New Summer Menu Now at Dino’s Grotto on 9th Street

1914 9th Street, NW

From an email:

“We have our summer menus up and running.

Tasting Menu is $44 for 7 tasting portions and it changes every 2 weeks or due to availability. Currently it shows off grilled apricots {pancetta wrapped, mascarpone topped}, crab balls {100% local fresh Maryland lump & jumbo lump crab, w/caper aioli}, squash blossom risotto {with asparagus & corn} and wild boar strip lon {in Tuscan Mole}. The dessert menu had rhubarb crumble {w/house made cinnamon gelato} and peach parfait {w/bourbon peach maple syrup & housemade granola.”

Check out the complete menus here.

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  • Dino’s is amazing. We eat there all the time, and in my opinion, they’ve got some of the best Italian food in town! Locally-sourced ingredients, lots of veggie options, great wine list, completely affordable.

    • +a lot. Dean doesn’t get the respect he deserves in this town, probably because he’s not much of a blatant self-promoter or PR whore, but both here and in Cleveland Park his staff put out some of the best rustic Italian this city has (well, I guess before The Red Hen came along). There are almost no misses on those menus, probably because Dino’s walks the walk when it comes to changing it up depending on what is available and in season. Not professionally affiliated with him, just a long time fan of the cooking.

  • Great food. I really need to get there more often. They have a solid happy hour and the pickled veggies at the bar are amazing.

  • I’ve always been super unimpressed with Dino, both when it was in Cleveland Park and now in Shaw. I keep going back because it gets rave reviews and I figure I’m just ordering the wrong thing, but it continues to underwhelm, especially for the price. Now if only Acqua al 2 weren’t all the way over in Eastern Market, I would eat there every week.

    • Thank you for saying this! I really -want- to like Dino, but haven’t had a single good dish there in my four or five visits. Everything seems to be just a bit off. I have a lot of respect for what they try to do, but it never quite lands with me. I feel like I make better seasonal, local dishes at home for half the price and to my own taste.

    • Completely agree about his old location in Cleveland Park. I went three or four times and was extremely underwhelmed each time. It seems like people want think he is an underrated hidden gem, but in reality there are easily 6 or 7 restaurants that have better Italian food. In fact, Coppi’s now in Cleveland Park has been better than Dino’s ever was and gets zero attention. Contrary to the earlier comment, it seems like Dean is a huge self promoter and fuels the underdog reputation. Didn’t mean for this to come off as such a rant, so sorry for that!

  • I think Dino’s consistently has some of the best food in town! Fresh, local, creative and the service is great too. A wonderful wine list. Is it your mom and dad’s Italian, no. But having been in Italy many times, it is exactly the kind of food you find in local eateries. Not flashy Italian, but real. Had the grilled apricots the other night and they were one of the most amazing things I have tasted in a long time. House made gelato, in fact everything house made…what else can you ask for? Does everything have to be “trendy” these days to be considered good? The “grotto” bar has a great mixologist…does that count 😉
    Embrace it folks, great menu, really well done, fresh and local AND reasonable too!

  • These sound reaaaally tasty:
    – grilled apricots (pancetta wrapped, mascarpone topped)
    – rhubarb crumble (w/house made cinnamon gelato)
    – peach parfait (w/bourbon peach maple syrup & housemade granola)

  • I loved Dino’s when it was in Cleveland Park and went there often. I went to the Shaw location once and it was SO LOUD. It was just an echo chamber in the upstairs space. Any idea if they’ve fixed the issue? It just wasn’t a pleasant dining experience.

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