MPD Confirms Shooting Sat. Night/Sun. Morning (2:30am) near 11th and Florida Ave, NW – Two Men Shot

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A little bit more info for those who were looking after not seeing anything on the MPD twitter feed.

From MPD:

“The gunshots you heard most likely came from the 2300 block of 11th Street, NW. We had a shooting in that block, during which two adult males received non-life-th3eatening gunshot wounds. There were no arrests, and the case is still under investigation.”

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  • I have to wonder if there’s another high school in the entire country with as much violent crime occurring within a few blocks of its boundaries so regularly.

    • And with so few local leaders saying ANYTHING about it. Holding a public forum on crime is not fixing the problem. It provides the appearance that the gov is actually doing something. I’ve worked for gov agencies, I know how to BS the public.

      • Though I agree with all talk no action, your statement of “so few local leaders saying ANYTHING about it. Holding a public forum on crime is not fixing the problem.” contradicts itself.

      • And this is the worst part of it! District officials continue to tout that crime overall is down, when there are some obvious hot spots that they’re pretending don’t exist.

    • There’s got to be one in Chicago I’m sure.

      • Jammin Jimmy, you hit the nail on the head. Does anyone even care about violent crime in DC? It’s almost as if Bowser accepts it as part of living in the city. That’s just wrong. Nadeau clearly doesn’t understand how to deal with it in a way that leads to actual results. I just don’t get it. How is this acceptable? I too am tired of public meetings.

    • There are probably several schools like that, sadly. However, I’d guess that most of them don’t have housing rapidly pushing seven figures within spitting distance.

    • There are probably a couple other in the District, sadly. Ballou comes to mind…

    • Problem solved — tear down Garfield Terrace. No more crime!

  • Amazing that these guys only have non-life threatening injuries. There were many, many shots fired.

  • how is tearing down people’s homes, kicking families.. woman and children into the street, possibly a solution to the problem of entrenched poverty, crime and violence? careless.

  • It wasn’t reported but the previous Saturday, a man stalked an 11th street resident and cut open his face and chin — didnt ask for or take anything while the resident was trying to enter his home (key in door).

    I wonder if a petition from neighbors/residents of the area can get more attention on this issue (video cameras on that block, better street lights and patrols).


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