Las Placitas moving to old Quiznos space at 8th and M St, SE

8th and M Street, SE

Last night Capitol Hill Corner broke the big news for Las Placitas fans:

“Capitol Hill Corner has confirmed that Las Placitas, the popular Barracks Row Restaurant, will relocate to lower 8th Street, SE, opposite the Navy Yard by year’s end.”

The former Quiznos space has been vacant since Dec. 2012. In May we learned that the current Las Placitas location at 517 8th Street, SE will close and be taken over by neighboring Matchbox in October. And back in May we also learned that Las Placitas had started work on their 16th Street Heights location. Updates all around when openings happen.

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  • Hmm, this will be interesting. Because you have to go under 295 (after already walking all the way down 8th if you’re a pedestrian not using the bus), this place is definitely out there and not really among anything besides the Yard. I can see people going here at lunchtime, but I’m not sure if the regular Barracks Row crowd is going to make it down here during non-work hours. Isn’t it telling enough that this place remained vacant for 2.5 years? The chicken place a couple doors down has been unoccupied for a long time, too. Wonder if this is going to be a tough spot for them.

    • justinbc

      There’s not a huge amount of competition for them in the area, so I’m sure many of the same people who went to the old location will go here as well if they want that type of food.

    • To be fair…I think the chicken place closed due to tax/landlord/health dpt. disputes (I can’t remember which). Although I agree they will probably do well during lunch but after that they aren’t really in a well traveled area like further up toward Eastern Market. I will certainly give them a try when they open, anything has to be better than the disgusting Quiznos that was there previously.

    • That’s true, it’s a bit of an empty block there now. Hoping that the Brig Beer Garden finally opens; that would be a good complement to las Placitas, and practically across the street.

    • The closest sit-down eatery off M is a terrible Chinese buffet. This place should do fine.

    • SouthwestDC

      I was thinking the same thing. I used to work at 12th and M, and that area could desperately use some/any lunch options, but I don’t think there’s much demand for a sitdown restaurant. It would be one thing if a really popular restaurant moved down there, but Las Placitas isn’t exactly a destination for most people.

      On the other hand, I do think it’s only a matter of time before the restaurant/retail density of upper Barracks Row spreads to the lower part, so maybe they’re trying to get in early.

      • You only have a couple thousand workers on the Navy Yard who can only eat so much Dunkin Donuts and Sbarro on base. Most of these folks either head to Teeter to pick up something or Montaditos/5 Guys/food trucks or pack Matchbox for lunch.

  • I love Las Placitas, and I’m elated they’re just moving down the street as opposed to “away.”

  • Is the second Las Placitad still opening on upper 14th St in NW? Can’t wait to try it after hearing all the good reviews.

  • It will definitely make for a good lunch option for the Navy Yard, and I think people living in the Navy Yard area will visit for dinner, and maybe that huge apartment complex across from the Navy Yard will be done in time for the grand opening

  • The new housing being built, The Yards at Capitol Quarter, should help keep this place busy once they open.

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