a free _____ I can offer you, but I do have one I’m willing to sell for _____.” However, if she’s engaging in all of the logistical back-and-forth, sending photos, arranging a pickup time, etc. and only THEN trying to get money out of you, that’s a bait and switch. Report her.

        • I agree to report it to the moderator. The person should advertise on Craigs list not FREEcycle. Geez. Although I have had people offer to pay when they came to pick stuff up.

  • Rave: Azerbaijan Airlines
    Rant: jet lagged/sleepy like crazy which is why I’m posting on popville from my friend’s apartment and not out and about in TA

  • Rant: So much to do in the next 2.5 days.
    Rave: Leaving for a much needed long weekend with my best friend in 2.5 days.

  • Rave: Starting to chart my leave so i can maximize my pay and try to get to 10 years of fed service. Looks like both of us will have 4 pay periods once we move.
    Rant: My VSIP buy out still hasn’t been approved. WTF. If I’m being cut in the next FY anyway, just approve it. Only 3 people put their names in to take the VSIP. I feel like if I’m useless enough for cut, I’m useless enough to cut earlier (nevermind my workload has increased drastically). Starting to consider legal options on this since my position was cut during ‘maternity leave’ and my performance reviews have always been great. But we’ll see. Jerks.
    Rant: Starting to get nervous about not having health insurance once we move if I don’t get this job I’m really gunning for.
    Rant: trying to balance following up for an in-person interview with nagging. they don’t seem to be in a rush to fill the spot (which is good for me), so hopefully they’re in touch so I can get a train ticket.

  • justinbc

    Rave: 3 day trip booked for Chapel Hill, first time I’ll be taking the lady down to see my former university grounds. Seems a lot of new places have opened up, but thankfully many of my old favorites are still kickin too.

    • Will you please bring me back a double from Merrit’s? Pretty please? Perhaps a chicken biscuit from Sunrise? Or fried chicken from Mama Dips?

      • justinbc

        Sunrise is the first place we’re hitting when we get to town 🙂 Biscuits like that just do not exist here.

        • I don’t even bother with biscuits here. An inevitable disappointment. And I think the BLT at Merrits’s is one of my favorite sandwiches anywhere.

          • justinbc

            Yeah, I particularly love the pimiento cheese version. Thanks for the reminder, I forgot to add them to the “must-show” list. I think I can maybe steal an hour from the Southern Seasons shopping trip.

          • Hmm, I’ve never had that. I’m torn between competing thoughts: Wow, that sounds delicious v. outrage that a BLT would be profaned with cheese.

          • justinbc

            True, it’s definitely bastardizing a standard, but real homemade pimiento cheese is another one of those things that’s so hard to find up here that’s it’s difficult to pass up whenever I’m in the (real) South.

        • Was just at Sunrise over the weekend of the 4th! I hope you’ll also be hitting up Allen & Sons/The Pig! Med Deli has only gotten better with their expansion, too.

          • justinbc

            I was never a big fan of Allen & Sons, but we plan to check out The Pig since that wasn’t open the last time I visited.

          • The Pig has great sides, but their sweet tea and barbecue sauce was never up to snuff for me. If you’re jonesing for a bagel, the bagel place next to The Pig is pretty great. Used to be a dump when I was in high school there, but has definitely cleaned up under new ownership. Great bagels (relative to the area), too. I’m really only making myself hungrier and hungrier, here…

          • justinbc

            Did the Peppers pizza place close? Man, I used to love their slices!

          • Yeah, Pepper’s closed a while back — I don’t remember exactly when. I was sad when I found out; it was hard to imagine Franklin Street without Pepper’s.

    • palisades

      Sounds nice. I have a few friends who have moved to Raleigh or Charlotte and I need to visit.

      • justinbc

        Charlotte is really cool, that’s where I grew up. It’s changed quite a lot in the 10 years since I’ve been gone though, mostly for the better.

    • And have a beer at He’s Not Here (can’t believe it is still open!!)

    • Say hi to SAS institute in Cary for me.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Shake Shack Run tonight! I could really use the hamburger and shake as a reward for surviving that ten-day mutiny by my respiratory system.
    Rave: You all should come, too!
    Rant: Still coughing a bit. That survival might just be provisional at this point. Managed to do seven miles yesterday, but wasn’t as easy as it should have been.
    Rant: Should have stuck with sourdough. This rye bread is pretty good, but not sandwich-optimal.
    Rave: Mystery-friend from years ago snuck up on me at the bar last night.
    Rant: She re-introduced herself to me after only a second, before my brain could turn all the necessary recognition cogs, so I felt like a huge doofus.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Sourdough bread is ALWAYS superior.

      • Mug of Glop

        My issue with the sourdough lately has been the seemingly increasing prevalence of large bubbles within the bread, which threaten sandwich integrity for large payloads, especially when coupled with appropriate sauces.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I see, that is a problem. The solution is to add sauce around it, then plug the hole with lettuce or something. Or save that piece for the toast you will slather with butter and homemade nectarine jam on Saturday morning.
          I may be projecting.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Time for Shake Shack?

      • Mug of Glop

        Isn’t it always?
        Unless you’re asking what the time of the event is, in which case it’s 7 pm. And if you’re looking for more details, the event page is the most recent post in the Pacers Running Facebook page.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Yes, always time for Shakes (or just ice cream). 🙂

  • laduvet

    Rant: Past few weeks have been very distracting..exhausting… between trying to remain focus at work, study, date brit boy, and plot my move to London. Honestly pushing myself so hard to the point I fainted due to exhaustion the other night (run and some sun was the icing on the cake).

    Rave: Going to enjoy some music at Lost & Found this evening

  • Rave: Tried Zenebech’s last night for the first time and it was so tasty! And three of us stuffed our faces for $33 before tax. There was food left over.
    Rave: I went with two of my cousins, one who is in DC for the summer, and the other here semi-permanently. They are both so cool! I wish I had done this more before we had to leave! It was a seriously hilarious night.
    Rave? Ian Svenonious was there too. Somehow an Ian Svenonius spotting always seems like an event.

  • Rave: My mom just sent a picture of my nephew with the caption “New pet!” It was my nephew with a snail that he named Turbo.
    Rave: (another) final inspection today
    Rant: The contractor offered to paint the exterior of our house, not even in our scope, but things have broken down so badly that I don’t want to add any more work/time that we have to work with them to this project. That’s how bad it’s gotten.
    Rave: Excited for Dan!

  • Rant: Was asked to do something specific for my boss (make two changes). I did it, she acknowledged it was correct, but then bitched that I didn’t do more (when she specifically only said to do only those two things). I am frustrated that nothing pleases her. And she keeps bringing up two past mistakes that *I* missed (even though she also did and so did our other boss) that I’ve apologized for and have not made those mistakes again.
    Please tell me how you communicate with people like that?? I do not feel as though anything I do is going to make her happy.

    Rant: Not being able to take control of a scheduling issue for my dad and a couple doctor appointments. He told me no, but he appreciated my offer.

    • Some people get off torturing others even it is for the most trivial things. Just think Karma is alive and well and it does/will come back around and bite that person big time. This is just someone who has been hurt in the past and instead of releasing it in a good way, takes it out on others. Do what you can and stay outta the way. Let go -let god handle the rest.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: I was walking to my office after lunch and my shoe lace got caught in some piece of wire of a fence that was left on the ground by somebody, and fell to the ground like a sack of potatoes. I thought I had broke something but fortunately didn’t.
    Rant: Bruises
    Rave: I don’t know if sacks of potatoes fall to the ground, but that’s what it felt like.

  • evidence of a mouse (I hope not a rat) in our kitchen. any one have any recommendations for who to call?

    • Ghostbusters? 😉 Sorry, I don’t have any concrete suggestions, but I could loan you a cat for a few days

    • emvee

      If it’s a mouse, the snap traps are the most effective by far. Set out a couple near where you’ve seen poop and keep an eye on them.

    • Emmaleigh504

      a cat. or fire bomb the place (I really really really hate rodents)

    • how do I know if its a rat or a mouse? haven’t seen poop, but I did see some of my recycling empty boxes chewed through. ew. im disgusted thinking about it again!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Rats are a lot bigger, so if they chewed a hole into a box it would be a bigger hole. It’s probably just mice, but you still might want to fire bomb the place.

  • Rave and Rant: Got my oil changed this morning at the Shell on Ga Ave and Upshur as recommended in a PoPville thread. Done in 15 mins, though it was a wee bit $$. Rant part – the gas station store was selling K2, which put me on a mission. Called and reported it to MPD who said they’d send someone over. Now we’ll see if that actually happens.

    • Nice one on reporting it! Fingers crossed for something happening.

      • Thanks! I emailed Brandon Todd and the 4th district chief, who both responded to me (and cc’d like 10 other people). My faith in our govt is a teeny bit restored.

    • Good job. That crap really is a scourge. And who know what the long term health consequences are, ugh.
      At least it’s not Krokodil? Right? Ick.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Twitter folks still haven’t gotten my funny. It’s funny! 🙁
    Not Sure: a #toct asshat quoted a tweet.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant?: WDS is in day 2 of a crying jag. I’m concerned for his safety. I think he was fired from his job. I’m a little uncomfortable also in my house.

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