Manny and Olga’s Still not open on Rhode Island Ave


A reader reports:

“They sent out menus to the neighborhood over a month ago, but the phone number on the menus redirects to the H St. location. Also, the space looks completely done (see attached). I don’t know what the holdup is and I’m sorta annoyed about it, because I could really go for a jumbo slice right now. Maybe they’re having trouble finding staff?”

2117 Rhode Island Ave, NE

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  • They failed an inspection – their gas line wasn’t sufficiently large enough for all of the ovens, and so they had to delay while Washington Gas came out and installed a new line.

  • It was a problem with the gas line, it should be resolved very soon (or at least that’s what they said last month). When they had the final inspection in May/June they were told they needed to make it bigger (or something like that I can’t remember exactly), and so Washington Gas came out last month to fix it, and I’ve seen workers coming and going this week too so I think they are working on it. I’m totally with you though, I can’t wait! They’ve had that sign up forever!

  • will never order from Manny & Olga’s. The last time, the delivery guy rounded up the bill to an even number. when i told him, no sir, i don’t owe you $18, I owe you $17.35 he just shrugged like it was no big deal. I don’t care that it’s 65 cents, don’t be so entitled. Done with them. The pizza is a joke anyway

    • And I bet you stiffed him on a tip too.

    • He should have rounded down if he was going to round, but you’re still being ridiculous. You say you don’t care about .65, but you obviously do. If you were planning to tip, just round it off to 20 or 21 and move on. If you weren’t planning to tip, the .65 is well worth the gas he spent coming to your house. Get a life!

    • Srsly. He should be honored that you let him deliver pizza to you at all, amirite?

    • I understand where you’re coming from, but it’s really hard for delivery drivers to make that specific amount of change. I wish the establishment would just include tax (or do whatever they need to do) so that it came out to a round number, but that’s really not the driver’s fault. He’s expected to carry his own change (in that the store does not provide a bank), and unfortunately robbery of delivery folks is more common than you think.

      My uncle manages one of the busiest Dominoes in the country and before he was promoted he was held up twice (once at gunpoint, once at knifepoint) in the course of a year. Not only did he have to forego all the tips and the change bank he had on him, the restaurant doesn’t provide any kind of support for the trauma he endured. Fortunately state law said the restaurant couldn’t ask him to cover the cost of the food he had already delivered, but at these wages people are living very paycheck to paycheck so the loss really hurt.

      Have a little more compassion for the folks who deliver your food, and cut them 65 cents worth of slack!

  • Am I the only one who’s seeing that first picture upside down?

  • samanda_bynes

    Behold! The last time this Manny & Olga’s will be clean!

  • It’s horrible pizza and their viability as a business doesn’t say much for DC.

  • Why on earth would any sober person order from Manny and Olga’s? that stuff is worse than Dominos.

    • I was thinking the same thing. How can you crave jumbo slice and be sober enough to operate a keyboard at the same time?

      • OP here. I’ve had jumbo slices at the 14th St. location many times while various levels of intoxicated and have fond memories. More importantly, I’m really good at operating my phone regardless of cognitive state.

        I’m actually legit drunk right now. It’s whatever.

  • The sign your DC neighborhood has arrived: easy access to sh-tty pizza.

  • This place is horrible. I ordered from another location once, years ago…nasty food!

  • west_egg

    “We deliv-errrr…VER-y late!”
    At least they’re consistent!

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