“now we have someone sacrificing small animals for the dead”

“Dear PoPville,

Like South Shaw wasn’t having a bad enough summer…

…now we have someone sacrificing small animals for the dead. Someone has started leaving dead animals at the makeshift memorial on O St NW between 6th and 7th St. This block is just as bad if not worse than the intersection of 7th and P, with rampant drug use every single evening on both the north and south ends of the street. The Kennedy Rec center outside the basketball court is a hotbed for groups of young men to stand around, sexually harass women, and smoke drugs in plain view of the police.

On top of the regular unsettling behavior on this block, we now have the dead animals. The memorial is for Tamara Gliss, who was killed in a shooting on Memorial Day. For the longest time, the memorial was a collection of stuffed animals and a growing number of empty booze bottles. The bottles reached a quantity of about 50 when DPW finally had to come clean them up during the last major storm because a tree fell on the memorial and there was broken glass everywhere. The squirrel showed up three days ago. It was fully intact and looked like it had been hit with a BB gun. Today, a crow was there. This is so disturbing. I called the police, who can’t do anything because a crime is not actively happening. I sat on hold with DPW for 20 minutes before hanging up and reporting it as “dead animal cleanup” on the app, but that hardly addresses the major issue (and in my experience the app takes weeks to actually get a response). Someone in Shaw is purposely killing animals to leave at this makeshift memorial, which is super disturbing behavior. It’s been well over a month, and now another memorial for another person has popped up on the north end of the street near the basketball court. The city needs to clean up both of these before anything else escalates the situation.

I understand wanting to do something nice to acknowledge the untimely death of a friend, but these memorials are filled with people’s garbage and now are being treated as an excuse to kill local wildlife. The memorials are on public property and should be removed, but one has been there for a month and a half and the other for over 2 weeks.”

WARNING: Very disturbing photo of dead animals after the jump.


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  • Emmaleigh504

    interesting…and so disturbing.

  • Welp, that just ruined my day

  • Obviously more effort should be put into tracking down who is harming these animals, but the OP advocates for eliminating public memorials. Jesus that’s cold.

    • >>but the OP advocates for eliminating public memorials. Jesus that’s cold.

      I agree with removing and eliminating public memorials. I don’t know when this trend started, but there are already places for memorials — they are called cemeteries. I get that when a loved one dies, we want the earth to stop rotating and we want everyone to be as affected by it as we are, but that’s simply not the case. Each person needs to deal with their own grief and not foist their grief upon the rest of us. Some people have more than enough grief for people we actually knew and may not want to have to stumble across someone else’s grief every.single.day for gods only know how long.
      I know that seems very cold to you, but it’s how I survive.

      • Having lived in this area for over twenty years, I can tell you that these sorts of memorials have existed for a LONG time. They are also found in the burbs particularly at car crash sites. It’s not a new phenomenon at all, those perhaps it is one that offends the sensibilities of gentrifiers.

        • justinbc

          It has nothing to do with gentrification unless you are of the belief that some people don’t want trash all over their neighborhood (so called gentrifiers) and some people are perfectly fine leaving trash wherever they please.

          • While I don’t agree with leaving dead animals, it’s people’s way of dealing with grief. They should be cleaned up regularly, which many are and are well maintained, but I see nothing wrong with memorials in general.

        • +1 Just because a few dead animals are being left at one public memorial site doesn’t mean that we need to rage against them in general. Tons of memorials like these can be found sporadically all around the city, and one (obviously mentally ill) person leaving dead animals here doesn’t have anything to do with the others.

          Also, cities are dirty. There is trash, there are dead animals on the sidewalks (mostly from natural means), there are miscellaneous items left “on public property” all the time. If you want your sidewalks to be spotless, you should probably consider that a heavily populated city area is not the best choice for you.

        • Makeshift memorials appear in urban and rural landscapes and seem out of place in both. Whether on a street corner or at a sharp curve on a mountain road, such memorials are clutter in public space that only speak to a few.

      • Sad that limiting the compassion we feel for others would be considered a survival trait.

      • Check out “Washington’s Other Monuments” http://dcshrines.blogspot.com/ and learn a thing.

        This is not a “trend” – it’s more like tradition. I recommend the links on Lloyd’s blog for a more detailed explanation of his work documenting these monuments, their meaning and significance to those who create them. Your view that grief should be internal is part of your background, values, probably how you were raised. Recognize that we don’t all share the same experiences and upbringing and you might just find yourself empathizing, particularly since these monuments are for members of our community killed by violence.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I so agree. Erecting a memorial for a loved one is one reason graveyards exist. And the roadside/curb memeorials always get gross even without a disturbing person leaving dead animals. Stuffed animals were not meant to be outside.

    • I think it’s cold to leave a mouldering pile of wet stuffed animals, plastic flower wrapping, general trash, and now dead animals as a “memorial” to someone. Talk about disrespecting someone’s memory.

      • There’s one on Harvard just off 14th, that has been there upwards of two months. Some really gross soppy wet stuffed animals and upwards of 50 empty Patron & champagne bottles. Every time I walk by I feel bad for the deceased that they’re being “remembered” in such a way. But, as it’s not my block and I’m not involved, I feel it would be inappropriate for me to clean it up. Right?

  • How does one tell that they are “being sacrificed” if they are just left there? It’s more likely that they were killed or died for some other reason and then left there.

    • Because that’s MUCH better?

      • Tsar of Truxton

        I would say that picking up a dead animal that you found on the side of the road and putting it somewhere is significantly better than catching a live animal, taking it to a memorial and killing it at the alter (so to speak). I expected a bloody mess, but it literally just looks like some twisted person picked up a dead bird and a dead rat and moved it.

  • alphatango

    I think PoP left the squirrel! The War With Squirrels will be won!

    JK, this is creepy.

  • Have you alerted the Humane Society? As DC’s contracted animal welfare agency, they may have the ability to investigate or have ideas on how to control this disturbing behavior.
    Their number is (202) 723-5730.

  • They just look the died of natural causes, and somebody picked it up and left it there. To be honest I wouldn’t put pass the OP or some one like him who hates these memorials, to have placed it there.

    • jim_ed

      *slow clap*
      This thread would have been really disappointing without a deal animal truther showing up. #staywoke #sheeple

      • That was my impression. Either a teen thought it was funny or a mentally disabled person ran into the already dead animals and placed them there.

        I don’t get why people get their panties in a bunch over these memorials. I have seen white bicycles for a long time all over the place. In fact, one by Dupont sort of saved my life one day that I was careless crossing the street. I paused to read the sign with such luck that I avoided being ran over by a car (which is how that cyclist had died.)

      • Emmaleigh504

        lol fair play jim_ed!

  • Gross. That’s really all I have to say. I’m personally not a fan of public memorials – I don’t get it, to me it just seems like littering. But adding animal carcasses is a whole other level of disturbing.

  • PoP – the preview picture at the bottom still shows the dead squirrel.

    • Yeah is there a way to hide the pic from the feed of stories? I intentionally didn’t read this story because I didn’t want to see the pic but then it showed up when I was scrolling through recent stories list on the bottom of a different post.

  • For the folks complaining about the memorials: this is why HOA’s exist. You know where to go if you don’t want to see or interact with them.
    I agree that they can get a bit gross, but most of them are dumped after a month or two. Let people grieve as they wish.

    • This has nothing to do with HOAs or the suburbs. This is how about public space is maintained.
      I’m not particularly thrilled with these roadside memorials, but I think they’re fine for a month or so. Dead animals though? That’s a completely different story.

      • Of course dead animals are a different story. No one in this thread is defending the placement of dead animals! It’s gross and should be cleaned up by DPW in a timely manner.
        However, the dead animal most likely has nothing to do with the family and friends who created the memorial. The existence of one dead animal should not result in the banishment of all memorials.

      • Emmaleigh504

        A month or 2 is too long. Stuffed animals get grody fast. I say 3 days, a week tops. Then it’s time to have a permanant memorial at a graveyard.

  • It sounds like someone maybe sending someone a message about the shooting.

    • That was my first thought. Snitches get stitches, rats get whacked (or something like that) and some wanna-be Luca Brasi.

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