UPDATE: Paisely Fig Bakery Signs Lease for Heller’s Bakery space in Mount Pleasant

3221 Mt Pleasant Street, NW

Big, big, big update from the Washington Post Express:

Pimentel confirmed that the space will be the future home to Paisley Fig, the bakery adjoined to Room 11.

Big, big, big news for Mount Pleasant. I hear that a lease has finally been signed at the former Heller’s Bakery space in Mount Pleasant. Heller’s closed after 86 years back in December. I’m hearing that moving in will be a restaurant. I’m also hearing it is possibly a big name – multiple sources confirm that it will definitely be a restaurant and that we should be “very excited” about the plans. Update when details emerge. Any guesses?

Heller sign

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  • Another Subway?

  • Fingers crossed for an olive garden!

  • c’mon Golden Corral!!!

  • SusanRH

    They’ll need a good exterminator – that place was overrun with cockroaches

  • Maybe the people who brought Le Diplomate to us are planning to open a place, something with a Latin American flair??

    Personally, I’d be happy with a good bakery in the neighborhood. The only place I’ve found some quality bread is Harris Teeter.

    • Le Caprice a bit further up in CH has excellent bread!

      • Le Caprice is EXCELLENT. That would be a real gift to Mt. Pleasant! But I fear from the term “big name” that it won’t be something locally beloved but, instead, some big national chain with zap-from-freezer-bag “food.”

    • vz

      I’m skeptical of the Le Diplomate folks making the move up here, but something from a big-name local chef in the vein of El Chucho would make me very happy.

    • Yeah, my guess is Steven Starr too. He’s been looking for a new spot for a while and has stated his preference to be in an interesting building and in a residential neighborhood.

  • Z burger. Hahahaha

  • Ruby Tuesday Two: Return of the Roob.

  • I knew Ruby Tuesday would come back after vacating Columbia Heights location. Or maybe a Chile’s?

  • Thai Tonic – fusion restaurant

  • Egad

    C’mon Sizzler! Fingers crossed!

  • My legit guess is a Bubba Gump Shrimp Company or a Red Lobster 🙂

    • I think the space is too small for any of the big chains. And they’ll be wary after Ruby Tuesday closed a couple blocks away and TGI Fridays pulled out of their deal.
      My guess is one of our local celebrity restauranteurs, like Andres. Or OOOH! How awesome would it be to have a Rasika North??

  • Man you guys are going to be so bummed when it becomes another boost mobile store.

  • FWIW, this isn’t the first time Heller’s has closed down in 86 years. When I moved to MtP in 2004, Heller’s was closed for months after the original owners sold the place.

  • No way it’s going to be a national ‘sit-down’ restaurant like Red Lobster. My guess is a fast-casual deal like a 5 Guys, Chipotle or Taylor.

  • The kitchen at Hellers is huge. Maybe even bigger than the seating area. A modern line kitchen would only take up about a quarter of it. Then of course the service area was bigger than it needed to be, so that’s a lot more space that Hellers wasn’t using well.
    The place is much bigger than it looked to customers, is what I’m saying. Big enough for the kind of places that line 11th Street, and then some. Still not big enough for a Red Lobster type place though.

  • I’m guessing that the Prince’s sources aren’t the sort of people who think his readership would be excited by a Chili’s type chain.

  • I just hope somebody projects some cartoon poop on the wall. And soon!

  • Sounds like Justin Abad of Cashion’s & Pops Sea Bar finally found his spot in the hood.

  • Fingers crossed for a Guy Fieri restaurant.

  • I heard the Pleasant Pops guy was interested….

    • I would cry with joy if Pleasant Pops came to this space. Hope whomever comes keeps the Heller’s mural and sign though, for old-time’s sake.

  • How does Marx Cafe stay in business? Lack of competition?

  • Heard it was going to be more bakery/restaurant opening next spring. Seems like a good fit.

  • Fantastic! This will be a huge upgrade from Heller’s. I bet the renovated space will be great too. The Fig did a great job with its current space (previously a hair salon). Very excited for this addition to the neighborhood.

  • Egad

    So will the coffee/bakery part of Room 11 stay or will they expand the wine bar?

  • Yes! Thanks so much for coming to our neighborhood!

  • Welcome to the neighborhood, Paisley Fig!

    I wanted to put in a plug for you to offer a wide range of vegan and gluten free options in addition to the rest of your regular lineup! I know that Sticky Fingers is just a couple of blocks away, but it’s always great for vegans and people who are lactose intolerant and/or gluten free to have more than one place locally to get delicious bakery items.

    Thanks and welcome!

    • to be truly gluten free the production space wouldn’t be able to use flour for their ‘standard’ products due to cross contamination. (in the air, ovens, etc.).

      • Good point, meh. Rise Bakery in Adams Morgan is good for people who need to limit what they eat to things made in dedicated gluten free facilities. But because a lot of people these days seem to be trying to avoid gluten even if they don’t have a formally diagnosed allergy to it, I imagine wheat-free/gluten free offerings would do well even if they’re not certified gluten free.

    • I’m not sure they’re reading this thread, but they do already make a handful of (delicious) vegan items. For now I get them at Dolcezza or Each Peach.

  • CHEESECAKE! This is amazing news to me, but will be a blow to my trainer.

  • This news totally made my day. A great bakery like Paisley Fig will thrive in Mt. Pleasant. And I hope they do make it into a proper restaurant as well. Can hardly wait for them to open!!

  • Did all the recent businesses opening on Mt. Pleasant street have to get their names approved by the Twee Review Board? (except Subway, of course)

    I kid, I kid…. But, praying to Yahweh that they offer a bagel sandwich in the mornings– the only thing that kept me coming to Heller’s. The one at flying fish is not good.

    • Judging from what they charge for their made to order cakes, I hope you aren’t scared off when that bagel sandwich comes in at around $20.

  • Any ideas what will happen to the Hellers mural and signage? I hope they can find a way to save them.

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