Slash Run Opening Thursday near the Old Soldiers Home!

201 Upshur Street, NW

Mark it for real – from Slash Run:

OFFICIALLY OPEN ON THURSDAY. Please stop on in–we can’t wait to see you!”


Burger preview via Slash Run:


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  • Egad

    I’m looking forward to this!

  • Excited for it to open, but I wish they could get an outside makeover, a la Curb Appeal. Would be nice for the neighborhood to see a facelift and something that looks a bit more welcoming.

    • Don’t be a whiner, it looks fine. Not every storefront needs to look like a new Dunkin Donuts or 7-11.

    • I agree – color isn’t for me – do wish there was a little more – as you put it ‘curb appeal’. I do love me a good burger – so I’ll be stopping in regardless.

    • You are right. The vacant La Joya Steakhouse had a much more welcoming look to it.

      • Of course an occupied space is (generally speaking) better than an unoccupied space, but I’m not exactly thrilled with the black paint and purple signage either.

  • I am SO SO SO excited for this! But can someone explain the name to me? And perhaps the cheesy looking sign? I am not and do not want to be a hater. But not so sure about that signage…

    • It’s named after a D.C. creek. It has a hair-metal theme, so I guess “Slash” is the tie-in.

      • Headwaters of Slash Run were in the vicinity of 17th St. & Florida Ave., NW, and it headed south from there, emptying into Rock Creek on 23rd St. between N & O. Which is to say, nowhere near 2nd and Upshur. If we’re going to resurrect old DC place names for irritating bars, can we at least get the geography right?

  • I cannot image a worse name for a place, but we will check it out all the same.

  • Excited that it’s finally opening but disappointed that they didn’t do a better job with the building. If they paint the yellow bricks and remove the window bars it’d look so much better. Maybe they are not done yet?

  • This place has all the curb appeal of a bomb bunker. It really needs a proper exterior remodeling (I know, it’s expensive).

  • Is this place family friendly? Or is it really more of a dive bar (as the appearance suggests)? I’m not judging, just asking.

    • I’m *really* hoping it is family friendly.

    • If you have to ask…….

    • VarnumGuy

      I saw some glimpses of the interior (maybe on their Facebook page?) and it looks great inside. A powder blue wrap-around booth, large bar, glitter, etc. I’m not sure how ‘dive bar’ it would be, but considering the number of strollers/kids that I see at Petworth Citizen during Friday happy hour (which I don’t think is particularly ‘family friendly’) I think this place will do just fine with the stroller set as well as the many other constituents that make up Petworth. Or at least I’m hoping!

    • I’m hoping so! It’ll be across the street from the new location of creative minds charter school, song would imagine that they’ll get a fair amount of early diners from there.

    • If your family is similar to Ratt or Dokken, for example, then yes it is family friendly.

      • From their Facebook:
        “We’d like to add that we are a full service restaurant and are as committed to awesome food as to awesome decor : ) (Also family friendly and will have a kids menu for the early hours…)”

        Since I live two blocks away, have two kids and totally dig hair metal I am stoked.

  • Not a fan of the “Jersey Strip Club” school of design, but wow am I craving a burger for lunch.

  • Can’t wait for to do a H8 bus bar tour!!! Brookland to Mt. Pleasant and all the btwn spots!!!!!!!!

    • General Grant Circle

      Welcome to the start of the “Upper Upshur Corridor”. Slash/Run + Hitchingpost.

      Add that to Timber Pizza Co. + Petworth Citizen in the newly-coined “Lower Upshur Corridor” and you have quite a lovely stroll.

  • I am judging. That signage and those colors are terrible.

  • Those burgers look tasty, but I don’t think I can sit and listen to hair metal for more than about 15 minutes.

    • I feel the same way about indie rock

    • I gotta agree about the hair metal thing. I know Jackie, Gordon, and the crew have a great track record, but I’m suspicious of overly-themed bars, especially when they seem to come with such a thick coating of irony. A Ratt or Poison tune in an otherwise varied mix is tolerable, but a jukebox devoted to hair metal sinks any interest I may have had in stopping by this place.

  • This looks awesome!!
    It reminds me of Orange County Social Club In Chapel Hill or the Milky Way in Boston with the glitter. I didn’t want to get my hopes up after the Pitch debacle but this has got serious potential.

  • I think it makes sense for them to open up to get going, and then apply for some DC funding for great streets or other grant to redo the front to make it look more presentable… if this is what’s happening.

  • Don’t mind the colors, but for crying out loud, please ditch the prison bars. Also, I’m gonna love this place.

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