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  • It’s actually an anti-skateboard device to keep skaters from grinding the edge of the concrete.

    • I was going to comment on the same. I saw this at a bag lunch seminar a few years ago about anti-skater devices and it got pretty funny. I thought the bench was a great way to engage some and repel others, then someone mentioned that skaters don’t care what we do, they just skate it differently. We all shared a few stories and then grabbed an intern who told us we could – cover the curb with rebar, broken glass, and lazy boy chairs and they’d still skate it. We built a skate park instead.

      • Haha great story!

        But also, those benches aren’t good to skate, but that little rail in the first photo is perfect.

    • Speaking of skateboarders, I see that they’ve already scuffed up the new red benches outside The Shay (that were featured on here a few weeks ago). Such a shame.

    • Oh, right, that makes sense. Nice of them, though, to put seats in rather than just those metal extrusions.

  • Perfect, they should do this all the way up GA


  • Emmaleigh504

    Is that little orange splotch a rooster?

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