Major Police Activity/Streets Closed in Chinatown – Body Possibly Found by Fudruckers


A reader reports:

“All streets blocked in Chinatown. Evidently there is a body in the covered green car.”

Another reader reports:

“Police closed off all of 7th St between H & I as well as H St in front of the metro entrance and between 7th 8th. They also evacuated Walgreens across the street, someone said there was a dead body found in a car in front of Fudruckers (car was covered with a sheet). The police cars were positioned in a way to block the view of the car. Someone else said there was a suspicious package and that’s why everyone had to leave the area.”

On twitter another reader writes:

“Any idea why Chinatown is all blocked off by cops? No vehicle or pedestrian traffic for a few blocks. all of 7, 8 and 9 between H and I that I walked past. Couldnt get through on any.”


UPDATE: Reports on twitter indicate this could be a suspicious package situation – MPD looking in care now as of 1:05pm:

@jszmajda tweets us:


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  • I work at 9th and H and I’m hearing someone jumped off a building.

  • I just walked by Cava to grab lunch around 11:45 and a handful of police just got to the area and were cornering off around this car. They were chatting saying they should probably stop traffic to the street. Nobody was looking up, nothing visiable on what the might of been cornering off which at this time was a 20ft by 10 ft area. I didn’t see anybody sitting up in the car which is covered by the front.

    There were also girls eating in fudruckers looking out to this area. Again nothing out of the ordinary.

  • I work in this block. They’re not telling us anything

  • I work nearby, and I’m hearing that someone jumped off of a building and landed on a car in front of the Fuddruckers.

    • It’s all hearsay for now, but I guess that would explain the sheet being draped over just that part of the car. Yikes. What’s all this about a “suspicious package,” though? That could mean anything, I guess.

    • I walked right by the car as they where putting up the police tape, the windshield wasn’t smashed, my experience was just like Jay above had described it. I went into the fudruckers for lunch and there were some ladies eating right next to the window next to the car and things were normal until some people started coming in to try to look into the car and snap photos.

  • Well it’s pretty clear from that last pic that someone did not land on that car, so let’s just dismiss that theory.

  • I try to avoid Gallery Place/”Chinatown” whenever possible…draws the worst kinds of people. I’m not feeling this city lately.

    • That’s a pretty big generalization right there. I also try to avoid 7th and H when possible but I love DC as a whole. Hate to burst your rainbow colored bubble, but most major cities have some sketchy characters. This also could have been a death due to natural causes which would make your comment even more ridiculous.

      • My comment about Chinatown wasn’t an assumption based on whatever happened today. Is it not acceptable for me to have an opinion about this area of town or my growing displeasure with living in this city after many decades? You may not agree, but it doesn’t mean my original comment was ridiculous.

      • I agree with Chris. I avoid Chinatown as much as possible, due to the sketchiness of the people.

      • +1

        I work in Chinatown and I love working down here. There are some colorful people around, but I come to work early when it’s still dark out and I’ve never had an issue where I felt unsafe.

    • I’m assuming by “worst kinds of people” Chris means tourists and white people from the burbs eating at Matchbox?

    • lol, what?

  • Emmaleigh504

    I hope it’s a suspicious package b/c with this heat it’s a bad day for a body.

  • DC police department tweeted that all streets are now reopened.

  • Clearly a lot of people just love to make up stories and start rumors in situations like this.

  • So what happened?

    • Nothing, just a car with a weird tarp over it and the hazard lights left on in no-parking zone. Car was full of junk.

  • Any official confirmation about what happened? Our building was told to evacuate – would like to know why!

  • Wow, how did this go from a dead body to completely nothing? People are ridiculous and need to chill out! Seems like people are looking for any reason possible to cast DC in the worst light lately. Dan, stop this fear mongering!!

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