4331 Blagden Avenue Northwest

This house is located at 4331 Blagden Avenue, Northwest. The listing says:



You can see more photos here.

This 6 bed/4.5 bath is going for $1,399,900.

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  • It’s a steal, as much as any $1.3 million fixer upper can be a steal.

  • I’d live there. It’s only a 7 minute walk to the bus.

  • Yep, totally haunted.

  • binpetworth

    Wow, that kitchen is having an identity crisis. Nevertheless, this seems like a bargain for the amount of space one gets.

  • Very cool – always wondered what that place looked like inside. Love the backyard!

  • Usually “notables” are named. My guess is that they were “historical footnotes”. It doesn’t look bad. i wonder what the real upgrades (besides the kitchen wall) that the house needs. A new boiler? Updated electrical? At least it doesn’t look like someone has converted an attic into awkward climate-challenged space.

    • Miriam Makeba and Stokely Carmichael are among the “notables.” Surely they are more than footnotes…wonder why the realtor left this bit of history out.

  • This is a steal.

  • Back yard is awesome. Price seems good, even if you factor in cost of improvements and the cost of a year of your time to plan and oversee said improvements.
    I wonder, what’s the best way to do AC in a place like this?

  • I’ve long been obsessed with this house. I wish I could afford it. The only kind of awful thing is having to walk up all those stairs, I hope there is a back loading area?

  • andy

    Whoever buys this, can we play Clue-in-Real-Life at your house some stormy night?

  • We haven’t actually been to see this house but have been keeping an eye on the listing just because it is so cool. But, note that it does not have central air. Also, the back yard is on a hill and so although the space is interesting, it is awkward and not large. I also don’t think it has parking but I might be mistaken about that.

    • It doesn’t seem to have an alley, but it does have a driveway from the street, where the owner could park on those days when Crestwood is 100% parked up.

    • There seems to be a garage on the lower level front, to the right of the steps. Also a driveway wide enough for parking in

    • Also note that none of the bathrooms are shown. My guess is that they need lots of work. I would still love to see the house. It has great potential.

  • I look at this place and it screams MONEYPIT. Hence why the buyer is unloading it at such a discounted price.
    Whomever buys this needs deep, deep pockets.
    Honestly, I think it might be a perfect candidate for a small condo conversion. 4 units, keep all that original woodwork.

    • palisades

      They say the two happiest days for castle owners are they day they buy it and the day they sell it. Am I doing it right?

    • HaileUnlikely

      Agreed. This house is beautiful and I love it and I halfway want it, but even if I could afford to purchase it and pay my mortgage and taxes and all, a total roof replacement or foundation repair would bury me.
      This area is zoned R-1-A, so condo conversion is out.

    • PDleftMtP

      We half looked at this when we were looking. Needs a whoooooollle lot of money, and you won’t get it back in Crestwood (I think it’s a great neighborhood; just being realistic about resale).

    • The dilapidated mansion on 18th Street in Mount Pleasant was converted to some really lovely, interesting condos, and it was the best thing that could have happened to it. Sure, everyone who saw it dreamed of restoring it to its original beauty, but who has that kind of money to sink?

      • Yes, that was exactly the example I had in mind when I saw this. Too bad it’s zoned R-1-A 🙁

  • In the “style” of a castle, but without a moat OR a dragon? I think not! Hard pass.

  • I’ve always drooled over this house when I drive past it. Total deal for sure. Again, it’s liveable, and you can do the upgrades bit by bit as a lot of us have to do anyway. Would be awesome to live in a castle in DC complete with turrets!

  • Beautiful place. I love the property – seem so nice and green and cool on a hot day.

  • This house was listed last year (or maybe in 2013) for $1.8 million, without anything at all done to the inside. The owner’s son apparently had put in on the market shortly after the owner passed. I went to the open house at that time and it was an unbelievable mess inside — although it still screamed out the potential that existed. Based on these pictures, it is clear that work was done to rid the house of all the old clothes, furniture, and the general accumulation from years and years of residency, and that some very basic sprucing up has now been done. There is no question that the house still has a tremendous amount of work that needs to be done and, hence, the price is not much higher than other Crestwood homes that recently have sold for about $1.2 million. BTW — there is a driveway up the hills and a courtyard large enough for several cars. No need to ever park down on Blagden. I also believe there actually is a garage. While not extensive, the backyard is certainly large enough to allow for a gathering of 15 or so people. In terms of “notables” who have owned the house, as I recall, there was one point where Stokely Carmichael owned the house, although apparently never lived in it.

    • Carmichael is probably not the kind of A-lister that someone with big bucks to spend would want as an “ancestor”, although i like the idea of a fancy house owned by a radical.

      What exactly needs work? Are there roof leaks? Are the systems old? Do the bathrooms need more than just updates? The lack of central air is not a big deal if someone wants to live in it–more of a long-term resale issue.

      • I’ve been in the house several times. The house has no operable heating system. The baths are not just dated, they are in near unusable condition. There are extensive water and drainage issues from the roof to the walls to the foundation area. All of the plaster needs work. There are hundreds of square feet of metallic wallpaper that would need to be removed. The chimneys and facade need significant re-pointing. The windows are iron and are rusted and mostly inoperable, not to mention single pane and entirely wasteful of energy. The floors look far worse in person than they do in the photos. The grounds are a disaster and there are multiple 20 + feet portions of collapsed retaining wall to be found on the property. The price is fair but the investment to bring it modern standards would be $500,000 with the investment required to properly return the entire place, inclusive of grounds, to its glory days being around $800- $1 Million.

  • I think they call the decor “early Grey Gardens”

    • Before all the cats…

    • Yes . . . and then Grey Gardens was sold — with Little Eddie’s specific consent to Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn who brought it back to its glory. So, hopefully, there will be another buyer out there with both the money and the heart to restore it.

  • I visited this place last month when they held a big estate sale. What a terrible placement on the lot – you and your guests need to be in shape just to walk up the STEEP driveway, and then up the STEEP stone staircase (treads are short – very easy to misstep and fall).
    Floorplan was disappointing for architecture lovers: basic center-hall with a tiny kitchen. Four rooms plus powder room on ground floor. Everything needs work.
    The interior woodwork is a real mish-mash of styles: Victorian, Deco, baronial. Very odd.
    My google-snooping found that the late owner was a pioneer in television broadcasting, and the found of WTTG (what’s now the local Fox 5 station).

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