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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Thought DC bar exam was at the convention center, but it’s way out at van ness. I have to take time off work and take my dog to daycare.
    Rant: People who expect to get a huge room, in central dc, near metro for their 3 pets for $500/month. This isn’t Kansas.
    Rave: Nice leisurely week ahead.
    Green smoothies….is that the latest diet fad?

    • I love green smoothies! Not really sure if it’s a fad though? They’ve been around for a while.

      • I’ve been drinking green smoothies for about five years. I wouldn’t call it a diet though…just a good post-work out drink/snack.

        • Same here. Love green smoothies, but as part of a non-diet diet. There are definitely people who take it to an extreme — I think there’s something like a 30-day diet where you consume nothing but green smoothies? But I think that goes for a lot of foods. I recently heard about “Banana Island” and all I could say was wow….

      • I just see a new person in my office drinking one every week, and I’ve known them for almost 2 years, and it only started recently. Maybe I’m just not very observant.

    • Re rant 2: I actually did have that at one point (although no pets) but the house was really dumpy. I guess if you lower your standards enough you can get what you want. But I have a feeling that’s not what you have.

      • Yes, I’m talking people with really high standards or needs seeking very low rent which while possible isn’t very likely esp. If you’re bringing the zoo along.

    • Green smoothies, a fad? If DC is 15-20 years behind California, maybe.

    • Curious – why take the DC bar exam, and not a state and waive in? The only time I’ve known someone to take the DC bar is when he went to law school in Canada, and although he passed the NY bar (and practiced in NY) he wasn’t permitted to waive into DC.

      • I am barred, but my mbe score was a couple points too low. I could try and waive in elsewhere, but DC is what I really want, so I didn’t see the point in taking the risk which would also add another year+ to becoming DC barred. Waiving in takes a LONG time.

  • Rant: sleep deprivation due to a 12:30am megabus ride to New York then a shuttle to JFK. Flight doesn’t start boarding for another hour.
    Revel: I can sleep all the way to Baku.
    Revel: 14 hours till Tel Aviv!

  • Rant: The chaos that is summer. I cannot wait to have the kids back in school and my morning routine simplified once again.

    • One reason daycare is easier—though more expensive! I’m not looking forward to sorting out summer plans. How old are your kids?

      • I have a 9, 6, and 4 year old. The and 9 and 6 year old are in one place, the 4 year old in another, and it is just crazy getting everyone where they need to be on time. Of course, this pales in comparison to the first week of school when there is no aftercare, and my youngest only has one day of school. Sometimes I really do miss daycare, but certainly not paying for it!

  • Rave: Wedding weekend I wasn’t particularly looking forward to ended up being fantastic. Super fun hippy wedding!
    Rant: Back at work. I hate my job so much. It’s starting to negatively affect my mood even when I’m not at work and job hunting is still so discouraging. Sigh.

  • Rant: Spent almost the whole weekend sleeping. I took a 4-hour nap on Saturday, completely blowing off an appointment by mistake.
    Rant: Had another bleeding scare on Sunday early morning and went to the ER. It was a bad scare.
    Rave: Still two healthy heartbeats and growing little ones.
    Rave: GW Hospital. The ER isn’t a great place to be, but they got me through pretty quickly and everyone I saw was terrific. My own doctor happened to be on call, too, so that helped.

    • glad they’re ok – have they ruled out a SCH?

      • They haven’t ruled it out, but they don’t see evidence of it, either. It remains a mystery.

        • frustrating, but seems like you’ve got great care – hopefully it resolves itself and you can get relax a little (hard, I know). sending positive thoughts.

    • Ugh, the bleeding sounds scary. Would have thought they’d see a SCH or placenta previa (too early for that to be an issue? I dunno) type of issue. Have they given you any guidance for how to proceed/avoid future scares? Sending positive baby thoughts….

      • No diagnosis, so no guidance 😐 . Basically, I’m just supposed to take it easy, come back for regular scans and hope for the best. Apparently mystery bleeding is fairly common and usually resolves on its own.

        • Double ugh on lack of diagnosis/guidance. But it doesn’t sound like they’re too concerned, so hopefully that helps ease your stress? Fingers crossed for an easier week. Sending hugs!

    • Subchorionic bleeding? I had that. It was terrifying. But good to get the existence of the hematoma on the doc’s radar, so they can monitor.
      You had cashews last week, what’s the next stage? Kumquats? (the food comparisons always gave me the giggles. Why not paperclips and golf balls?)

      • I love the food comparisons too and this week they’re either grapes, pecans or olives, depending on the source. Actually, the cashew reference was less about size than it was about the amazing sonogram image of the two of them lined up, looking exactly like cashews. But now that you mention it, they probably were about that size too!

        • Emmaleigh504

          There is a cashew under my desk (I can’t reach it, we’ve become friends) and every time I see it I think of you. 🙂
          And to come full circle, I had a great uncle who so me as a wee tyke covered in cottage cheese (I was about 2) and forever after he and then later the rest of the family would say, “Whenever I think of Emily I think of cottage cheese, and whenever I think of cottage cheese I think of Emily.

    • Blithe

      Glad that the little ones are doing ok! Hope you are too — despite the stress and worries.

    • Yikes! Best wishes and feel better.
      Hopefully it’s just the cashews engaged in a bit of rough housing. They need to save those antics for when they’re in the real world 🙂

    • Oh Twinner, that sucks, I’m sorry! Glad that all is ok though. I had a bleeding scare too (terrifying) and all is ok as well. I did end up getting myself a doppler (on fetaldoppler.net). It arrived in less than 3 days and it’s so reassuring to hear baby’s heartbeat (I don’t know if it’s too early for you though!). I know for some people it leads to more anxiety than anything but for me, it’s been really helpful.

      Anyway, hoping your bleed goes away fast.

  • Rave: Great weekend visiting with my best friend 🙂 We went rafting in Harper’s Ferry on Friday, then Saturday hit up 3 Stars, DC Brau, and Atlas, plus the new location of Ben’s Chili Bowl for milkshakes, then saw Magic Mike XXL Saturday.
    Rave: Accountering gets back today from the wedding in SF. I’m glad he got to go, I’m glad I didn’t go (in light of my friend visiting), and I’m glad he gets back today!
    Rave: Week two Blue Apron box arrives today. I liked last week’s picks and am looking forward to this week too!

  • Rant: Rough time with some people who really need help – one that is accepting of it and another who is in full blown anxiety mode and refuses to address any of the issues.
    Rave: Had an awesome weekend enjoying the city (and the burbs). Hit up the Uzdar-Hazy Center with some giddy grown men who bounced around that place with their eyes lit up.
    Rave: Fresh, local produce. Made some super yummy dishes and looking forward to peaches and corn for days.
    Rave: Not fresh, not local desserts – found TimTams and Tunnock’s wafers at a few stores this weekend and promptly bought them all up.

  • Rant: Federal job search. I am a Federal employee and have been for years, but an HR specialist at SEC apparently determined I wasn’t eligible for a Federal employee-only job application. Yep, I submitted my SF-50, I’m competitive service, etc, but I’m definitely NOT a Federal employee. I’d complain to the lady’s email, but we all know that emails from job seekers in Federal agencies go into a big hole. So annoying!
    Rave: I have a good job now with the best boss. Yes, I ultimately want to move into an agency that can eventually move me back to the Midwest (not my current agency, unfortunately), but things are not that bad!

    • justinbc

      I’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, to get a job with them for 7 years now.

      • If you have seven years of work experience, you likely aren’t going to get hired there. The one (of many) jobs that I have applied for there that I actually got an interview for – because I really am one of the most qualified people for that particular position – they made it quite clear to me that they were engaging in age discrimination. There are people in supervisory jobs who have very little experience, a few years, and they are threatened to hire anyone with more experience than they have. This is not a problem specific to that agency, or even to the federal government.

    • On your rant: That story is really discouraging, but if you have the e-mail address for the HR contact, I’d try e-mailing her anyway. Maybe it was as simple as her clicking the wrong button in some system?

    • That really sucks about the job application, I hate when that happens. You can try emailing them anyway, but just be warned that she/he may not take it well. I applied for a job at Ex-Im several years ago and (politely) called out the HR specialist when she screwed up my application (rejected because my KSAs didn’t arrive on time, when I had a time-stamped email confirming her receipt of them several days prior to the deadline). I came home to a nasty voicemail from her boss essentially calling me stupid. Really uncalled for, I just pointed out the mistake and asked if there was anything that could be done. Needless to say, I was no longer interested in working there.

      • Ugh. How do you fight a paper trail like that? Sounds like both she and the boss were super defensive. That probably happens when you’re incompetent and always playing defense for all of your mistakes. Yes, it’s frustrating having to get through HR, who more often than not, don’t know what they’re doing and are rude about it at the same time!

    • That crap has happened to me a few times with the Dept of State.

  • Rant: Maggots in the trash can. Ewww, gross. Am I remembering correctly that there were several suggestions for how to get rid of them in a previous RRRorR?
    Rant: Scratchy throat. I hope I’m not getting sick. A week of crappy sleep likely didn’t help this.
    Rave: Blueberry picking yesterday was a lot of fun. Could have done without kiddo running away every time she heard a tractor coming, but she was very very very excited for the tractor-pulled wagon rides to/from the picking fields.
    Random: Made the crazy pb cup crack brownies over the weekend. Delicious, but honestly a bit much for random desserts around the house. I’ll keep the recipe on hand for a party of some kind, though. Anyone else have trouble with the topping coming apart from the brownies when cutting them?

    • To be fair, the tractors are pretty fun. Even better is pumpkin season when they have hay rides!

      • Oh, totally. Absolutely can’t blame her–just made it a little harder to pick as many blueberries. Fortunately we were with friends and her godfather took over toddler-wrangling for us periodically 🙂 And I really can’t wait until her daycare’s annual trip to Cox Farms. Just hope it’s early enough in October that I can go!

    • For what it’s worth, I do not remember any previous PoPville postings about maggots. *shudder*
      Doesn’t the presence of maggots mean that flies have laid eggs in whatever substance is in the trash can? Is this your indoor trash can, or your outdoor D.C.-issued trash can?

      • Hrm, maybe I’m thinking of something else but I thought someone was talking about needing to get their can replaced because of them & a bunch of people suggested cleaning out in some fashion would work. It’s our outdoor DC-issued can. It appeared that someone else had dumped something in their that was being feasted upon, but they were all over so I didn’t inspect carefully–just closed it as quick as I could after dropping our trash in.
        I honestly don’t know the provenance of maggots. Never looked it up, but could probably do some online research as needed. Figured it would be quicker if others had suggestions from their own experience. Ugh, so very gross!!!!

    • GiantSquid

      Rant 2: your scratchy throat may be allergies? This is the first year in a while I’ve had to dose up for summer sneezing, scratchy throat, and headaches.

      • Maybe? That could be better than a cold. I’m just hoping I can use it to make myself go to sleep early for a few days in case it helps. I could certainly use the sleep either way–I was a zombie by yesterday afternoon!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I didn’t have a problem withe topping coming apart (caramel is more sticky?) but I did find them easier to cut when they were upside down, so the harder topping was the last bit the knife went through.

  • Rave: Wonderful weekend with the family at the beach. I forgot how lovely it is to just splash around in the ocean when it’s boiling hot out! Nephew is just too cute, and such a good little trooper!
    Rant: My effing head. I cannot shake this awful headache, and the weather is definitely not helping – in fact I think it’s the instigator. Stupid barometric pressure changes!

  • Blithe

    Rave: I satisfied my gyro /yeero craving at Zorba’s. Yum! Thanks much to Irving Streete — and PoPville cosigners — who recommended Zorba’s.

    • Rave: Near perfect weekend. Two wins in Saturday’s races, hitting trendy restaurant, what passes for a big night out, redbiking on a beautiful evening, jazz in a funky, semi-legal performance space, some 1-on-1 time with the girlfriend….doesn’t really get much better.

  • Rave: The Beach at the National Building Museum was so worth the wait! Who knew how fun a giant ball pit could be?
    Rave: Followed it up with an awesome lunch and cocktails at Oyamel. Delicious as usual, but also felt good to show José Andrés and his staff some love.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Finally finished installing all of our lights from Morocco and the effect is really stunning. I still need to find a stencil or wallpaper design I like to run through the middle of the room to connect the two paint schemes, and buy some blackout drapes, but other than that the bedroom is pretty much done. Bathroom construction starts in just 3 weeks.
    Rant: Old school electrical wiring from previous remodelers made installing some of the dimmer boxes a real PITA.
    Rave: Finally a weekend without a ton of rain so I could get a lot of outdoor chores done too. Still have to paint / distress a dresser though, and cut the grass. Weekends are never long enough.
    Rant: Missed the Kenilworth Aquatic festival, d’oh!

    • HaileUnlikely

      Just curious: what do you mean by old school electrical wiring? (When I hear that, it think of aluminum wiring, but if the place was remodeled in the past few decades I can’t imagine you have aluminum wiring.)

      • justinbc

        They wired it for a standard switch (much smaller than a dimmer), which was fine (thankfully single pole), except that they used all the extra room in the box to cram in lots of unnecessary wiring that I had to strip out and reconfigure.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Oh, makes sense, basically sloppy wiring. I have lots of that in my house – I’ve had to replace a few of the boxes in order to get dimmers to fit safely. When I heard “old school wiring” I just immediately jumped to aluminum.

          • is there still some knob and tube around in some of these old houses? I have seen fabric covered wire, but it was feeding an exterior fixture, and i wasn’t about to replace it (through the couples layers of brick).

      • I don’t know what the specific old school issue from above is, but I see (in my house) neutrals that aren’t run all the way to the switchbox. they are only run to the fixture, then the hot is passed on a single run of 14/2 to the switch. It’s not a safety issue, and I believe that only recently has code required a neutral at the switchbox. Just a PITA is you want to add something that requires a neutral line (ie, Z-wave switches, auto-off timers)

        • should have refreshed before posting

        • justinbc

          Several of the lights (and boxes) I’ve replaced throughout the house have apparently never had ground wires connected. So odd, I can’t think of a reason why anyone would choose not to do that.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Same here. Whoever renovated the house probably used an electrical contractor that had a business model of having one guy with an electrical license drive around in truck, pick up day laborers who don’t really know how to do stuff correctly, drop them off at the job site and have them work unsupervised.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Yeah, that’s a pain in the ass. I wouldn’t call it “old school,” though – the requirement for a neutral in a switch box wasn’t added to the National Electric Code until 2011, and does not apply if the cable enters the box through a ceiling, floor, or wall that is unfinished on one side (i.e., if somebody could just go in and replace the wire as needed without tearing the house apart).

  • Rave: Friends in town over the weekend meant lots of going out and drinking
    Rant: I am getting old and can’t hang like I used to. I was drooping by 11 and feel like crap today.
    Rave: Amazon Prime day? Not sure what will be on sale or if this is all just a huge PR hoax, but I have 1-2 items in my cart anyway!

    • I am STUPIDLY excited about Amazon Prime day. I have no idea what to expect from it, but love the idea of being able to get bargains without having to fight the crowds!

  • Rant: My back is killing me. Two weekends on awful “beds” and being constantly busy (as in no time to work out, very stressed) have done me in. But I can’t stay home and trying hard to justify the expense of a massage.
    Rave: Went to Annapolis yesterday for the first time. Yeah, never been there. It was too hot and too crowded, but it was cute. Wish I’d thought to go there before having a child. Or at all in the 10+ years I’ve lived here. Oh well!
    Rant: The ice cream wasn’t that good!
    Rave: but my kid ate it, which he never wanted to do before

    • oh, Rant: husband was ‘gardening’ – our lease requires that we ‘maintain landscaping’ but the landscaping looks like shit so I don’t really know what we are supposed to maintain, nevermind that we are a two unit building and this provision is in both leases – and he found a 3″ knife in the weeds by our fence. Where our dog sometimes lies around. Fortunately, he found it.

      • Petworth Massage has a “pay what you can,” or gift economy. I went last year and I was really impressed and was able to pay what I could afford. She’s a licensed massage therapist and I recommend it if you don’t want to break the bank and she also has pretty flexible hours.

    • I appreciate that you and the hubby want to be super savers, but you’ve wanted a massage for many months now, and I don’t see why feeling better isn’t reason enough to get one. The $100 or less isn’t going to break the bank. Please get a massage!

      • I haven’t wanted one for many months. I had one a few months ago. thanks for your concern though.

        • GiantSquid

          Lunar Massage has some pretty affordable rates, especially for the clothed option. And you could do a quick 30 or 45min one.

          • thanks – I actually went there once and it was pretty bad (I was bruised). I think I’m going to try Freed once I have the time – the reviews are really good.

      • Can’t the two of you just bite your respective tongues and stop interacting with each other?

        • Yep. What’s worse than someone who doesn’t know when to say nothing? Two people who don’t know when to say nothing.

        • Hey, I appreciate the neighborhood sniping. It’s cheap entertainment for the rest of us. 🙂

        • I will suggest to you the same thing I’ve suggested to others: If you’re unhappy with what you’re reading, scroll past. It’s painless and instantly solves your displeasure.

          • Accountering

            This is bunk. You are the one who responded to her. What you are suggesting is that you should be allowed to hijack jindcs posts with impunity, and if she doesn’t like what you have to say, she should just scroll past your response. Which brings me back to my point, what you just said is bunk. You all should just not respond to each other whatsoever, as plenty of others here have suggested.

          • +1 to all Accountering said.
            “If you’re unhappy with what you’re reading, scroll past.” I usually agree completely with this sentiment, but it applies when the conversation is self-contained and can be easily scrolled past. These AnonSpock/jindc swipes are all over the RRRR thread and happen almost every day, and they’re not so easy to just ignore. If you all want to start another site dedicated to bickering with each other, I’d happily ignore that, but I like to read RRRR and ask you to please keep the conversation here civil.

  • Rant: spend all day working on DC homicide cases only to come home to 2 more fatal shootings in my neighborhood. It’s always the same folks involved and they just cycle through the system and do it all over again. Last week I watched the same guy get convicted for his second murder and it was major deja vu.
    Rant: our system that allows a man convicted of Murder I with extreme aggravating circumstances back into society where (surprise!) he does it again.
    Rave: job security? Ye, that is my weak attempt at gallows humor. If you don’t learn to laugh at this job you’ll go crazy.

    • sorry you have to go through this – it’s so frustrating. Maybe run for office…?

      • Thanks jindc, I appreciate the kind words.

        Politics…now there’s a job I really would never survive!

        • At least you know you’re doing the best you can. The city really is a mess with crime lately – and last night I was wondering if there really is an uptick, or are we just all more aware because of the various ways to report out crime in relative real time. But to me, it feels like more. This city really needs to get it together – so much great going on, the crime can overshadow it.

          • Slight uptick in homicides – we are at 73 for the year with half a dozen death cases that haven’t been classified. K2 sales and use is contributing, in my opinion.

          • K2 = spice? (hey, I’m old, I don’t know drugs anymore)

          • 73 just past the halfway sounds like more than a slight uptick. We’ve been at 108 or fewer the past 4 years. Rough going, and a tough gig to deal with. Good luck.

        • You’re not a sociopath, you actually care.
          There’s no way in hell you’re qualified to run for office!

  • skj84

    Rave: smooth opening for my show this weekend! Good response as well.

    Rant: got lectured by a New Yorker on why DC isn’t a “real city”. Ugh.

  • Rant: Truly think I might fail the bar. My motivation is flagging, I’m tired and stressed, I’m losing interest in personal relationship stuff, etc.
    Rave: Booked a trip to Dublin for a week right after the bar. It wasn’t my first choice of destinations, but airfare was a lot cheaper than other places, and now I’m kinda excited.

    • Dublin can be really fun – lots of young people! Fun to walk around and the area near Trinity is beautiful.

    • Relax & take a day off. Yes, letting your mind rest is a good thing. I know they drill into you that the only way to pass is to spend every waking moment studying, but it’s just not true. Don’t go on any benders, but hitting a happy hour or 2 will be good for your sanity.

    • Chin up — The exam isn’t as bad as the bar review people have an interest in making it out to be. It’s all about rote memorization and spoon-feeding back to the essay graders (and the scan-tron machine in the case of the MBE) exactly what the bar review lecturers spoon-fed you during your review course. Don’t worry about independent thought or any of the creative problem solving skills you might have developed during law school. They’re counterproductive when dealing with the bar exam. It’s all about black-letter law now and anyone can memorize, even you (and I don’t even know you).

    • Just try to stick it out and do what you can. Studying for the bar was the worst time of my life. I wasn’t doing great on the practice tests, I was running out of steam, etc. I passed and so did most of the people I was in school with. Keep your head up and keep looking forward to Dublin! Fingers crossed for you!

      • Yep, it’s like the stages of grief. Being positive you’re going to fail the bar is one of them. Stay calm, stick with studying and take mental-health breaks, and chances are very good you’ll be fine.

    • Dublin is amazing. Also, the the island is small and the countryside is incredible. Rent a car and drive around.
      If you’re a drinker, you’ll love Ireland. Whiskey, beer, and poitín of all varieties. I’ll be back in September for a wedding 😀

    • Studying for 2 months makes for a long summer. Perfectly normal reactions you are having – all of them. It will be over, and you’ll feel better.
      Remember what they told us in my bar review course – its a pass fail test. There’s a lot of room in there to do less well than you want to, and still pass.
      You’re too tired and stressed to learn much more. You probably know enough to pass already, or at least all you can take in. So do take it easy. The worst stress is the weekend before the test.

  • Rave: Made it to the Lotus and Water Lily Festival at the Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens. I’d never been there, let alone to the festival, but had been hearing good things about the gardens for several years. Thanks to PoP for posting about it!
    Rave: Looming houseguest visit prompted me to do some serious house-tidying over the weekend. The thought “OMG, someone else is going to see this??” is excellent for lighting a much-needed fire under me.
    Rant: Really groggy. This weekend’s nightmare highlight: a dream in which the Chinese government was trying to discredit me among my friends and colleagues, using Omar Sharif as its agent. I guess my subconscious is preoccupied with the news.
    Rant: Mosquito bites I didn’t discover until after getting to the office. In the summer I ought to keep a tube of anti-itch cream here for exactly this situation.

    • Probably a good call on the anti-itch cream. I’m all about having a small office pharmacy in my desk drawer 🙂

      • Fortunately I had three band-aids in my drawer — just enough to cover the bites and stop me from scratching them.
        If I can make it through the day without scratching them, then I can put on anti-itch cream when I get home and it won’t be too bad. In my experience, it’s only once you’ve scratched them that they become intolerable.

        • it’s the NOT scratching that’s hard to do though – hopefully you can make it! My husband never scratches them (you can’t in boot camp, where every bug that can bite you, will). I envy his willpower

          • Yeah. I think/hope the band-aids will stop me.

          • Ughhhh, I hope my bites are mosquitoes, but I am afraid they are not! Biotech is coming today to inspect for bed bugs. Pleaseeeee please don’t let us have them. (And yes I have already searched all the popville and bed bug posts!!) On another note, calamine plus really helps stop the itching for me.

    • Additional rant: I got the mosquito bites while wearing long pants.
      Maybe for gardening I need to get those things that bicyclists have that wrap around the bottoms of their pant legs. (What are they called?)

      • Unfortunately mosquitoes can and will bite right through your clothing (they are especially attracted to darker clothing so try to wear light colors when gardening).

        • Also clothing that is loose.
          I’ve had good luck with lemon eucalyptis insect repellent (avail on Amazon). Also, mosquito coils (which you’d need to move with you if you’re gardening in a space larger than my yard)

        • They seem to strike only on my lower legs — between the tops of my socks and maybe 5 inches below my knees — so I don’t think they’re biting through my clothing. I think they’re just taking advantage of the pant legs being loose enough for them to fly up and bite.
          I don’t like wearing mosquito repellent, so I always garden wearing long pants and a lightweight long-sleeved button-down shirt over whatever T-shirt I’m wearing. That’s interesting that they’re more attracted to dark colors — my current gardening clothes are light-colored, but I’ll have to make sure that whatever replacements I get are light-colored too.
          Bicyclists, what’s the pant-leg-wrap thing called?

          • gotryit

            I bike, and I have no idea… pant leg straps?

            You can pick them up at any bike shop for a few dollars (if even) or get some for free on bike to work day.

          • Or use rubber bands around the bottom of your pant legs, or tuck your pant legs into your socks (for a very fetching look!)

          • Blithe

            Have you tried wearing higher socks — like knee highs?

          • Blithe — No yet.
            MPinDC — I’d actually thought about tucking my pant legs into my socks, but had forgotten about it. Agreed on it being a not-so-fetching look 😉 … although I look terrible when gardening anyway.
            Gotryit — Thanks; will look into it. Sounds like it might be a better value than buying higher socks.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I read some where (in the 90s, so no citation) that mosquitos are attracted to the color blue.
            Also read at about the same time that eating bananas also attracts the little bastards. Again, no citation b/c the 90s.
            All I know is if I’m around, no one else gets bitten.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: I think my week-long plague is finally nearly behind me. Probably bronchitis or sinusitis? Everyone seems to be getting it around here.
    Rant: No more excuses for poor running performance, now.
    Rave: Ball pit nonsense on Wednesday! And crane dancing!
    Rave: This coffee. Oh how I needed this coffee!

  • Rave: Just getting back from the most lovely vacation with the family at the folks’ lake house in Michigan. I absolutely adore my parents, bother and SIL and their boys.
    Rant: Back to work in the swamp.

    • One more rave: Came back to upper thigh-sized zucchinis in the garden. I swear they weren’t even beginning when we left 10 days ago!
      One more rant: So. Many. Weeds.

      • Zucchini bread (yum!) I also grate zucchini into my pasta sauce and into stir fries (after squeezing out excess water.)

        • I love making zucchini pasta using a mandolin slicer to make “noodles”. There will be a lot of that in the near future. I also throw a bunch in my smoothies in the morning. I think this year zucchini bread will definitely be a must as well (Yum is right!). Any other ideas?

          • I have a “quick” bolognese sauce that I love to make–it’s an Ina Garten recipe, but I add lots of zucchini to it to give it more chunkiness and nutrition.

    • That sounds like a wonderful vacation. Lake houses in Michigan are the best!

      • They are the best! Folks, if you’re looking for a beautiful road trip in the summer or fall, please go somewhere in MI. If you’ve never been, you will be absolutely amazed by the experience.
        Rave: I have 3 more family related trips (two weddings and a “girl’s weekend) coming up in the next two months and I couldn’t be more excited!
        Another rave: We’re actually looking to move back so on our way home on Saturday we drove through a few areas my bf had never been to, so that he could get a better feel for where I’d like to look for houses he gets one of the jobs he’s applied for. I forgot how much I love certain areas of the state. Cannot freaking wait to get back there for good.

  • Rave: Compressed watermelon salad*
    Rave: Sour cherry not-quite pie with graham cracker crust and whipped cream
    Rave: Tim’s Garage – not quite local, but paid half the cost of having similar work done in DC
    Rant: Achy back, chronic issue that was more achy this weekend. Haven’t tried accupuncture yet but will be making an appointment for this week (hopefully). Thanks PoPville for all the good massage recommendations from last week – that’s also on my list of treatment options/self care treat

    * WPost recipe, used arugula and about-to-bolt/slightly bitter greens from my garden instead of frisse

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: The peanut butter brownie recipe made with caramel! It’s like a brownied chocolate rice crispy treat sandwhich with rolos in the middle. Thanks jindc and whoever else linked to that recipe! (changes I made: rolos instead of peanut butter cups, caramel sauce instead of peanut butter, chocolate rice crispies instead of regular [I could only find chocolate!].)
    Rant: making the brownies for a great work friend who is moving to a different work group.

  • Observation: more adults than kids at kids movies. I really like kids movies, so I get it. But it’s a little weird for my children to be the only people under 18 at the Minions movie!
    Tip: If you want to see a “kids” movie this summer, skip Minions and see Inside Out. You saw all the best parts of Minions in the trailer, but Inside Out is surprisingly profound. Laugh-out-loud funny, too. I’ll see it again.

    • I was flipping through on-demand last night and some sort of Minions preview was on the stand-by screen.
      Is it really just a bunch of fart jokes? That’s all those stupid Minions were doing during the ad. Seems like such a dumb movie.

      • I saw it less than 24 hours ago and am unable to recall a single fart joke. Intestinal gas aside, if you didn’t see Despicable Me (1 and/or 2, both of which are fun,) then I don’t think that Minions would appeal much. And of course, if you don’t like kids movies at all, well…

  • Rant: Bus and Metro were full of people who fail to move back to allow other passengers on.
    Rave: Humidity took a vacation this weekend – so nice to chill by the pool for two days.
    Rave: Wearing my chunky frames to day and feeling funky!

  • Rant: Woke up feeling pretty under the weather this morning. Combined with how tired I always get with heavy, rainy weather, I am feeling super out of it. Good thing it’s a quiet day at work, although I’m also trying to finalize one cover letter but I’m just not functioning.
    Rave: Fun combined birthday party for a few friends this weekend. Great weather, tasty BBQ, fun time wearing Japanese yukata and being silly.
    Rant: Awkwardness stemming from a hookup with a friend last weekend. Gah.
    Rant: So much rain!

  • Rant/rave: why did I wait until just now to buy a travel pillow?

  • My neighborhood had some streets resurfaced recently.

    Unfortunately, a**hole construction company renovating a house left their rolling debris container in place. The road crew simply resurfaced AROUND the debris container, and I don’t believe they are planning on returning to finish the job. Needless to say, it looks like shit.

    I reported the issue to DC311, and no one seems to know what the heck is going on.

    • “I don’t believe they are planning on returning to finish the job”
      Why do you believe that? It might not happen immediately but it seems unlikely to me that they’ll just leave it that way.

      • I’ve asked the road crew that did the work, DOT, and someone via 311 what the plan was for the spot that wasn’t resurfaced, and no one knew.

        • That’s not a surprise, I guess. I imagine they intend to come back and do it, they just don’t have a specific date/time scheduled.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Bonus Rant: office mate is pissed b/c I told her she has to do something instead of what she wants to do. We have very clear order of operations and she wants to skip one. There is much sighing and slaming of things around now. Can’t wait to do her review in a few months.

  • Rave: Incredibly fun weekend with friends in Richmond!
    Rave: Booked a ticket to the midwest to see my father in October, cheaper than the last one (not by much, but small victories)
    Rave: my mom will be here next week!
    Rave: The adorable neediness of my cat this morning (she either did not want me to leave, or fully planned on walking out the door with me. Even more affectionate and loud purring than usual).
    Rave: making new friends here in the area is also nice.

  • Bear

    Rant: Wedding expenses. I’m trying to find a day-of coordinator who isn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg. Any tips from PoPville? I’m looking for someone who can oversee set up of tables, etc, and be an overall traffic director to make sure everything is more or less on schedule. It would be maybe 2 meetings before the wedding and about 10 hours the day of.

    • I think I have a friend who has a friend that just started this business – I’ll email her and let you know (I have your email address, obv). Mine was $1000, but she did save me a lot of money in terms of where to get rental items which was helpful.

    • Have you booked your venue? I don’t have any suggestions because our venue came with a coordinator. Check the knot for people.

    • emvee

      I have a friend in Charlottesville who is just getting started doing coordinating. She did great work at the wedding of a mutual friend this past April. Depending on where you’re looking to tie the knot, I’d highly recommend her!

  • Rave: Bosses who take regular vacations. It’s nice to get a break to catch up now and then.
    Rave: My lease is signed! So glad that the househunt is over. I had to make a few compromises, but ended up getting most of what was on my wishlist.
    Rant: I’m kind of hitting the wall with packing. I’m so close to being done, I just need to get the motivation to finish.
    Rave: Planning where to go for a celebration dinner once this is all over.

  • Rave: took my pup to the dog park Saturday and Sunday. she loved it.! my little dog was the most energetic dog there! she barked a bit, but I hope she learns to control it. proof that she’s not aggressive. she just wants to play hence all the barking at other dogs while on leash! still working on the barking while on leash.
    Rave: great weekend with my new group of friends. music, dancing, and great conversations. you can make really good friends after you’re don with school!
    Rant: still sick.
    Not sure: my dating/love life. everything is confusing. feelings. why?

  • Rave: Great trip to New York. Nice combination of Long Island’s north shore and the city.
    Rave: Had incredible luck shopping. Hello, Reiss dresses at a tiny fracture of the original price!
    Rant: Apparently was too tired to function last night and dumped a hot bowl all over myself when removing it from the microwave. I have a nice football-sized (minor) burn on my leg.
    Rant: BF got a pretty severe burn on his arm from taking pizza out of the oven two hours after my accident. Clearly we were not meant to be in the kitchen last night.

  • Rave: wrapping up another Drink City interview tonight.
    Rant: need suggestions of great DC bartenders for future Drink City pieces.

  • Rant: My close friends expressed concern about my girlfriend this weekend. We’ve been together over a year and from my point of view things are progressing exactly as I had hoped. The friends mentioned that they thought she doesn’t always treat me with respect, and worried that I am selling myself short. I got blind-sided on this. I’ve dealt with an abusive partner before and this doesn’t have any of those hallmarks. It seemed to me that maybe they just don’t like her and wouldn’t date her, but they aren’t the ones dating her, I am.

    • Did they cite any specific examples/behaviors?

      • They tried, but couldn’t nail anything down that I also remembered. It sounded like they felt like on multiple occasions like she was overly confident/too cool. I appreciate her confidence, but see it more as self-acceptance (which I appreciate). It was hard for them to explain, and even harder for me to reiterate here.

    • Accountering

      As someone who was formerly in a very crappy similar relationship, I got a few of these same warnings from time to time. Please do not simply ignore them. At least take stock and put some thought into this. If your friends felt the need to warn you and have an intervention of sorts, there may be something too this… Please please please do not just gloss over this.

      • +1 “at least take stock and put some thought into this”

        It’s tough to approach a friend about their significant other and since a group of your close friends all have the same concerns, it is worth at least considering them and deciding if and how these things affect you.

      • Agree. I wish my friends had spoken up more about one relationship. Not abusive, but just not loving. I thought they just didn’t like her. They weren’t perfect people, either, my friends, and I figured they would complain if they didn’t like her and would rather see me always alone instead of sometimes with them. But in hindsight, there concerns were real and right on.
        Overconfidence can be just self-acceptance. Or it can be a sign of narcissism. Not the issue in the relationship I was writing about above (at least I don’t think so-who knows at this point), but an issue with many friends I’ve had. (Why so many? I’ve come to realize I was raised by one.) My other friends often did not like my narcissist friends. Read about narcissism – the issue in many abusive relationships. See if anything resonates.

  • Rave: The Passenger will be re-opening a block from my house (again)!
    Rant: I won’t be here.

  • Rave: Finished a report for work this morning. Now it’s on someone else’s desk.
    Rant: Had tough battle with depressive thoughts last night. Kept thinking about all of the bad things that has happened to me in the past, particularly the times I got sexually harassed on the job and at school.
    Question:Does anyone know a good therapist? I got rid of mine when he started to talk about himself too much and the place I contacted seems to be slow in getting back in touch with me.
    Rant/Rave: I take vacation at the end of next week. It’ll be good cause I’ll have a break from work but I hate that I have to go to a family reunion with relatives that I’m not too fond of. Plus my mother always tries to show me off to her sister by bullying me into going to her house. She’s an aunt that has always had something ugly to say to me ever since I can remember.

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