Lane Closures on Georgia Ave Between Barry Place and Florida Avenue, NW until May 2016

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From DDOT:

“The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) will close one lane of traffic in each direction on Georgia Avenue, NW, between Barry Place and Florida Avenue, NW in Ward 1 beginning on Tuesday, July 28, 2015 at 7 am, weather permitting. These closures are expected to stay in place until May 2016.

The closures are needed for DDOT to construct dedicated bus lanes and a streetscape along Georgia Avenue, NW. The work includes the replacement of sidewalks, curb and gutters, sidewalk ramps, mill and overlay of the roadway, and new dedicated bus lanes in each direction on Georgia Avenue, NW.

Curbside parking will be restricted while work is underway and ultimately removed upon completion of the project. Emergency No Parking signs are and will be posted a minimum of 72 hours before the start of construction. Sidewalk detours will also be in place while sidewalk repair is in progress. Signage and protective barriers will be used to maintain public safety.

Motorists should expect moderate-to-heavy delays, and are advised to seek alternative routes. DDOT encourages all traveling in this area to stay alert and to obey all construction signs.”

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  • In before first WAR ON CARS commenter.

  • So when is our GA Ave street car coming?

  • I’m glad they are doing this, I guess, but the fact that it will take 10 months to essentially reconstruct a street for 3 blocks confounds me. This is going to have a significant negative impact on those reliant on the 70/79 bus lines during rush hour.

    • This will also affect the 90s bus commuters due to the inevitable gridlock this will cause at Florida Ave.

    • west_egg

      I suspect they are using the opportunity to upgrade utilities, etc. underneath the street as well. That’s an assumption on my part, though. Perhaps they hired the same contractor WMATA uses for escalator maintenance.

  • When there was work on Connecticut a few years back the 42 buses rerouted around the construction and skipped a few stops. Could WMATA re-structure the impacted bus routes to avoid this congestion?

  • I’m guessing they’d be doing this regardless of bus lanes. It is annoying that they are essentially blaming this on bus lanes. Bus lanes can painted, and sidewalks can be redone w/o a bus lane.

  • This entire project will take years, and then they’ll have to tear it up and do it over again, because it’s DDOT.

    • You forgot to mention that there will be three years of studies to see whether they should study the studies about the study lanes. Because if you’re not rebuilding a freeway, it takes study upon study to do anything.

  • west_egg

    Translation: Georgia, Sherman, 11th and possibly also 13th and maybe 14th are going to a collective fustercluck through next summer.

  • Wow, glad I got out of the city! Huge construction in the 3rd st tunnel, now this. DC is basically digging up half of my old commute.

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