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  • Hard to see but menu seems a little odd. I have a difficult time envisioning this doing very well.

    • Yeah, not a typical Ethiopian menu. I’m okay with that since there are so many already available. It looks like an expanded version of Azi’s menu, actually.

  • Mug of Glop

    They had even fancier new signage when I went by there this morning. I’ll definitely have to check place out.

  • Does anyone know if all three of these iterations are by the same owner? Wish them best of luck. Got to give them credit for trying to adopt to a rapidly changing area.

    • Piassa and Chercher are definitely not from the same owner.

      My housemate (10-year resident, just down the block from Chercher) and I saw the Chercher owner one day during the interim between Citations and Piassa and asked him. He politely said no.

  • This is catty-corner from the Cambria Suites Hotel, with the big sign angled straight at the hotel entrance. Wonder whether they are hoping for some hotel guest traffic with that menu?

  • Awww, I still miss the Caribbean Citations sign that said “Turn your traffic ticket into a MEAL TICKET!” Always made me smile when I walked by, although since it was never open I didn’t get to try it out.

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