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  • Awesome sauce!

  • DC is below the Mason-Dixon line.

    • It’s a reference to a quote about DC from JFK – a city of “northern hospitality and southern efficiency.” It’s been kind of co-opted, tongue-in-cheek, by a few folks around the city (e.g. Southern Efficiency, the Shaw bar).

  • Agreed, we are below the Mason & Dixon. As for JFK’s oft-repeated quote, “northern charm” was not meant to be complimentary.

    If this has nothing to do with geographic borders, then forgive my pearl-clutching. I get tetchy when non-natives try to tell me what region I live in.

  • Good gravy. Only on Popville.
    Everybody knows that saying DC has Southern efficiency and Northern charm is not complimentary.

    Just as the old line referenced in the video that we’re Hollywood for ugly people is not particularly flattering, true as it may or may not be.

    We’re between the North and South, not belonging to either. That’s why they put DC here.

    As for the video itself, very cool visuals and tune. Would have been nice to get beyond the monuments everyone associates with the city and one fabricated neighborhood into the real DC, but not knowing the objective it’s hard to say. I’m imagining this videography in 9:30 Club, Bohemian Caverns, or Great Falls.

    • I don’t mean to get into any sort of pissing contest, but you are wrong on why the District is where it is (and it’s clearly below the MD line, which was established several decades before the District was created).
      In order to get the South to help the northern states re-pay the massive debt acquired while fighting the British, it was agreed that the new, permanent, national capital would be located in the south, and that George Washington would be the one to choose the location. He was quite familiar with this area, it made maritime sense, it was basically between the extreme edges of the new country, et cetera.

  • Southern efficiency!

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