If You’ve Lost Your Keys You May Want to Check Out Metro’s Lost and Found


A reader PSA:

“So, Metro has a lost and found in Hyattsville, near the metro. Open daily from 11-6. They had a TON of keys. (My husband lost his.) I am sure if people knew it existed they might go retrieve their keys. For keys you MUST go in person. Spread the word.”

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  • Unfortunately they did not have my sunglasses when I went there the other week. :'(

  • There at least used to be a Lost and Found at the Metro offices in Silver Spring. Also important: when I went to look for lost keys a few years ago, I was told they only keep items for a month (maybe two?) then everything gets dumped. They get so many lost keys, sunglasses, hats, books, etc. they can’t keep it all much longer than that. So if you lost something, don’t wait.

  • I lost my keys about two months ago and made the trek out there to no avail. It’s a horrible location and it’s a pain in the butt to get to. I wish they would have a more central lost and found (Metro Center/Chinatown).

    On a brighter note, when looking through the giant bins of keys, I came across a set of keys that had a sexy, maternity photo keychain (the lady was like 8 months pregnant and wearing next to nothing). I almost died.

  • I have been out to this location in a (futile) search for lost keys. It’s certainly an experience. It’s worth noting that whatever system they have in place to transfer items found on the metro or in stations can evidently take 5-10 business days. So if you lost your keys yesterday, it might be best to wait a week to go look for them.

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