New Tavern, Wicked Bloom Social Club, coming to Truxton Circle/Bloomingdale

North Capitol and Florida Ave, NW

The liquor license placard for Wicked Bloom Social Club says:

“New Tavern serving crated drinks and beer with fresh-made sandwiches. Entertainment Endorsement. Total Occupancy Load is 49.”

Washingtonian reported that Wicked Bloom comes for the owners of nearby DCity Smokehouse and will feature cocktails and barbecue. Sweet!


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  • This is definitely NOT in Bloomingdale. Show Truxton Circle some love!!! You even tagged it TC…

  • Good luck to them! Even in the middle of the day, I feel a bit uneasy walking from Noma down this sidewalk. The horrible traffic — gridlock, really — on N. Capital approaching N ST doesn’t make it any more pleasant. Hope some more “eyes on the street” here are helpful.

    • DCity has a huge following. This will do well. I’m also hopeful that with all of the development coming to N Cap, the city will finally have an incentive to deal with the streetscape. The best thing that they could do is cut and cover the commuter artery and turn the land above into a pedestrian-friendly avenue with wide sidewalks and some parks. But I don’t think our planners have that kind of vision.

      • North Capitol between New York and Rhode Island is such a disaster. The city has a few lots they’re moving slowly towards developing, and I think that will help, but a lot of the problems arise from the fact that there’s a huge parking lot east of North Capitol just north of New York avenue that cuts off Truxton Circle and Bloomingdale from NoMA. Does anyone know if there’s plans to develop that? That’s the key to the whole area being so sucky.

        • Correction: north cap between M and Florida is a disaster. North of Florida is just fine.

        • Doug Jemal owns that large parking lot (when I first moved here it still had some row-houses on it, but they were torn down around 2000 or so). As he frequently does, he’s land-banking it until the time is right to develop.

          • If Mamo and Jemal just went ahead and built, it would turn around the whole corridor. Those two are the worst. Are they just waiting for the other to go first so they can benefit from the appreciation of the other? Feels like these two are holding the city hostage, as the lack of progress here really ruins the flow from Bloomingdale/TC/Eckington to NoMA/Union Market.

          • Of all the empty lots, this one is probably most ripe for development because it is on the “right” side of North Capitol in terms of proximity to NOMA.

            The real issue is the unit blocks along North Capitol on the west side. There was a very brutal assault where N intersects with New York and have been several robberies along N Street between New Jersey and New York recently. The unit blocks of N, Hanover, and O are pretty terrible (at least the closer to North Cap you are). I live on the west side of all of that and typically walk north from NOMA to P street to avoid it all.

      • What they should do is just put the damn circle back, but that will never happen for several reasons. The decking over of N Cap around Rhode Island and just south actually has some traction and may come to pass eventually, but I doubt the city would ever actually dig new tunnels. This is exactly the sort of thing that spurs a “bad” corner to turn around. Anybody in DC 20 years ago could probably point to several intersections on U St that would be unrecognizable today. That and the fact that it looks like Mamo is getting off his ass to finally build on the old gas station plot. I think that is what is going to really make a huge difference at Fla/N Cap

        • Mamo is going to build there? That would be huge. Do you have any cites?

        • Hey, if they could finally find developers to deck over the 395 artery, anything is possible. I agree that it is going to be difficult to ever see the investment needed to rectify the traffic situation on North Capitol between NY and FL Aves, but honestly most of the storefronts on both sides between those two avenues are empty. It is such a dead zone. I would really love to see those blocks completely redeveloped in a way that makes the traffic not an issue.

          My concern for Wicked Bloom is its proximity to that corner liquor store. How anyone found a photo of the space without dozens of drunks out front is shocking really. I hate that block. But will do what I can to support this business in hopes eventually the drunks exit the area. You close down that liquor store and Ben’s and that entire strip changes between NY and Florida. If SOME ever decides to cash in its chips on O Street near North Cap, you might see a really different scene in that area.

      • actually the DC Office of Planning does have that kind of vision — check out the Mid-City East Small Area Plan where they worked with Howard University architecture students to develop a park over North Capitol.
        Here is one section of the Mid-City East report that illustrates some ideas for North Capitol:

  • Great news! I’m excited to see that DCity will still have a presence at NCap and Florida after they move.

  • I agree good luck to them. This remains one the saddest and more stretchy corners in the city. That triangle park in particular is just depressing.


    • Amen again. I get that there aren’t loitering laws (and I support that), but I do wish there were things we could do to make this triangle park/corner more aesthetically pleasing and perhaps get some of the regulars here some services.

      • The issue is that the loiterers are there BECAUSE of the heavy concentration of services. My understanding is that there are several methadone clinics in the immediate area. That corner really is heartbreaking.

  • “New Tavern serving crated drinks and beer with fresh-made sandwiches. Entertainment Endorsement. Total Occupancy Load is 49.”

    Crated drinks. Is this the next big thing after boxed wine? 🙂

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