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  • what, $13 bowls of pho isn’t a sustainable business model?

  • dang! i really liked that spot. was thinking of going there this week.

  • Tsar of Truxton

    Interesting. I am no expert on Pho, but this place seemed pretty good to me and was always pretty busy during lunch (though I haven’t been in over a year). The space is pretty well-maintained, so it should be easy for something else to move in.

  • That is too bad – the Pho wasn’t the best, but was good if you were in that area. I also loved the buns from the deli.

  • This place was surprisingly nice inside and the food was decent. Unfriendly staff though. Hopefully a good Asian spot will take over and not other Cosi-Panera-Chipotle chain.

    • Likewise. The “Chinatown in name only” atmosphere is a little sad. I’m being a hypocrite, because I go to and like a bunch of the chain and regional-chain restaurants in that area. But it makes me wonder, given the fairly rapid change to almost exclusively chains in these few blocks, if it’s a raising rent issue? I imagine it almost surely is, at least in part.

  • Upstairs was too expensive. Downstairs was awesome: cheap, delicious, and authentic banh mi and buns.

    • I have to admit I stopped going when they increased their bahn mi price from $5 to $7. That was either a sign they were in trouble or a move that did them in. In retrospect, I wish I would have sucked it up and paid the $2 extra.

  • I liked the place downstairs, the banh mi were good for the area but the bubble tea was Meh. i too stopped going after they raised their price to $7

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