GDoN “Stunningly handsome” edition

DC8703536 - Exterior (Front)

This unit is located at 3220 17th Street Northwest. The listing says:

“**1ST BROKERS 7/28 12-2PM** WOW! Stunningly handsome 2BR/2BA corner unit at the Argyle! Best of Mt. Pleasant w/ 14 windows (some w/ windowboxes), woodfloors thruout, granite/marble open Kitchen, marble/travertine Baths, great closets (MBR walk-in) & addt bsmt storage. Small bldg w/ low fee, onsite manager/super, AMAZING roofdeck, elevator, pets OK, solar energy & bike rack! OFFERS DUE 5PM WED”

DC8703536 - Interior (General)

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $549,900 ($319 monthly fee.)

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  • Oh my god, this is beautiful…and the price seems fair?

  • HaileUnlikely

    Not personally into big buildings, but like this a lot. I agree that the price seems solid. Would want to know where in the building this is located, and would want to investigate noise levels (traffic noise and people noise on Columbia can be kind of intense), but still, as good of a deal as one is likely to find in this market.

    • The building is located in Mt Pleasant.

      • Just reread – where IN the building. Apologies.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I misread too. I was picturing “Argonne” when reading “Argyle” and totally thought this was where the Argonne is, i.e., on Columbia.

    • This unit totally makes me rethink my aversion to big buildings as well. They did a really nice job on the decorating. Really bright and open unit – I love it.

  • I love the owner’s taste in furnishings so much. Unless they have the best stagers in the world, but I doubt that.

  • Let the bidding war commence…

  • Beautiful space!
    And so many windows – one of the closets has a window.
    Good deal

  • Gorgeous apartment–both the bones and that gorgeous furniture. Gives me hope that I’ll someday soon still be able to afford a condo near where I rent! (Although I predict a bidding war.)

    • I was just thinking the same–this will go for over asking price, and if it doesn’t, it’s not a Good Deal, it’s a Freaking Fantastic Deal. Unless they did some serious photo magic here, this place is fantastic.

  • Good price for a 2/2……but the fee seems too low–I wonder about the history of assessments. The square footage seems small for a 2br with DR, walk-in, etc. I’m guessing the camera perspective makes things look larger than they really are.

    • It’s only 900 sq feet. It’s a small 2BR. Still, it’s got some lovely bones and good updates. My guess is that you could snag an estate sale version of this for $100K cheaper and update to your liking.
      I think this is priced just right.

      • It’s 950sqft, which I think is a pretty darn good size. (I live in a 1,000ft 2/2, and it’s huge compared to the dozens of others that I saw when I was on the market.)

      • If you find 950 square feet in Mt. Pleasant anywhere near this nicely for $449K, you damn well better snag it up.

        This is a good deal, IMO.

  • I’m really confused by the photo of what I presume to be the second bedroom–it looks like it’s off a kitchen, but a different kitchen than the one shown in the previous photos (with an under-counter fridge, for example). And it maybe doesn’t have a door?

    • The 2nd BR is the dining room you see off to the side of the kitchen. Unfortunately, this does not appear to be a true 2BR.

      • Sorry – meant to say “off to the side of the living room”
        I guess it has a pocket door? It doesn’t appear to be particularly private.

      • So if the space that’s being used as the dining room is the second bedroom, where is the other room with a bed in it, next to the kitchen with the under-counter fridge? Is it from a different unit altogether?

    • Yeah I caught that too, it’s really odd.

    • Perhaps that second bedroom and weird kitchenette is a mistake in the posting? It seems unrelated to the rest of the photos.

      • definitely looks like a different unit-maybe a basement studio.
        Looks the second bedroom here is the dining room and the second bathroom is right off of the small living room. Not an ideal two bedroom for roommates or a family, but it still seems priced well. Excellent use of mirrors to increase light and size.

      • I live in this building in a similar unit. The second bedroom with the kitchenette isn’t a part of the condo for sale. The building has a room that residents can rent for guests. My guess is the photo is of the “hotel” room.

  • nightborn

    Very nice!

  • ya, technically it is a 2 Bedroom, but if you use the 2nd bedroom as a bedroom (instead of the dining room) it would not be very private. It may as well be part of the living room since big pocket doors are the only separation.

    otherwise it’s a beautiful condo.

  • The unit looks very nice but the infrastructure is scary. The fee may jump significantly. The incoming electrical service from PEPCO is old and undersized; the solar array is not big enough to add much capacity. The water service is tiny. I wonder if any upgrades have been made. Judging from their poorly maintained dumpster area and belongings thrown out by tenants few of the rest of the units are like this.

    • Oh, I was there 18 months ago for engineering assessment; that’s why I wondered if upgrades have occurred.

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