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  • Riding this bus may lead to an unhealthy liver! Hope no one was hurt.

  • Ddot should stop everything else they’re doing and rework New York Ave from 395 to Florida. That mile is just a disaster.

    • Sure, but that isn’t where this is. This is on North Capitol at M, south of New York Avenue.

  • Maryland plates? Oh, wait…

  • Hey, at least the “Not In Service” sign is on at an appropriate time for once!

  • I like how the bus says “Not in Service.” As if there was any confusion!

  • I would bet good money that this was caused by somebody swerving around the bus and trying to cut it off in the intersection. I see it ALL the time from impatient drivers who don’t want to wait behind a bus in the access lane before NY Ave.

    • This is my guess as well. That bus stop heading north on North Capitol at M has drivers cutting off the bus that needs to pull back into the lane all the time, either taking a right on M or trying to cut them off on the access lane to New York Ave.

  • Those are definitely some doors that Metro can’t open.

  • Sadly, this is unsurprising. I’ve seen multiple instances of WMATA bus drivers speeding and driving recklessly. I was nearly knocked over by a driver a few months ago. Scared the life out of me. I look over my shoulder any time I hear a bus coming these days.

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