Here’s Where Declaration, from the owners of Lincoln and Teddy & The Bully Bar, is Coming in Shaw

804 V Street, NW

Back in April we learned that Declaration from the owners of Lincoln and Teddy & The Bully Bar was coming to 804 V St, NW near the 9:30 Club. They’ve now posted a liquor license application that says:

“New full service casual dining restaurant specializing in intercontinental small-plate food with occasional live entertainment to include DJs, as well as occasional live music (3-4 piece band). Seating inside premises is 50. Total capacity inside premises is 65. Sidewalk Café with seating for 12.”

Looking west towards 9th Street

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  • Lincoln, Teddy and Declaration …. they are definitely going all in on the whole federalism theme aren’t they?

  • Wow, I’m surprised this group isn’t just surviving but expanding. Besides the food at both being just OK (and pure small plate–everything and anything at any time), Teddy in particular is a massive restaurant that rarely looks all that busy.

  • Allison

    Because nothing makes me think of Declaration (presumably of Independence) quite like intercontinental small plates and DJs!

  • I actually like Lincoln.

    • I agree, the food is pretty decent. However, I found it rather loud and cramped, and couldn’t get over plate after plate jammed on our tiny table in quick succession. Many places at least let you ask to phase it a bit.
      As to Teddy, they tempt you with fresh-baked bread for the table baked to order. Sounds great, except it didn’t come until we’d gotten everything else and eaten more than half our meal, not exactly the point when you’re craving bread.
      I’m not totally down on small plates–places like Tico and Kapnos do a great job of it. It’s just that this restaurant group really seems to take every negative of the experience to the extreme.

      • Hmmm….

        I didn’t even realize it was small plates. It’s near by office, and is a good place to take clients for a casual lunch for sandwiches and light entrees.

        For dinner, I basically refuse to go to small plates places unless it’s just me and my wife.

    • me too – went with my kid when he was an infant and they were SUPER accommodating and friendly. our server was great. I know loads of people who like it and it’s always busy. Teddy, no idea.

  • PoP – copy edit: Here’s where Declaration…
    I thought it was called “Where Declaration” at first glance, and thought what a bizarre name.

  • I’m so tired of small plates! Just serve entrees!

  • I thought that this was going to be ‘high end pizza.’ Please no small plates. Please. Please. Please.

  • Also, still now Shaw.

    Not even historical Shaw.

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