Legit or Bogus No Parking Sign?


“Dear PoPville,

New “Emergency No Parking” signs? I saw this no parking sign on the 1600 block of E. Capitol St. Has the district changed the no parking signs, or is this a knock off?”

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  • Hmmm….looks like a homemade one. No company name, order # or date from and to.

  • Looks bogus to me.

  • Totally bogus – but kinda gotta admire the effort, lame as it is.

  • Looks bogus to me too.

  • Not sure about that sign, but you can easily verify public space permits online. Just check it there.

  • Enjoy your parking space! Kudos for effort though.

  • Probably bogus but DC has been using a label maker for years (seriously) to update required payment days/times on parking meters so you never know…

  • DC1

    Tree workers some times post some really sketchy looking signs. To be safe, you should double check with DPW before parking there.

  • Looks fake to me and I’m an expert at this.

  • This definitely looks fake. The DCMPD print outs have the permit number posted on them. I would call your police district and ask them to check it out.

  • I’m pretty sure that the permit needs to have the address, permit requestors name, and the official DC ok on it. While it’s a clever idea, if fake it’s also suggesting that their work isn’t permitted and they’re “avoiding” paying $50-$5000 public use fees.


  • Definitely not one printed at a police station. I’d probably call 311 to ask / report.

  • Totally illegal.
    DCMR 18,2407.25 Signs prohibiting or reserving parking shall be consistent with the design approved by the
    Director and shall display the following:
    (a) Sign number;
    (b) Name of the issuing agency;
    (c) Contact name and telephone number;
    (d) Duration of the parking reservation or prohibition;
    (e) Hours of the parking reservation or prohibition;
    (f) Specific person or entity permitted to park in the location, if applicable; and
    (g) Such other information as is required by the Director

  • Looks totally fake to me, but I probably wouldn’t want to park there if they were taking down a tree or doing construction and were the sort of scofflaws who would make their own signs…who knows, you might end up with a banged up car and no note.

    Though last time I donated an hour of my day and $50ish to the DC DMV to get a no parking permit during my last move, calling in and posting in advance of the 72 hours ahead per the required process, the spot was still full of cars and none was ticketed. So while you may not get a ticket there, and they certainly have a lot of gumption to try to make fake signs, the system in place isn’t terribly effective either. The whole thing just seems like a racket for the DC government to get funding–from your payment of the parking permit, and from you calling them to let them know they can go (cha-ching!) put tickets on the cars in violation if they care to swing by, but not actually tow or move any of them out of your way.

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