GDoN? “loft living in one of DC’s Hippest neighborhoods” edition

Exterior (General) -

This unit is located at 1413 T Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Urban, loft living in one of DC’s Hippest neighborhoods. Steps away from restaurants, shopping, nightlife, music venues, art galleries and more. Stylishly updated with granite counters and sleek stainless steel appliances. Soaring ceilings and an additional loft space allow for picture windows providing tons of light. A perfect urban oasis merely doors from 14th street and a block from U Street.”

Living Room -

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $299,000 ($225 monthly fee.)

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  • 300K for that? This town has gone mad.

  • Aglets

    Those photos are terrible which makes me think that you can’t get more than 7′ away from anything. And why i the couch on bed raisers?

    • Yeah, that’s really weird/distracting that the couch is on bed risers, especially since it doesn’t look like the unit is actually occupied at the moment (no clothes, no bed, etc.). Maybe it was left over??

  • justinbc

    The building is pretty at least.

  • I looked at a unit in this building back in 2009. This was when Logan was not really on most people’s radars… the warehouse across the street was still being renovated to make way for Room and Board but otherwise the block was mostly empty storefronts and abandoned buildings. I passed on the unit because of the size and awkward layout (the corners really are sharp… the pictures are generous). But now this would seem like a pretty decent starter apartment if you can afford the downpayment. Taxes seem a bit high, but condo fees are low and the building looks very nice from the outside. Obviously it’s in a great area and the street itself is quiet once you get away from 14th. No oven in the kitchen is kind of unfortunate, but probably whoever lives here won’t be doing a ton of cooking.

    • “I looked at a unit in this building back in 2009. This was when Logan was not really on most people’s radars…” I think you are underestimating where Logan Circle was in 2009.

      • I Dont Get It


      • justinbc

        I think “most” of the development that people think of now as the 14th boom happened in 2011-2012, although property values and other development was certainly going up long before that.

        • @justinbc. Definitely, I mean, much of the reason that I passed on the unit in this building was because I thought it was too small for the price. I ended up going way above that on the place I am now in, but hey, c’est la vie.

      • I don’t have to estimate where it was, since I was there at the time. The neighborhood definitely had a hipster “pull” to it, but most of the action was closer to P St but I didn’t want to look there because I wanted to be closer to a Metro stop. Over in this part of the hood there was very little going on… it was clear that it was primed for big change but I didn’t want to wait around another 2-3 years for it. There was St Ex and Bar Pilar and the Source theater, and the furniture stores (before Room and Board came, and now most of them are closed I guess), but not much else. If I recall correctly, there was nothing between the condo and the street, just some abandoned buildings and a vacant lot filled with trash. And also this was before Capital Bikeshare, Uber, and Car2go, etc.

        • If you think Logan Circle or the 14th Street corridor were not on people’s radar in 2009, you’re wrong. I guess you were new to D.C. at the time?
          A lot may have changed in that area between 2009 and 2015, but compared to the dramatic change between 1998 and 2009 — or even between 1998 and the mid-2000s — the subsequent change is minimal.

    • djdc

      Underestimating or misunderstanding or something.

      • Having moved to Logan in 2008, I suspect this poster is a bit deluded. it was a popular area, although some would say that T is more “U Street” than Logan (it’s at least a half mile from the circle).

  • that ladder looks terrifying and I say that as a house hunter who loves a good spiral staircase. Better hope you never sprain an ankle if you buy this place!

  • Interesting and funky, but can you really call it a 1br if there’s no door on the bedroom? I will admit though, that kitchen is much nicer than most 1 bedrooms.

    Still a bit overpriced, but I bet they get it for the unique factor and the neighborhood.

  • this makes me sad.

  • Is that a mini-fridge…?

  • Such an ugly apartment in such a pretty building.

  • emvee

    I have to agree with everyone here. As much as I’d love living next to Taqueria Nacional, no oven or full size fridge is absurd. I can’t say I think this is worth a $1,200/mo mortgage payment plus condo fees. No dice.

    • HaileUnlikely

      The mortgage payment in question assumes you just dropped $60K for your down payment, and the “is that a good deal” calculation assumes that you already forgot that you just dropped $60K.

  • I Dont Get It

    Whenever I see ladders to lofts I wonder how that impacts “fun” times?

  • Why don’t the kitchen cabinets go all the way to the ceiling?

  • I just got anxiety thinking about scaling that ladder after a few beverages…

  • maxwell smart

    Between this, the $5000 Glover Park apartment yesterday and the general going rate of even the smallest studio, I am SO SO thankful to be in a fixed-rent apartment.

  • The fee is ok for the square footage, not really low. The space looks awkward and claustrophobic. I’m sure someone will buy it.

  • A friend was renting an apartment in that building in the late 80s. Dirt cheap but unreliable utilities (no water or gas periodically with no notice or explanation). I thought it was an interesting building with a lot of character and considered buying when it went condo. This is the first time I’ve seen it’s “loft” incarnation and I’m wondering why the owner decided to cut away floors to make industrial – style units in a non – industrial building. The photos make the space look very uncomfortable and that ladder is so not up to code. Sad.

  • figby

    So it’s over $300k for an efficiency with a sleeping loft, no stove and a mini-fridge? Yech. And what an ugly, 80s-style reno, seafoam green accent wall and everything. A sad chapter for a beautiful old building.

  • The size of a closet and no oven for $299,000??? Insane in the membrane.

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