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  • I fail to see what the big deal is. I’m pretty sure they’ll replace the dozen or so trees they had to remove. I’m sure trees fall in Rock Creek Park all the time and no one makes a sound. It is not like they removed a redwood or some other type of endangered/protected species.

    • Some people just seem to need something over which to panic once in a while.

      • justinbc

        That’s the #1 industry in DC.

      • brookland_rez

        I’m not one to panic, but I can see people’s point. What was there to gain in ripping out all those mature trees? Yes they can plant new ones, but they will take decades to mature. It seems pointless to me, unless it was to facilitate construction somehow.

    • planting new trees is great and all but to replace the mature ones they cut down will take a few decades at least. and given the reason for cutting them is to put a big circular driveway in… Im surprised it didnt draw the ire of the historic board. As this will drastically change the look and feel of this building from the street. I live in Woodley Park and they wouldnt even let me change a window underneath my porch.

      • justinbc

        I wonder if all those complaining actually went to the historic board review meetings and addressed their concerns when the plans were presented.

        • Nope. I got a life. Thats their job to do. So I expect them to do it. Like how its your job to comment a whole lot on popville apparently.

          • justinbc

            Apparently they’ve done it, you just disagree with their decision. That’s why you show up to the meetings, to ensure your voice is heard. Or let it count for nothing on the Internet along with the rest of ours.

    • Agreed. Also, the trees looked diseased/dead which is dangerous.

  • I wonder if they plan on planting new trees. I doubt they’re just going to leave the entire lot empty.

  • I like that this is allowable but Nandos is not. Aren’t they supposed to be putting in a big circular drive way there now? How is that ok in a historic district to add a huge driveway on green space? Woodley Parks leadership is really failing them.

    • As someone who worked at that hotel when the built the underground parking garage on the other side of the building facing Woodley Road, I can promise you the Woodley Park neighbors are a force to be reckoned with. Just getting the curb cut was more difficult than passing Obamacare.

      Calm down. They are trees. And there are other trees on the other side of that tower that are still there. And these will be replanted per the plans by the developers. The company that owns that hotel understands very well how the landscaping of that area was an enormous deal for neighbors. I think it will be well manicured when it is all said and done.

      And about a block to the south of this is Rock Creek Park. If you need to look at trees, they aren’t far away.

      My understanding is they are adding another underground parking garage for the residents. If they did not do that, do you think the neighbors would be more or less accommodating to this redevelopment? If you look at how they managed the underground parking on Woodley Road, you’ll see you can do it and preserve the green space. If you drive by you do not even see the entrance.

    • Nando’s was allowed. Per Popville on 7/24/15:

      “But while authorizing Nando’s to open, the BZA ruled that Nando’s would have to reapply in five years for permission to continue operating. The Board ruled that it wanted to see in five years whether there were “adverse impacts” of adding another restaurant to the Connecticut Avenue strip.”

      It was the five-year term of the reapplication that didn’t work for Nando’s business plan, understandable given the risk it added to their seven figure upfront investment. Still , different from not being allowed.

      • Accountering

        An authorization to operate for five years with renewal contingent on things outside your control, is not an authorization at all.

        • +1 What a mistake. I am so disappointed in my WP neighbors for voting this way. Now we will get a mattress store. Luckily the landlord wont agree to put a 7-11 in (they keep begging to go in the space).

          • For once this was not the fault of NIMBYS, the ANC approved Nando’s. It was the BZA that required the stipulation.

  • justinbc

    I totally expected to see a forest. This is rather laughable. Can someone please post any photo of DC from the early 1900s? Cities expand, buildings go up, trees go down. Not everything in DC has to have “historic value”, there’s an abundance of it already.

  • maxwell smart

    Isn’t this like the 3rd post about this? Didn’t we all agree that yes, losing mature trees is sad, but the board approved it AND there is a plan showing the new landscaping which will provide trees, etc.

  • Exhibit A in how Woodley Park residents care about parking above anything else. (Adding another underground parking garage, being fine with killing a ton of mature trees)

  • I Dont Get It

    Can’t we talk about shoes?

  • If you are not familiar with this plot of land, it was beautiful and in a very busy spot of CT Ave. It’s not just the removal of the trees – What makes the absence of trees amplified, is that this is kind of a hill on another hill. I hope that makes sense. But if you are at street level, the bottom of the trees were 10-20 feet above you. Anyway, let’s see how it looks next summer.

    • Good description, jd! It was especially lovely. Sadly, I have seen no evidence we should get our hopes up for next summer. Or the next after that, etc.

  • Why exactly did these trees need to be taken down? Mature trees provide shade, homes for animals, and beautiful spring buds and autumn leaves… the little twigs they’ll replace these with will take 10-20 years to reach that point.

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