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  • That quick?!?! Wait, a DC agency move with speed and efficiency? No freaking way! While they are at it, can we get that crosswalk in front of Powell since we’ve had a school child hit this year?!

    • sorry- after asking for one for 7 years, you’ll then need 2 accidents in 1 day in order to get it.

  • I literally NEVER thought I’d see the day. That’s amazing.

  • Is that from eBay, Amazon or DDOT?

  • Aglets

    now i have the Culture Club in my head

  • Tsar of Truxton

    I give it less than a week before it is knocked down by a bad driver and/or large truck.

    • +1. Just like all the crosswalk warning posts that I’ve seen trashed and lying on the shoulder.

    • I assume that the sign in the street is temporary to alert drivers to the new traffic pattern.

  • Ya knooooow, pruning that tree would help visibility of the original stop sign. Just sayin’…

    • both stop signs are new; there weren’t stop signs for traffic traveling on kansas before.

    • DDOT isn’t allowed to touch the trees. You’ll have to call DPW for that. (More specifically, you’ll call DPW many times over the course of a couple years, but they won’t come out and prune it until it gets hit by a car twice in the same day. I think that’s how it works now.)

      • DDOT’s Urban Forestry Administration manages the street trees. Put a 311 request in. It will show up as a request on the city arborists’ computer maps and the one responsible for that area will come out to inspect within a few days.

        DPW has nothing to do with trees. Perhaps that’s why you’ve had trouble getting them to come out.

        • I was actually just making a sarcastic comment about getting the city to do things – I’ve never actually tried to get them to do tree trimming, I was guessing it was DPW. But duly noted, it is in fact DDOT (though I am kind of curious why…).

    • That is a very good comment. I drove that route yesterday, and the stop sign, the regular one, is almost entirely obscured by the tree trunk and branches.

      • If the stop signs are brand new, there’s a good chance there’s a pruning work order in the system for that tree.

  • VICTORY! But, sadly, RKM is probably right about the sign being mowed over in no time.

  • Actually, DDOT does the tree pruning. It’s done by the Urban Forestry Administration, which is part of DDOT.

    • But what are the chances that when the sign was installed, someone on the DDOT crew said “ya know what, that tree looks like it’ll obscure the view of this new sign. Let’s call Fred down at UFA and put in a ticket to have him come out next week and trim it back.”

      much more likely, they installed it, and said “great, sign installed. end of our job.”

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